Swaragini Love me episode 3


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episode starts with swara is very tensed and says to herself that swara u only have 200 rupees in ur purse, and u should give gift for engangement to ap son but what type of gift i should give because they are very rich people and if i brought gift of 200 rupees than they will not like it, ohhh swara think think some unique gift………. idea striked in my mind than i went nearby temple where i collected rudraksh,mauli than went to shop whre i purchase some diamond type nag and some important things to make holy thread of temple with new design than i reached home and made this holy thread with some designs so any body can wear it because it will be fassionable as well as holy thread
NEXT day morning driver of annapurna car came to pick her than she left………..
one boy and girl were kissing each other passionately, where girl was sitting in the lap of boy and that boy than after sometime they broke kiss due to lack of air than girl start unbottening boys cloth but boy stop her and say please be in limit
girl- ohh why u always have limits sanskar
sanskar- are neha please listen we are not married till now
neha- ohh so what happened we are going to marry and I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH ‘sanskar
sanskar- neha u know i do not love u and i do not want to love anybody and u also know reason why i am married to you
neha-(angry) vow sanskar u sleep with other girls daily but u can not sleep with me and i am ur pheonse why…
sanskar- i know i sleep with other girls daily but u know one thing that i only sleep with those girls who wanted to sleep with me and i also promised that after marriage i will not sleep with any other girl
neha- but with me…
sanky- after our marriage
neha- what is the reason of not sleeping with me before marriage
sanky- see neha if circumstances becomes bad and we could not married, or if i slept with u before marriage than think ur image reputation will be spoilt and i do not want because i respect shekhar uncle,
neha- okkkkkk but can i ask u one question, why u agreed to marry me because before 3 years u said that i wlii not marry u in dreams also
sanky- dekho neha now also i am not interestd to marry u and i also do not want to marry with another girl but only for family sake i have decided to marry and they told about ur alliance and u know i do not trust women so i thought that i can trust u because we know each other from childhood so i came to u and told about my past and also that womaniser so u agreed to marry me
neha- i know sanky u only marrying me for ur family
sanky- ok neha today our engagement so let go for shopping
neha- u know sanky if anybody does not have money than nobody loves that person
sanky- i know neha love only can happen if we have money as well as
than they both went to shopping
neha- sanky i want to buy costliest dress of this mall and she likes dress of 3 lakh and purchase it
sanky- chalo neha please select for me
neha- u select any type u want because boys do not need to think too much and please select fast……..they both were busy in shopping
SWARA standing in front of mm and exclaimed “oh my god this much big house i never seen in my life” , ohh swara vow i am very excited to see this house and she enters house but one women comes towards her and say yha pr kam krne k liye ayo ho kya
swara feels realy bad and think that her clothe condition is just like the mad in their house so this woman does not have any mistake she may thought that i came for some work but before she could explain that lady comes near her and say bs is ghr ko ghurati rahogi kiya yha ab niklo yha se and at the mean time ap comes and say kya hua sujata kon he and ap sees swara and say swara beta please come, sujata widens her eyes and says she is swara, ap replies ya she is swara but suju in guilty feels bad and say sorry to swara but our swara say no need to say sorry aunty i understand than suju and ap starts gossiping swara and all three selected dresses and many gifts to give guest
our suju also becomes fan of our swara and say tumhari jsi strong or sanskari ladki sabhi ko mile..
now some body knocks door than our swara say i will open the door aunty
when swara goes to open the door she shocked to see person and immediately close the door and that person is also shocked to see swara but one more time knock door
ap- swara beta why u close the door
swara- no aunty koi spoilt gali ka awara ldka h
lucky become angry and shouts open the door
than one more time swara opens door but he pushes her and directly enter house
swara- how dare u to enter in my home……..
and there drama cat fight occurs between swalak and it will be reaveled in later episode
after all drama swara forgive lucky and both becomes freind but lucky thinks in mind i know i was fault and i told sarry also but i will do one prank to give a good lesson because she told too much about my character
swara also thinks maf to kr diya h lekin ak prank to bnta he
than lucky did not enter house but started going outside and say mom i am going to rags house because guys lucky is frustrated and his all frustation only comes out by one hug of rags…………………..
swara gave gift to annapurna and say this is small gift by me for ur son and please give him on the behalf of me and i also do not know whether he will like gift or not by seeing gift ap and suju overwhelmed by swara’s goodness and say what is the need of this gift beta i only wanted that u come to our place and nothing else
swara- i know aunty but it is good manners to bring gift if u are going to anybody house and it is also not much expensive and i made it from my hand and all material only came in 70rs
ap- i know beta it is not much expensive but i know for u how much that 70 rs inportant
suju feels bad for swara condition that she is too much poor
swara- aunty please open this gift only when ur son come
ap- ok beta but if u have given me gift than u have to accept gift from me also
swara- okkkk aunty
ap gives two very beautiful fitted anarkali suits to swara and says one from my side and another suit from suju side and continues that i know swara from 3 years u did not brought good suits and u only wearing that mistake or tored suits because they are cheap by lestening this swara becomes emotional and hug ap and tears roll from her eyes and say thank you aunty for understanding my situation
ap- so wear this suits when u go any where
swara- ok aunty than she leaves to her home

suju says to ap see how much good girl she is and also very strong, i was literally laughing by seeing the cat fight between lucky and swara
ap- ya i also laughing but if we did not interrupted on time tha swara would have killed him
suju- but i did not like that girl neha who do not have good manners to talk to elders also and also questioned about this poor girl character
ap- ya i also do not like that girl also but what we can do it is our mistake we only said yes before and pressurised sanky and one more thing she is daughter of shekhar and sumi so we can not take any step but just we have to accept her as our daughter in law
lucky enter frustated goes to rags room and hug her tightly for 5 minutes and part away and starts blubering than ragu understand and say did u fight today
lucky- fight to chhod vh puri jangali billi hi mere ghr pr a gai thi
rags- kon jngly biili h
lucky- are that girl to whome we met 3 years before in front of mall
rags- hey that girl is very innoscent and she helped u at that time but u and neha misunderstood her
lucky- i know rags that i was our mistake and i also felt guilty but if u met her today than she was not less than jhansi ki rani and u know one thing and he narrates whole story and rags laugh loudly and say vow lucky i wish i would have seen ur fight from my eye………
remaining part tomorrow

precap-70%-raglak bonding part,20%-engangement part,10%-swara mother condition worst part
guys in episode 5 swasan first meeting will be there
i know u want to know
about swalak cat fight
sanskar past
why sanky says yes to neha marriage proposel and why he do not want to marry
who was the person who stand for swara 3 years before in front of mall
but please be patient i will upload all this flash back after swasan meeting because i want swasan meeting as early as possible and due to this i am running this story fast
guys if any body have any doubt or problem please comment
think what lucky had replied when swara told how dare u to enter in my home
guys how was the episode and did u like raglak bonding and sanskar entry

Credit to: pathan

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