swaragini..was this your love??? episode 3


Hi everyone….
Todays episode
Seven months leap.
The scene starts outside operation theatre. Everyone is waiting. Laksh is roaming here and there…
Doctor comes out.
Doc: congrats. Its a baby boy.
Lakah : really doctor. Ma i have became father. He hugs everyone.
Laksh: can i meet her .
Doc: first we will shift her to normal ward. Then.
Laksh: ok.
In swara’s ward.
Laksh: see swara our baby.
Swara smiles.
Ap: i am so happy for u . May god bless u.
Swara smiles.

Laksh: ma he is so small.
Everyone smiles.
Dp: swara u have got leave so we all are leaving. Laksh u bring her home.
Laksh: yes papa.
Everyone leaves.
Laksh: swara i am very happy. I am keeping my baby here. I am going to clear all formalities.
Swara nods
Swara: see sanskar your baby.
She smiles.
Laksh takes her to home.
Everyone welcomes them.
In swalak room.
Laksh is playing with baby
Swara: you are very happy na.
Laksh: yes just because of you. I will give everything to my son. I will try to become a good father.
Swara: you will surely be.
laksh smiles..
Leap of 6 years( guys so sorry ..u must be wondering how many leaps are there but surely its last one. )

A boy is playing in garden.. a house is shown. Its not mahwshwari house. Its a small bunglow.
Boy: mumma come out see.
Swara comes out.
Swara: what arnav.
Arnav: mom see my new shot.
Swara smiles.
Swara: come have your lunch.
Arnav: let papa come first.
Swara: u will not do anything without your father na.
Arnav: no ma.. see papa has also came.
Arnav goes running to laksh
Laksh: o my son
Arnav: i was waiting since long.
Laksh: o my son is angry.
Arnav nods no.
Lakah hugs him.
Swara: if father son meeting is over may we have lunch.
Both nods.
They all eat lunch.
Laksh: have u talked to mom.
Swara: yes everything is fine there . Dont worry.
Laksh: thats good.
Arnav: papa today we will watch match .
Laksh: sure …

Precap: sanskar returns..

Thanks for your continous support…let me make it clear. Guys you will see both swalak as well as swasan in my ff.

Credit to: silent reader

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