swaragini love me episode 21

guys as i seen in yesterday poll 90% liked 4th option but i am seriosly telling i realy did not thought anything about this option i just gave to complete 4 option but do not take tention i will go through 4 option it is public demand and today whole day after thinking i realy got good story about 4 option and u will realy love that story
FREINDS I AM CONFUSED WHAT NAME SHOULD I KEEP OF THIS STORY i only thought one name that is SWARAGINI DIFFERENT SHADES OF LOVE but guys if u have good name which matches story or batter than this please commment and give name of story which u like and i will select best name


swara was crying at her room asking god why u always gives pain to me first my mom is in coma second u snatched my atif bro than hte thirs sanky who was my best freind but i started falling for him yes swara boss who do not want to love in her life had fallen on that person who trried to molest me, other side i am going to die in one weak, yes after one weak swara gadodia is coming to u than i will ask to u what i had done with u that u gave me this much sorrow in my life, now she is totally frustated and in angry tone she says if anything left in my pain than u can give me more (yes guys bhgwan hear her this prayer because bhgwan liked this prayer of giving pain in swara’s life so he tells u realy wanted pain to chalo jhelo ak or pain tumhari life ka, just kidding) she heard screaming sound of her mother from room she panicked and immediately called ambulance and left to hospital
on the other side sanky comes to atif and says i am very happy day after tommorow ur hearing is in court and i got all solid proof against them
atif- how u got
sanky- i am top businessmen so for me it is easy
atif- ya i know but proof
sanky- i gave 10 times money to all servant of his house and they made their video of there conversation in which they talk how they traooed u
atif hugs him and says i do not know how to say thank u to u, u are realy angel for me
sanky- i know how u will say thank u to me says winkingly
atif understood and pats his shoulder and says i know mr. majnu
sanky- okk bye i did not met with swara from 3 days because i was busy in gathering proofs so i am going to meet her
atif- ya u go
sanky- ok bye and he went
when sanky was going towards his car he sees ambulance passing just his eyes fall on swara who is seeting in ambulance so got shocked and followed ambulance
ambulance reached to hospital
swara- dr. sahab please see my mother condition became critical
dr. takes his mother to ot where swara was pessing here and there just than sanky arrrives and ask what happened swara
swara gots angry by seeing him and says oh dramebaz came
sanky- what???
swara- ohh came here to molest me hena
sanky- swara what are u telling and comes towards her
swara- do not dare to come near me SANSKAR MAHESHWARI,
sanky got shocked that she knew he is sanskar maheshwari but hemanages to say that swara i knw u have wrong impression of me but believe me swara i realy wanted to make u my good freind
swara- stop ur non sense mr maheshwari i knw u became my frd. because u get good chance and molest me i hate i hate u from core of my heart
now sanky heart skipped because the person he loves hate him but sanky knows it is not her fault and tears starts comming from his eyes and he opens his mouth and says swara that day i was realy in the alcohol ontrol i realy regret for what i had done with u, swara please believe me i do not have intention to molest he bents on his knees and says till now the great businessmen never seat on his knees for anybody but today swara for u i am asking sorry for my deeds please swara i am realy sorry please do not hate my i can not bear this pain in my life
by seeing this swara was also teary eyes she moves in opposite side and says please leave me at my place mr. maheshwari
sanky- no swara i did not came to leave u please see in my eyes do u see that i came here to bertray u
just than doctor comes and says please stop ur conversation here it is hospital
swara- sir tell this man to leave this place he is realy desturbing to me
sankyh- swara
swara- please mr. maheshwari do not make scene here if u feel guilty for ur work than leave me still crying and not looking at him and thinks i know sanky i can realy see love and care for me in ur eyes but u do not know i am going to die after 7 days so it is batter u hate me, because after my death u can move in ur life
sanky- stands angrily says today i am leaving u swara but next time if when i will comei will not leave u and went
when he was going swara sees him and seat on the floor woth thud and cries hardly and says I LOVE U SANSKAR I LOVE U but i do not want u to break down after my death it is better u hate me
sanky while going and thinks no swara i can not hate u i will do anything to get u
just than doctor comes out and says swara boss ur mother condition id critical we have to do operation of her brain within 3 days and for this u have to go to mumbai but there her operation succesfull chances are less but in london her living chances in 100% if not she will be dead
swara was hell shocked (4th shock) by hearing this she could not stand and falls on ground unconsiusly but a person runs towards her and hold and takes her to hospital room and ya he was non other than sanky who heared there whole conversation after check up swara starts getting consius so sanky goes and hides other side after getting concius swara asks where is my mom, than suddenly she remembers doctor word and starts crying but there was no tears in her eyes because tears were no more in her eyes she forcegully stands and starts going out of hospital without going to her mom room, when she walks she fall three times and wipes her tear and says now swara it is time to save ur mother and for this i can go to any extent so she takes auto and reaches car racing place which was helding and says today u will alive or may be last day of my life but i do not bother about this just than sanky also comes who was folllowing her and says swara have u gone mad what are u dpoing here
swara- hey mister who are u to me just go from here
sanky- comes towards her and says please swara do n ot do this childish act please
swara did not listen to him and enters in racing area and wears racing clothes but sanky says please swara listen to me if u need money i will give u as much as money
swara says ohh by sleeping with u
sanky was hurted by her words and slap her hardly and she falls on ground and says in anger swara I REALY LOVES U, I LOVE U do not dare to say anything
swara feels happy by hearing this but she gets more pain because the thing she realy was scared had happened that he loves her but she is going to die but she was thinking that it is my bed fat whan i got my love but other side i was going t dead
but she do not say anything and hurriedly runs and enter in her car for car racing now sanky could not do anything so he also goes ther and gives 50 lakh to person who was doing car racing and takes one car
now car race staarts sanky was near swara’s car to save her but after sometime swara gives too much speed in her car and gets accident where her cars rotates 2-3 times and swara falls down the car and she was fully drench in blood by seeind this sanky becomes lifeless and his car was moving but he do not know where his car is moving but his car hits a tree and he comes into senses sanky comes out of car and runs towards swara madly without noticing anybody and comes towards her and takes her in lap and cries and shouts bitterly in the name of swaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………….

precap- atif comes out of jail, sanky goes to london leaving everybody

once again FREINDS I AM CONFUSED WHAT NAME SHOULD I KEEP OF THIS STORY i only thought one name that is SWARAGINI DIFFERENT SHADES OF LOVE but guys if u have good name which matches story or batter than this please commment and give name of story which u like and i will select best name


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  1. Yashasvi

    hey owsm bro, really so emotional, but it’s too good…………u r a true writer dear…………………….

    1. Pathan

      thanxx my sister and i am happy u registerd on telly updates it is very good

      1. Yashasvi

        ya really it’s toooo good.!!!!!!!!!

  2. Soujanya


    1. Pathan

      thanxxxxx for ur comment

  3. Nice…swara died???? Why??

  4. Nice bro but what hppnd to swara.

  5. surabhi Srivastava


  6. Aahna


    1. Aahna

      By mistake I commented twice

  7. Nyc ep bro…N when will u going to update it’s first episode???? Or its intro…

  8. Really very emotional episode but nice one. & ur choosing name for ff is nice but if u want to know the names from our side for the story than I will suggest some options are.
    1) Enduring love
    2) Hatred never change the feeling of love.
    3) The sorrows of young weather.
    4) Death of the heart.
    5) The sweet hatred or ( revenge)
    If u like than only choose any one from it. I like 1 & second option.
    feeling sad that only 4 episodes r remaining but happy to know that u r writing new one.

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