swaragini love me episode 20


guys for u happy news i will surely write new story so for that i want voting so in the end i am giving intro of story so please please vvote it

episode starts with atif breaks hug and ask jaan what happened to u
atif- cups her face and says hey shona do not take tention, and i was trapped by my uncle, first he took my whole business and second he made me culprit and sent me in jail
swara- teary eyes jaan i realy hate that person who tried to harm my jaam
atif- controls his emotion, hey shona i do not know what will happen with me but promise u will live life forgetting about me
swara- anger with broken voice how i can forget u, u are my brother who stood with me when i needed anybody the most
atif- caresses her hair and says shona please select a good life partner for u
swara- jerks his hand and says here my brother is in jail and u told me to select life partner for me
atif- do u know shona i was very excited and i told u that i will select a good boy for u but destiny did not want
swara- broken voice have u gone mad u are in jail and i will think about m y marriage
atif thinks while controlling emotion ya swara i am mad because there is no chance of me to come out and i realy want a good person who will stand for u i know this society will not make u live peacefully and i can not see tears in my sister eyes and i know u will try ur level best to save me but i do not want u to go to police station and court due to me becasue this thing decreases reputation of a girl

swara jerks him what happened
atif- shona i can not come out of this case first police took my whole money and we can not afford lawyer and for this we need very good lawyer but we can not afford it so please shona leave me case here only
swara- no i will not leave this case
atif- how is ma
swara- she is crying continuesly
atif- does papa know about this
swara- no
atif- tears escape from his eyes and says what will happen if papa will know about this
swara- please do not take tention i will arrange money and will get good lawyer
atif- loud voice shona u have manyh problems in ur life and i do not want to add more problem due to me and u are not going to find lawyer i told u forget about me and live ur life happile this is my final decition
swara- in anger okk u do what u want and i will do what i want got it and she leaves angrily and says chalo sanky
atif notices sanky but and thinks this is same person who saved shona life
swara goes but sanky was standing there only so he comes towards atif and says i promise u i will find real culprit and i will free from bars
atif- but from where u will bring money and why are u doing this much for me
sanky- i am SANSKAR MAHESHWARY so for me everything can be posible
atif- shocked what u are sanskat maheshwari
sanky- yes
atif- does shona knows about u
sanky- no
atif- she hates u sanskar
sanky- i know thats why i did not reveal my identity
atif- why are u doing this much for her
sanky- she is my freind and i can not see her in pain
atif- but i did not see freindship in ur eyes anf from very first day when we mate i saw only love for her in ur eyes DO U LOVE HER
sanky- bends his head and says Y I LOVE HER TOO MUCH FORM 3 YEARS but i do not know whather sh will LOVE ME or not
atif from three years means than sanky says everything about there meeting including rape case and also abologised to him fot hiis mistake and atif forgive him because he knows he realy loves her and this type of mistake are common in boys
atif- hugs her tightly and says i am realy happy that my sister will get life partner like u and she realy LIKES U
sanky- i know but if she will know about my identity than she will hate me
atif- if i am there than nobody can separate u from her and i know about her how to handle her
sanky- happy and says thank u thank u
atif- okk

in the mean time a lawyer comes and says sanskar sir i came for atif custody
atif- he is famous lawyer at our place
sanky- ya and please tell everything to lawyer we will surely win
atif- i am realy thankfull to u, u realy helped me in this bad situation
sanky- no i am not helping u because i want return
atif- what
sanky- smilingly i want MY SWARA FROM U and u only have right to give her to me so i am just winning heart of my saale saheb
atif- smiles ok okk
than after some descution about case sanky also left and days starts passing in there life swara was doing hard work to earn money she used to sleep only 3 hours in night and she starts taking half day in college because other day she used to do work sanky also give money to her for atif lawyer case but swara was unaware that sanky has already appointed lawyer and 4 days ahd completed
after this guys below link of prologue is given so please go through this link- www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-love-prologue/

precap- 3rd shock of swara’s life and swara’s accident and her condition becomes critical
guys i will write two stories one i already decided whose intro i will write on sunday and u will get in next episode but for other i am realy confused because i have 5 stories in my mind but i do not know which to start but from 5 stories so thought to write 2 story one i alread decided but for other i am confused in raglak love story so please vote which is better
1) in this story bith swasan will be poor and will revolve happy lifes of poor people how they enjoy there life but for raglak part both are rich and both do not want to do marriage but there marriage is fixed by elders with each other so how they will plane to stop there marriage will be funny and how they will fall in love when they are trying to stop there marriage
2)swasan story will ne same as before and for raglak lucky will be driver on rags car and ther love will blossom
3) swasan will be same but for raglak lucky will meet with rags when her accident will be dome by him and he will rake heer to his home and there love story will start and rags will have bitter past that she will be already married and her husband died and will show her hsband cruelity in flashback and how lucky will help her and love blossoms
4) swasan story same and lucky will forcefully marry rags and than there love story start

guys i have many more story but please please please select story u liked most please do comment all silent readers and regular commenters please
my openion i will select option 1 and 3 and u please select only one story u liked most please please

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  1. 1,4 seems interesting regarding raglak

    1. Pathan


  2. nice update and I liked 2 option of story and irfan keep writing, and can I give u any suggestion by ur personal id

  3. Soujanya


    1. Pathan

      soujanya please give suggestion about which type of story to write

  4. Nice……option 4 is better

  5. yashasvi ( yashu )

    nice epi, n i liked 1 n 3 story , but for raglak 1 n 4, b’coz i think there will be very much of rona dhona in 2nd, but for me best is 1 , as it will have comedy also as u said

  6. Lol

    I don’t know why but I like the number 4

  7. Superb episode . at last sanky feel his feelings for swara.

    1. Ya i am also happy that rainy season comes to most of the part of India. really now a days season r too good.

      1. Pathan

        you are correct menaz and i am very happy that only 4 episode are remaining of this story and i will write nice story batter than this

      2. No this story is awesome to compare with other one. but if u like than choose any one story & write new ff. & I am always supporting u. & me to really very happy to hear that u writing the new story. & I know ur writing skill is nice & u will write that ff in amazing superb form.

  8. nyc..last one..

  9. 1 seems really interesting xx

  10. Awsm ep….Can’t wait 4 d nxt 1…N there is no RagLak scenes????But it was nyc..N I choose 4….

    1. Pathan

      are u fan of raglal my sister

      1. I m fan of both couples SwaSan n RagLak but I lyk RagLak a little bit more…

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