Swaragini (I love you) episode 2 the ( proposal )


Hi friends thank u for supporting .actually I want to clear something. Everyone ask the pairs are swasan or swalak .
So friends in this ff pairs are swasan .
And yes in our lifes some worst situations comes we can’t run away from them somehow we have to face them .
So friends in my ff lot of twist and turns yet to happen special some shocking revelations….

Here is the link for intro

Swaragini (I love you) intro

Here is the link for 1 episode.

Swaragini (I love you) 1 episode. ( full of love )


Vasundara : ram beta dp beta actually I found a best proposal for sanskar…actually beta I know the girls mom very well….

Dp : ma….ok…then as u say.

Ram : ok ma.now even sanskar don’t have objections.

Ap : wow ma that’s very nice hena sujatha.

Sujatha : of course jijji.

Vasundara : finally the happiness is going to come.


Urvashi : swara actually I want to talk to u.

Swara : what mom.one second actually also I want to tell u something.

( swara want to tell her about she and laksh )

Urvashi : ok then first u tell me.

Swara : no mom firsts u.

Urvashi : ok.a proposal come for u from India.

Swara is shocked to hear that she’s crying but she control her tears.

Urvashi : ok.now tell me what say .

Swara : mom so soon marriage. No ways mom.

Urvashi : beta I can understand but beta U know na I only have u.I want u to live happily.beta ekdin u have to marry na so why not now.and u know na .we don’t have any relative.and ur dads family they kept dad away from his family bcz….of he marry me.and beta u know after ur dad left I faced so many dificulities alone in this strange country.

Swara : I know mom u only think about my better .but mom i have to study and I’m not ready for all these things yet.

Urvashi : swara the boy and his family very nice.

But swara left to her room withour saying abnything.

Swara’s room

She immediately dial laksh number.

Laksh : swara .

Swara : laksh.I want to meet u right now.

Laksh : but itnee raat.

Swara : laksh it’s very important.

Laksh : don’t worry baby I’ll come just come out.

After 10 minutes laksh come.
Aware run toward him and hug him tightly.

Swara : laksh please don’t leave me .I really want to be with u.forever.

Laksh : but swara what happened.

Aware tell me everything.

Laksh : swara ur mom just say that.Tum bina.
Ok listen I never leave u alone .

Swara : laksh please talk to ur family and tell them everything about us I’m sure they will accept us.

Laksh : no swara no ways .
Swara I don’t know they hate love marriage. And our pals he’s very strict. And dadi she hate love.

Swara : but why !

Laksh : it’s just bcz of bhai…

Laksh tell her everything.

Swara : so sad for ur bhai laksh .

Laksh : swara trust me and give me some times I’ll set everything right.

He kissed her forehead .and they hug.


Sumi and shekar in their room.

Sumi : u also think about her na.

Shakar : hm…20 years passed after that incident.

Sumi : hm…know but shekar we have to be strong for ragini.we can’t let her know .if she get to know she’ll shatterd.

In the college.

Swara : laksh mom is after me .please tell me what I say to her.

Laksh : I don’t know. I’m so confused .I don’t understand.

Swara : laksh….please do something.

Laksh : just say yes to ur mom.

Swara: have u lost it.

Laksh : ok then tell me so I have any other option.and ha…just pretending that u ready for marriage. Tabkat I’ll talk to my family.

Swara : u really think it’s work.

Laksh : do u trust me.

Swara : more than everything.

They hug.


Urvashi : swara beta tell me what I say to them.they keep calling me.

Swara : mom say yes to them.

Urvashi : my sweet beti.I knew it thats u will understand.

Swara hug her mom.


Vasundara : dp beta , ram beta , ap bahu , sujatha bahu….
Come here ….jaldi awo.

Just now the girl’s mom called me that said yes to this marriage.

Precap : swalak romance…gadodia family fly to india.

So friends please comment.

Credit to: Dhanu

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  8. Yeah I also don’t want swalak romance I want swasan moments

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