swaragini..was this your love??? episode 2


Happy holi …I am happy to see that you all liked it.please continue reading.
So episode starts with swara going to her room. She goes to her room and goes to window.
Swara:baby mummy is waiting for you when will you come. Baby mumma loves you a lot.
Laksh: papa too loves you a lot.
Swara: laksh your meeting is over
Laksh: yes. That’s why i came to meet my baby. I love you beta. I am waiting for you.
He touches swara’s womb.
Swara: laksh still 7 months are left..
Laksh: i know..but i cant wait.
Swara: you have to wait.
Laks nods.
Swara: laksh i wanna eat ice cream.
Laksh: i know.
Swara: you know. But how

Laksh: i just know it..take it.
Swara eats the ice crem.
Laksh: happy now.
Swara: yes very happy.
Ap: swara laksh come here
Laksh: coming ma.
They go down.
Ap: laksh you are taking care of my daughter na….
Laksh: yes mom ..
Ap: thats good.
Ap: swara beta do u need anything.
Swara: no ma.
Ap: ok to i am going to a temple.ok.
Swara: ok ma.
Ap leaves.
Laksh: swara lets eat fruits.
Swara: fruits?? No no no i dont want to eat fruits.
Laksh: u have to eat..or i will be angry from you.
Swara: ok.
Laks : you behave like a child.
Swara smiles.

Laksh was cutting fruits and swara was eating. Suddenly laksh cuts his finger. Its bleeding.
Swara: laksh what happened. Show it to me.
She holds his hand and blow air ..
Swara: how can you be so careless. Now only u were telling me that i behave like kids. Then what is this
Laksh keeps his finger on her lips
Laksh: sshhh.
They share an eyelock.
Laksh: its time for you to rest.
Swara: ok.
She goes in her room.
Swara: today after 2 months. I feel like i miss you ragini . You left me. But i cant forget you.
Laksh comes with coffee
Laksh: i was knowing that you will not listen to me so easily
Swara makes a puppy face.
Swara: laksh do u remember what happened 2 months ago.
Laksh: how can i forget it.
Swara: yes. It was 2 days aftet your and ragini’s marriage.
Laks : yes that incident changed everything.

After 2 days of raglak marriage.
In swasan room.
Swara: sanskar wake up.
San: wait swara.
Swara goes near him.he holds her.
Swara: leave me ma is calling .
San: ok.
Swara: ma me and ragini will be going for shoppinh.
Rag: yes ma.
Ap: ok.
Dp: sanskar and laksh will accompany u
Laksh: dad i have to go for very urgent work. So bhai will be going
San: ok no problem bade papa.
They 3 leave for shopping. They all enjoy and then they were returning.
When suddenly a car hit their car and their car rolled down .
3 of them were injured . They were taken to hospital. Their operation took place.
Doctor= we are sorry . We were only able to save one patient. Swara.
Everyone cries.
Laksh: why did god this with me.
Doc: and she is pregnant too.
Everyone is shocked.

Swara gets shifted to normal ward.
Swara: ma where is sanskar and ragini. They are fine na.
Sumi: beta vo.
Swara: what ma.
Sumi: they are no more
Swara: what ..she shouts sanskR ragini.
Swara is in shock.
After 15 days.
Everyone is sitting
Dp: whatever happened in these days was ver bad..
Ap: our kids were snatched .

Dp: but still i have to take this decision.
Shekhar: what decision.
Dp: i will get swara married to laksh.
Shekhar: yes even i agree. Her child needs a father.
Swalak hears this
Dp:i think both of u have heard this.
Swara: no bade papa i will not marry again.
Laksh: yes papa even i will not .
Sumi: swara what about your child.
Swara: i am there ma.
Sumi: beta u know na how hav i taken care of u. What people talk and what a child does not get.
Swar thinks about it.
Swara: ok but only for my child and if laksh agrees.
LKsh: if this is for their baby . I am ready.

Dp: we will soon make this marriage happen.
In fifteen days marriage rituals take place. And swalak aremarried.
Laksh takes care of swara and her child. Swara is also happy. Everything is going well.
Flashback ends.
Swara: laksh today i and my child we r happy because of you .
Laksh: no swara our child. And i am eagerly waiting for him to come.

Precap: 7 months leap.

I know very soon this leap came. But actually i wanted to show story after baby birth but to avoid so much confusion i have to do this.keep reading as my ff is of only 8-12 chapters ….
Hope you like it.

Credit to: silent reader

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