Swaragini – Because I love him (Episode 2)

Than you guyyyyyyyyyysssssssss soo much for your support and i hope you would like the episode 2. Plzzz do comment
I forgot to mention that both maheshwaris and gadodias live in Kolkata whereas shruit is in Mumbai central jail (I don’t know what the jails are called in india soo) and raj lives with his sister roshni who is a business women and she is only a year younger and his family is in delhi.
And yes one more thing sanskars secret room is full of swara’s waxed statues with different poses and expressions and there is a light at the celling which he moves with closed eyes and which ever statue it stops on that how he knows how she feels like happy, sad or angry. The family members doesn’t know whats inside the room they just know he goes there to remember swara.

Today’s episode.
Scene 1 – Maheshwari mansion
Sanskar is staring at swara pictures and crying and his phone rings….
Sanskar: hello
Caller: (mr gupta sanskars PA) sir you need to come to office dp siris waiting for you
Sanskar: ok mr gupat I am coming in 15 minutes…
He again looks at swara pictures kisses it goes to office…

Scene 2 – office
Mr gupta: sir the London cleints have refused to sign the deal with us…
Sanskar: (angry) how can they do that…. They said they will sign the deal tommarow…
Mr gupta: I know sir but….
Sanskar: but what…
Mr gupta: they signed the deal with patels (maheshwaris business rivals)
Snakar: ( angry) sheit man…. I know that patel have must done something…. Anyways what happened to the other deal with malhotra’s (roshni malhotra)
Mr gupta: sir miss roshni wants to meet you before signing the deal…
Sanskar: then what are we waiting for… we missed the other deal but we can miss this one… book my ticketsi will go mumbia to meet her..
Mr gupta: yes sir… and he goes from there
Sanskar thinks how can they lose the London deal and goes to dp cabin…

Next day
Scene 3 – molhotra’s mansion
Raj is getting ready to visit shruiti and he is think what type of a girl she would be and how to convince her into speaking to him…. Roshni is passing by and sees him in thoughts..
Roshni: ohooo bhai I think you have found a new girlfriend that’s why your are getting ready and trying to look hot…
Raj: my cutie pie… I don’t need to lookt hot as I am already hot…. (pulls her check)
Roshni: over confidence ha…. Anyways breakfast is ready come quickly …
Raj: ok you go I will come…
Roshni goes and after sometime raj also ges for breakfast..
Dining table…
Raj is still think… and roshni gain notices
Roshni: bhai what are you thinking about…
Raj: chutki yesterday I told about the new case..
Roshni: you means shruti’s case
Raj: yes… ummm what if she refuse to speak to me too…. The I wont be able to meet my girlfriend…
Roshni: I know bhai you will convince her with your ‘natunki’
Raj: chukiii…. Ok am done am going to meet her today… wish me luck and yeah good luck for your new deal with maheshwaris…
Rohsni: thanxx bhai and good luck..
Raj: bye
Roshni: bye

Scene 4 – central jail
Raj came and is asking about shruti from a constable..
Raj: excuse me..ummm… I am here to meet miss shruti.. I am her new lawyer
Constable: oh god gain a new lawyer…. Why don’t you guys get it she doesn’t want to leave the jail… she happy here….anyways follow me…. and the go towards her prison(room)
They reach her room (the room has a single bed and water tank and on the wall shruti has drawn someones picture with white chalk.) and they see that shruiti is facing the small window looking out. A small rays of sun is coming to the room. The constable opens the gate and leavess and raj goes in…
Raj:(don’t know what to say) ummmm excuse me miss shruti…
Shruti turns and hes is mesmerised seeing her and the only thing he says while looking at her is…
Raj: s*xy…..( he thinks… wow she is so beautiful..why would she want to stay in this hell)
Shruti just looks at hime but turns back to the window..
Raj: ummmm… i… I am raj malhotra your new lawyer nice to mee you (forwards his hand)
She continues looking out the window at the sun rays and doesn’t respond to him.
Raj: (thinking what to say) …. And you are…expects a reply from her but… ( he just staring at her and thinks… oh god how am I gonna make her speak and plus shes soo beautifull..oh god where am I stuck…)
Shruti doesn’t respond… raj stays there for 15 mins trying to talk to her but in vain she only looks out the window….at last raj left from there and said he will to meet her again tomorrow
Raj in his car thinks… she soo strange I though she would say something but how can I forget that shes been here from last 9 years without uttering a word and says
Raj: raj beta you need to work double hard to make her talk otherwise your girlfriend is gone…

Scene 5 – maheshwari mansion – night
Sanskar, dp, ram and lakshya comes from office and the ladies are pre paring dinner…lakshya looks at rigini and thinks of taking revenge of this morning thinks..
Lakshya: (in mind) iwont leave u jaan.. get ready
Ragini goes to kitchen to get something and lakshya follows her and drags her to a corner..
Ragini: laksya what are you doing…leave me..everyone is waiting at dinning table..
Lakshya: really… then let them wait cuz am not gonna leaves you withpout taking my revenge (smirks)
Ragini:revenge… what revenge
Lasksya: (touches her face with his finger) so my sweet wife already forgot what she did this morning… hah ans amirks…then touches her lips
Ragini: lakshya….ummm..hmmm plzz leave me.. whatif someones comes
Lakshya: so what let them come(comes closed more closer and tries to kiss her on the lips but..)
Ap call ragini..
Ap: ragini beta where have you gone come quick…lakshya you come as well… youmust be hungry
Lakshya: ji ma coming..
Ragini upsss pati dev… maybe next time… pushes him and goes to dining table..
Sanskar goes to his secret room…rotates the light with closed eye and says
Sanskar: soo how is my shona feeling (The light lands on an sad statue of swara)
Sanskar: sooo my shona is angry on me…and I think I know the reason…because I am going to Mumbai tomorrow and I wont be able to see you for 3 days…but its ok shona you know nayour everywhere withme…. Now pleas smile…he looks at the statue and says… I hope I could see your real smile…

This might be broing but plzz support me and if you think is boring let me know so I can end it.

Thank you

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