swaragini love me episode 19


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episode starts with raglak hugging each other, both breaks hug
ragini- by cupping his face are u okay
lucky kiss on her forhead to assure her as he is fine, but he scolds her what is the need of becoming jhansi ki rani
ragini- moving her hand on her body with moist eyes i can not see u in that condition
lucky- angrily jerks her hand have u gone mad is anything happened to u
ragini- looks in his eyes and says in low voice what about u, if anything happened to u,
lucky- turns his face says u are useless ragini i can not see that infront of me someone is beating my best freind
ragini- turns his face towards him and says loudly than why are u scolding me if u can not see me in bad state so i can not see u understood
lucky- but.. than ragini close his mouth says no but if u say any single word i will kill u
unexpectedly lucky hugs her tight;y and cries says next time please take care of urself u are my best freind i can not loose u
ragini- in hugging kisses on his hair, and caresses his hair says pakka i will not come in any fight
she breaks hug while holding her both shoulder says but u also have to promise that u will not become hero
lucky- sees her with moist eyes and give satisfaction smile okk mera lifejacket
ragini- ohh my lucky boy stop ur rona dhona, let us eat gol gappa
lucky- okk now let us go
ragini sees his wound and says hey u have many injury first go to doctor
lucky- no its okk but he also sees many injury on her body and says ohh u jhansi ki rani u also have injury so let us go to doctor
ragini- ya funny way “let us go to doctor we had won world war”
lucky smiles whole heartedly says oh my life jacket here also ur funny talsk are not over
ragini- hey do not laugh too much i also know how to make u cry
lucky- in ego, says loudly by showing his thumbs towards his and says there is no one in the world who can make lucky boy cry
ragini- acha says naughtily
lucky- yes proudly
ragini- should i remind u that apology incidense our danse and all
lucky gulps in fear bu hides and says ohh i… dont… get afraid..
ragini- okk should i check it
lucky- what ans how in shock
she goes towards cowdung and put sick inside it to throw towards him and points him towards cowdung an stick and say do u want to taste it
poor lucky gulps in fear and says ohh my freind just come with me we have to go to hospitsl
rags- but this work is incomplete points on cowdung
lucky thinks ohh god mene apne upar kulhadi mari he
lucky goes towards her and makes busy in his silly talks and takes her in his arms quickly and says than he points towards cowdung winks at her and says should i drop u in this
ragini gulps in fear and says please please my cutie pie
lucky- ohh my cutie pie
rags make pout face so he melts and took her towards car and they both went to hospital

sanky is seating in his cabin and one news is fleshing in headline DON ATIF IS CAUGHT BY POLICE FOR KILLING HIS OWN GRAND FATHER HE IS PRISONED FOR LIFE TIME
sanky was hell shocke by hearing this news he hurriedly changes normal clothes, picks his bike and goes towards swara’s house where he sees swara is strching some clothes
he goes towards her swara sees him and gets happy and says wov u came
he comes near to her and hug her tightly swara is hell shocked by his behaviour and ask what happenes
sanky was very afraid to say because she loves atif too much but he somehow manages to says her but words were not comming
swara jerks him and ask what happened in concern tone
sanky comes out of senses, cups her face and says swara atif is imprisoned for life time
swara falls on ground with shock says no sanky this can not happen while crying
sanky- seats on knees his eyes are wet but says no shone this is correct that he is imprisoned for life time
swara- crying vigourosly no my brother is not at fault
sanky- BROTHER
swara- ya he is my brother and more than my real brother, she folds her hand in front of sanky and says please take me to atif house, her mother will be shatterd by that crime which he never done
sanky was happy by hearing that he is her brother but he was in pain due to swara crying
he removes her tear from her face and says i will take to atif house, so he takes her and made her seat on his bike and both left
after 15 minute both reaches to atif house
both sees atif mother is crying, swara goes towards her and her mother gives her bone crushing hug and says my atif had not done anything he is not criminal
swara says ya ma our atif is not at fault but we have to be strong
atif’s mom- how i can be strong beta he got life time jail and we can not afford money to save atif because our whole money is taken by police from house and his car and bike is also they had taken and there atif’s father is in hospital in mumbai and if they will know this news…………. no no no if they will heard this news they may get heart attack again swara and says swara u have to do something for ur mother
swara- while crying assures ya aunty i will help
atif’s ma removes her jwellary and says beta sell this jwellary and sell everything from this house and arrange for a lawyer beta please i can not live without my atif, he never done any wrong work he every time helped needy people than why god why u snached my atif’s happiness,
sanky who was hearing whole conversation was crying slintely but he thinks i promise swara in any condition i will prove atif innoscent
sanky- swara but she do not hear him so he jerks her and says we hav to meet atif so let us go
swara- no i do not have power to meet him
sanky- swara gain some courage u have to fight for ur atif
sanky helps swara to stand and takes her to jail
as swara sees atif she runs and hug him (in between both of them bar is there) ………………………………………..
guys how was the first shock of swara so wait for more shock guys but some may be happy wala shock also

PRECAP- most awaited swasan separation, raglak part

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  1. Aami

    nyz one irfan….. i think atif inform swara tht sanky n sansakar is one….. wtng for nxttt…. plz post sooooon

  2. raglak scenes are nice

  3. Divya shankar

    Continue take ur own time to update but u shd update

  4. Soujanya

    Awesome… Don’t separate swasan

    1. Pathan

      do not take tention there separation will be for 2 episode

  5. nice and the raglak part is awesome next part soon

    1. Pathan

      ya i also liked

  6. Nice……Plz dont separate swasan

    1. Pathan

      there separation will be for 2 episode only

  7. Fantastic epi…Plz don’t separate Swasan…. N y u always gv Swara shock??? I know tht some shock will be happy shock….

    1. Pathan

      i like to give shock to her but do not take tention some will be happy shock

  8. Awesome

    1. Pathan

      thanxxxxxxxxx frd

  9. Amazing episode. eagerly waiting for next part & sanky’s truth revel to swara. & I replayed to u in previous episode. Chek it.
    How was ur college going on? keep smiling always. Take care.

    1. Pathan

      ya soon his truth will reveal to swara and i am fully fine and now a days rainy season has come so i am realy happy

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