swaragini love me episode 18

guys i want to say onething i will end this story either on episode 25 or before it
and this my first story on tellyupdates or may be last story till now i did not think to write next story here because u all know reason of my writing this story i know guys i like story writing and here it realy helped me in my writing skilll so i will see it later but till now i am not going to start any story and this will end on 25 episode or before
guys i thought that i am not giving raglak scen so i modified story in other way so u will get good raglak scene today and in upcoming episode and sorry for inconvinience coused

episode starts with sanky pa coming in his office
pa- sir laundry person told that button for this court has broken
sanky- ok u go and starts thinking
SWARA- hey boy what will u do with jacket
boy- i will sale it
swara- ya ok u take this jacket
sanky- ohh do not take this jacket
swara- but why u are taking tention
sanky- it is not good thing
boy takes jacket and run away sanky feels bad
sanky- hurridely hey swara i am also going
swara- okk
sanky runs behind that boy and takes his own jacket by giving 1000 rs to that boy, calls his driver who takes his car from swara,s home
after 2 hours swara and veer comes to the class, she goes towards lucky and ask him to seat with her
lucky- but why i am ok with ragini
swara- angry i am ur gf so u should seat with me
lucky- but she is my frd.
but swara drags him and seat with him
swara- i am angry on u
lucky- but why i should be angry because u did not allowed me to seat with rags
swara- ohh i am ur gf so u should seat with me but u realy hurted me today lucky
lucky- but how
swara- ohh yesterday when veer took to rags with him than u felt jealous and went to see rags but today u even did not utter word when he took him
lucky- ohh swara i am not possassive
swara- than why are u possessive towards ragini
lucky-vo.. vo noting
swara- please admit lucky u loves ragini
luckyh makes faces’
swara- okk do one work think about relation between boys and girl of that book and realtion between u and ragini than u will understand
lucky- u again started
swara- please last time
lucky- ok i will think when i will get time other side ragini was fuming in jealousy and there class ends
after class swara takes ragini to other side
swara- hey ragini u were jealous today
ragini- no nothing
swara puts her hand on her head now tell me u did not like me and lucky closeness
ragini nods nervously
swara- so u love him is it
ragini- no
swara- yes so tell me did u feel anythin when i talk with veer
ragini- no i did not bother
swara- than why u bother when i talked with ragini
ragini thinks but says ok let us go
so both starts going where swara says ragini do u know if we love anybody we realy feels secure in his arms if our lover is in pain than we also feels pain ann this is called real love and they sees that veer and lucky both fallen due to slippery where rags runs to lucky and starts scolding him with concern
lucky- oh rags i am okk and he stands up
swara- winks at ragini and said so what i told u is it correct
lucky- what???
swara- nothing u both go na for ur beach and u both please think what i told u before
veer fumes in jealousy and thinks i have to spoil there beach
in evening swara comes to her home and thinks i should start trailor work because i know trailoring of boys as well as girls cloth and this will help me to overcome my financial problem which i am facing now so she goes to bring some items like button thread sceason cloth etc.
on the other side sanky goes to his home changes t-shirt and lower and remembers that he did not bring button of jacket so thinks while evening walk i will go to button shope
swara comes out of shope by taking items just than she collides with sanky both says sorry, but swara sees his face and says ap sanky also turns his gaze towards her, says ohh ap
sanky- ohh every time we meet in shops only
swara- yes
sanky-teases i think destiny want to meat both of us every time
swara- no it is not loike that’
sanky- ohhhh so tell me why did u come here
swara- i am going to start trailoring work
sany- but why
swara- due to financial problem i have to do this work
sanky thinks i realy wants to end ur all problem swara but i can not do but says if u need money u can take to me
swara- till when i will take money from u but i have to do my work it is my life
sanky feels hurt but says ok telll me u strich girls cloth or boys
swara- both
sanky- okk
swara- now i have to go because tuition students may be coming
sanky- okk bye
swara left sanky goes to shop taked=s button and left to his home thinking about swara
otherside lucky calls ragini
lucky- hey rags be ready in 30 minutes i am comming to take u
ragini- okk i am getting ready
than ragini starts choosing clothes but she did not like any clothes thinks ohh god why i am feeling nervousness today why i am thinking to look good today infront of lucky, why i am feeling restless ohh god today why swara’s word affecting to me but one quetion arises DID I LOVE HIM, no no ragini do not think bad bad things, but i should search about love so she takes mobile and reads how is relation of two lovers and thinks her and lucky relation, feels that our both relation is like lovers only, just than neha comes
neha- ohh my sweat sister what happened why are u tensed
ragini- di i am confused what to wear because me and lucky going to beach today
neha- but u many times go with him than why are u feeling restless today
rags- i do not know di
neha- ohh pyar ka izhar hone laga he meri sis ko
rags- di shut up
neha- ohh ragini when u will admit u loves him
now ragini again goes in thought where neha and swara’s word are echoing in her ear
neha- jerks her says kya hua sapno me kho gai
rags- nothing just shut up
neha smiles and geive her white color gown which had red diamond on all over gown which is shining very much
otherside lucky also had same condition as rags he was lost in rags thought and sanky suggest him and give him nice suits to wear and sanky also says to him to realise his love towards rags
after 30 minutes lucky comes infront of rags house and beeps
here door opens and his process comes out of house, as he turns towrds her princes he could not remove his gaze from her his heart started beating fast, he was admiring her like mad, he thinks i never seen beautiful girl than her and same condition with rags she was moving towards to him but she also was not able to take off her eyes from him, thinks today he will kill me by his killer look hey bhgwan he is looking too hot more than sanskar today
by walking she realy comes too close too him both were admiring each other but but but but but ……. dog comes and starts barking than they both comes out of senses (guys dog got frustated by there intense gaze towards each other and he did not liked that somebody is luring his mohalle ki ladaki or colony girl) both composes and says hii but both are realy nervous
both thinks ohh god why i am nervous today
lucky- seat in car
in car there was intense silense but both were passing gaze towards each other and was thinking about each other
(b.g. music ankhon hi ankhon me ishara ho gya tere mere milne ka sahara ho gya………..)
just than they reach to beach where they bith ate panipuri and done too much masti but today they were nervous but both realy enjoyed there trip
when they were coming towards car some goons comes and starts beating lucky, rags sees and panics, runs towards lucky to save but they were continuesly beating him and rags was realy crying but she somehow manages and calls police no., but they takes phone and throws
rags was trying hard to escape but they were not listening
goon 1- hey leave this boy take this girl
lucky- no please do not take ragini please take me with u
goon 1 what we will do with u
lucky somehow manages to escape and runs towards ragini and starts beating goon who was holding ragini as they goons leave ragini
lucky- run ragini from here
rags- no lucky i will not i will not leave u
lucky- do not act like crazy please go
goons gets this chance and grabs lucky and other goons starts beating from legs
ragini runs towards him and hug lucky and says if u want to beat him first beat me than him
lucky- rags have u gone mad
rags- stop it lucky i can not see u in this condition
lucky- i also can not see u that some one is beating u please go rags
goon- ohh laila majnu kya hua
just than police siren comes
gooons- ohh run away police is coming
and they all run away
where raglak sees each other and hugs tightly and both monologues I LOVE YOU……..
guys i think swara became too much happy and i do not like happiness in swara’s face so guys ur crying swara will be back from tomorrow and from tomorrow swara will get 5 SHOCKS of her life so get ready guys

PRECAP- raglak will think about each other, swara first shock and sanky will console her

ohh many may become by reading precap as sanky is consoling swara

guys do u think i am running fast in this story
will u miss me after ending of this story
7 episodes are remaining

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  1. As always nice…..plz dont stop writing…..
    Plz make it another ff….i like ur ffplzplz

    1. Pathan

      okk frd i will think about it

  2. Lucky

    awesome… but why to make swara cry? 5shock??? :-O

    1. Pathan

      after crying only her life will turn fron hell to heaven

  3. Yes bro I’ll really miss u…? N I don’t think tht u r running fast in this story…… If u can then plzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz ryt another story of Swaragini or “SWARAGINI LOVE ME”season 2….I forget 2 tell u tht epi was fantastic…. Stay blessed…☺

    1. Pathan

      thanxx and i will think for it

  4. As usual superb episode and Raglak scenes are very nice

  5. Soujanya


    1. Pathan


  6. Plzz don’t stop writing if possible start new ff only raglak

    1. Pathan

      okk i will think about it freind

    1. Pathan


  7. Aami

    sooo nyz episode…. n y irfan y yu want tos ee swaras pain…… ???

    1. Pathan

      freind i realy do not want to see her in pain but i have to do because of that prologue given by my sister so i have to take dtory in that way and second thing swara’s pain will only be for 2 episode

  8. Sorry for late comment. Plzz yaar don’t end ur ff really I miss & in previous part u ask for new story na so I like 2 option.
    Previous one & this part is awesome. Plzz keep going on. don’t end it. U can continue this story in season 2 or else write new story. & how r u ? & rozy kaisy chal rahy hai. Take care.

    1. Pathan

      rozy ache chal rhe he and i wil think about next story frd. i am fine
      when ur school will start and which subject u hsve taken

      1. Now I am in 12th standard & mery college start ho gai hain. I have to choose 6 subjects so I am maths as well as bio student. & other are chemistry , physics , English & Arabic subjects.

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