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guys when my sister had started this story i gave her 3 option of story and one this story and remaining i am revealing and guys i want to ask which story u like most

between this two option
1) in this story both hero and heroin are too much poor where hero does labour work and heroin is servant at one house this story revolves around how poor people

celebrate their happiness how they prposes, their life style, in this story both pair will have intense freindship, and than love, and one time heroin will have

accident and hero will need 2 lakh rupees money so he gets money to sell himself to a rich girl so that his heroin can be cured and went away from her life than how

their love will be blossom and this story deal with real life of slum people

2) this story is funny in which hero will be famous businessmen but he will be neard, he never sees girl nor get attracted by them where heroin will see him in

tellivision and evenctualy fall in love so to get her love she will come to his office for pa job but by many difficulties she will get her job when she sees him first

time she faints on his arms, here hero will have g.f. for name sake and she is also neard but our heroin will use many tricks to lure hero and atracts towards him and

jealousy of heroin towards hero name sake g.f. and her tricks to keep distance between them
guys which story u liked most please comment but my sister chose this story rather than above story but above story are better than this current story so guys vote

which story u liked most first or second
guys todays episode starts with swara faints and fall on ground, lucky gets shocked but another time he becomes happy by thinking that she must be faint due to

happiness so he brings water and sprincle on her face, she comes in senses and sees him remember his words and again faints, lucky confused oh god she again faint,

thinks she is too much happy by my confession so she is unable to believe this, he again sprincle water on her and she gets up with suddenly and sees lucky

lucky stand up and says what happened swara
swara some how manages and says how can u think i love u
luckyi by ove story book
swara- but i do not love u lucky
lucky- no swara u love me than why are u lying
swara- hey please listen i do not love u and i gave that story book to realise ur love towards ragini
lucky- i do not love ragin i only love u
swara thinks ohhh god such a made perosn he is
lucky- hey swara please accept my proposel
swara thinks something and says i am ready to accept ur propsel not that i love u, but u to know that u love ragini
lucky- okk swara i am ready to accept ur condition
swara smirks now see mr lucky i will realise ur love towards ragini
than they both enters in class where ragini was sitting with veer swara comes forward and says hey veer please can u seat with lucky for today
veer- but why
swara- please only till break than u seat with ragini okk
ragini- okk veer please let her seat with me
veer melts by looking ragini and seats with lucky
swaragini seats togather
swara- hey ragini did lucky forgave u
ragini- ya but not 100%
swara- ohh i will tell him so he will forgive u
ragini- but why he will forgive me if u tell him
swara- smiles places her hand on her and says ohh i belongs to the first position in his life
ragini-(little jealous) no i belong to first position in his love
swara- oh come on ragini he loves me too much
ragini-(jealousy increases) he also loves me too too too much
swara- but he loves u in freindship way but with me than she blushes to make her jealous and says he loves me other way as a wife type
ragini- noo noo he can not love u i know
swara- okk if u are not agree with this than i can show u live trailor
ragini- yes show
swara sees behind bench and gives flying kiss to lucky where lucky also gives but another donkey veer thinks oh shameless girl she is this swara is behind me from

yeaterday today also she sat with ragini because she is jealouse
where ragini sees whole drama and gets shocked and feels pain in her heart but she greets swara scaraticly
swara- ohh thanxx my freind u are such a good freind of mine
ragini- thinks u are such a worst freind
swara- do u lnow today lucky proposed me on school gate and he told me that he will take me to beach
ragini-he told u to take u to beach
swara- yes ragini
ragini- but he never took me to beach
swara- ohh come on ragini why are u thinking that he will take u
ragini- louder voice, hey i am his freind he will take me
swara- but i am his lover so first priority is mine and do u know he told me that we will stay there late night
ragini widens her eyes and says late night
swara- yes
ragini- but it is not good
swara- why u are jealouse of me and my lucky closeness
ragini- hey i am not jealouse of ur both closeness
swara- realy
ragini- yes
swara- so u please arrange one date party for both of us
ragini- no i can not do i have some work
swara- no ragini u have to do please u are my freind
ragini- unwantedly says yes
swara-see lucky he is looking hot
ragini- smiles scaraticly and nods
swara- ohh ragini please compliment him do not nod
ragini- he is looking hot okk
swara-ohh but do u know he told me that we both will go for shopping
ragini- more angry but pissed of her conversation and says please stop talking about lucky
swara- why u do not tak about him
ragini- please my head is paining so do not talk
swara smiles and says okk than they attend lecture and after break veer comes to seat with rags and lucky says he will seat with her
swara comes and sees and thinks ohh laila ke dono majnu fight kr rhe he
swara- hey do not fight, hey veer please seat with me because i have work and drags him towards other banch
veer- thinks ohh this chipku girl will not leave me
swara thinks oh i have to give priority to this idiot

lucky- hey ragini i had forgiven u
ragini- taunting ohh thank u, u had forgiven me and i think it may be told by ur girlfreind
lucky- ha swara was also telling me to forgive u but
ragini- cuts his words and says ohhh u forgiven because of ur gf
lucky- no my ragu nothing like that
ragini-why did u seat with me go to ur gf
lucky- i wanted to talk my best freind
ragini- best freind my foot
lucky- what happened to u
ragini- nothing u go na beach with ur gf
lucky- we planned to go today
rags- ha ha go with ur gf who am i to u
by hearing this lucky feels pain in his heart and says hey rags do not dare to say thi words u are my best freind and u have first position in my life
rags- no first position is always is for lover and u loves her so she has rights
lucky thinks oh god i do not know what is position of swara but rags is my first priority anyhow but i love swara so she must have first priority now lucky was

puzzeled by this thing but he says no one can take ur place in my life
rags- ohh stop it u never took me to beach but today u were going with her
lucky- oh this is matter so i will go to beach with my best freind and i will tell swara about our beach program
rags- no lucky swara will feel bed
lucky- no rags she will not feel bed and for me nothing is imp. than my freind
rags- but
lucky- no but vut
than they both goes to swara
lucky- i am sorry swara i will go to beach with rags today
swara- thinks oh my plane worked and at last mirchi lag hi gai rgs ko but says u told me to come with u
lucky- but understand swara
swara- ohh u love me than u should come with me
lucky- no swara please we will go to other day
swara- makes pout face says ok
swara- hey veer please make me learn guitar
veer- but
swara- no but vut u please come with me to music room we will enjoy there
than they both went where swara acts as she is angry on lucky
rags- lucky she is angry on u
lucky- no problem i will opolgise to her tomorrow so let us go to class they both will come later
rags nod and goes with him
in music room
veer- ok tell what u want to learn
swara- new song so u please sing i will sing with u and thinks oh for this raglak is gadhe ko bap banana padh rha he

sanky was doing work just than his pa comes and tells sir ur jacket is drycleaned
sanky takes jacket and smiles by looking at that and remembers

when snky sees his car and jacket lying on ground
swara comes and says ohh god such a beautiful car is standing in front of my house
sanky- thinks oh mar gya says ya swara such a good car it is
swara- ya and this rich useless people do not have manners see that person throwd jacket and parked car infront of my house ha useless people\
sanky-u should not tell anything about them
swara- why u are taking side of this rich people
sanky- nothing
swara takes jacket and says we should spiol this jacket
sanky- no swara please do not do
swara shocked but why
sanky- it may be his favoutrate thing
swara- of it would be his favrt he would not had thrown just than a boy comes and tells hey didi please give this jacket to me i brought it
swara- from where u brought this jacket
boy- some body thrown this jacket so i took it so it is mine
sanky thinks ohh god this poor people are disgusting how i will save my favourate jacket
just than his pa comes and he comes out of sense and remaining part and flashback tomorrow

PRECAP- lucky will realise his love for ragini, maximum raglak part
guys how was episode and please comment which story u liked most between both 2 please tell ur feedback

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  1. you always mention next part is full of raglak but their is no scenes of raglak

    1. Pathan

      okk i will upload rglak part

  2. Nice…

  3. Mind blowing bro…. Lvd it n I m Sruti ur sis….

    1. Its my personal account n tht account was my sister’s account…..N feeling vry bad 4 ur bade papa may his soul rest in peace….N evrybody hv some problems…So I dont think tht its ur punishment…..Bcz I can understand ur situation….N nxt tym dont say lyk this……Stay blessed….

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    wowwwww it’s superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i liked both the stories bt i think 2nd one is better b’coz in 1st will be too emotional n i am too sentimental sooo my votes go to 2nd one…………………………

  6. Akshata

    lucky is so funny and confused also.

  7. yaa plzz raglak part more

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    nyz episode……. chweeeet raglak……. swaraglak scenes r tooo good

  9. nyc..1st story..

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