swaragini love me episode 16


guys i know i am 3 days late but freind 3 days before my bade papa expired due to heart attack so i was busy there but i know my punishment i will upload 2 episode one day and that i will write any day when i will get time

episode starts with shocked face of swaraby looking his chest, she hugged him, sanky was hell shocked by her behaviour because he was not able to understand why she hugged me, may be due to attraction but no no sanky it may not be attration than what???????
but i also removed my mauli so why she hugged me


when swara went to take tea for him, he went towrds mirror to glance him he starts combing his hair but comb falls down, when he was taking comb, his mauli thread comes out of his t-shirt, he quickly removed mauli thread from his neck and put in his pocket


swara breaks hug sees him while she is holding both of her hand on his waist this cause shiver in sanskar’s body(guys if anybody will touch bare waist it will create shiver only it is common) he was going to another world but swara was not knowing what she is doing now she open her mouth with excitement u were the person who mate me infront of mall

here sanky was in other world so he replied in husky voice yes and he hug her tightlhy, he waas feeling her soft body on his bare body he slowly slowly tightens his grip and slightly moves his body to roam on swara soft body and starts caresing her hair, he starts moving his hand on her back sensuali, swara jerked him away and sanky comes out of concious,
sanky- sory sory i huged u
swara- by looking down ohh no problem its ok
sanky- why are not looking at me
swara- thinks if i will look at u i go out of sense

sanky- what happened
swara- nothing and she went in room and brought one shirt for him says wear it
when sanky was wearing shirt he notices nervousness on swara’s face, he comes closer to her
sanky- swara (he was close to her)
swara- yes
sanky- why are u so nervous
swara-(thinks angrily if u will be naked then how i can not be normal) kuch nhi
sanky- lok at me

he put his hand on chin and made his face to see him till now sanky only put shirt but did not buttoned them
swara sees him as well as chest and turns her face, her heart was beating fast sanskar smiles naughtily and thinks ohh swara boss is affected
now he wears his shirt, goes and seat on sofa, now swara is able to breath properly and turns her face towards him

swara- why u did not told me that u saved me at mall
sanky- i did not want to tell u
swara- nut why
sanky- just ase hi i do not like to praice myself
swara thinks oh such a good boy where sanky thinks how can i say u because i am the person to whome u hate the most if i will tell my identity
swara- ok just 5 minute i will wash ur shirt and come, she goes to bathroom and washe his shirt and comes out says just seat i will bring food for u
sanky- okk okk
swara bring some rotis and paneer curry amd says eat
sanky- why u are not eating
swara- nothing u eat i will eat later
sanky- no u have to eat with me
swara- ok i have fried potato for me so i will bring
sanky- no u will eat this paneer
swara- i made very less

sanky- no problem we will eat
swara- no i will eal later
but sanky was stubborn so he went in kitche brought chapati sate near her and told now eat if u will not eat i wil also nott
now sanky and swara eat food with that paneer only
swara- why u eat less curry
sanky- i eat very less spicy food but i want to say u realy have magic in ur hand i loved this curry
swara blushes and says thanxx
sanky- how u are earning money
swara- i runs tuition classes as u know
sanky- yaa
swara- but now i have to start one more work
sanky- why

swara- because after my mother kidney operation
sanky- what ur mother kidney opperation but from where u arranged kidney
swara- i myself gave my kidney
sanky hell shocked and cups her face have u gone mad why did u gave kidney to ur mother
swara- both are looking into each other eyes, hey sanky everybody can survive by one kidney
but sanky thinks i gave the money to her that day than why she did not used that money
sanky- so u could not arrange 5 lakh
swara- no i arrange 5 lakh but it was stolen by goons
sanky- so u would had come to me again i would have given money to u
swara- shocked what
sanky realised what he told and said nothing
swara- but do not take tention people can survive by one kidney and she signals him to leave her face so he leaves

sanky- hey swara if any time and in any problem if u need any help or any finantiial help also please call me and he write his contact no. on one pae ang gave to her
swara- thanxx for thinking about me
sanky- i am ur freind and it is my right
swara- okk okk and do u know u care is same like jaan\
now sank gets jealous and says u should not tell him jaan it does not suit him
swara- no i loved to say him jaan
sanky- but one day i saw him with different girl
swara- no problem i trust him

sanky- are u not jealous’
swara- noo
sanky- ohh god such a worst lover she did not get jealous
swara- i realy got happy that he was with girl
sanky- shocked and stands ohh god is she mad or something else\
swara- what happened
sanky- nothing but he is don than why police did not arrasted his
swara- some days before he was going to arrast but one rich person gave money and saved him
sanky- thinks i was only fellow who saved this kabab me haddi or if i would had mate with swara before and i would had known she is his gf than i would had given money to arrast him
swara- what are u thinking

sanky- nothing so i should go’
swara- yes
sanky and swara goes out of house but he sees his car and jacket lying on the road and feels pain as it his fav. jacket

swasan thinks about each other and slept,
next day there was beautifull morning swara woke up happily and went to college
as swara enters college, lucky was standing happily while ragini was not with him
swara thinks ohh this idiot may have got to know that he loves ragini she comes near him and says hi but our lucky is continuesly staring at her
swara thinks ohh what happened to this langoor
lucky- thanxxx swara for relising my love
swara- very happy gets exited and jump says ohh god i am veery happy
lucky- ya swara i am also very happy that i realised my love
swara- do u know lucky i was very scared

lucky- i know swara u may be scared but now no problem and that book was realy good
swara- i know
lucky- i am very dumbo i could not understand ur intention
swara- ohh no problem lucky but it takes time to realise love
lucky- but how u get to know in one day
swara- ohh i have seen in ur eyes that how much u love
lucky- ohh wov i am very happy that u read my eyes also says this is reason u asked me whether i am relation with rags or not
swara- yaa but when u will propose
lucky- thinks ohh such a shameless girl she is, first she made me realise her love and asking me when i will propose her
swara- tell na
lucky- now only
swara- wov
he sits on his knees
swara- ohh my boy is doing rehersel
lucky- no i am not doing rehearsel \
swara- than what

lucky- now i will explain
lucky- swara do u know i was realy dumbo that i could not realise ur love but after reading that book i realised that i love u swara
swara was hell shocked and seat on her knees in front of him with shocking expression
lucky- thinks ohh she also want me to propose so i should stand and he stands and says now swara u propose me

swara- gets more shocked and thinks hey bhgwan kya krna tha or kya hogya, but she some how manages words and stands and ask how u thought that u love me
lucky- simple when i read book i saw that heroin saves hero but hero misunderstood her and he does prank on heroin but heroin alwways helps him, and one time heroin gots injure hero takes her to hospital than they become freind ad slowly started loving each other and this matches woth our story and thinks our meeting at mall than prank and than i took u to hospital and than our freindship but in our story onething is different that u realised ur love very fast but in that story heroin realised her love very late after many drama but i am happy swara
by hearing this swara hold her head by hand very tightly and faints

PRECAP- 95% raglak part and 5% swasan part

guys how was swalak part

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  1. I’m waiting for next part because 95% raglak, jaldi post karo

    1. Pathan

      ok i willl post early

  2. Omg its amazing..pls in nxt part also swasan n swalak pls

    1. Pathan

      swalak and swasan will also be there

  3. Nice…

    1. Pathan


  4. yashasvi ( yashu )

    ohhh pathan that’s very sad may god bless his soul ….. and fr the epi it was superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    waiting fr nxt b’coz 95% raglak

    1. Pathan


  5. Soujanya


    1. Pathan

      thanxxxxxxx soujanya

  6. thamiazh magan

    poor lucky

    1. Pathan

      yaa he is such a dumbo

  7. Ha ha ha ha. Mad lucky 😀

  8. Ha ha ha ha. Dumbo Mad lucky 😀

    1. Pathan

      ya u are correct

  9. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun . Allah Marhoom ki Magfirat farmaaye Aameen.
    don’t worry u don’t have to upload 2 episodes. If u free than only update next one. Take care.
    The episode is awesome swalak scenes r nice.

    1. Pathan

      thanxx for my well wisher and i already submitted next episode

  10. Swasan ws amazing..swalak ws shocking..swara would b looking cute in shocking xpression..i could imagine hahahaa..overall episode ws lallantop hahahaa..pata hai swara kya karegii kyuki plan jo backfire huahaii hahahaa..nxt part plzzz want more swasan nd swalak nokjhok…

    1. Pathan

      okk but in next episode swasan will be less

  11. Aami

    my hearty condolsnce….. ??
    comng to epidosode it was bang lyk alwys…… soo sweeeet….. about swalaks scene ya allah i cant to control my laughs thinkin about luky..

    1. Pathan

      thanxx and next episode willl be good which is already uploaded

  12. Mind blowing bro…. Just lvd it….. Between I m Sruti ur sis… N this is my personal account…

    1. Pathan

      thanxxxxxxx my sister

  13. N may his soul rest in peace….Feeling vry bad 4 him swasan scenes were also awsm n no need 2 hurry up u can update when u get tym n I don’t think tht this is ur punishment n I m feeling bad when u tell tht this is ur punishment…

    1. Pathan

      i had realy uploaded next episode yeaterday by cutting my sleep timing to 1 hour but they did not updated till now and thanxx for ur best wishes towards me my sis and how is ur health

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