swaragini love me episode 15


guys today i wanted to show lucky confession to swara but i though it 15 episode so i should make it special and super long so i added some romance

episode starts with lucky happily saying i love u swara i love and i the mean time some one knocks door, he goes happily opens the door, becomes angry by seeing the

person and that person was non other than ragini
lucky turns his face
ragini comes and says i am sorry lucky i am sorry for my mistake
lucky- no rags i will not forgive u easily
ragini- so what i should do
lucky- nothing, u go and talk with ur so called veer
ragini- comes in front of him and blocks way lucky please tell me my punishment
lucky- again moves his head in different direction
ragini- so u will not tell my punishment
lucky- yaa
ragini pushes him and pins to the wall, takes knife from table and places on his neck and smirks now also u will not tell my punishment
lucky- gets scared he starts sweating ragini please take out this knife
ragini- no lucky i want punishment so that i can rectify my mistake
lucky- fearfull voice this is way of asking punishment and forgiveness
ragini- yaa if u will not forgive me than i have better option than this
lucky- now scared and says ok i will give u punishment
ragini takes out knife from his neck, says okk give me my punishment
lucky- sighs in relief and smiles evily, says ok dance for me
ragini only this much ok i will dance so she takes her mobile and start searching the song
lucky- why u are taking this much time
ragini- ohh lucky i have to convince to u so i am searching a song which suits u perfectly
lucky- becomes happy in heart that she is selecting best song which suits to him but the mean time he gets naughty idea, takes hair oil and flow on the groung so rags

fall on ground
ragini- ohhh lucky mil gya song now stand up please so i will feel good while dancing and now special song dedicated to lucky is going to start

Main kya karoon raam mujhe buddha mil gaya – 2
Oye hoy buddha mil gaya
Ho buddha mil gaya
Haay main kya karoon raam mujhe buddha mil gaya
Main kya karoon raam mujhe buddha mil gaya

[by hearing this song lucky face turns as red tomato in anger feels too much insult while ragini sees him and winks she comes towards lucky]

Sab jo gaye baagh mera buddha bhi chala gaya – 2
Sab to laaye phool buddha gobhi le kar aa gaya – 2
Main ho gayi badanaam mujhe buddha mil gaya
Main kya karoon raam mujhe buddha mil gaya
Oye hoy buddha mil gaya
Ho buddha mil gaya
Main kya karoon raam mujhe buddha mil gaya

[rags starts revolving around lucky touches his hair, nose, face to irritate him and pushes hiim and he falls on bed]

Main gudiya haseen meri morani si chaal hai – 2
Sar men safed us ke daada ji sa baal hai – 2
Kya hoga anajam mujhe buddha mil gaya
Haay kya karoon raam mujhe buddha mil gaya
Oye hoy buddha mil gaya
Ho buddha mil gaya
Main kya karoon raam mujhe buddha mil gaya

[she goes away to lucky by dancing, moves her hand to her body, take some turns, moves her body rythemic]

Pariyon ke desh mujhe buddha le ke aa gaya – 2
Main ne jo uthaaya ghoonghat buddha gussa kha gaya – 2
Bigadega sare kaam, mujhe buddha mil gaya
Main kya karoon raam mujhe buddha mil gaya
Oye hoy buddha mil gaya
Hai buddha mil gaya
Main kya karoon raam mujhe buddha mil gaya

[she comes near lucky and get him up by holding his coller but lucky was continuesly looking to her and take him mid of room both starts rotating by looking at sky than a thud sound comes song stops] ……………………………………..
the person who fall down was non other than lucky, he was traped in his own plan because his leg is sliped due to oil
ragini was laughing whole heartedly, says so mr laksh maheshwari traped in ur plan only
lucky was hell shocked that she made him fool, poor lucky was hell angry on ragini, he was about to stand but again he falls down, he gathers courage and starts running behind ragini,
rags reaches the door mean while lucky comes, closes door with keys now rags got scared because she is trapped in his room with lucky and lucky winks at her now mrs ragini gadodia what will u do
he takes stick ad start ruuning behind her in whole room, she went inside washroom where lucky also comes so mrs gadodia how will u scape from here he starts comming towards her slowly slowly rags gets scared and unknowingly shower on, she gets courage and hits lucky but in this process both falls on ground where lucky was on top of ragini both are fully drenched their heart beat starts increasing both are out of senses lucky sees ragini face her water was flowing oh her redish white skin is looking like red rose of early winter, he starts caresing her hair gently, ragini also was not in sense so she cups his face than than…………………..
she comes out of sense, feels extrimely embrassed that what she trying to so she takes key from lucky pocket where lucky was lost in her, she jerks hims and runs from there(i know guys i had spoiled mood of both the couples and ur also) where lucky was standing like statue as numb, after 5 minute he comes from bathroom feels extrimely guilt that what he is trying to do, what she will think about him, on the other side ragini was breathing heavily thinking about incidense, where she was also in guilt that what she was trying to do , ohh god how i will face him, she runs away reaches gadodia mension
in kitchen ap and sujata are working
sujata- how is swara
ap- from many days i did not went to her house so i do not know about her health
suju- i am not asking that way, i am asking for our sanskar
ap- shocked what???
suju- i want swara to be my DIL
ap- suju did u forget that neha and sanky got enganged
suju- i know bhabhi i did not like that girl and tells the incidense held between neha and sanky in office where she saw both of them talking behind the door
ap- shocked what she want to go to london after marriage
suju- ji ha jiji she is dividing our house and she do not have manners to talk to elder because she slaped old peon kaka
ap- i know many bad things about her but we can not break this relation because of shekhar ji
suju- i know but if sanskar will tell that he loves swara than..
ap- but how he will love swara he never mate her
suju- ohh jiji ap bhi na we will make plan about that
ap- but i do not think that he will love swara because she is poor traditional mix modern
suju- ohh jiji atleast we should try once
ap- okk if u are saying so from today we will start mission swara sanskar love story
suju- jiji do u know one thing
ap- what
suju- when he saw swara gift than how much he became happy
ap- ya u are correct
suju- so think jiji if he will meet her, see her and talk with her than he surely will be happy and will fall for her
ap- wov u are saying correct and i have idea about their meeting
suju- ha tell me
ap- did u know that day sankytold he want to thanx that girl who made holy thread for her so
suji- so let us go to sanky room
where he was very happy that he is going to swara’s house first time
he was just choosing dress to wear
just than ap and suju comes
ap- sanky beta did u went to that girl house who gifted holy thread to u
sanky – no badi ma i realy forgot
suju- so beta please go at her house for saying thank u
sanky- no mom i am going at my freind house so i can not go
suju- are beta it is 5 minute work so please u go
sanky- ok i will only go if her house lies near my freind house so tell my adress
ap- gives him adress by reading this he thinks ohh god this girl house is near to swara house because her house is near that park where me and swara meets
ap- so will u go
sanky- sure badi ma than both left
now sanky thought to wear court paint but is interrupted by swara conversion that she thinks him middle class person so he wears denim blue jeans with white t-shirt of v-shaped neck, t-shirt was fully fit on his body as his all parts of his body is visibles in that shirt, he was looking dam hot, he also takes his favourite colour court which is very expensive only to wear and holy thread wali girl, he takes car keys and went in given adress takes flower bounquet for her, he sees very small house with very beautifully designed and gardens, he takes flowere bounquet thinks ohh god i did not asked the name of that girl but no problem her house door is open, he opens main door goes towards house with bounquet,
swara wears anarkali suit gifted by ap, combes her hair and free them, thinks and roaming in the house by thinking when will cloack will reach at 5 o’clock because i have to go to park to pick him
where sanky comes towards her door and shocked as well as mesmerised by looking at swara he thinks oh god swara is that girl who gifted him, ohh god i had weard this jacket think sanky think one mind say through this jacket but other says no no no i can not through this jacket it is my favourate but if swara see this jacket she will surely think that i am rich after his mind fight he unwillingly through his jacket out of the house from inside he was feeling realy disgusting
on the other side swara sees him as he was standing at her house door(note he throwed his court but now he is in t-shirt) as swara sees him she could not take off her eyes from him, he was looking dam hot his six peck abs, his every cut of body is visible from his t-shirt becasue that t-shirt was realy tight on his body, as he was comming near her with killer smile, now she was fully lost in her
sanky- hey swara
swara comes out of sense and ask how did u know my house adress
sanky- yesterday i saw u standing in front pf this house so i thought to suprise u\
swara- ok ok
sanky admires swara and says u are realy looking georgius
swara blushes and says u also looking handsome
sanky- ohh thanxx ji and he gives bounquet to swara
swara- she takes it and says will u like to see my small house
sanky- ya sure
shae shows whole house to him, when he comes to his mother’s room he gets shocked to see his mother condition
sanky- is ur mother in coma
swara- ya
sanky feels bad about swara and ask ur father
swara- i do not know but he is rich person and i hate him, i neve saw him
sanky- ok i am sorry
swara- no problem
sanky- so how ur mother got in coma and how are u living ur life without any other care
swara says everything about her strugle, her mother in coma and starts crying
sanky comes near her and hug her tightly and calms her
after some time swara brocks hug and take him towards her room
her room was small but beautiful where he sees swara pic with atif and becomes jealose
sanky- do u love that atif
swara- ya
sanky getts more jealous but aask her how u mate with each other
swara- before 2 years some goons were trying to misbehave with me at that time atif saved me, but after that we did not meet but after 2 month when i was entering to my home gate i saw atif running and behind him police was running, he was just running but i saw one police man was trying to shot him so i ran towards him and pushed him but in between bullet just touched my hand and atif got saved here sanky gets angry on her ask how can u risk ur life swara
swara- i know but he saved me one time and i know he is good boy
sanky- okk than
she goes to kitchen and give him coffee to drink
swara- tha i secretly took him to my house, police went away and he took me towards hospital for my dressing and i asked him why police is behind u so he tells that i am owner of khan industried, sanky shocked what he is owner of khan industries, swara yes he was but now he is not,
sanky- but why ‘
swara- whole industry was on his grand father name, he died in accident so atif uncle tricked atif, made wrong papers and claimed that atif is murderer of his grand father death and took whole khan property in their name so this was reason police was running behind him, after that incidense he became gunda, as u heards about atif don
sanky- ya i heard about him but he never comes in front of people
swara- atif is only a aftif don
sanky was hell shocked and scared as he is flirting with don girl freind and in this shocking way coffee falls on his shirt and he screames in pain,
swara- concerned please remove ur shirt fast
as he removes his t-shirt in hurry swara shocked to see HIS…….
episode ends with shocking faces of swasan

PRECAP- swasan romance very little, and not decided
guys how was episode and i wrote for u to give some good scene between both the pairs and today u knew the reason why atif says i am living only because of u
if u liked the episode than comment and if not its ur wish
think guys why swara got shocked by looking sanky bare body

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