swaragini love me episode 14

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episode starts with lucky seeing veer is holding ragini hand and fumes in anger, he comes near ragini and jerks veer hand,
ragin- what hapened lucky why did u jerk his hand’
lucky- ohh u did not see that he is holding ur hand
ragini- ohhh he was giving me my eye lash to prey god
lucky- okk okk
rgs- why did u come here

lucky- i came here to learn guitar from u
rags laugh which makes lucky angry but controls his anger
rags- hey am i seeing dresm that my cute lucky came to learn guitar who always did not like
veer- are ragini make himlearn guitar at ur home because he is ur besty
rags- ya u are correct u go i will help u in ur home
lucky- no u will help me now
rags- ohh veer and i are busy here so please
lucky- so this veer is important than me
rags- hey lucky u are thinking in wrong way,
lucky- okk now come with me we will go to canteen
rags- no i told u i will be with veer here only
lucky angrily says okk live with him i am going to home and he left angrily
on the other side swara is taking one love story book from library and thinks i should give this book to lucky so he will realise his love for ragini than she sees

lucky comming towards her angrily and says i will not attend classes, i am going to home
swara- hey what happened
lucky says everything ‘
swara- why are u jealous she is ur freind
lucky -so she may have other freind also
lucky- i know swara she may make other freind also but i must be first priority for her
swara- more than her husband
lucky- shocked what???
swara- hey if she will marry any person than he will have first priority than..
lucky- swara do not add this useless topic
swara- thinks hey duffer when will u realize ur love than she changes topic and give him book
lucky- which book is this
swara- read it
lucky- love story
swara- yes

lucky- what is the need of it
swara- by reading this u will realise ur love
lucky- to whome
swara thinks if i will say ragini name than he will kill me so she says it is just love story and it will help u to know whether u love some one or not
lucky- ok but what is the need of it
swara- u please read it atleast one time for me please
lucky- ok ok ok now i am going to home i am not feeling well
swara- thinks jao jao tomorrow u will become majnu of ragini after reading this story, ohhh i am very excited says bye
after lucky going rags comes to swara hurriedly
swara sees her thinks ohh lela also came
ragini- hey swara where is lucky he was very angry on me
swara- teasing tone are u feeling restless
rags- yes (she is not in sense)

swara- ur majnu is angry on u
rags- majnu????
swara- thinks ohh god she also knows that she loves him and prays god hey bhgwan mujhe ase hi duffer freins milne the
swara- nothing
rags- where is lucky tell me
swra- he went to home
rags- why

swara- because he was angry on u because u were giving priority to veer
rags- thinks whole day incidense and says ohh god today realy i did not gave him priority so i have to go and ablogise to him
swara- shocks why will u abollogise to him u did not do anything wrong, he is just ur freind and nothing else
ragini- i know but we are besties and we do not like any body interference and this thing happened 2-3 time before also
swara- place her hand on her head and thinks realy irritated this both are realy duffer, till now they did not realise trhat they love each other
ragini- hey swarai am also going home i can not live here without lucky
swara- you should marry to each other
ragini- swara???
swara- u only told u do not like if he is not in college so u should marry
ragini- ohh swara what non sense u are thinking and now i am going to home i will not attend lecture and tomorrow i will take notes from u byyyee

swara- byyee and thinks now laila also went
than she goes towards room veer comes and ask hey swara where is ragini
swara- realy irritated hey u search both of them i do not know both went some place by bunking class
veer face becomes pale
swara smirks and says okk now go to class lecture may start
veer says can i seat with u
swara thinks ohh god i will have to handle this third idiot also but she says okk
both seats and he keep on talking than their class ends all went to their house
swara keeps her hand on head and thinks hey bhgwan today my head is paining too much ohh i should go to park side to bring medicine
OTHER SIDE sanky was seating in office and just neha comes
sanky- hey neha why did u come here
neha- i am ur pheonse i can come any time

sanky- now tell me what happened
neha- nothing i want to talk about our marriage
sanky- shocked but why
neha- why are u shocked will not u marry me
sanky- noo.. i… w…ill mary.. u
neha- sanky i want that we will go to london after marriage
sanky- why
neha- we both will enjoy
sanky- angrily i want to live with my family
neha- i will be ur family after marriage and i do not want to live with ur family after marriage and it will not be enjoyable
sanky angrily just shut up neha i can not live my family
just than peone comes to give juice but juice falls on neha by mistakely, she gets angry and slaps that peon how dare u
peone- i am sorry mama by mistake it is done
neha- just go out and today u will be fired from job
peone- bend on knees i am sorry mam

now sanky becomes super angry says neha how dare u to slap him, he is very old man and how can u slap him
he stands that peone says go uncle no need to say sorry
neha- ohh sanky due to this peone u shouted on ur pheonse, wov sanky and she goes angrily
sanky seats by holding his head and thinks ohh god she realy offed my mood, he wents to his house changes clothes, wears lower t-shirt went towards medical store
when he was buying medicine just than some one puts hand on him, he turns and he smiles widely, says u
ya she was swara
swara- ya me but why did u come here
sanky takes medicine and says everything betwwen him and neha
swara- ohh sanky ur pheonse is realy childish
sanky- what
swara- sanky u have to handle her with lots of love and understanding because she do not have thinking power
sanky- oh swara i realy tired by handling her
swara- u have to handle her because she is ur pheonse
sanky- okk just leave this topic and whot about u
swara- says everything about raglak and veer but do not say their names

sanky- realy laughs by holding stomach
swara- also starts laughing by seeing him, both are continuesly staring each other while laughing
than swara breaks eyelock between them
sanky- oh i forgot to ask about ur health
swara- no problem i am ok
sanky- okk but u have to take care of ur leg
swara- thanxx and from where u arranged 4000 rupees for me
sanky- swara i work in education career consultancy so i get 50,000 per month
swara- ohh nice such a huge amount of money u get but i will give 4000rs of my exppenses to u when i will get time
sanky- no swara no need for this
swara- noooooo i will give it
sanky- okk if u want to give than u will give after ur mbbs degree complition
swara- okkk, i want to say something if u do not mind
sanky- ya sure
swara- will u come for dinner at my house, it is just like thanxx from my side that u helped me
sanky- very happy from heart yaaaaaaaaaa sure i will surely come
swara- thanxxxxxx, than u come to this medical shop tomorrow and i will pick u
sanky- okkkkkk
swara- i have work at my house so can i go

sanky- ya sure so tomoorow we will meet
swara- okkkkkkkkkk bye
sanky- byyyeeee
other side lucky when lucky comes from college frusteted, he thiks to read love story book given by swara, after reading for 2 hour a smile comes on his face and

thinks all moments between him and swara, also thinks swara asking whether u love ragini or not and last statement please read this book for me
he stands from bed happily thnks book to relise his love and says I LOVE U SWARA………………..

PRECAP-special episode swasan cute moment, many things will be cleared between swasan, raglak moment, lucky proposes swara

guys how was episode and i know what u thought about last precap is totaly different
think one thing why lucky says i love u swara after reading diary, what is written in that diary
whose scene u liked most
guys i also want to say that ur most awaited prologue of this story will be comming soon and that will mark the end of this story

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  1. I thought raglak but omg

    1. just wait for some time

  2. Mad lucky. Kya kya sochta hai.

    1. yes lucky character is very innoscent and good in this ff

  3. I lyk talk between swara n lucky. N sward made him realise dat he is in love wid swara dats why he told dat i love u swara.

    1. thanxxx and ya swara will help him to realize his love

    1. thanxxx

    1. thanxxxx dear

  4. I guess swara gonna get huge shock by laksh proposal hahaha..kya socha haii aur kya hogaya hahaha…today’s episode ws awsm…

    1. you are correct

  5. I think swara made him realise he loves ragini so he said i love you swara. But i don’t know about the precap.

    1. we will see it tomorrow what will happen

  6. Awesome…… Oh my god laksh proposes swara…..such a twist….. Update soon…..

    1. thanxxx freind

  7. Awesome

    1. thanxxxxxxxx

  8. Awesome dear

    1. thanxxxxxxx

  9. Lucky definitely pagal ho gaya hai

    1. yaaa u are correct freind

  10. Lucky ka dimag kharab ho gaya.. Hahahaha… Plz update soon ….

    1. ya i will update as soon as possible

  11. Amazing superb episode. & plzz don’t end it. Continue the story with different story line or new ideas don’t end it soon.

    1. Pathan

      ok freind i will see it

  12. Pathan

    hey freinds i had registered in tellyupdate

  13. thamiazh magan

    ohh still u r keeping swalak mystery

    1. Pathan

      next episode all mystry will be cleared

  14. Nyc ep…N yeah u can call me sis n I m in 10th standard what bout registered?????

    1. Pathan

      okkkkkk, registered means i had made id on tellyupdates

  15. yashasvi ( yashu )

    hiii i am sooo sry i didnt comment actually i was a bit busy ……………………..
    firstly thanksss fr 90% raglak scenes in the previous one and this one was also toooooooo good……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and one more plzzz dnt call me ji,, i am very younger, only of 12 , soooo plzz, sry if i hurt u…..

    1. Pathan

      okkkkk i will not call u ji so i will call with the name yashu okk, and for raglak lover, their love story will be good and they will be given good space in my ff

  16. Lol

    Hi guys ! I used to be a silent reader but now i made a new account !! So i am new !!
    Pathan i must say that your ff is awesome. But laksh looks like a dumbo in this ff ! Like serously he loves swara! Uhm .. Interesting i am sure there is gonna be soem more twists !!
    Guys i forgot to mention that my name is bot lol haha my real name is Pooja so pls call me pooja not lol !! ?? actually i had my name Lol because i didnt like to mention my name and also this name has already been taken but now as i am registered i am telling it to tou guys

    1. Pathan

      thanxxxxxx puja for ur beautiful comment and please keep reading and ur name is too good

      1. Lol

        Thanks for the compliment

  17. Beautiful ff yr seriously .. love it keep it up

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