swaragini love me episode 12

freinds i am realy sorry for late updates, i went to cricket tournament and i came today morning 3am at my home, i know last episode was updated by my sis but she

changed content of story, freinds i did not had that leg fracture idea in my mind, so she wrote this leg fracture incidense, but do not take tention content which i

told her to write will be written today, this leg fracture part my sis added because her leg is fractured before 5 days so she wrote this part to make u cry but do not

take tention u will enjoy todays episode
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guys i think some are confused so i want to reveal confusion that, when sanky was trying to rape swara, swara did not see sanky face becasue of mask in his face but

sanky saw swara’s face and another thing when sanky and swara met in hospital or in second meeting at that time swara had covered her face fully but swara sees sanky

but she do not know he is sanskar maheshwari and same with sanky he do not know mall wali girl or girl to whome he tried to rape is same girl to whome he talks daily

and in todays episode swara had not wore scarf or viel so sanky will think she is mall wali girl or girl to whome he tried to rape okkk

todays episode starts with a person keeps hand on swara’s shoulder, she turn her face and shocked but happy to see him, faints and that person was none other than

sanky (note-swara is not wearing viel)
i was doing evening walk than i saw her walking on road with too much difficulty firstly i thought is she same mall wali girl or not by watching her continuesly i

thought i am correct so i tried to move towards her but one thing is stopping me to meet her thagt is guilt that i tried to rape her but one paRT of heart was saying

to go and ask forgiveness to her but other part was saying to go away from her but my i do not know i was feeling pain by seeing her in this condition, i do not know i

can not stop myself going towards her, but she fell on ground so i hesitately put my hand on her shoulder, she immediately saw me, but she was looking very cute, my

thought procees was stoped by her sudden getting unconcius, i immediately sat and took her in my lap i did not care about surround peoplem, t tried to wake her up but

she did not woke up than my eyes went on her leg which was injured and blood was uzing out, unknown tears came from my eyes by seeing her in this condition, i wiped my

tears, i took her in my arms, and took taxi and went to nearby hospital, in whole journey she was in my lap and i was just admiring her beauty and feeling bad for her

bad condition, after 10 minutes i reached to hospital, i quickly took her in my arms and went towards emergensy ward, where doctor taken her in operation theater i was

very worried and restless for mall wali girl, so i strictly told doctor to cure her any how and do not take tention for money, he went inside operation theater, till 2

hour i was pacing here and there, doctor comes out of operation theater, i quickly went towards him and i hurriedly asked how is she, “she is fully fine but due to

stress, not giving proper rest and not taking care, so she needs blood” he stated, i asked sir please say her blood group he replied it is o positive and mine also o

positive, i told doctor to take my blood, so i donated 1 bottle blood to her, doctor took it and went inside operation theater but after his going i do not know why i

am doing this much for her, i never donated blood in my life but today because of her i donated bloood but i ignored all my thought but later after 1 hour doctor came

out and said mister there is not need to take tention she had small fracture in her leg so we plasters her leg and small head injury, she is good and i transfered her

to room and u can take her today also there is no need to take tention, she only had very less blood, i think she did not care about her so u should care so i nodded

but he asked one more question is every thing okk between u and her, i was confused so i exclaimed what!!, he made disgusting face and said by closing teeth hey mister

i asked did u fight with each other or any other problem, noe also sanky did not understand i said what are u saying and why it will affect to her if i will fight,

doctor point towards my brain and said when god was giving brain to everybody so where u went, i got angry i said hey doctor do not dare to talk in this way to me so

he tolgd in total angryly hey gadhe i asked u if ur married life is going well or not, i just hitted my hand on my head ohh sanskar maheshwari could not understand

simple thing but i quickly replied hey sir she is not my wife even we are not freind also, doctor was shocked he came out of senses by jerking him than he smiled

broadly i realy felt is this person is mad, he told stll smiling she is not ur wife nor ur family member and also not ur freind i just nodded, he stars going towards

his cabin with broad smile, after taking 2-3 steps he faced towards me and said soon she will become ur wife and went in his cabin, i was shocked to hear this thing

from doctor’s mouth, after 10 minutes i said hey sanskar do not think too much about doctor word, now u just go and see mall wali girl, as i reached towards her room

she was in consious, continuesly looking at me by smiling but i was trying to turn my face otherside becasue i was scared becasue she will hate me as i tried to rape

her, so i turned towards door and thought to escape, becasue she may call police or may be she may starts shouting that i tried to rape her, so i do not want to loose

my reputATION, it is better sanskar beta bhal le yaha se, but unexpectedly that girl said where are u going come and seat near to me, i was hell shocked ohh got rather

than fighting with me she was telling to sit, i hesitately turn my face and saw her but quickly starts looking towards ground, she again say please come and seat

behind her i started comming towards her by looking down with fear as if newly married girl comming towards her husband in the suhagrat day, i sat near her and i

started looking here and there, she said why u are hesitating, so i relpied are u not angry with me with our last meeting, but she gave unexpected answeer why i will

be angry on u, nothing had happened between us, i should be happy that i met such a good person, sanky was shocked by hearing her word and thinks ohho madam ji that

day when i tried to rape her she beated me by her karrate and today she is telling she is happy that i met her before, i know if any girl see my hot body she will die

for my touch and same thing happen to this poor girl ohh sanky wov now she is ready to sleep with me, and i know she will not get boy better than me but one thing came

in my mind that she had not seen my face that day than where she saw me, ohhho sanky u are also mad she must have checked on internet about me, hey where u lost swara

said, nothing i said, how much this hospital cost swara said, ohh do not take tention i will pay i replied, no no why u will give money i should give money to hospital

swara replied, ohh no problem work u have done for me, and u will do for me in future will be more than this money(sanky was thinking about rap and romance scene in

future because sanky mind is running in asanskari world), ohhho its my duty (swara is thinking about sanky and his pheonse, hospital admit and all), and i realy feel

good if i do anything for u, b hearing this words i was cloud nine ohh god how much shameless this girl is, she is telling that she feels happy to do work for me ohh

god this girl is making me crazy, so i thought to ask place so where we will meet tomorrow, at park we will meet swara said, i think ohh this girl must had some secret

place that’s why she told park oh god very naughty girl is she so i thought to ask one more question so u do this type of help with everybody, swara yaa if i get

chance than i do not lose it now sany was hell shocked, sanky in anger how can u do this type of help to every body, swara why can not do any work it is good it realy

gives real happiness and i worked for one woman yesterday, i was realy shocked ohh god such a cheap girl she do not leave girls also hey bhagwan ghor kalyug a gya he,

i made desgusting face and was about to say something and one person came and hugged her, i was shocked to see him i did not saw his face so in angry tonne ohh which

number boyfreind came to meet u, both part away and swara asked what u said we could not understand, he sees atif and thinks ohh he is jaan husband of that girl, i got

angry on jaan that he is cheating poor girl i quickly stood and said how dare u to cheat my freind, atif hey i am not cheating anybody u must have misunderstood, sanky

says ohho i misunderstood u, hey do not tell lie to infront of this girl, atif whAT are u saying i am not able to understand, i was hell shocked by his answeer so i

told hey mister ur truth is comming in front of her so u are becoming innoscent in front of her, swara hey about which truth he is talking about jaan, sanky hears jaan

word and says hey girl do not dare to say jaan to him because my freind only have right to say jaan, both are shocked so atif said hey have u gone mad do u have any

sense or not, sanky ohh today i am realy getting antique pieces first that doctor and now he, so i said ohh my innoscent cutie pie how many jaan do u have, atif angry

enough now, sanky ohh it is not enough, i turn my gaze towards mall girl and said hey girl he has one wifewith one son but that poor wife loves him too much, he never

takes care of her than also she do not say wrong about him she thinks her husband is devta but here he is shetan, how can u cheat such a innoscent women, u do not

know she is very good she helped me when some goons were running behind me and took me to hospital, now swara understood that he is thinking i am merried to jaan, also

thinks that this person did not recognize me , ohh swara what mistake u did he never saw my face, he only saw my eyes so i should were scarf so he will recognise me so

she wears scarf unnoticed by sanky and atif, atif hey mister iam not married, sanky hell shocked ohho my swweto do not take tention when u will go to police station

na than u will remember ur wife and child than he turns towards swara but he was shocked ohh u came here but when u came and did u saw ur husband illigimate relation

such a cheap husband u got, ohh god why u punish such a good people by giving such a fool husband, swara said stop it please, sanky was in his fool angry mood hey girl

are u mad of this person, u should leave thois person such a crap he is now swara takes out her scarf to show him she is same girl now sanky was hell shocked, feeling

guily and very bad that swara is married (background music ), swara now u got it i am same girl and one more thing i am not married to him he is my best freind okk, swara was shocked but happy that she is not married and he realy gets relieved but feeling happy that mall wali girl, and scarf girl is same so he hugged ger tightly, but swara was in shock after some time she kept one hand on his back, but here atif was not understanding anything so he releases sanky from swara and said are u mad, before sanky could say swara says everything about theie meeting and how he helped her and sanky ask forgiveness to atif so atif hugs him and say i am realy happy that u think too much about shona, sanky shona??, atif are her name is swara and i say her with name shona, now sanky gets jealous little bit but ignore it, doctor enters and sees swara and says u are alright and u hade very less blood count but see this person is angel for u he gave his blood to u, beta no one gets this much goo d prson please respect him, by hearing this swara gots teary eyes that how much he helped her, swara takes sanky hand and says i am realy very happy to get such a good freind those who helped me too much i am realy thankfull to u, i do not know how to thank u, u are realy angel who stand for me when u thought that i am married and u helped me when i was ill now sanky was cloud nine by hearing this much good comment about him ……………..
comntinued in next part
for raglak fan their love story will be given 50% to 55% weightage for 4 to 5 episode so now ur wait is over but if u want less percentage of their story than u can say me

precap- 35% swasan scene, 65% raglak

freinds from today RAMDAN has started i will have busy schedule because i will have to woke up 3:15am morning for sehary than i will sleep in day time, i will have to keep fast and in night due to tarabih namaz i have to be there in masjid from 9 to 11 pm in night and in day time i had to do study as well as sleeping work as well as playing with freinds but i will realy give time to ur ff so daily i already told u before when i started ff that i will upload it alternate days and i will surely do it because every work is important to me

GUD DAY ahead

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