swaragini..was this your love??? episode 11


Hello everyone.
The episodes begin in laksh’s office.
Tanya: sir is our plan working.
Laksh: yes i think so.
Tanya: sir thats a good idea but we need to move a step .
Laksh: what do you mean.
Tanya: sir what we are doing will not be enough. We need to make her completely jealous.
Laksh: you are right. But how.
Tanya: sir just do as i say.
Laksh: ok.
Tanya calls swara.
Tanya: swara i said na i will snatch your husband for sure.
Swara: tanya i dont believe u ..
Tanya: if u dont. Then come and see in recreation restaurant
Swara: but listen.
Tanya disconnects.
Tanya: sir we need to go.
Laksh: where.
Tanya: come with me sir.
They go.
At restaurant.
Tanya and laksh are waiting for swara.
They sees swara coming.
Tanya holds laksh’s hands.
Swara is watching all this.
Tanya and laksh holds each others hands….
Tanya: waiter we want a cabin table.
Waiter: ok plz come this way.
Swara: where are they going.
Shr follows.
Tanya and laksh sits and closes the door… but keeps a little open so that swara can see.
Swara peeps in.
Tanya: laksh baby.
Laksh: what babe.
Tanya: i love you.
Laksh: i know baby.
Tanya switches on the song.
Laksh: what are u doing.
Tanya: come lets dance.
Tanya and laksh dances close to each other.. although laksh feels awkward but knows swara is watching.
Tanya holds his hands and keeps on her waist.
Laksh: tanya lets sit now.
Tanya: ok darling.
Laksh sits and tanya sits in his laps and holds him tightly.
Laksh holds her too….
Tanya: i love u . I love u baby.
Laksh: i love u too sweetheart.
Tanya: today u will come at home at night. Ok. I havr a surprise.
Laksh: hmm… ok baby.
Swara cries and leaves.
Tanya stands up.
Tanya: i am really sorry sir.
Laksh: u r doing this for me .
Swara sits in garden and cries.
Swara: i think therr is something. Laksh cant do this. I need to see. I will follow u today to tanya home.
At night.
Laksh reached tanya’s house. Swara follows him and by window goes in the house.
Tanya opens the door.
She is wearing a crop top and a mini skirt.
Laksh: i have never seen u like this baby.
Tanya: this was the surprise.
She hugs him.
She takes laksh in.
Swara is watching all this
Tanya takes laksh to her room.
Swara: why is she taking him to her room.
Tanya keeps the door of her room open and takes laksh in.
Laksh: now what.
Tanya holds his hands and pulls him on bed.
Laksh: tanya i think thats enougj.
Tanya: sir dont worry. I will not cross the limits.
Laksh is lying on bed and tanya stands up and closes the window.
Laksh sits on the bed.
Tanya: sir swara is coming here.
Laksh: ok.
Swara sees laksh sitting on her bed.
Tanya goes to laksh and pushes him on bed and goes on him. She is on top of laksh .
She speaks in his ears.
Tanya: sir we can finish this chapter here only. Just cooperate with me. And do as i say.
Laksh nods.
Laksh holds tanyas waist.
Tanya: sir i am going to try to stand up but u have to show as u dont want me to go and hold me as tight as u can.
Tanya tries to stand. But laksh pulls her very close and holds her waist very tightly.
Swara cant control now. She enters in the room.
Swara: laksh.
Laksh and tanya stands up.
Laksh: swara .
Swara: what is all ths laksh.
Laksh: now its time for u to know the truth.
Swara: what .
Laksh: i love tanya a lot and want to marry her. But u r coming in between.
Swara: laksh….
Laksh: yes just look at her she is hot,beautiful .. what else do i want.
Swara: ok then i will leave u laksh i will leave u.
She goes crying….

Precap: a bullet is fired… someone is dead.

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