swaragini love me episode 11


dear i am irfan pathan’s sister so today i am writing this ff because he went to cricket tournament out of town for two days ao he will come day after tomorrow so he

will upload next epi day after tomorrow i want to give history and reason of writing this ff,
dear my name is shain pathan and i am irfan pathan sister, my bro irfan always used to create new love story and tells me and i want to write ff so i told him to write

ff but he refused so i started writing this ff from my own but whole idea was my bro irfan who told me this story so i started this ff with swaragini different love

story but circumstances changed i had to go my inlaws house early and their i did not get time so i requested irfan to complete this ff for me, so he accepted but

changed the story name because he did not liked that title and also changed the title of this story, he realy wanted to end this ff as soon as possible, but now a days

he realy got interest in writing ff becasue of writing ff he told me that it is improving his writing skill………
dear yesterday he went for tournament so he told me to upload ff today because he never wants his personel matter affect his story
dear ur all confussion from ur comment will be cleard by irfan in next episode
episode starts with sanskar telling everything happened between him and neha
swara- ohh so this is problem
sanky- yes and u are experienced about all this issue(thinks as she is married)
swara- hey i am not experinced of all this silly things i am not that type of girl
sanky- thinks ya she is correct she is very understanding girl so may be she may not had fight with her hubby by silly reasons,”ok ok ”
swara- so mr. maheshwari i think u should ask apology to her’
sanky- i did not do any mistake so why should i ask apology to her
swara- i know u are not fault but she ie very possesive about u that she never wants u to talk about some other girl (remember sanky only tolg about fight betweent

neha and him but he did not said that the girl he was pressing in front of neha is swara and swara did not know he is womaniser)
sanky- what is my fault, i only told everything just as a freind
swara- i know u are not in fault and she is also not in fault but u have to ask apology for better relation in life, because ur both ego may affect ur relation
sanky- noo i will never ask apology to her
swara- thinks he will not ask apology to her so she get different idea and told him to gift beautiful suit to her in ur money ranke so she may be happy
sanky- yaa it is good idea, i will not have to ask apology
swara- ohhh good but now it is dark so i have to leave the house because there is too much work’
sanky- ur jaan will not come to pick u
swara- noo he do not come to pick me and he also did not know where i am
san ky- thinks ohh got such a bed husband this beautifull eye girl have , says ohh he is very irrisponsible about his duty
swara- ohh please do not say about him like this, he is very good person and he care me tooo much
sanky- thinks ohh ise kehte he bharatiya nari, how bed his her husband than also she is taking his side, ohh sanky leave it why are u thinking about her
swara- may i go
sanky bits bye, both goes in opposite direction
both went to their home and thinked about each other and slept
lucky is calles rags
lucky- helo
rags- what is the need of calling this much night
lucky- are tomorrow our college is going to start so i called u
rags- for this reason u called me late night
lucky- are ragu i got idea to give good lesson to mall girl
rags- lucky please do prank only for fun not to hurt anybody
lucky- ohh ragu how can u thing that ur lucky will harm any body and make poute face
rags- okk sorry baba but what is plane
lucky- tells her all plan and says we will execute this plan after college, they talk randome things for some time and slept peacefully
next beautiful day all 4 wokes up swaraglak went to college and sanky went to bring sari for neha whole days go well,
after college lucky- so rags we should execute our plan \
rags- yes\
where they both goes behind swara he found that swara wore veil and was going where lucky signs rags to execute plane and he tells rags to cross road, when she was

crossing rad a car comes with full speed, rags stood on road due to shock but lucky was far away……………..
sanky brings short dress for neha and give her this makes neha happy and she hugged him tightly and said sory for what she did . sanky becomes happy that he made neha

to say sorry and thanx swara in his heart, after talking sometime to neha he went to his room and take his night dresses and went for walk
rags just closed her ears by both hand due to fear but before truck could hit, a girl comes and throw rags to other side of road and rags escapesd but that girl leg

got fractured due to heavy weight of rags and sudden movement of her body
rags sees girl and shocked that she is mall wali girl(swara) at this time lucky also comes directly goes towards rags and hug her tightly “do u know rags how much i was scared about u whent that car is going to hit u oh god i can not think this thing happen to u in dream also, ohhh god saved u” he breakkes hug and sees his body from top to bottom if she got any injury or not,
rags- ohh lucky do not take tention i am fully fine
lucky- shouts how i can not take ur tention u are my beat freind and i can not see u in pain and scolds her not to cross road without him
rags simply nodded innocently
swara who was lying on road and screaming also seeing the closeness between both of them and feels good about their bond
lucky- let us go to home u may be tired he help her to stand when they were about to go they saw a girl lying on road holding her leg and screaming due to pain
rags sees her and felt guilty that this girl saved her life and she did not cared about her lucky also sees her and he felt guilty more because this girl helped him two times but he was trying to do prank on her and always she got troubled due to him first in mall people questioned about her character and here she was screaming with pain but he was mingeled with rags so both rush towards swara(they were mingled with each other such that they forgot swara)
both ask what happened to ur leg
swara in screamed and say i do not what happened but it is paining
raglak seet swara in car and went towards nearby hospital, swara comes out of car with help of rags, she sees big hosplital and thinks i have only 50rs in my pocket and also did not have money to eat food due to college fees than how i will pay this hospital bill than she speaks hey thanxx for droping to hospital, now i will go inside hospital
raglak- no u helped us too much so we will take care for u
swara-thinks from where i will bring money to give this hospital but says hey freind it is okk it is just strain in leg so no need to go to hospital
raglak understood swara condition, she is telling becasue she can not afford expenses of hospital
lucky- do not take tention i will give all expenses but u please come with us than they take inside hospital but rags father calls them and say janki’ health is not good, he told rags about this matter, and swara also hears it
swara – hey freind u go i will take care of myself and ur mother needs u more
so rags readily agrees and says u are such a pure hear girl and i am realy sorry for trying to prank on u
swara- ohh prank is just masti and i do not bother about that and do not say sorry
rAGS forwards her hand and says freinds, swara accepts whole heartedly and says her name as swara, rags also said her name
lucky was very guilty so he holded his ear and saind sorry, swara ohh mister i was not angry on u so no need to be sorry, lucky feels good and happily becomes swara’s freind
swara- now u both go to ur house
lucky- takes out pocket and give 5000rs to swara for checkup but swara refusd to take this, atlast after some drama swara accepted money than raglak left place
i was just watching on door , when they were out of sight, i thought lucky u do not know how much i need this money i did not have moneuy to eat food
swara went to her kitchen, sees that she has vegetables and wheat only for 2 days, ohh god student fees will come after 13 days and i have only 50rs so from where i will bring food of 10 day,
flashback end
i have to tkae this money because i had to bring fruit, syrups for my mother because i was not able to make fruit juice for my mother not able to eat food properly due to financial problem, ithought to utelise money, i stood from place, i was about to go nurse comes and say ma here are u going ur leg condition is very bad please consult doctor but swara do not hear her voice and goes outside from hosplital with the hel of wooden stick, she was not able to walk properly, many time she fallen on road but she was deter mined to go her house and thinks, how can i use this money for this legs, i do not have money to eat food that what is the need of westing this money for my leg, she was crying due to pain but she was helpless because she needs that money to live to eat food to bring her mother’s medicines, so she kept on walking but aftersome time she fall on grund with thud and her head hits on ground where she was lying on road and continuesly crying due to immense pain but now she did not have power to stand but she found one hand on her shoulder, she sees him and get shocked……………….
precap- sanky comes to know that swara is not married as well as she is mall wali girl to whome he tried to moleat her, swaraglak freindship
did u like todays episode but i was crying by loooking swara’s condition
so dear freind from tomorrow my bro will write ff but i know he will be angry on me by reading this ff because i did not wrote what he told me to write but u do not take tention story is on track only
take care and prey for me

Credit to: shain pathan

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  1. Awesome

  2. Good one. Actually I was a silent reader but r8 now m on ” mission trp badhao” so thought to comment on every ff n promote d show coz swasan trk is going on . so if ur Aldo a swasanians dn plzzz…tk out at least half hour for dm n wch swaragini @9:30 pm on colors . n plzzz..don’t bash @ me thinking m nt cmnting regular.

  3. Poor swara suffering a lot……???????

  4. Me too crying..nd eagrly waiting fr nxt thank god finally shanky came to knw abt shona nw her prblm wil be solved..update nxt asap pls..

  5. Awesome
    U made me comment today dr
    Actually i m a silent reader

  6. Feeling very bad for swara . but amazing nice. & hi shain & irfan . I am happy u guys are mind blowing & thanx for writing it.
    & friends in next week I am didn’t come to this page regularly because Ramzan is coming na & my college will also start. So don’t forgot me. If I didn’t comment on ff . but I will try to come regularly . Take care .

  7. Ep was awsm…Hey Pathan y r u not give me reply???????

  8. :-(..some stories can make great impact on readers…i like ur ff.:-)

  9. thamiazh magan

    i felt very bad for swara… waiting for upcoming twists

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