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swaragini..was this your love??? episode 10


Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing good.
So today’s episode

Tanya talking to man.
Tanya: sir whatever i do. They come closer.
Man: no tanya you cant give up. You have to seperate them and give all the blame on this swara will be away from laksh and sanskar both. And i can make her mine . Only mine forever.
Tanya: ok sir i will try again.
Man: u need to do it.
Tanya: ok.
At home
Laksh calls tanya.
Laksh: tanya are all files submitted.
Tanya: yes sir. But on one file i need your sign.
Laksh: ok u come here
Tanya: ok sir

After some time . Bell rings.
Swara: i will see.
She opens and sees tanya there .
Swara: u.
Tanya: sir called me
Swara: come sit here. I will call him.
Swara goes to laksh.
Laksh: who is there.
Swara: tanya.
Laksh: oh. I called her to get sign.
Swara: ok so u go.
Sanskar was looking all this and goes to swara
Sanskar: swara . Listen. I think there is something going between them.
Swara: sanskar what r u saying.
Sanskar: yes. I am telling correct.
Swara: i cant believe.
Sanksar: ok at least tell me that u love me.
Swara: sanskar i have already told u. It was past.
Sanskar: but i think laksh is not happy with u.
Swara stays quiet.
Sanskar: u will soon come to know
Swara keeps thinking about something.

Tanya: thank u sir .
Laksh: its ok.
Tanya: sir may i ask u something.
Laksh: ofcourse.
Tanya: sir. I think swara maam dont love u.
Laksh: tanya
Tanya: sir the feel she was having 7 years ago for sanksar sir was different. I think they should be together.
Laksh: hmmm….. i know.
Tanya: so sir do u want to re unite the..
Laksh: if that is swaras happiness . I will unite her with bhai. But how.
Tanya: i have an idea. But..
Laksh: speak it. Dont worry.
Tanya: sir u can show that u r more happy with any other girl. And u dont want her in ur life
Laksh: but .. will it work.
Tanya: 100% sir.
Laksh: ok. But who will agree to do this drama.
Tanya: sir we need to search. Any person who lives atleast 5-6 hrs with u.
Laksh: will u help me .
Tanya: me
Laksh: yes u will be perfect
Tanya: ok sir only for u.
Laksh: good .
Swara comes there.
Swara: laksh is ur work completed.
Laksh: i want 2 mins more.
Swara: ok i will sit here.
Laksh: no u go in. I mean u go and sleep.
Swara: laksh
Laksh: go and sleep.
Swara: ok.

Swara goes in . She was about to go when she sees them through window.
When tanya sees her she goes near laksh and speaks in his ears
Tanya: sir . Swara maam is looking here.
Laksh: ok.
Tanya hugs laksh tightly.
Laksh feels awkward but still hugs her.
Tanya: o baby. I need to leave.
Laksh: bye baby.
Tanya kisses him on cheek. And softly speaks
Tanya: sorry sir
Laksh: its ok.
She leaves.

Swara gets upset and goes to sleep.
Laksh : sorry swara. But i need to do this for your happiness.
In morning.
Everyone takes breakfast and this time laksh leaves without talking to swara.
Swara: why are you doing this laksh??? Why

Precap: jealousy….

Thanks for reading. And yes pari i have written swaragini
..from laksh’s pov.

Credit to: silent reader

  1. very nice.

  2. aap kehena kya chahte ho?? kuch samaj nai ara..

  3. I knew it yr thanks for writing both dear and it was very nice

  4. Pl dont seperate swalak

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