swaragini love me episode 10


freinds enjoy super big chapter i n happiness of completing 10 epiasode and is realy good episode AND NO PROOF READING DONE
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episode starts with swara reaches her home and think about sanky says he was realy cute, one more thing is roaming in her mind about mall wala boy(who helped swara)

this 3 years are completed but i could not find that boy he was realy good who helped me when i was all alone, i realy wanted to see him atleast one time but how to

search about him, i had only seen his tattoo of “s” word in his chest and i can not check everybody chest to find him, it will be realy embracing, ohh god if destiny

will want to meet him again than surely i will meet him,

next day mrninig
Sanky was sitting in his room thinking about swara’s eyes, his helplessness,his insults this all made him laugh as well as angry, hey sanky darling how are u neha

comes in his room seet beside him
sanky comes out of sens- hey neha nothing like that
neha- are u okk sanky
sanky- ya my darlng i am fully fine, one girl helped me when some goons were behind him, he starts telling qualities of swara which makes neha angry
neha- ohhh is she new sleeping partner of u
sanky- hey neha how can u think like this about her
neha- so what sanky u are pressing that girl but u did not pressed me
sanky- i did not saw anything in u to press u but i realy press u sometime when u look good
neha- ohh u have not seen anything in me sanky

she was about to go but sanky hold her hand hey neha listen it s nothing between her and me, i already told u i am womanisor than why u are angr on me
neha- becasue u did not press any girl till now but u were pressing her
sanky- hey neha i only told u what i have seen in her and she has qualities so i was pressing her and i told u about this incidense that i realy want that the person

whome i am marrying have rights to know everything and nothing else
neha- ohh wov ur speech is over of defending ur new sleeping beauty
now sanky becomes angry as she is thinking that swara is characterless
sanky jerks her hand, stands up and say be in ur limit understood neha and how can u say anything about some one character, u think about ur charater(by raising his

hand) u always think about romance and staying one night with me, u only meeds my body and nothing else so u should think about ur character first……… soooooo..

got it neha gadodia he signs towards door and say leave my room in angrily
sanky feels bad for neha that he scolded her but becomes more angry by her words
neha goes out of his room angrily and smirks mr sanskar maheshwari i will realy give good answeer of ur words
she went in college and stands in que where our lucky and rags also reaches for admssion purpose
lucky sees swara in que and signs rags, evil ideas comes in his mind and share with rags where rags stand behind swara and lucky stand at side where rags jerks swara

so her documents fall down,
so she sits on her knees to take document from ground where lucky comes with bucket of dirty water and stands in front of swara and signs rags now i will not leave

this girl, rags was standing behind swara,lucky was realy happy.smiling and thanking god that at admission day of college i am getting a chance of doing such a good

prank, and that means my whole year will go very good that is full of pranks in which i will get victory at every time, so mrs mall wali girl now u will see what lucky

can do, from today u will be afraid of lucky
he takes that derty water mug and pure on swara by looking on sky as thanking god after puring whole water he smilingly sees on ground to see swara but he got shocked

than ragini was lying on floor and whole water was pured on rags, she was fully drench and was looking at lucky with angry eyes which makes lucky scared as well as

shocked where swara was standing near rags and laughing he becomes angry on her, but he thinks to help rags and when he was about to move to help rags he also falls

down on dirty water with thud because his both shoes less is tied by one apposite pair of shoes and he also becomes fully drench, all people surrounding them were

laughing while raglak were looking at swara who was winking on both of them, now lucky shouts how can u do this
swara controles her laughing and explains
when lucky share plans to rags at that time swara sees him from corner of eyes and the way lucky was looking at swara she understood that something is fishy, so she

thought to eye on both of them after some time rags stand behind swara and jerks so her files fall on ground than she understood that they may be doing prank so she

sits and take document but her eyes were continuresly watching on lucky and rags shadow to know about there all activities, she saw bucket of water on his hand, when

lucky was thinking to pure water on swara,so swara got idea and tied his both shoes less in opposite pair of shoes so he will surely fall if he moves inch also, when

lucky was about to pure water on swara she pulls rags (who was standing behind swara) towards her and stand quickly so lucky pures dirty water on her and when he moves

to help rags he also falls on dirty water
raglak were hell shocked that they were trapped in ther plan
swara- hey mister before doing any prank u should first use ur mind, one more thing be in ur limit okk, than she waves her hand and says so byee guys we will meet soon

i am going to submit my document
raglak thinks now we will show to u who we are…………….
all students were laughing because luky was prankstar of college
swara at admission counter sir my document
counter person sees her document and says so u are studing with scholarship and u came in this college for clinical rotation
swara says yes sir
person- as u know it is best private college of kolkata and most expensive also so u only have to pay 5000 rupees where other are paying 10 lakh per year
swara says sir in my last college i did not paid any money
person- hey girl there is too much difference between that college and this college and it is rule
swara sees her purse she only had 5000 rupees(which is given by atif for her medicine) and with that money she had to live 12 days because her tuition student will

give money after 12 days but she did not had any option left so she gave all money, after doing formalities she went to her home where she found that her mother had

only 1 days medicine, she thought ohh god from where i will bring money to buy this medicines, but her eyes stoped on her medicines which is given by atif to eat for

her, she took her medicins and went towards medical store by wearing scarf

sanskar was thinking about morning incidence, his and neha talk and was realy frusteted, (guys sanky head pain when he fight with anyone and he can not stress too much

after an incidense that will reveal later) so he went to his house wore lower and t-shirt and went towards medical to take pain killer, and he called adi while walking
sanky- hey adi today i am realy frustated so
adi- cut his words and says i understood sanky i already have girl
sanky- ohh but u know i only want vergin girl
adi- hey bro i know u never use second hand girl even if she looses verginity by u
sanky- ya that good boy and is she agreed to stay with me
adi- bro till now she is not agreed but i know u will made her agree in 5 minutes
sanky- ya adi this new girls na always show attitude but i know how to lose their attitude so ok bye i will come at 9pm to loose her verginity
adi- okk okk than they cuts the call

swara comes to medical store and says bhaya i want to sell this medicine
person- he sees medicine and ask it is kidney transplantation medicines
swara- i know it is mine medicine but i want to sell it
persom- hey girl if u will not eat this medicine it will affect ur health
swara – no sir please take this medicine and i will buy after 10 days
at that time a boy comes he is sanky
sanky- please give me painkiller

person- please wait first i take medicine from this girl than i will see it
sanky-(angry) hey mister first do my work than any other work okk
swara-(did not see sanky) sir please give them medicine first i can wait
sanky recognise swara voice and sees towards he and at the mean time swara also sees his face both are shocked to see each other and have cute eyelock which was

desturbed by person hey boy which painkiller u want
sanky- says ohh sorry uncle u do her work first i will wait
swara- no sir u do his work first than they both starts argument to person for each other now person becomes angry now stop have u gone made, i will do ur both work

side by side than stop ur argument,
swasan- ok
person- are u both lover
swasan shocked wwhat???
person- the way u both were looking at each other and arguing
sanky- are u loveguru
person- no
sanky- than do ur work okk
person- okk
swara- sir how much money i got by selling this medicines, he replied 2000
swara- so sir give me my mother’s medicine from this money
sanky was shocked that why she is selling medicine (note he do not know this medicine are of kidney patient)
person- with this money only 15 days medicine will come
swara shocked oh god these new medicines are very costly
person- ya girl i know medicine of kidney patient are realy costly so do u want to take this or not
sanky got one more shock
swara- ok give medicine
swasan takes medicine, they comes out of medical store and sees each other with awkwardnes and both burst into laugh by thinking persoon statement as they are lover
than they both stop laughig, where auqward silence come in between them but sanky says he is realy mad person, swara replied yes, again silece comes in between them
sanky gathers courage and ask will accompany me in walking
swara nods her hand in silence so both starts walking without saying anything, both were looking at road but sometime both passes glance to each other as they do not

know where to start to talk but swara some how manages to talk to him but she was not able to open her mouth, she also do not know why she is not able to talk to him,

than she sees him where he also sees her, they have cute eyelock, sanky gives little smile to swara and she also give him
again she starts looking on floor murmering from lips which is noticed by sanky so he broke silence and ask do u want to ask something
swara-(closes her eyes) how is ur health
sanky- it is good now
swara- ohh
sanky- u realy cared me in such good way(thinks about hospital condition) an such a good hospital u admitted me i can not forget till my death(little bit angrily)
swara happily ohh i know it is best hospital, i usualy go in that hospital
sanky makes horrible face by listening best hospital, swara becomes nervous than she hesitately ask did i said some thing wrong
sanky- no no nothing i also did not saw such a bessstttt.. hospital in my life with such a good doctor (thinks that doctor do not have sense of wearing suits, my home

peone is better than that useless doctor)
swara- ya i know that doctor is realy good doctor and very famous
sanky-(thinks ha it will be famous on ur poor world and he did not want to think about horrible hospital, doctor and patient so he changes topic ) okk okk good orwhat

about u
swara- what can i say about me but i realy want to say u that doctor wanted to meet u once again so u should meet him
sanky- thinks if i will die than also i will not meet that doctor but he controles his frustation and says okk okk i will meet him later
swara- ohh u can meet at his house also it is very near so come i will meet them
sanky- (fear) no no its okk i will meet later
swara- ohh sanky why u did not want to meet him, do u know that doctor is gold medalist of 2009
sanky-his frustation is increasing so he says he may got gold medalist because there may be no one who may had filled form other than him for gold medalist, than only

he may had got that prize
swara- hey it is notlike that then she starts pressing doctor
now sanky becomes more angry and frusteted and ask will u marry him
swara hell shocked what u are saying, he already married and have 3 cute children
sanky- ohh god will u stop that doctor drama
swara- but why u did not want to hear about him
sanky- if u realy want to help me to recover from headache than i request pleas do not talk about that doctor and hospital
swara- did not understand and says okkkk
sanky- thinks to change topic so he ask which medicine u were selling
swara- (did not want to say truth) it was just random medicines which i used to eat, some were for my good health and some were of fever and nothing else
sanky- but why u sold them
swara- i wanted to take medicine for my mother
sanky- but why u sold medicines
swara- i do not have money so i sold my medicin and brough medicine for my mother
sanky- ohh swara u should also care about ur health
swara feels happy but sanky continues and why u sold ur medicine u must have asked to ur jaan(sanky hears swara atif words in market)
swara- how u know about jaan
sanky- hey i saw u in market
swara- okk ok but i realy do not want to trouble jaan due to my mother, becasue i already troubles him too much and he also have many problems in his life so i did not

want to trouble him
sanky- feels bad about swara condition and thinks such a good wife is she, how much she thinks about his husband but see my pheonse she is not at all good
swara- what are u thinking
sanky- about my pheonse
swara was shocked to hear word pheonse from his mouth her heart skiped but she did not know why she felt bad when he said anout his pheonse
sanky shakes her what are u thinking
swara hesitately nothing nothing ask did u fight with her
sanky- how did u know
swara- from ur face expression
sanky- thinks how intelligent is she
swara- tell me what happened
sanky- no noits okk
swara- hey mister if u will say problem that i will surely help u………..

precap- swasan cute covo. continues, swaraglak meeting
freind this much is enough my hands are paining now
did u like todays episode and this i wrote only for u those who wanted big episode and i updated small episode yesterday
if anybody have any confusion about this ff please ask me
guys i realy want to ask one thing if u feel it is dragging or u feel i am not upto ur expectation or u want something more than message ur query and in that way i

will improve mey writing

Credit to: pathan

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  5. Nice .
    but I have one confusion in this episode sanky see swara na but her face is covered with scarfs right.& but swara see sanky na in normal clothes so she didn’t identified that the person is non other than sanskar who try to moleste her.

    1. & u know friends yesterday I got my result & the result is really very good. I got 3 highest marks . after seeing the result I am very happy so I am sharing my happiness with u all.

      1. i am realy happy for ur result and keep studying good, freind when sanky was trying to molest swara, she did not saw him because he was wearing the mask

      2. Thank u ya I will try my best in studies.

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