Swaragini – Because I love him (Episode 1)

Hey guys I am a new writer… I don’t have any experience in writing ff… Plzz do support… Sorry for any mistakes… All caharacters are same but some differences…

20th February 2016

Maheshwari mansion

A girl is standing in the house temple sunging the bajan and doing the arti. She is wearing a red and blue sari with plau on her head. All the elder are in present there excep two boys. The girls. She gives everyone prasad and takes their blessings. She is our cute ragini.

Ap: ragini beta where is Lakshya and sanskar, are they still sleeping?

Ragini: ma you know how they are, they never wake up for puja.

Sujata: exactly jiji have u ever seen them in puja that ur asking for them now.

Dp: ragini beta go and wake them up we’re getting late for office.

Rigini: hi bade papa I wake them up now

Rigidity goes up to her room to wake her husband up. (Her room is the same as the serial… Same house) she come to the bed bear her busband… Trying to wake him up.

Ragini: oh god I am so tired of this now… Every day I spend 29 minutes waking u both up. Lakshya ji plzzz wake up… Bade papa is calling U

Laskya: offo ragini u came again.. What’s wrong with u it’s inly 3am ( looks at his watch with closed eyes) now let me sleep na jaan.

Ragini: it’s now 3 but it’s 8:30am and bade pap is calling u.

Lakshya; ok u go am coming

Ragini: I know you will not wake and u know exactly how wake u up..

She takes a glass of water and pours it on him

Lakshya: aaaaaaa raginiiiii am not final leave u

Ragini: really catch me first them don’t leave me hahah

She runs out of the room and goes to sanskar a room she opens the door and see him in the same condition from the past few years. He is laying in diagonally with his hoes and his office suit still on without the blanket. Snakar has moved to another room due to some reason and goes to his room regularly… She comes to him and pats his shoulder

Ragini: sanskar ki wake up bade papa is calling u for breakfast

He immediately wakes up

Sanskar: ah… Umm ok ringing I will come in few minutes..

Ragini: sanskar ji u came late again… Why don’t u forget everything…. I know it’s hard but…. U should move on….

Sanskar: I have moved on ragini and yeh about forgetting everything… I can’t do that… All this is happening to me because my own mistake…

Ragini: but u can’t live in this guilt forever… And if she was today she would say the same thing

Sanskar: I HOPE she was here today…… Treats roll down his cheeks… Any ways you go I will come after getting freshen up…

Ragini goes from there and sankar goes to the bathroom.

Scene 2

Central jail….

Mr choppra: raj beta I want u to take this case because I know that girl is innocent… I have it in her eyes… She can’t do anything bad

Raj: but me chora u know how this girl is… She doesn’t even utter a single word to anyone…. More than 10 lawyers have tried to speak to her but she doesn’t say anything… And u want me to take this case…

Mr choppra: u know beta but I don’t know why I feel like she here for now reasons.. She must free and go back to her family…

Raj: but sir… This too difficult and u know I never lose any case… If I lose this one then…

Mr choppra: y have to win this case At any const… And if you don’t your not going out with my daughter anymore…

Raj: this is cheating sir… Ur blackmailing me and u very well know that I stop myself from meeting ur daughter…

Mr choppra: than the choice is yours…u either take the case and my daughter or leave them both…

Raj: (makes a sad face) ur soo intelligent I must say… Ok fine…

Mr choppra: soo is that a yes for both…

Raj: off course, and u know what I want to actually meet this strange girl who doesn’t want go out from this hell and enjoy a beautiful life out there..

Mr choppra: ok then good luck in making her speak and winning this case…

Raj: when raj is here, u don’t need to fear ( winks at me choppra) and by way when can I meet her.. What’s her name…

Mr choppra: Shruti is her name and u can meet her tomarrow… Remember that she’s been here for the past 9 years and didn’t speak any of her lawyer…

Raj: u don’t worry air I know how to speak to girls especially pretty girls…

Mr choppra: u would never change… He goes from there.

Raj: so miss Shruti be ready cuz am coming…

Scene 3 – maheswari mansion

Dinning table..
Sankar: I am done… I will be back

Ap: but beta u didn’t have anything

Sanskar: no bade am i had enough am coming back

Everyone looks at him going upstar…

Sujata: I don’t know when he’s going to forget her even after knowing that she’s no more….and see he’s to going to that rooms again…

Ap: it’s ok sujata everything will be fine… Ragini beta pass me the juice…

Ragini… Ji maaa

Sankar went to his secret room where…. The whole room is full of Swara pictures with him and the rest of the family…. This was their room.. Everything that belongs to her is in that room….

Sanskar: Swara I know that everyone thinks your no more But I don’t know why my heart I not really to accept this…. I don’t know weather ur alive or not but I have a hope in my heart that u r here….. And if you are plzzz come back

He pick up a pictures from the table… Tears roll down his cheeks while looking at the picture… He remember the last think she said to hims “I hate you sanskar… I never loved you…”

Sanskar: Swara I miss so much… (He’s disturbed by his phone ringing) hello

Caller: sir u have to office asap

Sanskar: ok am coming in 20 mins.. Call ended and he star at the pic…

Recap: raj meeting Shruti

I know guys this might have been abut boring… But I promi the upcoming episodes are going to fu interesting… Plzzz do support and comment plzz…

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