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guys as u all want epilogue so i am giving u i know it is worst epilogue which u will see because i am very bad in writing happy days of couples and family drama it is my
and guys i told u that my story was started my sister she wrote till episode 4 and she told that sanky is womaniser but when i taken story i did not show his negative face because
i dont want to make him womaniser and other thing when he was raping swara he was in alcohol effect and as u have seen when he saw her he did not do anything but guys mistake is done from
my side so i will give his past those who wanted to read they can read his past and thanks a lot for ur beautiful and wonderful comment that u have given

story takes 1 year leap
there was award function ceremoney
person= ladies and gentelmen this year award goes to sanskar maheshwari
all people are shocked because first time he got award and whenthey saw him they again shocked that he is young
but sanky did not care anyones thought moves towards the stage with pround smile along with his cute and beautifull wife swara, he grabed her in his arms as he will not let her go anywhere
both were going towards stage all were fuming in jealousy girls due to swara and boys due to sanky who was with cute girl,
now both reaches on stage sanky takes it award and stANDS in front of mike by showing this award to swara infront of crowd says this belongs only to my lovely wife who
gave me huge support to stand infront of u. i was doing my business from last 3 years but this year i married to my beautiful and i got award by her love and support she always prefered me
to do work first than any other think, she always helped me even if mbbs student to me in my files and ppresentation, she never complained me whenever i came late from office or sometime
i could not get time for her, she always stand just like pillar behind me she is world best my swara, now he spreads his hand in shahrukh khan style by listening beautiful words for her
by her husband swara was already in teary eyed and when she sees his arms open she runs and hugs him, for 5 minutes both hugged each other they came in sense when they heard clapping sound
now all chear swara too say something about sanky
swara takes mike and says if i will say anywords about him all will be less on his goodness, but one think i realy want to say sanky was person who took me from dark past he was person
who helped me when no one was with me, than she tells her idney wali story and all her past and how sanky helped her all gets teary eyes by seeing sanky’s love for swara
in this mean time sanky gets call and he says something to swara both hurriedly runs by shocking everyone
otherside ragini was in labour pain she was crying and lucky was taking her to operation theater with doctors no family member was there
ragini while crying- it was whole ur mistake lucky
lucky- while controlling his emotion says what did i do
ragini- oh if u had not done anything i was not in same condition
lucky- onn sorry ragini i did not know about this playfull voice
ragini- screams in pain annd again says see i told u first swara will have child that we will think but u were very disperate of child i hate u from core of my heart
lucky- i love u
ragini- i hate u ] she enters in ot but she cries i want lucky with me please
doctor did not had anychance and call luckyinside ot
he stands near ragini’s head side
ragini grabs both his hand with her hand to reduce her labour pain
now ragini was taking labour pain as pain increases poor lucky pain also increases more because ragini grabs his hand more tightly lucky also moans in pain with ragini, his hands blood circulation
was topped because ragini hold his hand very tightly, blood also comes from his hand because her nails pierced on his hand
as pain increases lucky’s pain also increases doctor got irritated by lucky behavior and says now u cant stop screaming like girls but poor lucky was cursing himself for doing this mistake of having
children, but now labour pain was in peak level and both ragini and lucky was screaming in loud voice as nearby people were hearing that what is happening inside ot that a girl and boy both screaming in pain
now it was time to come chiled out both pain was in peak level, people were more shocked thinking that are these doctor doing something bed with patience. so people breaks ot door as they enter
they saw a baby crying voice yes ragini delievered a baby, now ragini’s pain was vanished by hearing her child sound and she leaves lucky’s hand and was same with lucky, he also felt as a mother feels
when she gave bith to child, he also beared same labour pain in his life and he also gets fainted due to low blood circulation on his hand
doctor took him on bed of other room and throws water on him and ragini NOW BOTH THE MOTHER GOT CONSIoUS AFTER LABOUR PAIN
doctor did first add to his hand he and ragini both were lying on different bed in same room both see each other on lying and have cute eyelock, theuy ask where is child
a voice comes it was sanky and baby was in his hand and says so both the mothers got concious and smiles naughtily by winking on lucky
lucky feels embraced and immediately stand up from bed
swara fake concern oh please dont stand u had labour pain before u must be weak please sleep lucky gives them death glare, ragini laughs laudly
lucky- angrily how did u know
sanky playing with baby we get to know from doctor she told that this child is very lucky who born by giving pain to both parents
lucky forgot about baby he immediately takes in his arms and ask boy or girl
sanky by giving says boy
lucky takes it to ragini both plays with child
lucky says ragini i dont want more child one is enough
ragini- ohh my hubby but i want 5 no no i want 10 children
by listening this lucky says no never and runs outside
by seeing his antiques all three laughs
by seeing swara laughing sanky smirks and says when u are going to get baby, bu hearing this swara faints
sanky worriedly takes swara in arms he calls doctor and lucky both brother take swara in other swara and sanky tells lucky to go to ragini and he is with swara
doctor checks it and says mr. maheshwari ur wife is 4 month pregnant
sanky becomes to happy kisses doctor on cheaks just than swara opens her eyes she get shocked and says how dare u to kiss her
sanky excitedly kiss swara all over face swara becomes irritated by her act and says what happened
sanky- i am going to become father u are 4 minth pragnant
now swara was cloud nine she hugged him tightly
sanky while hugging thinksa about his bitter past when he went to london he was very good boy he never fight with anybody
he was usualy talks very less with people in london s*x was common in students but sanky never did he was neard type. one day some girls called him to there farm house of
hos college in name of assignement he went there they all offered him wine and some drugs in which a boy looses his senses and he loosed his sense all girls jissed his
whole body sensualy moved there body on him, all sucked his everypart of body even if his manhood, he never felt this type of insult in his life, he could not move because
of drug and they all had tied him on rope he could not move whole night he felt disgusting, he was crying and he only heard moaning sound of girls in whole night
and he did not know when he slept in night when he opened his eyes he found that 4 girls are lying on him, he was helpless because his hand was tied now all 4 girls also got up
and sees him and says we never got this much hot boy in our life u are realy very hot we can not stop loving u now in morning they again started there work of kissing and
sucking his everypart and his manhood also, his whole body was wet on there kisses but sanky was helpless, some girls were forcefully moving there br*ast on
his face to lure him but he was feeling disgusted after completing there lust they left him but they warned if he will do anythink against them they will show his nude pic
so he went in depression he could not study properly after that incidense that girls used to call him to complete there lust one day he got that cd due to which they blackmail him
his mind was depresses he started taking alcohol, and when he consulted doctor to overcome depression of him worst night, doctor told him to do s*x with girls
and ur problem will be solved, after many days he slowly made his mind comfertable and started calling call girls to forget that night and he got succeeeded he became
businessmen, but now his lust and hattred towards girls increased too much he gave worst punishment(punishment was he daily harshly raped all girls one by one by biting there body) to those girls who
raped him, and also made there video so they daily had to come to him but still he had respect only 5 women in his life those who met him before this incidense and in this 5 women swara was also included
because she met him before he raped (remember in front of mall) so when he mate he he never misbehaved with her and he was started liking her from that time only but when he saw her next time and with
there meeting he compltety fallen for her, but he could not dtop him to do ss*x with other girl, so many time he controled by excessive taking alcohol,so that he dont go to other girls
when they both got married sanky told her everything swara cooperated with his wild s*x and she never told him no whole s*x because she was knowing his condition, they
daily used to do s*x and in this 1 year of life sanky never mate other girl he slowly slowly stopped drinking alcohol and his s*x desire also decreased by swara’s love and care
swara jerks him while hugging, he parts away and she sees tears in his eyes and ask again remembering that dreadfull day
sanky says u always get to know
swara- i am ur wife i understand u fully
sanky- this is reason swara i came out of that dreadfull event of my life they again hugged each other ……………………


guys now story is ended i think all liked this part or not
guys please please please please choose which story i should start first selsect option which story u liked most please so that i can help u
1) story will be family drama on problem faced by a boy after marriage how he tackles between his mother sister with his wofe how he earns money his struggle and a girl how she stands for his huband
in every thin and thinck that story name will be SWARAGINI LOVE ME SEASON 2 (guys many gave me wish yesterda for season 2 so it will be story bu it will not be its continuation)especial wish given by MENAZ for this stpory
2) this story will have intense romance(for romance lover it is good) with full of suspense and murder mysery of famous model sister of swara, and in this story strugle
of girl to become model will also be given and will have nice romace and special wish done by AAMY and guys i want this story to start first
3) this story will be very short upto 10 episode may increase also by ur comments this story will based on high profile rich people, in which swalak will be married forcefully by parenst and
swara is unsatisfied wife from her husband becasue on 3 years of marriage he could not do s*x with her because he has hormonal imbalance amd sanskar u may take eaither playboy or lucky freind that i will think later
and both will start loving each other but story every alternat or ,ay be every episode will have s*x because story fully based on s*x it is very different concept and at the end it will be swasan (story will have many turn and twist)
i liked this story
4) this story will be based on love in college life where laksh is normal boy ragini will be neard and sanky will be angry boy who wants everything perfect and he always talk with ragini and never talk with other
girl and lucky also always talk woth ragini all three were bestest freind and that swara entry will be in story she will be bubly and childish so how love will blossom between swasan how she will make place in
heart of these three beste freind

guys please please please take ur time and give ur valuable suggestion please please please so it will help me in upcoming story please
GOOD BYE…………………………………………………………….

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  2. Pathan

    Guys I am really sorry there are many mistakes in this story and I had taken epilogue very fast as I was running story but guys I didn’t had time so I had to take epilogue very fast without showing much emotion
    Again I am sorry guys

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