Swaragini (love connection) season 2 part 5


Hi guys…chaitali here with a new update…it’s very long if i say…have patience to read it!
Part 5

Ragini’s bidai was done by sumi.After that when she was about to leave in the car,shekhar came and hugged her.Ragini didn’t respond.She just stood there.

“You did a favour to me beta…people say that the children r indebted to the parents…but u made me indebted to u.I bless u…you will be the happiest wife in the world.May God fulfil ur all wish.”he said holding her hand.

Ragini gave him a bitter smile.

Ragini:I have only one wish papa…will God fulfil that?

Shekhar:What wish?Tell me.

Ragini:Will God erase my past memory?

Shekhar was stunned hearing that.

Ragini:Because i will not be able to live in present if i have those memories!Those memories will always haunt me.

Shekhar:Which memories beta?

Before ragini could give an answer,sumi came in between.

Sumi:She is being late shekhar ji…let her go.

Shekhar nods.Sumi made her sit in the car.She talks to her through the window.

Sumi:Take care of urself beta…and this is ur phone.

She handed over the phone to her.But ragini gave it back.

Ragini:I will not be able to see his calls.I won’t take the phone with me mom.Keep it to u.

Sumi :Ok

Laksh comes and sit beside ragini leaving a good amount of distance between them.The car started to move.Ragini leaves her parents and her bittersweet memories and moves to an unknown destination.She didn’t know what was waiting for her there.

She closed her eyes.She knew that the person sitting beside her was watching her every movement.But she didn’t want to open her eyes and look at that side.She remembers her moments with sansker,his family.Recalling those memories suddenly made her breathless.Her breathing became irregular and her eyes opened automatically.

She was feeling trouble to inhale.Laksh noticed that.

“What happened ragini!?Are u okey??”he asked holding her by shoulder by one hand and rubbing her back by other hand.

She couldn’t answer as she was struggling to catch breath.

“Just breath ragini…try to inhale deeply…u will be fine.”laksh said worried.

He opened the glass of the car so that she can breathe in fresh air of outside.She starts to breathe normally.Once she catches her breath,she shrugged off the hands of laksh on her.Laksh offered her water bottle,but she refused to take and pushed it.Laksh understood that she didn’t want his help or his proximity.

He moved away from her on the seat.He stared at his side of the road.Rest of the journey passes like this…in silence.Laksh in one side of the seat and ragini in other.Both staring at their side of the road.


“Now tell me where will you go?I will drop u there.It’s not safe to roam in the road at night.”sansker tells swara once he is done with the parking of the car.

“Oh please….no need to be so great.I know the men like u!You try to take advantage of girls in the name of help!”swara said stubbornly.

Sansker was surprised hearing her answer.

Sansker:What!I just wanted to help u as u r alone and u r saying this!Okey fine!If u don’t want then why will i bother to help u?i will leave u here to get molested by the goons…bye!

He entered in the car and started the car.He stopped the car after going a little.

“How can i leave that girl here?If uttara or ragini were in this position and nobody helps them then how would i feel?I should make her understand that this place is not safe.

He watches through the mirror that two drunken people were approaching to swara.He started to get out to help swara but stops thinking of something.

“Not now…let that girl to suffer for some time.Then she will understand that this not the place for her.I will go before something bad happens.Now let me see what she does!”he thought

Here swara was standing alone and saw that two people looking at her with lust.She felt tensed and disgusted at the same time.

“Look what a hot item!”one man said.

“Our night will be amazing “the other said.

They came near swara and starts circling her.Swara was looking around for someone to help.But as it was late at night,there was very few people and they were far from them.

“Hey baby,let’s go to some proper place…we will have fun!”one man said to her.

The other man grabbed her hand.She struggles to release it but he was strong.She then bites his hand.The man screamed in pain.Swara took the chance and started to run.As sansker’s car was the only car present at that time,she ran to it and started to bang on the glass.Sansker lowered the glasses and raised his eyebrows at her.

Swara:Those people r behind me…pls do something!

Sansker:Yeah..i saw that.
Swara:What!U saw that and sit here idle?Why didn’t u do something? What kind of man u r??

Sansker:As far as i remember,u called me as a man who takes advantage of a lonely girl!Don’t u remember that?

Swara:So u r doing this to take revenge?How cheap man u r!

She looks at the direction of the man.They were close.She became tensed.

Swara:Do something …they r very bad people!

Sansker:First say sorry for ur previous words and then say “please”then i will think about helping u.

Swara looked to the men.They were almost in her touching distance.

Swara:Okey fine!Sorry for that…and please help me!

Sansker:Ye hui na baat!

He came out of the car and stood infront of swara hiding her from the goons.

goon 1:Oye..don’t try to be hero!Leave her to us!
Sansker:I am not ur employee darling!So i will not obey ur ordars.Now go from here before i call the police.

Goon 2:U will not listen like this?

Then they both grabs sansker from both sides.Sansker manages to release from one of them by giving kick.But the other one grabbed his collers and tried to punch him.As sansker tried to release from him,his shirt stripped.Sansker took a look at his shirt,amd looked at the goon.

“That was my favourite shirt moron!”sansker said before punching him directly on his nose.His nose started to bleed and he started to run being afraid.

The other goon who was lying on the floor after getting the kick,grabbed sansker by neck from back.He tried to get him off but he was strong at his neck.Swara was watching this fight all the time.As sansker was being defeated,she searched something to help him.She found a stick on the road and took it.She stood on front of sansker and the goon with that stick on the hand.

“Arre…what r u waiting for??Hit him!”sansker shouted seeing confusion in her eyes.

Swara shouted,”Jai matadi!”and hit the goon on his head with that stick!

The goon fell on the road senseless.Sansker looked at her amusingly.

Sansker:Not bad!U r talented lady mastan!
Swara:Saw that?At last i had to save u!

Then she looked at the goon who was falling on the ground without any movements.She panicked.

“Is he dead?Why isn’t he moving? “she asked
Sansker:No..he is not dead…he just fainted.
“No…i think he is dead..oh my God!I killed him…now police will come arrest me!No…i don’t want to go to jail!”she cried out.

Due to shock her head sstarted to spin and she started to lose her sense.Sansker noticed that and shouted.

“No no..don’t faint on me!”

But too late.She already passed out.Sansker just saved her from falling on her face to the ground.

“What to do with her now?She fainted!And i don’t even know her name rather that address!Where will i drop her?I can’t leave her here too!”sansker thought.

“Only one thing i can do now…let me take her with me.This is the only way left!I will be there alone in the flat.So there will be nobody asking any ques.”he thought again.

So he carried her to the car and drove to his destination.Once he reached there he pulled the break.


Here the driver pulled the break as the raglak car reached the maheswari mansion.Laksh came out of the car and opened the door for ragini.He offered her hand to her but she ignored it and came out by herself.She looked at the mansion.It was decorated like a bride.But there was no charm on the faces of the people standing in front of the mansion.

Ap welcomed ragini by doing her aarti.Then she entered the house by kicking the rice pot and leaving her foot marks on the floor.

Parinita took her to her room.It was decorated with flowers and candles as it was supposed to be the first night of the newly married couple.

“This is ur room from now.Laksh will be coming within a while.If u need anything,then ask me.The last room on the left is ours.”pari told.

She took ragini’s hand and squeezed it.

“Everything will be fine!Laksh is a good man….and we r like ur family.Just have patience”she told with a assuring smile.

Ragini just nodded barely.Parinita left the room.Ragini looked at the room.The decoration made her angry and irritated.She started to destroy all the the decoration like insane people.She was screaming and pulling out the flowers decorating the bed.She throw the lighted candles on the floor.

“Sab jhuta…no meaning of all this!No meaning of this marriage “she screamed but words came out like a whisper.

She slowly fell on the floor leaning against the wall.She buried her face on her lap and wrapped her hand around her knees and started crying.

That’s why she didn’t notice when one of the lighted candles she threw on the floor,fell on her suitcase catching fire.She didn’t saw while her suitcase was burning.Fire might catch on the whole room if laksh didn’t come on time and noticed that.

He was shocked to see that scene.Ragini was sitting with face buried on her lap in one corner of the room as the suitcase was on fire here.

“Oh shit!”he murmured before running to the washroom for water.

He came out with the bucket full of water and poured it on the fire.Ragini looked up sensing the movement on the room.She saw laksh pouring water on her burning suitcase to cool it.At last the fire blew off.Laksh let out the breath he was holding till now.He was panting due to the tension and the work.He looked over ragini who was looking at him as nothing was getting on her head.

He ran a hand on his hair and slowly sat beside ragini.

Laksh:It could risk ur life!Thanks God i came in time,or else the whole room would be on fire,and seeing u i feel u wouldn’t even bother to move even if the fire burnt ur body!

He sighed in frustration finding no word from ragini.

Laksh:Ragini,i am talking to u!Say something! Don’t act like a living dead.I understand ur situation but life doesn’t end here!

Ragini looked at him with painful eyes before talking.

Ragini:Yes..my life ended today!Yeah i am a living dead!You can’t understand my situation and u never will!Because u don’t know anything about my life!

Laksh:I know u were not married on ur wish!Neither did i!We both r facing the same situation.We should have some understanding…we may develop our relationship with time!

Ragini:Did u love my sister?

Laksh looked at her eyes at that ques and quickly looked away.

Laksh:I don’t know!She didn’t give me the chance to realise that.

Ragini:Then u can never understand my situation.And me and u r not in same condition in this marriage.

Laksh couldn’t understand the meaning of her words.Ragini got up from there and went to the bed.She lied down in that bridal dress facing back to laksh.

Laksh also got up.He headed to the door but stopped there.

“If u need anything or face any problem here then call me.I am in the room adjacent to urs.And pls don’t do something which may hurt u!

Ragini didn’t reply or didn’t show any movement so laksh couldn’t understand if she has heard him or not!He sighed and went to his room.


Sansker came out of the car and carried swara to his apartment.He made her lay down on the bed of one room.

“Now she is safe here.When she will get sense in the morning i will ask about her address.”he thought.

He then went to his room and took out his phone to call ragini.He called her number twice but she didn’t answer.He looked at the time,it was 12:45 at night.

“May be she is sleeping.She must be very exhausted.After all it was her sister’s wedding!I will call her tomorrow.”he thought.

He messaged her,”I have reached mumbai safely.Call me when you wake up”

He looked at her picture which she sent him tonight before going to sleep.

Next morning

Swara woke up and was surprised to see herself in an unknown room.What was she doing there?Who brought her here?What did they do to her?Wait!Did they kidnap her?

“Aaaahhhh”she started to scream on her full voice.

Sansker came running to her room listening her ear piercing voice.

“Kya hua?”he asked being shocked.

Swara:You!!!That means my doubt was right!You kidnapped me!!Why??I said u na…i am orfan like cinderala…uncle aunty will not give u a penny for kidnapping me…mujhe jaane do pls..


He shouted on her.Swara stopped her blabbering.

Sansker:If u stop then only i can tell u what happened! Kabse bole jaa rahe ho!Like u were never going to stop!Listen i didn’t kidnap u!

Swara:Now i understand…u took me here to take advantage of me!Wait!!

She looked around and found a vase.She took it and pointed it to sansker.

Swara:Don’t dare to come near me otherwise i will smash ur head!

Sansker:Arre bapre!You r really lady mastaan!Where wwas ll this courage when u fainted? Listen i have no intention to take advantage of u because i am one girl’s man…and i have my one girl.

Swara:I fainted?
Sansker:Yes..seeing that goon senseless…u also fainted due to fear of police.I didn’t even know ur name or address…so i took u here.


Sansker:Now if u r done with ur dtama then give me ur address…i will drop u there.

Swara:I have no address!

Sansker looks at her with confusion.Swara just looks on.

Phew!!That was the longest part i ever wrote!Listen i am very bad at action scene!Sorry if i was worst!Did i make u bored?

What do u think about ragini’s emotions? What about laksh?Will swara tell the truth to sansker? What do u think?Let me know in ur comments.

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  1. LovelyAliya

    Oh so sweet! Laksh try to be a friend! Atleast Ragini will be happy now! I hope so! and I hope Swara tell the truth to Sanskar 😉 Superb epi BTW 🙂

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u so much…yeah everything will fall in place with time!

  2. feeling bad for ragini, her state is really painful don’t know why but I want to see ragsan together being raglak fan

    1. Chaitali

      Ragini will be fine with time..don’t worry

  3. Jwala

    kiddo.. amazing. . poor raglak. I wish they start to fall for each other soon.. and very very exited about swasan.. I’m scared may sanskar hates swara.. don’t do it dear.. I want him to understand swara.. update soon kiddo.. love you dear

    1. Chaitali

      don’t worry di…in swasan story i will not hurry to make them fall in love…both couple’s love story will proceed slow!

      Thanks for the comment di..love u too

  4. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. Feeling bad for ragini eventhough I hate rags an .. Hope soon everything w’ll be fine.. Want swara to tell sanskar truth..

    1. AnuAnn

      I see many of them bashing swara and saying feeling sad for raglak and San ,where laksh was the sole reason for everything..I too agree wt swara did was immature.. Bt she didn’t do it intentionally to ruin ragini’s life and she is not selfish ..she don’t expect that their family w’ll make raglak married.. And when she comes to know abt it I’m sure she’ll be totally heartbroken.. I don’t feel bad for Laksh becoz he was the sole reason for all this situations..but really feeling bad for San and rag.. Nd also feeling damn happy becoz they w’ll not become pair

    2. Mica

      haaaa,,,, you are sooo rite,
      and the funny thing was laksh never got bothered to whom he will married,
      forced to marry swara, he agreed,
      forced to marry ragini, he agreed,
      what kind of man is he ? omg….
      and ppl still blaming swara for everything ckckck

      1. Chaitali

        yeah its kinda happening cause of laksh being coward!But there is a reason for it..u will know later!

    3. Chaitali

      don’t worry di…i will make swara mature soon..and i will give a note to all readers who r disliking swara…i will justify every characters here!

      Thatnks for the comment

  5. Iam feeling bad for RagLak Nd ragsan…am a hardcore Raglakian.. but dont knw her I want ragsan..
    Swara is behaving as if nothing happened …she is so immature . She shud call someone in her family na.. she took such a drastic step.. she shud n worried about her family.. pls dont make her so selfish.. I aud like to see swara behaving like maturely

    1. Chaitali

      Swara didn’t know the whole situation after her eloping.She will be mature soon with the happenings around her…i won’t show her selfish….thanks for the comment

  6. Sindhura

    I dont care about rag pairing with lak or san
    But i just hate to core of pairing swa and san in this ff

    1. Chaitali

      Why so di?

      1. Sindhura

        I dont knew but i hating their pair here
        Seriously dont knew
        The person we loved and if he became our jijju and our own dii husband that to when swasan did love marriagr
        I dont knew but i hate swasan pair in here but not their characters
        May if they paired up with another no problem but no use you ff it self
        Lak rag and swasan

    2. Chaitali

      yeah that’s nit easy…well let’s see…may be when they pairs up with one another after a lot of incidents may be hope u will like swasan pair!

      1. Sindhura

        I cant day dear i lije your storybut not them
        Infact i like varun
        And i am not blaming sqara for her elope she has her reasons but dont knew you see
        I hope you will understand

  7. Mica

    poor raglak, mostly poor ragini, i can’t imagining my self in her position..chaitali your story is mindblowing.
    even it is so hard life for a girl to elope…people don’t ever thinking that the girl who eloped will life happily.

    1. Chaitali

      thankd mica…yeah mostly the life is hard for thr eloped girl when she has no one to go!

      1. Mica

        haaa…and you know what, there is 1 thing that i luv from this ff, we are, the readers gave our point of views related to the real life issue.
        we are going to debate and commenting, really luv it
        as my opinion, reading a novel, a story or even a ff, not just about fun, but we can take a lesson and become more wise . so, ty soo much hun

  8. Megha123

    Awsm part but feeling bad for Ragini hope everything gets fine soon

    1. Chaitali

      thanks….don’t worry everything will be fine

  9. My poor raglak… It’s all fault of swara… Nd after knowing truth sanskar will broke down… One just bcuz of swara three people r suffering…

    1. Chaitali

      It’s not all swara’s fault dear…no worry they wil e fine soon..thanks

  10. Akshata

    very emotional, poor ragini and she is somewhere right that laksh coudnt understand her situation but the good thing is laksh is trying to pacify her. hope everything will be fine soon

    1. Chaitali

      thanks akshata….ragini will be fine soon…just need some time

  11. Superb Dr….plz justify Swara character… I don’t want she bashed…wen u came to pair up with swasan… Plz do it in a normal way…there should be genuine and true love b/w them…
    Feel bad for Ragini… But Laksh is very understanding guy….he will make her fall on love…

    1. Mica

      hehehe chill hun, it’s just a fiction word,
      but even i don’t understand why people always blaming an eloped girl as immature, did they think that there is no option sometime, did they think that their life so easy ? no family, beast everywhere, no money sometime, easy life ha ?
      they are judging without even thinking the reason.

      1. Its not like that its about a fan fiction..its very hard to listen a girl that her would be husband slept with another girl..before few minutes of her marriage… So what she do…? Even though she is a fictional character..people blame her here she is wrong…so real life this happens na…people blame her only..don’t care about the reason…

      2. Chaitali

        yeah..no bride elopes without a valid reason!People always bpame her not the reason

    2. Chaitali

      I will justify each four character here…u will see a changed and mature swara soon…thanks

  12. Moni

    being a raglak fan..i am really sad for sanskar…becoz of swara’s immature behaviour..sanskar will get biggest pain..what will happen when truth comes out..waiting for next epi..chaitali you are fab writer..i haven’t read season 1 but now will as soon as i get free…wondering who will turn grey

    1. Chaitali

      I am also feeling sad for rag san while writing this…but u know marriage completely changes a girl…about grey character….u will know later

      And thanks for appreciation!

      1. Moni

        Haha chaitali i will tell you the funny part..i just thought to read your season 1 and then i realised i have already read it???

  13. yaa feeling bad for raglak and plzz at least let them ragini should get happiness she done a lot for family next part soon

    1. Chaitali

      ragini will be happy soon…i won’t give her much pain 🙂

  14. Saanvi

    You are a fab writer chaitali 🙂 Even I write ff’s so i can understand how much efforts you put in for shaping the storyline..Good job 🙂
    But as a personal view I feel only Dp is at fault for ruining everyone’s life..and I’m feeling really bad because Laksh,Sanskar,Ragini have lost their first love and Swara lost her family’s love :'(
    Since it is a ff we can easily write Raglak falling for each other and Swasan love story but generally first love cannot be forgotten as it remains in heart forever even if a person moves on in life 🙁

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u so much!Yeah i know forgetting frst love is not easy…but marriage plays a turning point of life here….!

      Hey…which ff do u write?Let me know…i will love to read 🙂

      1. Saanvi

        Yes..I would follow you ff anyway to see how you bring in love in unwanted marriage of Raglak and in broken heart of sanskar 🙂
        my ff- Love cannot be preplanned

  15. Loved it dear

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u 🙂

  16. This was honestly a great update Chaitali. It had the perfect blend of emotional and lighthearted moments. You’re such a good writer like you can write such intense scenes for RagLak and then go onto write funny scenes for SwaSan. And for this, here’s a big round of applause ???. Anyways, I LOVED so many things about this update. SwaSan were really really funny. Like Swara’s talks about the goon being dead and Sanskar kidnapping her was hilarious ?. And Awww, Sanskar is so sweet to Swara by fighting for her and taking her to his home. Can’t wait till their fights slowly turns into love ?. And AWWWW my poor cuties RagLak. They must be having an unpleasant marriage now but later when their in love, they’ll have a sweet, loving, romantic and ADORABLE marraige. And aww, I loved how Laksh is actually caring for Ragini for example when she was struggling to breathe and when there was fire in their room ❤️❤️❤️. I hope Ragini opens up to Laksh soon, it will be interesting to read their heart to heart conversation and I’m sure you’ll write that fabulously ?. Anyways thank you so much for such a long update. Can’t wait to read the next part xx

    1. Chaitali

      Hey fats…thank u so much for the appreciation!I can bet u will love that heart to heart conversation of raglak…and i am planning to take things slowly this time…the both pair will take time to fall in love…but i will make their journey as sweet as i can!

      1. No problem Chaitali, your amazing updates are bound to get lots of appreciation ??. And wow, I love slow love journeys because that way I can cherish all the small but sweet moments. Plus, your perfect at writing slow love journeys and this is evident from season 1 so I’m sure this season’s journeys will defo be amazing ?

  17. good going….swara should tell d truth to sanskar…. feeling bad for raglak.. lets c wat comes next

    1. Chaitali

      thank u tani

  18. this is so goood
    love ur ff
    love rags shes pretty and loyal
    love laksh care
    love swasan masti

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u lisa!

  19. Awesome…make raglak friends nd slowly thy wil fall fr ech othr…dnt knw wat wil hpn to sanky aftr knwng rags marriage..he wil breakdown..i fear dat he wil start to hate swara if he comes to knw da truth of swara being da reasons separtng his nd rags life..flng bad fr them..thy loved ech othr a lot…but swara is also nt at fault coz laksh didnt loved her nd he tld sumthng past abt him frm wch c flew away frm hr marraige…continue soon

    1. Chaitali

      Thanks for the suggestion mahjabin….i will make their journey from friendship to love…and i have plans for swasan also 🙂

  20. Swasan part was funny whereas raglak it was emotional…in season 1 raglak were funny while swasan were romantic…i must say dear u always rock whenever u write a ff.

    1. Chaitali

      Thanks shruti…yeah i tried the opposite this season 🙂

  21. Prateeksha

    Awesome siso. A big hug and lots of kisses from my side. Love you a lot siso ? ? ?

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u di…love u too!

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