Swaragini (love connection) season 2 Part 4


Hii guys…chaitali is back with a new part…i added a long note at the end..read it after reading this part.
Part 4

Swara was running on the road on her bridal dress.

“What should i do…where to go!I can’t keep running all the way here!”

She was too busy in her thoughts that she didn’t hear the sound of horns.She was literally blocking the way of a car.Thanks God there was not much cars out there and the car she was blocking was continuously buzzing horns to acknowledge her that she was on the road.At a time the driver was fed up and came out of the car.

“If u have the intention to do suicide then there is other better ways i know!Don’t come in front of my car.”

Swara looked back listening the irritated male voice.Then she looked over his shoulder.Sure there was a car.So he is the driver of the car?

Swara:Listen mr. driver…i am not here for suicide.And if i wanted to do suicide,i would choose a truck to die for..not a car!

Driver:Listen…i am a decent man from a decent family…not any driver for ur information…and i have a name!And that’s not “Mr driver”

Swara:So what should i call a stranger?’Hello mr. decent man..i am not here to die in front of ur car!’.You expected this sentence from me??(angrily)

Driver:Look u r crossing ur limits now!

Swara:Oh really? You know about limits and all?I thought u never heard about that word!(sarcastically)

Driver:I know how to behave at least!Seeing ur behaviour i can say that u don’t know that!

Swara:How dare u mr. driver!

Driver:Excuse me!I said i have a name and it’s sansker…not mr. driver!

Swara:I don’t care..whatever ur name is!Just go away!
Sansker:Really?I didn’t even bother to look on u if u wouldn’t come in front of my car.And i could ran over u if i wanted!

Swara:And then ended up on jail!

Sansker:Oh such a great point! And who would file the complaint for driving all over u?Because i can’t see anyone with u now!

Then sansker looked from tip to toe of swara.She was biting her nails.

Sansker:And from ur appearance i can say that u have eloped from ur marriage!So u should be frightened from the name of police,not me!You knoe what?I can do u a favour…i will call the police and let them know that a bride has forgotten the venue of her own marriage and she running here and there in search of that.They will surely take u to ur mandap!Where probably ur groom is waiting.

Sansker started to take out his phone.Swara panics seeing that.She reached his hand to stop him from dialing any number.

Swara:Don’t call the police plz…i am sorry for coming im front of ur car!

Sansker released his hands from her and put his phone in his pocket.Then he crossed his arms over her chest and looked at her firmly.

Sansker:Then tell me the story…why r u running at the middle of the road in bridal dress?

Swara:I will tell u

She looks on.

@gaddodia mansion

Shekhar and Dp were still arguing im front of sumi,ragini and laksh.

Dp:I don’t know anything…i came here to take a daughter in law and i will go witj one.It’s about our reputation…everyone in the city knows that Son of Durgaprasad Maheswari is getting married today.I can’t cancel this marriage now!Call back ur daughter and i want this marriage happen today.
Shekhar:I understand ur condition…but think about us too..she is gone!Her phone is switched off..what can we do now?
Dp:Then what will i answer the people waiting over there?

He showed the guests waiting on the mandap.

Shekhar:I will answer their all questions..i will say them that my daughter has eloped and i will ask for their forgiveness.You don’t have to do anything…or answer anyone!

Dp paced right to left rubbing his both hands together.

Dp:No..u can’t say that.They will think that there is some problem in our son…that’s why she eloped.I can’t risk on my son’s reputation.

Shekhar:Then what can i do?

Suddenly Dp’s gaze fell on ragini who was standing with sumi.

Dp:Give ur second daughter to us.

Everyone was shocked specially sumi and ragini.They shared a glance.

Shekhar:How can i do that…she thought him as her sisters husband..how can she marry him?

Dp:People know that ur daughter is marrying my son.So it will be no big deal…still he will be marrying ur daughter.Don’t say no for this.

Shekhar:I can’t do that dp ji…forgive me!

Laksh came in between them and protested.

Laksh:He is saying right dad.

Then he looked over ragini who was visibly uneasy on the indication of this matter.

Laksh:We can’t just force anyone for this marriage.I can’t marry her.

He felt so defeated then.He knew the reason of swara’s this action.What was his fault? He told her the truth as he wanted to start a fresh relationship.And whatever happened that night wasn’t his fault fully.He was framed !

Dp:U should remain silent when the elders r talking laksh.

Laksh:But dad..

Dp stopped him showing palm.He watched last time on ragini who was looking down.He felt guilty for what was going to happen with her..but he had nothing in his hand.Again he was defeated.

Sumi:We can’t give our second daughter.I don’t approve this marriage.I apologise on swara’s behalf..but i can’t let my one daughter suffer for other’s mistake!

Dp then did an unexpected action.He hold shekhar’s hand and nearly cried pleading.

Dp:I beg for ur daughter’s hand.If u say i will touch ur feet…but don’t cancel this marriage.My son will be destroyed.

He folded his hands.How could he say him no?He looked at sumi who was nodding her head negative.

Dp:I promise that i will keep her like a princess.She will do whatever her wish.Just give her hand

Shekhar:Okey….i agree for this marriage.

Ragini couldn’t believe her ears.She ran to her room without saying a word and didn’t look back.

She was crying looking at the mirror.How could her mom papa do this to her?At that time shekhar and sumi entered the room.

Shekhar took ragini’s hand and told in a crying voice.

Shekhar:From the childhood,i have fulfilled ur every wish…i always listened to ur all talks.Now it’s ur time to do something for me.Marry HIM.Don’t do something which ur sister did.Don’t humiliate me in front of all.My one daughter is dead to me.I can’t live if other daughter chose her path of death.

He went out.Sumi looked at ragini.She wiped her tears.

Ragini:Mom…papa doesn’t know but u know…how can i…

Sumi:Beta…sometimes…we have to sacrifice our own happiness for the happiness of the others.Baaki tumhari marji…ur father may force u but i won’t.Laksh wanta to talk to u.Take decision after that.

She went out and laksh entered hesitantly.She didn’t have courage to look at him and he didn’t want to look at her eyes.His eyes roamed all around the room as he talked.

laksh:I know it’s a tough decision to make.It’s hard for me too…but i will never force on u for this relationship.You will live there like u live here.You will have ur own room.You don’t have to share one with me.You can do whatever u want,go wherever u wish.I don’t have the right to tell u to marry me…but it will save our family from some problems…so…

He couldn’t say anything more..he turned to go.But ragini called him.


He stopped on his track but didn’t look back.

Ragini:I am ready to marry.

She managed to say crying.

“I am sending ur mother”he said before going.


“If i tell him the reason and the name of the person then he can call the police and send me over there.I have to tell lie.”swara thought.

She felt sansker’s suspicious glance on her.She looked at him biting her nails.

Sansker:Will u continue biting ur nails or tell me the story?I am really getting irritated here!

Swara stopped biting her nails.

Swara:So mean!Ok..batati hu!Listen…i am an orfan…I lived with my uncle and aunty…aunty didn’t like me…she was like cinderala’s step mother..she always taunted me..made me do the all work…didn’t give me food.

Swara told with fake sobbing.

Sansker:Stop ur cinderala story…directly tell me why did u ran from marriage?

Swara:I am telling u my sorrow story and u r saying this!How mean!
Sansker:U r really getting on my nerve!Ok i am calling police.

Swara:No no..wait i am telling u…(desperately)

Swara:Aunty wanted to get rid of me so she fixed my marriage with a mad man..not only mad but also old man.

Sansker:So u ran from there because u didn’t want to marry that mad old man?

Swara nodded like a child.Sansker thought for a while.

Sansker:Okey…i will forgive u..i won’t call the police.

Sansker:But where will u go now?Seeing u i don’t think u have any destination.Will u roam around the road and get nasty glares from people?

Swara:Excuse me!! I am not getting any nasty glares!
Sansker:Oh of course u are!People are watching u weirdly because of ur dress.

He pointed to her bridal dress.She looked at it too.

Swara:Oh that?Well they r watching me because it’s…ummm….gorgious!
Sansker:And absolutely awful amd abnormal!
Sansker:Yes!What do u think?Running in the road alone at this hour on bridal dress is normal?If i wouldn’t then somebody else will call police and tell them that u eloped.

Swara:Uff..why do u talk about police all the time?
Sansker:Police toh safe side hai…did u think about the goons?They will think u ass their own bride on drunken state and enjoy their suhagrat with u!
Swara:Chhiii…how could u even say that?That was awfully disgusting!

Sansker:Well that’s a possibility…i am just making u aware of that!

“Hello bhaisaab…ghar ja ke biwi se jhagra karo..why r u blocking our path?”

They both looked behind listening the voice.There were two cars waiting on the road as sansker’s car blocked their path.

“Apne kaam se matlab rakho na bhai…if u need my car to be moved then tell me.Why r u bringing this biwi siwi?”sanskar told while entering to the car.

Swara chuckled at the irritation in his voice.He was surely embarrassed on the mention of biwi.At that time she remembered from what she had run.Her marriage.She almost forgot that as she was busy in quarreling.What might be happening there now?Mom and papa must be angry on her.But she had no choice.She had a valid reason but she got to know at the end moment and she didn’t get a chance to tell them.And her sister ragini…she must be worried for her!

@gaddodia mansion

Sumi made ragini ready on bridal dress.She was looking at her own face in mirror as a stone.Suddenly she noticed the chain in her neck which was given by sujata.It was there till then.She removed it and removed the bracelet too which uthta made her wear.She had to wear mangalsutra and bangles at their place.She handed tye chain and the bracelet to sumi.

“Mom…will u do me a favour? Call him when u have the ability to face him…and hand him these…don’t tell me about my marriage…just tell him that i can’t talk to him and i am fine.”ragini said as a robot.

“Actually he becomes worried if i don’t receive the phone calls.”she added.

Sumi just nodded taking those things.

Ragini came in the mandap and sumi made her sit beside laksh.He watched at her intensely as she sat beside him.She felt the gaze but made no effort to look at him.

The marriage ritual started.Sumi tied tye knot between ragini and laksh.The pandit asked them both to stand up for round.

In the first 4 rounds laksh was in front.In the 5th row ragini started to walk in front.She was walking too fast that their knot was released.Laksh stood on spot seeing that.But ragini continued walking alone having no hint of releasing the knot.All looked shocked as it was thought as inauspicious. Sumi caught hold of her and tied the knot again.Laksh looked at her and caught her emotionless face.He took a long sigh and resumed the round.

Laksh made her wear the mangalsutra and put the sindoor on her hairline.Some sindoor fell on her nose.

“Look at that..it means that she will get a lot of love from her husband.”some woman said loudly.

Ragini didn’t hear that but laksh did.

What that woman said will be true ever?No hints.

Note:I want to say something here.Many of u r thinking swara wrong…but keep urself on her shoes.It will feel no wrong.Are u thinking dp,shekhar and sumi wrong?All of them r right at their side.Laksh is wrong? Well he told swara everything before marriage and whatever happened before wasn’t his fault alone!And he was guilty for that!Ragini wrong?Absolutely not!She was doing this for her parents and for saving a family reputation.Who was at fault then?No one…it is the time and situation.

Swara is quite immature here.Don’t blame her for that!

Share ur views in comments…good or bad!I am ready to hear anything.

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  1. Sindhura

    Update as soon as possible
    Yes you were righy swara behaved like a kid here
    I hope sanskar and his family too respond positively

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u so much di…i will post soon


    1. Chaitali

      Thanks sanjana

  3. yaa I agree but ragini is younger than swara and she love sanskar whole heartedly what happen when all know it swara is wrong she should talk about it to her parents her sister not that with lakshya but I am happy I got raglak together and add more raglak scene

    1. Chaitali

      Thanks nikky…swara got afraid and took decision hastily…wait for raglak…their story will go slowly and they will fall in love slowly

  4. Ruhani

    Awesome epi dr… Felt bad for ragini n I’m quite sure she would get over that… Swasan nok-jok was really very funny…

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u so much!Ragini will get over that..but it will take time

  5. Akshata

    yup i agree with you, nobody is at fault but situation is. swara took her decision hastily but she is right at her place, and about ragsan, they have to bear so much pain, hope they will move on soon.

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u so much akshata…they will slowly get over that…and something better waits for them after all

  6. Mica

    yaaay chaitali, you give me my real swara in this season, love it so much
    be frank, i love your 1st season, but swara ‘s shy character lil bit annoyed
    sorry dear if i hurt u.
    feel bad for ragini…huhuhuhu

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u mica…yeah swara will be bold and confident here…each character will different from season 1

  7. Awesome episode

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u ammu

  8. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear… I agree with ur pov

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u soo much

  9. I love RagLak… and m happy that now their story will start..
    But feeling bad for ragsan.. sanskar and his family will mu her… 🙁

    1. Chaitali

      Rhank u nitu..give some time…al mu will be clear

  10. Sethooty

    After reading this I was quite surprised ..one of my friend told her story yesterday how her marriage broken a week before. Her fiance confessed his past that he slept with many girls and he is addicted to alcoholic.. And beg her to forgive him he will not repeat it in future.After hearing this she didn’t utter a word to him
    She just drop the phone.she told me that full day she locked her self in a room thinking that if she is in his position.. Will he accept her as his wife? Finally she broke the alience.you know at first her parents insists her to accept him due to fear of society, how they taunt them…wen a girl marriage broke…bla..bla..finally they agreed drop this…
    I agree with u no one is faults in their position.

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u so much di…that was really painful…when a girl comes to know that her husband or fiance or boyfriend is connected to other girls…it is really very painful to her…and moreover our society…they evaluate the family respect more than a girls feelings

  11. LovelyAliya

    I do think she is wrong! Eloping is not a solution! I’m sorry but Swara could talk to her mom or dad but no she chose to keep mum! Now she can go to her dream and Ragini life is destroy! I know it’s just a fanfiction a good one, but the way Swara did is bad! Laksh is not athe fault, he slept with a woman what a big deal, he didn’t ditch her! He did it before their wedding! Swara react like she was a devi, human do mistake like she did. I’m really sad for Ragini, because of her sister mistake she sacrificed her love. Sanskar must think she betray him, while she has no fault.
    Swara is the main culprit for me, she did wrong by eloping and not facing the problem.
    But despite this I love your ff 🙂
    I just give my point of view nothing else 🙂

    1. Chaitali

      Thanks for sharing ur view…but swara is not completely at fault.She didn’t have time for telling this to her family…and her family would do the same which happened with ragini…and sleeping with other girls is really a big deal for the girl who is going to marry him…it can destroy her married life in future…she only thought about that..

      And i am glad u liked the ff 🙂

      1. LovelyAliya

        Ya I know you two are totally right! But sleeping with a woman is not a big deal! It’s my opinion, my point of view! Laksh didn’t do any mistake, he was drunk and mistake happens! She should be happy atleast Laksh telle her 😉
        But yes I won’t drag it longer! 🙂 I just hope sanskar family will not blame Ragini !

      2. Chaitali

        Sansker family won’t blame her don’t worry…but if i show something like that then laksh will be with her 🙂

    2. Mica

      i think swara didn’t bother bout laksh, she bothered toward maheswary family, their past action determined what kind of family they are, after their son playing a girl’s purity, they don’t even ask their son to take a responsibelity, . such a bad family that have no respect on girl/woman. did you ever want to go to such sasural?
      swara didn’t expect that would be happened to ragini, even in her dream, she never think that dp will force shekar to give a bahu for him at any cost at the moment.
      shekar already rejected those idea, but ragini choose to sacrifice herself, even noone in her family forcing her to do so.
      btw, yess swara did wrong by eloped, and yess we can’t deny that ragini sacrified herself willingly, soo who is real culprit here?
      sometime it just about fate, it just about destiny

    3. Mica

      ah shit i did wrong, sorry , i didn’t read it properly, sorry again
      shekar force ragini to do so, feel sorry for that
      but i definitely sure that swara never ever it could be happened to ragini.

  12. Chaitali u r a really talented grl..i know nobody is at fault here…n d epide ws fabuloussssssss ….bt still dnt know y ma heart is cryng for sanky…i mean he truely loves her n rags also lovehim..n m really feelng bad for sujata also….??..bt superb work dear….i loved ur ff…keep rockng??

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u so much for the appreciation…don’t worry for sanky…he will be allright…with time

  13. Jwala

    awesome kiddo.. I’m reading it now only.. I like your way of writing so much.. you are very interesting writer. waiting to read more.. update other ff also.. sorry I couldn’t comment on that last part because of tu maintaining problems. . update soon both parts.. love you

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u so much di…i am so happy u r reading this…i will update swasan ff too 🙂
      love u

  14. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Outstanding bro.Yeah,situation and time is wrong.Waiting for nxt. Love you.

    1. Chaitali

      Itne din kaha thi aap??How r u???
      Feeling really happy seeing u here after a long time…
      Thank u sis…love u

  15. awesome… no body fault at here.. all are right at there place.. continue soon

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u so much anu

  16. Dharani

    very sad for ragini and sanskar they love eachother very much but destiny has something

    1. Chaitali

      Yeah..it’s all about fate….they will just need time to heal themselves

  17. Hi,episode is nice ,lovelyaliye told slept with a woman is not a big deal.how could she told like that.its same mistake swara did he well accept her no na.u r also girl na how u to feel would be hubby already slept with other woman,u also cannot accept the fate.swara family always pleasure will swara accept the marriage laksh is educated and rich.they were not ask before postponed her marriage for even once.so swara how can told into parents,afterwards also they were try convenience her for the marriage.it is only at laksh fault,he want to tell the truth its correct,but timing is very wrong.laksh will drugs and slept with girl they have that much of courage had ,but not to offence the marriage and dad word,this us only laksh stupidity. Please sansky is go to an Mumbai trip in that time I want swasan marriage,for forced for any police man,because swara in birde clothes so I want their marriage also .

    1. Chaitali

      Thanks for sharing ur view Jj…i love all the four character of my ff…and i won’t make their character too wrong…and about swasan marriage…i won’t make it in any pressure as in case of raglak it has already happened!

  18. I dont know who is wrong or not..but i know one thing.what ever hapend is not good 4 ragsan..they loved each other so much..if sanskar gets to know abt this he may misunderstand ragini.he wil be heart broken.what abt ragini? She loves sanskar more than anything..what destiny do to her? Atleast swara discus the pblm with ragini before taking such a step..feeling bad 4 ragsan.but whatever it is i wil get raglak now..so iam hapy

    1. Chaitali

      you r right neha…what happened to ragsan wasn’t good..it will take time to forget their frst love…but don’t worry…i won’t do injustice to them

  19. superb ff
    love rags so much
    waiting for sanky reaction wen he got to know about this but no worries swara is thr for him
    love rags so much

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u lisa

  20. A wonderful update like always Chaitali. SwaSan’s meeting was really funny. The way they were quarrelling with each other was so cute. I’m a big fan of the couple fights you show in your FF’s. It’s the fights that slowly make them fall in love with each other ❤️❤️. And Lool at Swara’s story of her marraige, she’s a funny character ??. And Awww poor Ragini, she may be upset with this marriage but I’m SOO happy cause RagLak are together now, how cute ??. RagLak’s conversation was really nice too. It will be interesting to read how their marraige relation goes from literally not knowing anything about each other to being in love with each other ❤️❤️. And AWWW at how the Sindoor fell on Ragini’s nose. Laksh will surely love her a lot and I can’t wait for that. Anyways, I hope the family aren’t too upset with Swara when she comes back that’s if she comes back. And yes I agree with you, I don’t think anyone is at fault for whatever happened. It’s just the circumstances that occurred that kinda led to this happening. Anyways, can’t wait to read more. Thanks for the quick update ?❤️?

    1. Chaitali

      Awww…thank u so much for such a lovely comment….u always say about the every moment of the part…and i like that very much..

      Laksh will love her obviously…just wait a little…and swara isn’t coming back to her family so soon…and after all she is their daughter…they can’t be angry to her for a long time..

  21. Moni

    feeling bad for sanskar and happy for getting RagLak at the same time..mixed emotion..you are awesome chaitali..update as soon as you can.

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u so much moni…i will update soon 🙂

    2. Chaitali

      and thanks for reading every episode…i got ur comments in last two parts now!Aww that’s so sweet of u

  22. Aahna

    awsm part….

    1. Chaitali

      Thanks ahana

  23. Hemalattha

    so nice i love it

  24. Prateeksha

    Really a heartbreaking episode for all the leads but u once again nailed it with ur writing. Love you a lot.. Bye siso.. Take care ☺

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