Swaragini (love connection) season 2 part 3


Hii friends…here is the new part…hope u enjoy!

Part 3

Laksh was on the call

“Today is my engagement…why can’t u understand?…how many times did i tell u not to call me?…that is not my fault!….i can’t say anything against dad….if u call next time,i will block u!”laksh told angrily.

He took a deep breath closing the eyes.Then he came back to the function.He found everyone looking at him weirdly.

“Sorry it was an urgent business call….i had to attend it”laksh told apologetically.

All started to resume the ritual.Ragini gave the ring to laksh.Laksh slipped the ring on swara’s finger.All clapped again.

At that night

Swara was staring at the ring on her finger and thinking about the marriage.Laksh’s strange behaviour.She was feeling restless about the marriage.

“I didn’t even find the opportunity to tell him about my dream.He didn’t even ask again.He could call..but he didn’t.He doesn’t care at all!He didn’t even try to know what i wanted to say!How can he be my good life partner?”swara thought.

Just then ragini entered there.

Ragini:Di..did u see how that call made jiju so restless? He left the engagement ring to talk over phone! Didn’t u feel strange?

Swara:Yeah ragini…i was also thinking the same!After all it was his engagement! What can be more important than this?

What can be his problem ?

Laksh was on his room and talking on phone.

“Don’t call me again! ..if my father comes to know then i will be dead…..I don’t care for ur anything now!”he was literally shouting on phone.

Dp was passing by his room then.He heard him shouting.He knocked the door to drag his attention.Laksh cut the call seeing him

“Who was it?”Dp asked coming to laksh.

Laksh remain silent.

Dp:If it was her then let me remind u…don’t forget who is she and what she has done before!

“I didn’t forget dad…i know everything..i didn’t call her.”laksh said lowering his head.

Dp:Why do u receive the call then? Don’t forget u r going to get married.

Laksh:I know dad.
Dp:Then why r u increasing this matter?
Laksh:I am trying to end this matter dad…

Dp:I saw u in engagement…u were taking her call right?

Laksh nodded.

Dp:I knew it! Now i can’t trust u…i am talking to shekhar…u will be married in this week.

Laksh looked at him shocked.

Laksh:But dad…why this early?
Dp stopped him showing palm.

Dp:I don’t like arguments.

Then he went out of the room.Laksh slammed on the door.He was angry but he didn’t have courage to talk with his father.

“But Dp ji..how will we manage the preparation within 5 days?”shekhar said on phone.

Dp called shekhar and told that they want marriage within this week.Gaddodias were rich but marriage preparation within 5 days was quite impossible!So they were tensed.

Dp:Don’t worry about preparation…we just want the wedding to be quick amd smooth


Dp:We will do the reception later..but we need the wedding as soon as possible.

Shekhar:Ok..as ur wish.

He cut the call.Sumi was hearing him being impatient.

Sumi:What did he tell?

Shekhar:They need the wedding to happen as soon as possible.We will keep the reception later.

Sumi:But how will we convince swara?It’s her life…how can she…

Shekhar holds sumi by shoulder.

Shekhar:We won’t find a boy like laksh again..we have to make her understand.

Sumi nodded.

“No way mom!5 days!!Papa should talk to me before confirming them!It’s my marriage mom!”swara yelled.

Sumi keeps a hand on her cheek.

Sumi:Every parent want their child to be happy.Laksh is well educated.And their family have a well reputation.Think about it swara.Think about ur dad!

Swara became calm.

Sumi:U have to marry him someday soon…so what’s the problem to marry within 5 days?

Swara:But mom..i need to know him!
Sumi:U will have plenty of time to know him after marriage…just agree with ur papa’s decision.

Swara agreed unwillingly.She had confusion till now.But she had no choice.

The five days ended soon.Swara felt that the days went so soon!Haldi,mehendi,sangeet..all the rituals were completed.In thise days..neither laksh called swara,nor swara called laksh.

At the wedding night.

Ragini put the veil on swara after making her ready.

Ragini:You r looking perfect now di!

Swara:I don’t know ragini..i am feeling restless!
Ragini:Everything will be fine di…just relax!

Swara smiled faintly.

Swara:Now go and u too get ready.I need some time alone.

Ragini:Okey di!

Ragini went from there.

Laksh also got ready in his sherwani.He took the phone and saw 30 missed calls there.He took out the sim card and put a new sim card on that.

Laksh:I am sorry kavya..but i have to do this!

He closed his eyes took a deep breath.

“Now one important work remained.I have to tell swara all.”laksh thought.

He dialed swara’s number.

Swara looked at her phone as it was ringing.

“Unknown number?Who can it be?Already i am stressed!I can’t take more!”she thought and cut the call.

Here laksh was restless as she cut the call.

“How can i tell her now!?I have to tell him before marriage!”he thought.

He thought for some time and an idea crossed his mind.

“Yes..voice sms.”he told.

He recorded all the things he wanted to say and sent it to swara.

“Hope she listens it!”he wished.

That time adarsh came and took him to the car.

Swara found the voice message and opened it.She was shocked to hear laksh’s voice.

“Swara..i wanted to tell u this before…but i didn’t get a chance.But i think u should know this before our marriage.Swara…i- I had a girlfriend named kavya.She is the daughter of dad’s business partner.”

Swara kept her hand on mouth hearing that.

“We were in a relationship…a serious one…i got drunk one day when she was with me…and i found myself on her bed the next morning! I..i slept with her swara!”

“What!”swara muttered in shock.

“But she cheated me and used that to defame my dad…she and her father tried to frame us.Dad controlled all this matter.But later she came to me and told me that she had to do all this on her father’s pressure.She loves me.But dad fixed my marriage with u and i couldn’t trust her then.”

“Such a deep secret!And the family didn’t even bother to tell us!That’s why they wanted this marriage so soon.”swara thought.

“I promise swara…i won’t keep any contact with her after marriage!Whatever happened was not in my hand…i am sorry for that..and moreover she cheated me!Have faith on me swara…i will never break ur trust…and u can take ur time after marriage to accept me whole heartily! i told u allll my secrets…I hope u will understand”The voice mail stopped here.

Swara couldn’t believe what she just heard.

“I can’t marry this person! I can’t be a part of this family! i can’t!Which family can keep this secret and get their son married with another girl…that family can do anything to harm me!I have to break this marriage.I can’t risk my future.”Swara thought.

She heard the noise of people.The groom family have arrived.

“How can i stop marriage now?Mom will come to take me now…what will i do!”she panics.

She had no option but to elope from there.

She quickly wrote a note and grabbed some money and jwelaries and ran from the window in bridal dress.

Sumi came to her room to takw her.She didn’t find swara but she found the note.She fell on the ground reading it.

“Swaraaa”she screamed.

Ragini was being ready in her room.She had no idea about all this.She was happy and smiling.She got a call from sansker.

“Haan sansker bolo”she told smiling.

Sansker:Seems u r very happy today!
Ragini:Yeah..it’s my sisters wedding after all!

Sansker:U r smiling like today is ur wedding!


Sansker:Accha suno…now click a photo and send it to me..i want to see how beautiful r u looking!
Ragini:I wish u were here sansker!

Sansker:What to do!I have to go mumbai for one month!My boss and his both son can’t go outside the city as there is wedding in their house!I am driving now to there.

Ragini:What!U r talking on phone while driving?Cut the call right now!

Sansker:Okey baba..send me ur photo soon.I will call u after reaching there.And listen…i love u!

Ragini:I love u too!

She cut the call.She clicked a photo of her and sent it to sansker.Next moment she got a message.


She smiled.

She replied,”I won’t be able to talk as i will be busy tonight.Take care.”

She kept the phone on the table as she heard some noise of shouting from outside.She stepped out of the room and found her father and Dp arguing in a low voice.Laksh was standing a little far from them,exhausted and shattered.He had his “pagri” on his hand.Sumi was crying with a paper on her hand.

These scene made her heartbeat stopped.What just happened?

She came near sumi and asked her what happened.Sumi couldn’t tell anything and just handed her the paper.She started to read that.

“Sorry mom papa…i can’t marry laksh.I have a reason for that.Forgive me..i am going.”

She was shocked to read this.

Screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap:What happened in the marriage and Swasan first meeting.

I tried to end the marriage drama in this episode but i was tired writing…how did u find this part anyways?I really felt anxious while writing this.

Tell me ur views by ur valuable comments.And silent readers also comment.

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    1. Chaitali

      Thanks paru…u will know the reason of marriage in next part….and i knew everyone won’t like the twist…that’s why i told in frst about switching pairs…and i will definitely not change the plot

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      Awww..u read all the prev chapters!Thanks a lot….i didn’t know u will love the characters so much cause in my ff max time coupless do fight 😉

      Thanks for liking and reading this season too…ur comment is really motivating

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    1. Chaitali

      I didn’t make swara’s character so bad here…what she did was justified…and what happened after she was gone wasn’t in her hand…yeah i made raglak married in an unavoid reason but i won’t do that in case of swasan…and about grey character…u can never guess right!It will be a surprise…all i can say don’t dislike swara or ragini…they both r my fav

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