Swaragini (love connection) season 2 Part 2


Hi guys..chaitali is back with a new update…there is a small note after the part…read that pls.

Part 2

Sansker pulled the break after reaching his destination.It was a white colour house.It was not so big but it was nice.Ragini came out of the car.Sansker also came out.

Sansker:This is my house…let’s go inside.

Ragini gasped.She grabbed sansker’s sleeve.Sansker looked at her.

Sansker:What happened?
Ragini:I am afraid!
Sansker:Are buddhu..come..i swear..u and uttara r going to be great buddy.

He dragged ragini inside.

“Mom..uttara..see who came to meet u”sansker shouted when they went inside.

“Why r u shouting?Who has come?”a lady around 48 said coming in view.

Her gaze stopped on ragini.She looked at sansker with questionable eyes.

“I know…u r Ragini right?”a girl about ragini’s age told excitedly coming in front of them.

Ragini:H-how did u know?

Girl:Bhai just talks about u that much!Anyway…i am uttara..his little sister.

She forwarded her hand and ragini took it for shaking.

Sansker:I told u..u r going to be uttara’s great friend!And look…she is my mom…my world!

Sansker said holding the lady in her shoulder.Ragini went and touched her feet.

Sujata:U r more beautiful than my son says.Come…i want to show u something.

She took ragini with her.Sansker started to come.But sujata’s glare stopped him there.She came to her room with ragini.

She made her sit on the bed.Ragini was nervous.Sujata kept a hand on her hand.

Sujata:I want to tell u one thing ragini…sansker has grown up without father…i am his father and mother both.For me also he is my world.I just want to see him happy.

Ragini just nodded finding no word to say.

Sujata:Do u love my son?Don’t hesitate or don’t lie to keep my heart.
Ragini:I can just say that i can’t imagine my life without him.

Sujata:I know my son.He loves u more than his life.He is very serious about u…don’t break her heart.He will die.

Ragini kept other hand over their joind hand and gave it a squeeze.

Ragini:I care about him more than myself.I won’t let anyone hurt him till i am alive.It’s my promise.

Sujata’s eye got teary hearing that.

Sujata:I have something for u.

She went near the cupboard and took out a chain.She made it wear ragini.

Ragini:Aunty..what is this?What r u…
Sujata:Shh..not aunty…call me mom..and this is my gift to my future daughter in law.I will talk about the alliance after ur sisters marriage.

Ragini:Mom…u trust me so much?
Sujata:U r like my daughter ragini.I trust u with my son.

Ragini:I just wish that i could stand on ur faith.

Sujata and ragini came out.Sansker and uttara were talking among themselves.Sansker stood up seeing them.

Sansker:Done with ur private talk?

Ragini:R u feeling jealous that mom talk with me alone?
Uttara:Arre wah!Seems like mom’s magic has got u too!U r also calling her mom..from now!

Ragini:Like u said…mom’s magic!

Ragini greeted sujata last time and walked to the car with sansker and uttara.Sansker sat on the driver seat and start the car.Uttara found ragini alone.

Uttara:May be u r the only girl after mim,whom bhai loves more than me….and i am nit jealous about that bhabi.

Ragini opened her mouth to say something but uttara stopped her and made her wear a bracelet.

Uttara:This is my lucky bracelet.I am giving it to u.I just want one thing in return. Don’t hurt my brother ever! if u even try about that,just remember…i am black belt.And i will try all my learning on u!

Ragini:Don’t worry…u won’t need that.

She sat on the car with sansker waving bye to uttara.They again stopped on the perk.Sansker saw ragini tensed.

Sansker:What happened?Didn’t u like mom and uttara?
Ragini:I loved them..but i am afraid..whenever something good happens…something bad comes and destroy all the happiness.

“Nothing will destroy our happiness”sansker consoles her reaching her hands.
Ragini gave her a weak smile.

Swara was pacing around the room anxiously.She had the number of laksh in her hand but she was hesitating to send a call.

“Should i call or not?What will he think?”she thought.

At last she made her mind and call him.He picked up at second ring.

Laksh:Hello?Who is this?
Swara:Is this laksh maheswari?I am swara.

A little pause after that.Like he was remembering something.

Laksh:Haam swara bolo…how did u call me?Everything allright?
Swara:Yeah…allright…i just needed to talk with u.
Laksh:Yes tell me?
Swara:Not in phone…i want to meet u..if u have time.
Laksh:Of course..tell me when and where?
Swara:If u have time tomorrow then can u meet me at the coffee shop?

Another pause..like he was taking a decision.Swara hated to wait over phone to hear some answer.

Laksh:Sure…i will be there in afternoon.


She cut the call.At last she found a chance to talk with him!At that time ragini entered the room.She was looking happy.Swara wondered about the reason of her happiness.

Swara:I met sanky’s mom and sister.

(Ragini called sansker sanky and swara and sumi only knew his this name.)

Swara:That is great!U know..i also talked to laksh on phone.We r going to meet tomorrow.

Ragini hugged swara.

Ragini:I just hope everything remains happy like this always.

Swara:I also wish same.

Next evening

Swara was waiting for laksh at the coffee shop.It has been half an hour late from the time he said.But he hasn’t arrived yet.Swara was a little bit annoyed.

“One person should have the sense of time!I am waiting for him for last 45 minutes and he didn’t show up yet!This i is ridiculous!”swara murmured under her breath.

At last laksh came.Swara gave him a fake smile.

“Sorry for making u wait!I never be late on meeting someone..but it was an emergency!Sory for that”laksh told while sitting opposite to swara.

Swara:It’s okey…i just wanted to make something clear.


Swara nodded.Laksh ordered for two cups coffee.

Swara:Listen i have to tell u something.
Laksh:Me too.

“Then u start first”Swara told being irritated.

Laksh:No..u called me here…u tell first.

Swara:Okey listen i…

The waiter put the cups of coffee on the table which interupted her talks.She took one cup of coffee.

Laksh:The coffee is awesome here!What do u say?

“I didn’t call u here to share ur view about coffee! “she murmured
Laksh:Did u say anything?
Swara:Yeah..awesome coffee!
Laksh:U were saying something!
Swara:Yeah..about my career..i..

Laksh’s phone started to ring.
Laksh:Excuse me.

He went aside to receive the call.Swara was full irritated by his behaviour.

Laksh on the phone,”You have to understand…..no this can’t happen!….listen to me….i have to do this for my family…..no i can’t be a cheater after marriage!……try to understand my situation…..sorry….i have to go….bye!”

Swara was looking his expression from far.She wasn’t listening the conversation but the expression on his face made her suspicious.

Laksh came back after cutting the call.

Laksh:Sorry…it was urgent

Swara:My talk is also urgent!

Laksh looked at her.

Laksh:Sorry again…now tell what did u want to say?I need to tell u something after that too.

Swara:Okey..i want to say that..

Again the ringing of phone disturbed her talk.She looked at laksh irritated.Laksh only lifted his both hand as surrendered.And showed her by eyes that it was her phone ringing.Swara took the phone amd received the call.

Swara:Hello mom….yeah….ok i m coming…no i will not be late.

She cut the call and faced to laksh.

Swara:I have to go now as i have to choose ring for engagement.Thanks to you for coming late and making it a worthless meeting…bye!

She went from there angrily.Laksh sat there expressionless.He again got the call.He received with an irritated expression.

Laksh:Stop it yaar…how many times i have to tell u?It’s over…..get that on ur head now.

He went to the counter to pay the bill.But the mam their told that ma’am already paid the bill for coffee.He angrily left the money there and left.

“Did u talk with him?”ragini asked seeing swara upset.

Swara:No…i didn’t like his attitude today!

Ragini:Di..if u have any doubt about this marriage then tell mom now…may be she won’t be able to do anything if it’s late.

Swara:I am not sure ragini…he is well settled,rich,handsome,from a renowned family…what does a girl want more?But till i amm confused.

Ragini:Every girl feels like that before marriage…all will be fine.

“I also hope so”swara told with a big sigh.

The engagement day

Ragini made swara ready.Sumi came and saw her both daughter ready.Ragini was happy for her sister but swara was confused and nervous.One hand she liked laksh as he had all the qualities a groom should have,and on the other hand she didn’t like his attitude.She thought about her career,but again she thought about her parents.She was in a fix to make a decision.

Sumi:Swara they r here…r u ready for this baby?Tell me about ur last decision…i can’t do anything after the engagement.So tell me if u have any confusion.

Swara gave her an assuring smile but she was hell confused inside.

Swara:I am okey mom…and i am ready..let’s go.

Ragini:Haan..chalo di!

Swara and sumi went but ragini stayed behind hearing the buzz of her phone.It was a msg from sansker.

“Send me ur pic…didn’t see u for 5 days..missing u.

She smiled reading this.She stood infront of the mirror and clicked a picture of her.then she sent it to sansker.

Everyone gathered for the ritual to begin.The pandit recited the mantras.Swara made laksh wear the ring.Everyone clapped.It was laksh’s time to make swara wear the ring.He took the ring from plate to made her wear itt.Suddenly his phone started to ring.The ring fell from laksh’s hand as he startled.

The ring went a far spinning and stopped at the feet of ragini.Laksh took out the phone without caring about the ring.And excused himself to talk over the phone as he went aside.

Ragini took the ring from ground frowning and came stood near swara.Swara was irritated with laksh’s behaviour again.How can he go to talk on phone even after seeing his engagement ring on ground?

Screen freezes on the confused and worried face of the both sisters.

Precap:Twist…and may be the marriage…or may be not.

Sorry for the late update…i am very bad at writing swalak or ragsan scenes.I had to be careful while writing the names.I had a fear if i write laksh’s name in sansker’s place or swara’s name on ragini’s place.Sorry if it was that bad.You have to bear one more episode for the couple suspense.The marriage will decide the couple.

Tell me ur views about the part…see u..bye!

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