Swaragini (love connection) season 2 Part 1


Part 1

A big mansion is shown.It was decorated like a new bride.The owner of the mansion,Shekhar Gaddodia is very busy today.Because the richest man of kolkata Durgaprasad Maheswari is coming to his house,to see her elder daughter.If everything goes allright..then they will be relatives soon.He needs everything to be perfect.

Soon two cars stops at the gate of the mansion.A man with pride comes out of the car,followed by his family.

“Namaste Mr. maheswari…come in..i am very grateful that u came here with the proposal of ur son.He is a gem.”shekhar greets them.

Dp:We heard about ur daughter too.She is also a gem.We heard that she has completed her course in fashion designing and she was a great student.

Shekhar smiled at his talk.They took seat in the hall room.

Shekhar:So where is our gem?Wouldn’t he come?
Dp:Yes..he is on the way.Till he comes,u meet the members of my family.She is my wife…

And then he introduced all the members of the family.His brother Rp,elder son adarsh and his wife Parinita.This were Maheswari family.

Shekhar:What about bhabi Rp ji?I mean ur wife?

All the family became uncomfortable at this ques.

Rp:She died…before a long time.

Shekhar:Oh..i am sorry.

Here they all were talking in a cheerful mind but in the room upstairs a girl was sitting in front of mirror with a tensed face.She was biting her nails in tension.

“Why r u so tensed swara di?They will love you!”another girl said smiling.

Swara:How can i be normal ragini?What if they don’t like me?What if they puts any condition for marriage?What if they say to be a housewife after marriage?

(The tensed girl is swara and the other girl is ragini)

Ragini makes her wear a necklace and said,”They will love you di…how can anyone dislike? U r looking so pretty…dekhna…hone wali jiju will fall in love at first sight!”

Swara gave her a weak smile.Suddenly ragini’s phone started to ring.She smiled seeing the name.Swara started to tease her.

Swara:Talking about love and ur lover called u?Are wah!
Ragini:Di..aap bhi na!(blushing)

Ragini went out to receive the call.Swara sat there alone.

Swara’s POV~

Today i am going to step on a new life.I don’t know the person who is coming to see me.I have worked hard to be a famous fashion designer.I have to tell him about my passion.I can’t put my career at stake for this marriage.

POV ends.

Ragini came in after finishing the call.

Swara:Kya ragini!You r so young and ur boyfriend is so old!U didn’t even show me his picture!
Ragini:Dii!He is not so old like you r saying!Only 25 years hai!And i will make u and ur husband meet him soon.
Swara:He is 25!!And u r 20!So 5 years difference!
Ragini:Love can’t be measured by age…i love his heart,not his age di!
Swara:Ok ok…don’t be a philosopher now!

Ragini came near swara and observed her for a long time.

Ragini:Hmm…mai philosopher nehi ho sakti..per would be jiju poet ho jayenge aap ko dekh ke.

Swara:Kuch bhi!Ok listen…about ur relationship…when will u talk to dad?

“Nobody will talk to him”

Swaragini looked behind listening the voice.It was sumi in entrance.

Sumi:I will talk to her,after swara’s marriage.

Ragini went and hugged her.

Ragini:You r a great mom.

Swara also joined the hug.

Sumi:R u ready swara?They have arrived.Remember one thing…last decision will be urs.Nobody will create pressure for marriage.If ur dad creates any pressure then i am here.

Swara took a deep breath.
Swara:I am nervous mom…i don’t know what to do!
Sumi touches her cheek and smiled a bit.

Sumi:U will just go and sit there.They will love u.

Swara nodded in nervousness.

Swara descended from the stairs like an angel.Sumi and ragini came with her.Seeing her one glance,maheswari family decided that she must be the daughter in law of their house.

She came and greeted everyone.Ap told her to take a seat.

Ap:Swara..that’s ur name right?
Swara:Yes aunty.
Ap:We r the richest family in kolkata…all the businessmen and the renowned people r eager to see our daughter in law.I want my daughter in law to be smart,stylish and intelligent too.

Swara:Nobody is perfect aunty..but the company plays am important role in a persons nature.If u r intelligent then u can make ur DIL intelligent!

Dp and Ap was amused to hear her answer.

Ap:U r a confident girl,i must say!
Swara:It’s my nature aunty…richest man in world too can’t take it from me!

Again they were surprised by her answer.Ragini felt proud of her sister.

At that time,a car stopped in front of the house.A dashing and handsome young man came out of the car.He took out the sunglass from his eyes and watched at the nameplate in the mansion.

“Gaddodia Mansion”he muttered.

Then he entered into the building.As he entered there,his eyes met with another pair of black eyes,and he became spellbound.He stood there just staring at those eyes.She was also looking at him without blinking eyes.Suddenly the voice of Ap make the both people aware of the situation.

Ap:This is my youger son..Laksh Maheswari.And laksh..the girl you r watching for a long time is swara gaddodia.

Laksh felt embarrassed and smiled a little to swara.Swara smiled back.

Shekhar:You can talk in private if u want!
Dp:Yeah…laksh go talk to her.

Ragini nudged swara and gestures her to stand.Laksh also stood up.Ragini took swara and laksh to the garden

“Nice garden”laksh spoke breaking the silence once they entered into the garden.

Ragini:Just like my di right?

Laksh:Yeah..i mean who works in the garden?

Swara:Me..i don’t like to depend on the gardener only.I need to take care of the garden.I like beauty.So i like to make the garden beautiful.

Laksh:Hmm…i can see that.

Swara smiled.Ragini looked them both blushing amd looking at each other shyly.

Ragini:Yoo both talk..i have important work..i am going.

Before swara could say anything,ragini vanished.Then there was pin drop silence.Neither swara tell anything,nor laksh told.Although swara was a bold girl and was never shy to talk anything,but today it seemed like someone placed glue in her mouth.She couldn’t manage what to say.

“Vo..”they both started together and stopped smiling awkwardly.

“I wanted to…”again both talk the same thing together.

Again both stopped.At last laksh raised his hand and gestures to speak swara first.

Laksh:You speak first.
Swara:No..u say.
Laksh:Okey…u r looking beautiful!


“I have to tell him about my dream to be a fashion designer.I have make this clear before marriage”swara thought

“I have to tell him the secret of my life.I can’t start a new relationship on the base of lies.I have to tell him about my past.”Laksh thought.

But before anyone could say anything.Ragini came there.

Ragini:They r calling u both.Sorry…u didn’t get enough time to talk!
Laksh:It’s okey..we r coming.

They both went with ragini to the hall where all were sitting.

“Did u talk?”Ap asked as they both took seat.


Dp:So..we can talk about engagement?

Laksh looked at swara who was a looking at him with big shocking eyes,then he nodded in positive.

Laksh:I have no problem….jaisa aap ko thik lage..

Ap:Lo sumi ji…ou son has liked ur daughter.Now ask swara.

Sumi kept a hand on swara’s Hand and squeezed it as an assurance.

“Papa will be angry if i say no.Laksh is good guy.I think he will agree with my dream.”swara thought.

Then she lifted up her face.

Swara:I will agree with what u all decide.

Shekhar:Wah..now we can just fix the date of engagement.

All were happy.And they fixed the date of engagement,which was only 7 days later.All were relieved as they found a suitable date near,except swara.She wasn’t sure about this marriage till.Moreover the this early engagement was making her more confused.

“I have to talk to laksh as early as possible.”swara thought.

Ragini was sitting in a park.She looked at the watch and shoke her head.

“He is late today too!!”she murmured.

Suddenly someone came and covered her eyes with hands.Ragini smiled with closed eyes.But then made a fake angry face.

“You r late again”she said in an angry voice.

The person released her eyes and came in front of her.

“How could u say that it was me?”he asked being surprised.

Ragini:Because i love u..and i can say from ur touch that it is u.But u don’t love me!U always come late!

She pouted.The person hold his ears and said,”Sorry”

Ragini:Haan haan…u always do this Sansker!First come late and then hold ur ears.

(The guy is sansker)
Sansker:Sorry ragini….today my boss and his family went to see a girl for his son.So i had to do all the arrangements.U know na..boss’s son is my best friend!
Ragini:Today a family also came to see my di.Sansker…we have to introduce papa with u…because papa will think of my marriage after di.

Sansker:First u have to meet my family.Mom already loves u!
Ragini:But how?She didn’t even see me!
Sansker:But she heard a lot about u..from me!

Ragini made her eyes big.

Ragini:U told them about me?

Sansker:Yes…and today i will make u meet them.Comeon!

He dragged ragini from there and made her sit in the car.Ragini was nervous as she was going to meet her future mother in law.

Precap: Swara asks laksh to meet her at a perk and ragini meets sujata and uttara.

How was the part?Tell me in ur comments.And i will post next part soon..and if some of u r thinking it as ragsan and swalak then i will say…pairs can change any time 🙂

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  1. Sindhura

    Seriously after loving each other you will change pairs ..

    1. Chaitali

      first love isn’t alwz true love!And love can happen twice 🙂

      1. Sindhura

        Then it is not love in my pov to view
        It just a lust on each other
        Any way
        Looking forward story how they will change their pairs

  2. Awsome swasan nd raglak

    1. Chaitali

      Don’t be so sure dear

  3. Yah pairs..may change…well am a swasan fan I don’t like rag….san….but if they love each other how can they separated…?
    Am very possessive about swasan ..if San love Swara she must be her true love…
    But after reading this epi..feel bad bz Ragini and San love each other…omg??

    1. Nop..anyway looking for next epi…Ragini..is good. Lovely character…

    2. Chaitali

      Don’t worry dear…at last true love will be United.Just wait for some twist.Thank u 🙂

  4. Nice… but pair swapping will b sad.. ragsan or raglak .. no probs.. but swapping in btw will be 🙁

    1. Chaitali

      I didn’t mention about swapinng yet…but yeah..happiness alwz comes after sadness 🙂

  5. swasan raglak

    1. Chaitali

      Not sure yet.

  6. Megha123

    Pairs r totally of yr wish bt don’t make any char -ve plz

    1. Chaitali

      I will not make negative character…but may be u can see a grey shade of one or two characters

  7. Nami

    It doesn’t matters if the pairs Are raglak or Ragsan I love both the pairs. N back to this part it was awesome as always

    1. Chaitali

      thank u so much nami!

  8. AnuAnn

    Nice episode dear.. Even though I hate rags an as a pair.. I’ll tolerate it with the hope that later it w’ll change… I think that you w’ll bashed in future for swapping of pair.. And be ready for that.. Just joking yaar.. Bt there r chances for dt too… But for me it is the only hope for read this ff.. Good going yaar

    1. Chaitali

      Oh God bashing!! i am really afraid of that.But i will tolarate it for my story!

      Thanks for reading it although it’s showing ur hated pair…

  9. loved it yaar…continue

    1. Chaitali

      Thanks tani!

  10. Superb episode dear..??

    1. Chaitali

      thank u so much

  11. mujhe marne ka irada hai kya itna bada wala shock my favorite pairs are swasan & raglak but here even if its totally opposite they look sweet together if u’ll change the pairs in between to thoda atpata lagega u see

    1. Chaitali

      Hmm…it will look painful first…but time always plays an important role in our life….so let’s see

      And thanks for liking

  12. Akshata

    i am always happy with all the pairs, dont mind at all. your story is quite interesting. lucky’s love at first sight and ragsan’s cute story, really nice.

    1. Chaitali

      thank u akshata…

  13. RUPA


    U know when i saw title i was grinning like an idiot and i’m glad that u came back with yet another season.

    Regarding couples it doesn’t matter much as i know the plot is going to fab but i would love to see swasan.

    Love ya!

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u so much…u see..my fav couple is swasan to…but let’s see what happens
      Love u too

  14. Hemalattha

    it really nice

  15. Loved it yar..continue.

    1. Chaitali

      Thanks mahjabin

  16. Hi,I am addict of ur story,it is very nice but don’t like ragsan and swalak pair,I know u will change the pair,because u told one and two character had greyshade.I think it is sanskar and ragini.I think sujatha is ram wife ,because had laksh had past may laksh is the responsibility for the family separation, when it comes to know the sanskar will definitely play grey roll so he married swara,because swara will not see the ragini lover so their is a chance of only swasan ,finger cross please don’t take long time to swasan,because I cannot digest ragsan.sanskar is one and only for swara.please I will wait for swasan.

    1. Chaitali

      Hey Jj..nice guess…let’s see what happens…thanks for the appreciation…i can’t promise about pairs!

  17. ragsan already in love, it’s Injustice to separate them

    1. Chaitali

      Let’s see…its all about time n fate

  18. just love ur ff
    love ragini so much

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u lisa!

  19. Sree

    ???? Ragsan?swalak??
    I am not crying bas drama tha???
    I love swasan and raglak so whatever name i see i just imagine them???
    I love them that much so ????
    Well laksh has past??
    Waiting to know it.
    Swara’s attidude was Awesome??
    Waiting for nxt
    Love u bro????

    1. Chaitali

      u r doing just like me!Mujhe bhi agar koi story pasand aye aur usme pair swalak n ragsan ho..toh mai bhi same formula try karti hu 😀

      Thanks bro…love u too

  20. Prateeksha

    In ur ff I’ll never be worried about pairs or story line of ur writing bcoz I’m sure both will be fantastic. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

    1. Chaitali

      Thank u so much di 🙂
      love u

  21. oo I love to see the change in pair next part soon plzz update regularly

  22. Moni

    i am loving it chaitali..two more chappy to read..need to hurry..just droppesd thecomment to let you know hehe..

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