Swaragini (love connection) season 2 (intro)

A big hello to all of my friends from previous season.I was missing this ff very much!Or i may say that i was missing you all!So i came up with a new season.Shreya…u requested a new season…look here is a good news for you.

New season…new start…new shade of characters….

Swara Gaddodia:A bold and confident girl.Who has just completed her studies as a fashion designer.A modern girl with lot of ambitions.Loves her parents and her sisters a lot…but her main priority is her career.Age 23

Ragini Gaddodia:A little bit traditional then her older sister.She follows her elder sister like a legend.3 years younger then swara.Sometimes shy about her feelings.Her parent’s order is everything to her.She always listens to them without any hesitation.She loves someone and that fact is not hidden from her family.

Laksh Maheswari:The most eligible bachelor of Kolkata.Maheswari family is the richest family of the state and he is going to be the owner of it after his father.A hard man from outside but soft from inside.Not so interested in girls.But his love for his family is remarkable.Age 24.

Sansker Kapoor:A cheerful happy guy.Lives with his mother and does a job in laksh’s office.A close friend to laksh.Age 25.

A marriage

A decision

A condition

A mistake

A baseless relationship

An unwanted love.

Change of four lives.Change of their personality.Change of their thought about life.What will be the result?

First of all i am going to clear that i will not tell about the pairs and i have already decided it.And i have a planned story line from start to end.Pairs will be little bit hazy till the mid portion of the story.Nobody can blame me for giving importance to this couple or that couple.This is really disappointing to me.And yeah i will be irregular in this.(based on ur response)

Warning:May be one or two main characters of the story can take a grey shade and this story may not have an expected climax(Happy one).And this will be full of drama more than romance.Read at ur own risk!(just kidding)

I want everyone from the previous season to read this one.I promise this will be more interesting.

And give ur feedbacks.Do u want to continue season 2 or stop it right here?


  1. Fairy

    Woooo!!!! Awesome intro yaaar chaitali…..it seeems to b veryyyyy interestng dear……pairs dsnt matter to me wheter it is ragsan or raglak….i”ll surely read it…bt jst pray dat rags dsnt turn negatve…all d bst dear????

    • Chaitali



      Thank u fairy…Nobody will be negative…i just said it will be a grey one..not dark one…i love all the four characters

  2. Sree


    |Registered Member

    Season 2?????
    I just couldnt believe when i saw the title. But its really u ???
    Bro what an intro??. The lines u used in middle were awesome. Like a marriage a decision…….. i loved them.
    I am eagerly and curiously waiting for the first chap and also for DEIH(dont know whether the short form is correct??)
    So bro plz do continue this.
    Love u bro???

  3. Aahna


    |Registered Member

    I will definitely read it ….may be sometimes I don’t able to comment due to from tomorrow my CLG start…
    one more I am loving ur other story also…

  4. AnuAnn


    |Registered Member

    Continue dear… I’m not reqsting you to choose my fav couple bt till now I mostly only read ff of swasan and also ff with both swasan and raglak .. … And hope for them.. And all the very best keep writing dear

  5. Ulka

    Excited that u started a new one…ll definitely wait for the story to begin?
    But a request, I don’t have any problem regarding pairs or which pair u wanna give importance more but please give importance to Ragini like u did in d last one and a v v humble request don’t make her negative…I felt reading d warning that u r planning to show her in negative shade because let’s face it I know u r a big swasan fan and no swasan fan ll show them in negative shade…but m already hurt with Ragini’s character graph in d show, so please don’t break our hearts by showing her in negative shade?
    M sorry if you have felt hurt by my pov and I know it’s ur story but just expressed my views…It’s fine if u don’t regard it and I absolutely don’t have any qualms against u:)
    Sorry again for such a long comment…

    • Chaitali



      hey…don’t say sorry so many times..it makes me feel guilty….as about negative role…i didn’t say negative…it will be a grey character for some time…and as i love all four characters…i will give all of them same importance….

      And thanks for appreciation

  6. Kittu

    Dnt make swara negative pls it dsnt suit her pls..nd whtever u decide i like both swalak n swasan bt dnt make swara negative

  7. Paru

    Ur season one was awesome…. Am fall in love with ur Raglak….
    For me it’s horrible to read rag..sanskar pair fiction.. I can’t digest….
    Have no pblm with neg shades of leads…

    • Chaitali



      Thank u so much…i shouldn’t say it here but reality is i like rag_san as bhai behen types.Thanks for taking the negative leads easily

  8. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    I am so happy that u r back with season 2. intro is really interesting. I don’t have any problem regarding pairs. waiting for the first update. πŸ™‚

  9. Anika

    I know ur r writing one ff on swasan.i think it will be on raglak. M a big swasan fan. Spesaly sanskar . ITs a request dont give less importance to swasan. If dont give thats ok. U know i m a fan of ur writing. Till i read ur all ff. So i cant leave this ff .

  10. sanya

    Hey its nice dear but I am scard about pair but dont worry i will try
    But still i want to tell you I love SWSSAN

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.