Swaragini (love connection) part 9


Part 9
Episode starts with sansker’s shocked face.
Sansker:Bade ma.Marriage?
Ap:Haan beta.I want u and laksh to get married as soon as possible.
Sansker :But why bade ma? I have just completed my study.I have a great future waiting ahead me.Then how can i….
Ap:Beta i know u r talented.U will shine in whatever you will do.But u know laksh..he is so irresponsible about his life!He never thinks about future.Always does fun.He is so immature!May marriage will make him understand life.
Sansker:He is like this because he is young.He will understand when he will grow up.
Ap:Wo hi toh main chahti hu.He will grow up when he would get married.His wife will change him
Sansker:But he needs time.We will make him understood na!He is too young to get married.
Ap:No this is the only way.That’s why i needed to talk to u.U r his elder brother.If u don’t get married then how can he!
Sansker:But i am not ready to get married.
Ap:But then how will laksh marry?What will people say?
Sansker:I don’t care about people.If u think it is right then i have no problem if laksh gets married before me.
Ap:I can’t tell beta how much u made me happy today.But i have one more ques.

Ap took a long breath and then asked hesitating
Ap:Swara is only ur friend right!Nothing more than that?
Sansker:No..she is my good friend only.But how her name came in this matter?
Ap:Because i am gonnna make her my laksh’s wife.A girl like her will be able to mend my son.
Sansker was now double shocked.What was she saying?Swara!She will be his sister in law!Was she dreaming or what!
Sansker:Does swara know about it?
Ap:No..even laksh doesn’t know.I will talk to ur bade papa then i will send proposal to her house.But i am afraid.Will laksh be ready?Or will he say no like u?
Sansker:I will talk to him.Don’t worry.
Ap became emotional.And became teary eyed.
Ap:Thank u so much beta.I know i am being selfish.But u know na,i have lost my one son because of this immaturity.I can’t afford to lose the other one.
Sansker wiped her tears and said:U are not selfish.U r doing this for ur son.And i have full faith on my bade ma.
Saying this he hugged her.But he was not so sure about the situation.Something was bothering him

Next day,when laksh came from college Sansker called him in his room.Laksh came and asked:Why did u call me bhai?
Sansker:I have some important talk to u.Please answer me after thinking.
Laksh:Why r u so serious?Ok i will ans sincerely.Now tell me what happened?
Sansker:Ummm..You r getting married.
Sansker:With swara.
Laksh now couldn’t control and started to laugh loudly.
Laksh:Bhai.U can’t even joke properly.How can u say that i will marfy before u!
Sansker i a serious mood:Life is not a joke laksh.And i am serious.
Laksh now understood the seriousness of this matter because sansker always called him lucky.But now he was calling him laksh.
Laksh:But bhai…u r my elder brother.
SanskerThat’s why i am asking u.Do u like swara?R u ready to marry her?
Laksh:If u would ask if i am ready to marry now then my ans would be no.But u r asking about her…I am ready to marry her at any time.Because i love her.From the day i know that she saved my life,i love her more.She is my cinderala.
Sansker was about to say that she is not that girl.But than he reminded that ragini took a promise on her name not to tell anyone.He was bound by that promise.
Sansker:Is this the only reason u like her?
Laksh:No..i love her from the day one.
Sansker:Think twice to say the word love.It is a big word.Not everybody realise the meaning of it.
Laksh went to deep thought hearing him.

On the other hand,Swara and ragini came to home and became shocked to see the whole maheswari family there.
Swara:Aunty,uncle u r here!
Ap:Why?we can’t come to ur house?
Ragini:Nothing like that aunty.Di what type of ques u r asking!
Swara gave her a questionable look.Sumi come near swara and took her hand and made her seat in the sofa.Swara was not understanding the situation.What was going on!Just then she heard the most shocking or she should tell most happiest thing in her life.
Ap:We all r here to take u in our home as our daughter in law.
Swara was so happy that she became red blushing.
Ragini:Ohho!Someone has become red tomato.
Ap again asked her:Swara i know it is a big decision of ur life.But will u give me a chance to be a mother of sweet girl like u .Will u marry my son…
But before she could complete her word swara stand up and said looking down:Ma i m ready to be ur daughter.
Saying this she ran away blushing.
Ap:Pagal ladki
She smiled at her childish behaviour.Then asked shekhar:Now ur girl to has said yes.I hope u will now approve laksh as ur son in law.
Dp:Haan shekhar ji.Give ur daughter’s hand for laksh.We will be in ur debt always.
Ragini who was standing there had a big shock!Laksh!!Were not they supposed to talk about sansker?He is elder son of house.Laksh was going to marry her sister!Wait did her ssister just told yes for laksh!She was not able to realise!

But before she could ask her parents also said yes for this relation.So she had no other option but keeping quite and let anything happen.But finally she thought to ask swara.
But what was swara doing?

Swara was in her room talking with the picture of sansker in her phone.
Swara:So mister sansker maheswari,very soon i am becoming ur wife.You should give me time then ha??don’t be busy with ur books always.
Just then her phone rang and it was sansker.Swara became happy and pick up the call.
Swara:Hello sansker
Sansker:Hi…i am not about to ask because my family already asked everything.I just wanted to know..r u ok with this?I just can’t see my friend unhappy.
Swara:I am not unhappy.In fact i am the happiest person in this world now.I am getting the man of my dream as my husband.
Sansker:Thanks God!I am relieved now.
Laksh who was standing near sansker told loudly:See bhai i told u na she will be happy.May b she is dreaming already about the marriage.
Swara heard him and thought that he was talking about her and sansker’s marriage and became shy.
Swara:Laksh!!tum bhi na!!
And she cut the call blushing.Ragini entered at that moment and heard laksh’s name.And ahe thought that it was laksh’s call.
Ragini:So he called already!
Swara turned and saw ragini standing there.
Swara:Hmm.He was asking if i am happy or not!
Ragini:I also want to ask the same thing.Are u ready to marry him?
Swara:Of coarse.I love him.I couldn’t tell him.But see God has planned to make us one.
Ragini:i am very happy for u.
Saying this she hugged swara.But a drop of tear came at the corner of her eye.She didn’t let it fall and hugged swara more tightly.After some time swara broke the hug and says:I have so many things to plan.It is my marriage.
Saying this she went out of room happily.
Ragini stood still.That was it!”Her sister was ready to marry him!Her sister loved him but ahe didn’t even know!She was feeling a heavy weight in her heart.Like something close to her was going away from her,and she very well knew it was not her sister.Then what was it?Was it laksh?But she always hated him.She went to the table and took her diary.She started to write something.But her hand was trembling.OMG! she was writing about HIM!!But her sister loves HIM.
Now who will tell her that her sisters HIM and her HIM is not the same person.

precap:Maheswari family day out.

Credit to: chaitali

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