swaragini (love connection) Part 7


Guys,from tomorrow i may not be able to post regularly because my exam is starting.So enjoy today’s part
Part 7
Swara was going towards her class,Sansker called her from behind.
Sansker:You r alone!where is ragini?
Swara:She already left for class.
Sansker:How is she?Was she injured very much that day?
Swara:She is fine now.(in mind :even i was injured,he is not asking me)
She took out the hanky out of her bag and gave it to sansker.
Swara:Here is ur hanky.Thanks for taking care of me that day.
Then she turned sadly to go.But sansker hold her hand
Sansker :My talk is not over yet.
Swara became happy inside.But turns to sansker pretending uninterested.
Swara:Tell fast.I have class

sansker:U thought that i called u only to ask about ragini?I wanted to ask about ur hand.How r u?
Swara in mind:I am cured in ur touch only.
She smiled unknowingly looking at sansker.Sansker waves his hand infront of her and asked:Where are u lost?I asked u something.
Swara comes out of his thought and pretend to be angry.
Swara:So u have time to ask about me too?
Sansker smiled at het fake anger.
Sansker:Why?I have my full time for my friend.Don’t u consider me friend?
Swara:Yes…i just…
Sansker:Then why did u return this hanky?U don’t even like to keep my one thing with u!
Swara:Dadi says that kisiki rumal sath rakhne se jhagra hota hai.And i can’t afford to loose a friend like u.
Saying this she turned to go.But stopped after some steps.And again turned only her head and says “If u want that something of u remain with me then give me something which i can’t return”
Sansker:And What is that?
Swara:U should find out by urself.
She laughed and went out from there running.
Sansker was confused “What did she mean?Uff this girls r so complicated!!”

On the other hand Ragini was going to her class.Laksh shouted from her back “Hi laado”
Ragini turned and became irritated to see him.
Ragini:Don’t call me that.
Laksh:Why what happened lado?

And he started to laugh.
Ragini:If u call me that then i will call u….haan…Loser.Lakshya the looser.
Laksh angrily:i am not a loser
Ragini now started to laugh and she called some of her friends and all the girls started to tease him by saying “Loser loser,Lakshya the loser”
Laksh:Lado i will not spare u
ragini :Pehle pakdo toh sahi.
She stick her tongue and began to run.Laksh also runs behind her.After running some distance he was able to hold her.But due to imbalance they both fall and laksh was on the top of ragini.
Laksh:Now call me loser just once,and i will show u what this loser can do.
Ragini:Get off me.Everybody is watching us.
Laksh :Not so soon.First tell me u will not call me loser.
Ragini:Okey fine.Now get up.
Laksh:Nope.Say sorry.
Laksh:For calling me loser.And for fighting with me always.
Ragini :Never.
Laksh:Then i will remain like this.
Ragini became tensed and looked behind and pretend to be afraid.
Ragini:Oh no!principal sir!!
Laksh became afraid and quickly got up. “Sorry sir..it was just…”But he found no one behind him and realise that it was her trick.He turns to her and saw her standing far from him and laughing.
Ragini:Loser!Oops npt only looser but also fat.

Saying this she ran away.Laksh was standing there with anger burning his body.
Days were passing like this.Swara and Sansker was in same subject.As sansker was senior so swara used to take help from him in study.Sometimes in library,Sometimes she used to go MM.There the ladies of the house started liking her.Specially Annapurna.Swara’s sweet and responsible nature She always thought of a daughter in law for laksh like her.
One day in MM
Ap and sujata were telling the servant to wash the floor properly.Swara came there.
Swara:NAMASTE aunty.how r u?
Ap:Namaste beta…how came u here?
Swara: Wo aunty i had to meet sansker.I was having trouble in some chapters.
Sujata:He is upstairs.Go and meet him.
Swara :ok aunty.
She was going to upstairs but due to the water in the floor she slips.Laksh came from nowhere and holds her
Laksh:Are u okey?

Swara:Yeah thanks.
Swara gave him a warm smile and went from there.Laksh watched her from back.
The whole incident was observed by Ap and Sujata who were standing downstairs.
Ap:Did u notice sujata,swara comes here for sansker.But she bonds much well with laksh
Sujata:Haan jijji.Mare ko toh lagta hai je dono ek dusre ko pasand karta hai.
Ap:Even me too feel so.May be its time to talk to ur bhaisa.
Sujata:About what?
Ap:U know na laksh is so careless.A girl like swara only can make him responsible.I want her as my daughter in law.
Sujata was murmuring “Sansker is older than laksh,she never thought about his marriage and she only thinking about her son!Nobody cares for my son here.”
Ap:Did u tell something sujata?
Sujata:No nothing jiji.Don’t u think laksh is too young to marry.
Ap:I know u are thinking about sansker.But he is so responsible and sincere.He needs no support.But laksh is careless.He needs someone who can mend him.Phir bhi i will ask sansker.
Sujata:what will u ask?
Ap:If he is ready to marry than i will do both sons marriage same time.
Sujata:But jijji itni jaldi kya hai?bass 6 mahine ke baad sansker ka padhai pura hoga.Then u do something.
Ap:Ok…as u say.But if sansker doesn’t want to marry in that time also,i will get laksh married with swara.Even if he is younger.I will not wait for sansker then.
Sujata nods unwillingly.

Days pass like this and the things were same.Ragini and laksh continue to fight.Swara became the middle man to stop there fight.But this two were unstoppable.Sansker continued to help swara in study.But when his exam came he was busy with his own study.Laksh was till thinking swara as his cinderala and he was attracted to her.Swara was missing sansker as he was busy for exams,he was not able to help her in study.For sansker swara was only his friend but for swara sansker was her everything.She fell in love with him more deeply by this time.

And when all this was happening around,ragini was busy in her own world.Sometimes she was irritated with laksh,sometimes angry,and sometimes what she felt about him she didn’t know.Whenever he came close to her,she felt something but she was unaware of the feeling.
6 months passed like this in the fours life and finally sansker’s exam was over.

One day,Ap come to talk with him.
Ap:beta r u busy?
sansker:No bade ma…come na.
Ap comes inside and sits beside him.
Ap:I had some important talk with u.
Sansker:About what?
Ap:Your marriage.

Sansker was shocked!

Screen freezes in shocking face of sansker.

precap:Wait i have to think.

Guys tell me about ur opinions regarding marriage idea of Annapurna.What will happen if really Ap asks swara to marry laksh?what will be sansker’s answer regarding marriage?
Tell me in ur comments.
Sorry for this too long part

Credit to: chaitali

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    1. thanka for your suggestion priya.I will think about it 🙂

    2. thanks for ur suggestion priya…i will think about it 🙂

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