swaragini (love connection) Part 6


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And yes Laksh will know abot ragini but not so soon.
Coming to part 6
Laksh was roaming here and there in his room with the bracelet in thw hand.Suddenly he saw something written in there.
“Swaragini!!!!”he uttered
“That means swara is my cinderala!my thought was right!!yes!yes!!i found my cinderala!”
He started jumping and dancing in joy.Sansker who was passing by saw him dancing like a mad,became confused.
Sansker:Lucky,Are u allright ?
Lucky :yes bhai.In fact i am amazing.I found my cinderala.
Sansker :cinderala?(confusingly)
laksh:Arre the girl who danced with me and saved my life
Sansker:and who is she?

Sansker :what!!??How did u know?
Laksh then explained him everything what made him believe that the girl is swara.
Sansker:Then it can be ragini also na?Because swaragini is written in there.
Laksh:No way!Do u think that my biggest enemy will save my life?Moreover she didn’t have any cut in her hand!
Sansker:U can never be sure.
Laksh:Offo bhai,keep this chipkali aside and tell me the address of swara.i want tto mmeet her.U dropped her home right?
Sansker:in the midnight?
Laksh:Yes.Just tell me the address.
Sansker tells him the address and he left quickly.Sanskar was thinking “Swara got cut by my car door,moreover she was wearing purple dress that day.And the girl was wearing pink.Then how can it be swara?I have to tell lucky.”
He turns to tell him but finds no one there.
“i will tell him tomorrow.First i have to ask swara.”

In the swaragini room

Swara was awake to drink water. But the jug was empty.Then she turned to the bed side where ragini was sleeping peacefully.She smiled and went to drink water.Just then ragini heard some sound in sleep.She wake up and didn’t found swara in bed.
“Swara”She mumbled.
She heard the sound again.This time it was coming from the balcony.”Kahi swara ko kuch hua toh nehi!”
She got up from the bed and went to the balcony.But she found no one there too. She turned to go to back but heard the sound again.Then looked down and found laksh hanging there and trying to climb up.
ragini:You!!!Tumhare sath meri thori ladhai kya hui,tum mere ghar me chori karne aa gaya.Chiii…I didn’t think u so cheap!
Laksh:chup karo and help me chipkali.If i fall i will die.
Ragini :Why would i help a thief?
Laksh:first of all i m nt a thief.Second,if i die with whom will u fight ha??
Ragini:Ok.But u have to promise one thing.U will never call me chipkali.
Laksh:ok.Now pull me up.

Ragini pulled him but she found it difficult as she was a girl!She tried her best and at last succeeded.Laksh came up and due to imbalance fall over her.He looked into her eyes.Her hair were covering her face.He found it kind of familiar.He felt that he looked the same eyes with the hair covered face somewhere.He was trying to remember.But his thought was disturbed by ragini.
Ragini:Uthoo…you are smashing me!
Laksh come out of his thought and got up quickly.
Laksh:Where is ur di?
Laksh:Mujhe uske sath kuch kaam hai
ragini:What work?
Laksh:I hv to return her something.
ragini:What thing?
laksh:Uff.Just stop ur ques and tell me where is ur di?
He spoke it loudly.Dadi was passing by the room and she heard the sound.
She called ragini’s name “Laado…kya hua?”
Hearing tge voice Laksh quickly hid under the bed.
Dadi came inside the room and asked”with whom u were

talking laado?”
Ragini:Nothing dadi.I have to give speech so i was practising.
Dadi:I heard some male voice.
And she looked arond the room suspiciously.
Ragini:Wo…i have to talk in male voice…that’s why.
Dadi:Where is swara?
Just then swara enters and sees dadi.
Swara:kya hua dadi ma?i went to drink water.
dadi:nothing.i was just checking.You both sleep.
She again looked around the room and went out.As daadi went out,Laksh came out.Swara was shocked to see him there!
Swara:tum yaha kya kar rahe ho??
Laksh:I needed to talk to u.

swara:U could talk at college.
Laksh:No it’s urgent.
Swara:Ok tell quickly.
Laksh:I have found the girl who saved my life.
Swara and ragini both were shocked.
Ragini:How?Who?when?No u r lying.(She told in one breath)
Laksh was confused .
Swara:Relax ragini.Laksh tell me who is she?
And he hugged her.Swara was double shocked.Ragini became relaxed.Swara tried to tell something but ragini pleaded her not to tell anything by signing.Swara stand still.Laksh broke the hug and was about to say something but before that ragini speaks
ragini:Ho gaya na baat.Now go.

Laksh:Why do u always feel jealous when i talk to ur di?laado??
Ragini:Don’t call me laado.U promised not to call me like that.
Laksh:i promised that i will not call u chipkali.Waise u were right.i will call u lado.Nice name i must say.
Swara:Laksh!stop teasing my sister.And go now
Laksh:Ok baba i m going.
He walked towards the balcony but he saw a diary in the table.He took it and just about to open.But before he could open ragini snatched it from him.
Ragini :Don’t touch my personal things.
Laksh:Do u really know the word “personal” ?i thought u always like to come in between people.
He ran towards the balcony saying this.
Ragini was about to go behind him but swara holds her.
Swara:Why didn’t u let me tell the truth?

ragini:i don’t want anyone to know.
Swara:But why?
Ragini:Because i don’t like him.U just promise me whatever happen,u will not tell anyone that i was the girl.
Swara:Ok but what about laksh?he thinks i am that girl.
Ragini:Just pretend like this.For my sake.Please.
Swara melted at her word and says”okey.Only for u princess”
They hug.Suddenly swara’s phone rang and it flashed sansker’S name.
Ragini :The both brothers r mad.One came here at midnight and other is calling at this time.
Swara attends the call.
Swara:Hello sansker!What happened? is everything allright ?
Sansker:Yes.I just need to ask something.
swara:Haan bolo.
sansker:You were not the girl who was dancing with laksh in freshers party.Because i saw u wearing purple dress.

Swara was tensed and put the phone on speaker to.make ragini hear the talk.
Sansker:Then how the bracelet came there?
Swara:What bracelet?
sansker:Swaragini is written in it.
ragini in mind”that means my favourite bracelet is with that monkey”
Swara:Yes the bracelet is of us.And u r right.i was not the girl
Sansker:Us?U were not the girl then who is it?
is it Ragini?
Ragini:Please don’t tell this to ur brother.i beg u.
Sansker :But why?
swara:My sister is not comfortable with this.
ragini:Promise by taking my name,that u will not tell anyone.
Sansker:Okey baba.i promise.
Swara:Okey bye.see u tomorrow.

She cuts the call and sansker thinks”this girl is weird. Helps but doesn’t want to take credit”
screen freezes at sansker’s thoughtful face.

precap:short leap of 6 months

Credit to: chaitali

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