swaragini (love connection) Part 5


hi guys…this is chaitali again…i am telling guys..if u guys dnt comment,i will surely stop writing.I feel very sad when i see this less comment 🙁
Well sadness ko side me rakhke ab story start karte hai

part 5
Ragini was not able to sleep.She was moving one side to another in the bed,which disturbed the peaceful sleep of swara who was sleeping beside her.Swara wakes up and turns the light on.
Swara:what happened ragini?
ragini:nothing.I am just not able to digest the fact that i danced with laks.
swara:Come on ragini!He is not that bad.In fact he is nice guy.
Ragini:i don’t like him.
swara:Then why do you save him?
ragini :that was just because of humility.I can’t even let my biggest enemy die in front of me,let alone he is my fre…
Suddenly she realized what she was about to say and stops.
swara:he is ur??
swara:What is the problem to admit that u consider him friend?
ragini :No..Never!!!
Then to change the topic ragini asked swara”u didn’t tell me how u came home so early?the car didn’t reach college,then how u came?”

Swara tells her everything what happened after ragini left,how sansker helped her.

Ragini:Ohhoooo!!so this hanky is given by our college topper?!!(pointing towards the hanky tied in her hand)
Swara nods yes and starts blushing!!
Ragini :So someone is blushing here.
swara:nothing like that.
ragini : i can’t believe,being laksh’s brother how can he be so gentleman!
swara:So toh wo hai

Next morning

ragini and swara comes downstairs being ready.swara was wearing a blue half sleeve kurti where ragini was wearing a red full sleeve tops with a white skirt.Her wound was covered by the full sleeve dress.
After coming at the dining hall,they hear a familiar lady voice”Lado,Shona”
They were happy to see dada and dadi in the dining tableThey both run to them and hug dadi and dada.
swara:aap log kab aaye dadima?
dadi:when you were doing party.
Sumi:Waise,u girls didn’t tell me how u enjoyed the party?
Swara told everyone what happened yesterday!All become tensed
Dadi:Shona,Lado tum dono thik toh ho na
ragini :humne kitni bar kaha hai dadima…don’t call me lado!call me rags or ragini.And yes we r fine.
dadi:mere liye toh tu meri lado hi hai.
Ragini:But i don’t like it!
And she pouts in anger.All laugh at her cuteness.And they thought to tease her more.So everybody together called her”Laaadoooo”All laughed except ragini.She was so much irritated that she went out taking the car keys.Swara runs behind her calling her name.
After swaragini went out of sight,
Dadi:laado reminds me of her.She also used get angry in such silly matters.She also looked same cute as ragini.Same eyes same nose.
Sumi’s eyes were filled with tears hearing dadi’s word
Sumi:it’s all my fault.Ragini will never forgive me if she comes to know.
Shekhar keeps his hand on her shoulder and said”No,it was my fault.I couldn’t maintain the relations properly.”

At college
ragini came out of the car and started to move angrily.Swara was continuously calling her name.
Swara:ragini stop.We were joking princess!Don’t u know how much dadi loves u.that’s why she calls u by this name!
ragini:i can understand her.But u??how can u call me like this??
Swara:Okey baba…sorry na(she holds her ears)
Ragini smiles and removes her hand from ears and said”Sorry accepted,Now go to class or else u will be late”
Swara nods and starts to go waving bye.
She was moving hurriedly.Suddenly she collides with laksh who was coming from opposite side.All the books fell down from her hand.
laksh:I am so sorry.Are you hurt??
swara:No it’s okey.
She bends down to take her books.Laksh also bends down to help her.
While helping her he noticed the cut in her right hand.
Laksh:Hey,how did u get that cut?
swara:while entering into the car.Now bye.i have to go to cls quickly.see you soon.
She went from there.Laksh looks on confused.”She has the wounds,that means……i have to be sure”he thinks.

On the other hand,Ragini was going to her cls.Sansker called her from behind.
She turned and smiled to him
sansker :Where were u yesterday?I didn’t see u in the party.
Ragini:how could u??i was everyone was wearing mask.
sansker:After that…when everyone removed mask.
ragini :actually i left before that.
sansker :Why?
ragini : wo actually i was not feeling well.
sansker :what?r u fine
His voice could say that how much concerned was he.
ragini:yes.I am allright.
She looked to the watch and said”i have to go.bye”
She goes and sansker thinks”Whenever i see her i feel something special,what is it?is it love?Wait!what did i just say?Love!!!no sansker!ye love sove tere bas ki baat nehi hai”

Ragini came in the cls and saw at the last bench,other benches were full.She took a sigh and started to walk towards the last bench murmuring “Aaj toh last bench me hi bethna parega!iss lado naam ke chakkar me first bench miss kar di!”
Laksh was also going to the last bench as he is always a back seater.He clashes with ragini in a hurry.His book hit ragini’s left hand where she was wounded.She immediately shouts in pain”Aaahhhhhh….oye monkey dekhle nehi chal sakte?”
Laksh:Why are you shouting like this?Bass book se hi lagi hai.Koi knife se injured nehi kiya maine tumhe!
“wo glass piece Knife se kam tha kya”ragini told under her breath
Laksh:did u say something?
Ragini :nehi toh
laksh:waise tum aj back bench pe kya kar rahi ho??
ragini:kyu??back bench tumhare sasur ka hai kya?
Laksh:Tumne bataya nehi,tumhare pita ji ne ye bench iss college ko donate kiya tha
ragini:Shut up!!
Laksh :You shut up!
ragini:tumse baat karna hi bekar hai
Saying this she turned to the seat.
Laksh told from behind “mujhe bhi tumse baat nehi karni.Just in some days i will talk only with my cinderala”
Ragini turns and asks”Cinderala? ?!!”
Laksh :The girl who saved life yesterday!
Ragini became shocked to hear that.
ragini:Do u know her?
Laksh:No but i will know soon.
laksh:That’s my secret
Suddenly laksh notice that some area of her sleeve is wet.As the colour of the dress was red,he couldn’t understand it’s blood.He thought it was sweat.
Laksh:Why r u sweating in this AC?
Ragini also notice her hand and become tensed”i have to go”she said.
As she turns to go,Laksh grabs her wrist and asks”are u okey?”
She quickly frees her hand and said” I am ever okey with u”Saying this she ran out of the room.
Laksh thinks”seriously it is useless to talk politely with this girl”

Ragini comes out of the room and slightly removes the sleeve.The wound was profusely bleeding.

precap:laksh comes to swaragini mansion

So guys,now guess,about whom was dadi talking?Why sansker feel special about ragini?Will laksh seriously think that swara is his Cinderala.
To know all the answer just keep reading.

Credit to: chaitali

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