swaragini (love connection) Part 4

thanks to those people who commented in my last 2 parts.I know Some of u r sad with the pairs.But i am a swasan and raglak fan.So my first story is based on them.Their love hate relationship.But i promise after this end i will write an ff on ragsan and swalak.
Don’t quit reading the show.Its a request.

part 4
At college
Party was going on full swing.The most interesting part was nobody was able to identify each other because of mask.They had to clarify by asking.
SanLak was looking at swaragini
Suddenly laksh asks sansker “They are looking familiar right?”
sansker:because they study in this clg.Obviously they are familiar
laksh:don’t u think they are….
But before he could complete there was an announcement in the stage
Senior:its time for damce guys.But dance has some twist.There are 2 box of token kept there.In every token there is a number.Every girl has to pick one and every boy 1.The pair whose number will be same,have to dance on the song we choose for them
Everyone clapped
The seniors again said”as u all r putting masks on.U will not know with whom u are dancing!But at the end of the dance u have to open the mask and reveal urself.Then u will know with whom were u dancing”
Everyone came and collected token Sanlak and swaragini also did the same.
The host asked about number 1.A boy and girl came up.They had to dance on Saans song.
At the number 4,it was ragini from girls side and laksh from boys side.As they r masked,The greatest enemies came together for dance.
The song Sab tera starts to play

Laksh took raginis hand and placed it in his shoulder and he placed his right hand on her waist.
Song plays
Mein toh tere rang mein rang chuka hu bas tere ban chuka hu
mera mujhme kuch nehi
sab tera…sab tera

Laksh twirls her around and then pulled towards him.Ragini places her hand around his neck and laksh hold her by waist.While doing so raginiss bracelet stuck in laksh’s blazer.But none of them notice this.
Suddenly ragini noticed the tatto in laksh’s hand and was shocked to realise that she was dancing with laksh!!She tried to go,but laksh thought it was a part of dance.So he pulled him closer and leaned towards her in a dancing manner.Laksh was lost in her eyes that he didn’t notice when the song ended!He came sense when everyone claps.He makes ragini stand and ragini quickly moves away from him

Then senior asks both of them to remove their mask.Ragini became tensed.
ragini in mind “i can’t let this monkey face know that i danced with him.Its about my self respect”
Laksh removed his mask first.Swara who was standing with other students became shocked knowing that ragini’s dance partner is laksh.
The host asks ragini to remove mask then. She was about to do.Just then she noticed the chandelier above laksh was falling.
She shouted”Laksh!!!”
She quickly ran towards him and pushed him.As a result they both fall aside.And the chandelier falls beside them making a big noise.
Sansker shouted “Lucky!!”
swara was too much shocked to say something.
Just the the light goes off.
Swara and sansker who was running towards stage,stopped because of darkness
On the stage,ragini was over laksh.While saving laksh she has cut her left hand just near the elbow.She tries to get up but hisses in pain
Laksh notice her arm injury,even though it was dark.
He was eager to see the face of the girl who danced with him and saved his life.He grabs her mask and slowly removes it.

Laksh POV
Though it was dark,i was able to see her eyes only.We were so close that we could feel each others breath.When i removed her mask her hairs came all over her face.I missed to see her face.She got up and vanished in the dark leaving me shocked behind.I just had her mask in my hand.Just then light comes back and she was gone.I heard my brother shouting my name and running towards me like a mad.
pov ends
Sansker rushed to laksh and asked”R u fine??where is the girl??”
laksh:she is gone
On the otherhand swara was tensed not seeing ragini over there.Just then she gets raginis call.She picks up
swara:where r u ragini?r u ok??
ragini:i am fine…just going home.
swara:r u sure?
ragini:yes.I am taking the car.i will send it back after reaching home.Just be in party untill the car comes back.
she cuts the call.Just then the host announced “We r sorry for the accident.And we announce the party over.Everyone can go home.”
Sansker grabs the mike from host and says”The girl who saved my brother’s life,i am very much grateful to her”
Hearing this Laksh went out.Sansker goes behind him.
“Lucky stop” sansker shouted.
But he didn’t listen and leaves in his car.
Sansker was also going towards his car,just then he notices swara standing there tensed.He goes to her.
sansker:hey.u r alone here!where is ragini?
swara:she left.
sansker:How will u go?
swara:Car will come after dropping ragini home.I will wait
sansker:Everybody left.Will u stand here alone till then?
swara:what can i do now?

sansker:come with me.I will drop u home.
swara becomes happy and said”thank u”
while entering in the car swaras hand cut by a piece of glass which was coming out of the car door.Her hand starts bleeding.
swara screamed in pain.Sansker hurriedly ran to her,take out his hanky and wrapped around her wound.
sansker:i am so sorry.This is all because of me.I should notice this thing in my car.
swara:No its not ur fault.I should be careful
sansker:is it paining so much??Let me take u to the hospital.
swara:no need of that.just drop me home.i will be fine.
swara in mind:how can it pain when u are touching the wound?
she smiles looking his concern towards her
sansker drops her home and leaves after waving bye.

in raginis room
ragini was remembering what happened in party and getting angry.
“how can i dance with that monkey!!thanks God he didn’t see me”
Just then swara enters.ragini rushed to her seeing wound in her hand.
ragini:what happened to ur hand?
swara:nothing l.just a small cut.show me your hand.
ragini:its nothing.

while checking raginis hand swara notice that raginis bracelet was missing.
swara:where is ur bracelet?it was gifted by me.Swaragini was written in it.
She pouts.Ragini also sees her hand and gets sad seeing her bracelet missing
ragini:may be i lost it in party!
On the other hand laksh was standing in front of the mirror thinking about the girl who saved him.He had her mask in his hand.Suddenly he notice a bracelet hanging in his pocket. He took it in hand.”may be its that girls “he thinks
Suddenly something got in his mind and he jumps in joy
“yes!i can find the girl.She has wound in her hand.i will check every girls hand tomorrow”
screen freezes in joyful face of laksh and sad face of swaragini

precap:laksh sees wound in swaras hand

guys pls comment and let me know ur options.I loss my energy of writing if i see so less comments.

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  1. Wow just amazing dr…in tat bracelet also itz swaragini. So it ill b total misunderstanding…

  2. And don’t worry I knw many ill like both raglak nd ragsan…swasan no need to tel

  3. awesome.. i think laksh misunderstands ragini as swara as she also have wound in her hand…

  4. oh no……..laksh misunderstands ragini as swara….so laksh will get attracted 2 swara……….

  5. I like ragsan and raglak equally so i dont have problem with the pairs. And raglak will have hate love strory. Its fun love hate story. Its good

    1. thanks S priya,anu,anu4875 and anamica for commenting.And yes anu..laksh will think swara as his mystery girl…that will lead some twist in this simple story

  6. Awesome part make ragnd lak plzzz..

    1. thanks sanchami…and yes it is all about raglak and swasan

  7. haww…ragini did everything and the credit will go to swara…thts not right !!!

  8. Awesome dear and thanks a lot for raglak and swasan

  9. wait for some days shruti….every misunderstanding will be clear 🙂

  10. Oh god!!!now laksh will think swara is that girl….hope he doesn’t start loving her….awesome update

  11. Pls make laksh to realise that is ragini fast pls

  12. I like ràgßàn raglak both
    interesting plot

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