Swaragini (love connection) Part 36 (last part)


Part 36

Sumi went near urvashi who was also present at that place.Urvashi felt nervous seeing the rage on her eyes.
Urvashi:Why r u looking at me like this?I didn’t do anything!
Sumi:I know u did this.What have u told her?
Urvashi:She went on her wish..i didn’t force her.
Sumi:If u hadn’t done anything than then why did she left?She told me that she will never hurt me.If she has left then it is only because of ur taunts.

Urvashi stood there nervously.Suddenly her phone started to ring.Being startled she took the phone.She cut the call seeing the name.The phone rang again.She again cut the call.Sumi felt suspicious.She snatched the phone from her hand.The next time it rang,sumi answered the call.

Caller:Mam,ur job is done.We made the visa,passport and ticket of the girl and she has just collected it from us.

Sumi was shocked.
Sumi:What is the girl’s name?
Caller:Mam u forgot?U told us to make the ticket of ragini gaddodia.

That was another shock for her.

Sumi:Thanks..when is the flight?
Caller:It is on 4 pm.

Sumi cut the call and turned to urvashi who was scared to meet eyes with her.She gave a tight slap to urvashi shocking everyone.Urvashi holds her cheek in disbelief.

Sumi stopped her showing hand.
Sumi:No more words didi…i feel ashamed of being ur sister.U made her leave us all??I couldn’t imagine that u can stoop so low!

Urvashi:Yes..i did this…i made her sign the divorce papers..i told her to leave …so what?It’s good if she leaves us all.

She got another slap from sumi.
Sumi:I have tolarated u a lot..it’s u who should go…not her.

Swara was listening to all of this till now…she went from there.After some times she returned with a luggage.

Swara:U did all this so that ragini leaves right?Even u arranged her visa and tickets also!Now see..with that ticket u will return USA.U stayed here a lot…not anymore.

Laksh gave urvashi a disgusted look.
Laksh:I will deal with u later,so called maasi…now i have to take ragini back.Mom..when is the flight?
Sumi:At 4 pm.

Laksh looked at the watch.
Laksh:Still we have half an hour.We have to hurry.

All nodded.Then they rushed to the car.Laksh and swasan sat on one car.Sumi,shekhar along with urvashi sat on another car.Sumi and shekhar forcefully made urvashi sit along with her luggage.

Laksh drove the car fast.He didn’t even care about accident.Swara was also being restless.Sansker kept his hand on her shoulder and assured her that all will be fine.

Laksh was driving but his mind was not in the road.He was thinking about ragini.There first meeting,their fights,their marriage,their first night fights,working together…all flashed in his mind.

Hai kya jo yeh tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni koyi daastaan hai
Lagane lagi abb jindagi khaali hai meri
Lagane lagi har saans bhi khaali
bin tere bin tere bin tere
koyi khalish hai hawaao mein bin tere

As he wss too distracted in his thought,he almost clashed with another car.They escaped at the last time as sansker called him.Sansker understood his condition and told him to let him drive.Laksh agreed.Sansker drove the remaining way to airport.

Laksh didn’t wait a minute after reaching airport.He opened the door and ran quickly.Swasan also ran behind him.


Ragini lifted her luggage as her flight was announced.Last time she watched around.Her eyes were red as she was crying till now.She wiped the tears and submitted the visa and other papers.Then she went inside area.

Laksh was running like a mad.Swasan were a little behind him.

Swara stumbled on her way.Sansker hold her before falling.

Sansker:Sambhalke swara..u just got well after a major accident!
Swara:I have to find ragini…otherwise i can’t forgive myself.
Sansker:We will find her…relax.

They hold each others hand and kept searching.Now they couldn’t see laksh as he was searching in other area.

Laksh looked at the timing of the flights.He heard the announcement of the flight to USA.

“Shit!!She must be inside now!”he muttered and started to run to the entrance.But the police stopped him.
Police:U can’t go inside.U have to submit papers.
Laksh:Look…my wife is inside and i have to stop her.Please let me go.
Police:Whatever..u can’t go without the papers.

Laksh clenched his Jaw and shut his eyes due to irritation.Then he took a deep breath before starting.
Laksh:Ok..toh ap ayse nehi manenge?Ok i am going back.

Police nodded and he started to go back.Seeing him going back police looked on other side.He took this opportunity and ran inside jumping over the barricade.When police saw him he also started running behind him.

Ragini submitted the papers for last time and stood in the row for the last pass with a heavy heart.

As laksh was running from the police to reach ragini,police thought him as a terrorist and the police from whole area started to run behind him.One police caught him,he kicked the police and ran again.He yelled “sorry”to him while running.

At last he saw ragini..standing on the row.She was far from him but he could see her easily.His heart started racing as soon as he saw her.He stopped right there.

Taking this advantage some police,who was running behind him caught him tightly.He tried to free himself but failed as 4 of the strong police grabbed him.

Laksh:Bhai..jane do mujhe pls…meri biwi ja rahi hai.

But the police kept holding him.He looked at ragini who didn’t notice him.She started to move with the row.He called her being within the hold of the police.

“Ragini”he shouted as loud as possible.But she didn’t hear.She was still going ahead.

The policemen were confused seeing him calling a girl’s name.

He again shouted,”Raginiii”
This time also she didn’t hear.

He gave up on her name.He thought it’s all his fault as he never called her by her name.Now how will she know that he is calling her.So he decided to call her by the name he always called her.


Police were more confused this time.But they didn’t let him go.But this time ragini heard him.She felt strange and looked back.She was shocked to see laksh in that condition.

His face lit up as she looked at him.He continued calling “chipkali”.She was also confused as the policemen.She started to move the people and made her way to him.

Police saw at her and understood the reason of this mad boy’s running.

They looked at him and asked,”Ohh..toh this the case of love?”

Laksh:Haan bhai…wo mai kabse batane ki kashish kar raha hu…now let me go at least…biwi ki samne mera beizzati karwa di!

The policemen laughed and released him.He ran to ragini and stopped just in front of her breathing heavily.

Ragini:Laksh..u r here!How did u come?Why did u come?I gave u divorce papers..then..why…and why the police was holding u..how did u come here without papers…what….

God knows how much time she was going to continue this blabbering…laksh tried to stop her.
Laksh:Listen ragini…
Ragini:What listen?I can’t fight with u now…tell me what r u doing here..u can’t be here..my flight has arrived…and why police?R u a terrorist?I knew it!!…what….

Laksh couldn’t resist himself seeing her wet lips as those were moving with her bak bak.He kissed her lips which immediately shut her mouth.Her eyes were coming out of sockets at shock!She wanted to ask something,scold laksh…but she didn’t find the chance as laksh was kissing her.She wanted to push him but laksh was holding her both hands tightly.All the people present in the airport saw the two people kissing at a public place.What a shock for them!Some people started clapping and whistling.

At last being out of breath laksh left her.She was still shocked.
Laksh:You talk too much!At last…i found a way to shut ur mouth!

Ragini:You kissed me?(in an unbelievable tone)
Laksh:Then what could i do…u were talking non-stop! i had to shut u first if i wanted to say something!
Ragini:But u kissed me!(still shocked)

Laksh:Yeah stupid..i kissed u!How many times u will say?

Ragini got over the shock and realized that they were in public place!And the big idiot standing in front of her,kissed him in front of thousand people.This matter made her angry.

Ragini:U kissed me in a public place..in front of all these people!Moreover we r not married now..and this is illegal! i can file a case of s*xual harrashment against u!(angrily)
Laksh:What!(surprised and in disbelief).U r talking about s*xual harrashment till now!Duffer i kissed u because i love u…and listen one thing…we r married till now because i didn’t sign the divorce papers.

He took out the papers from pocket and threw it on the floor.

Laksh:But if u have any doubt till now,we can start new.

Then he knelt down in front of ragini.Ragini kept hands in her mouth in disbelief.People awed seeing this cute couple.

Laksh:Ragini gaddodia…i know we r fighting from the very first day we met!But u saved my life in spite of being my greatest enemy!(ragini rolled her eyes)No need to roll eyes..i got to know it reading ur diary today..(now she gave an i-will-kill-u look)ahh don’t kill me by ur dangerous look now…because i want to live with u hundred years..and i want to fight with u every day!But at the end of the day i want to tell one thing… that i love u…i love u so much that i can’t stop fighting with u!Will u allow this stupid,idiot,monkey..whatever u call me,to spend his whole life fighting with u??

“Say yes!Say yes!”everyone shouted.

Ragini just nodded her head and slowly said”yes”

A wide grin appeared at laksh’s face as he took out the bracelet from his pocket.

Ragini:Where did u find it?I lost it in party!
Laksh:This was with me till now.Will u allow me?
Ragini nodded and forwards her hand.Laksh made her wear the bracelet and stood up.Then he hugged her.She also hugged him back.Everybody clapped.

Swasan stopped searching ragini hearing the sound of clapping.They popped on through the crowd and saw raglak hugging each other.Swara sighed in relief seeing ragini.

Sansker:I told u na?He would find ragini!see..
Swara:Yes…they r just made for each other!
Sansker:Like us?
Swara:Yeah..just like us!

She wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her face on his chest!

She pulled apart only to see the police bringing raglak with handcuffs in their hands!Some lady police was bringing her luggage.The both were laughing as well blushing looking at each other with the handcuffs in their hands.How idiotic!

Swasan were shocked to see the view.Laksh waved his hands to sansker even though his hands were handcuffed!Sansker waved him faintly.

Laksh:I have found her bhai..see…i have told i love u to her too!
Sansker:Well done mere bhai!But why r u in handcuffs?
Laksh just shrugged.One policeman gave answer on his behalf.

Policeman:His first mistake is he broke the barricade and entered inside forcefully.

Swara:But why did u arrest my sister?What has she done?

Policeman coughed a little before answering.Ragini covered her face with hands.

Policeman:That’s because mam,they both kissed each other in public!And that’s against the rule.

Sansker looked at laksh in disbelief.Laksh just shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal!

Swara:They r married for God’s sake!U can’t arrest them like that!
Policeman:I wouldn’t..if they had done this in their room..but mam..this is public place!

At that time sumi shekhar and urvashi reached there.Sumi and shekhar were shocked to see the scenario.

Sumi:What happened?Why r they in this state?

The police was going to tell them the matter but swara stopped him.

Swara:That’s a long story mom…u guys see off our sweet cute disgusting face maasi to her return trip to USA,me and sansker will handle them.

Sumi gave a peck on ragini’s forehead and forcefully take urvashi from there.

Sumi:Let’s go di..otherwise u will miss the flight…and then u have to book a hotel to stay..i wouldn’t like that!Ragini,where r the tickets?

Ragini gestures to the lady police and sumi took the ticket from her.

Sumi:That’s all we need!We have packed ur visa and passports in bag..let’s go.

She took her from there and made their way to reach the flight.

When they were passing by laksh,he made weird sound by his mouth.Urvashi looked at him angrily.
Laksh:See maasi..u booked ticket for her but u have to go now!Look at my hand na….i would definitely carry ur luggage if my hands were free!But afsoos!!U have to carry them alone now!

Urvashi gave him a death glare and walked past him.

“Have a safe journey maasi..and never come back”he shouted from behind.

Ragini let out a chuckle hearing him!

“How can u keep them in jail..they were just kissing!”sansker told leaning forward to the table of the inspector.

They were having conversation in jail as raglak were inside the bar.Looking at them it seemed like they have come to picnic!But swasan were dying in tension.

Inspector:Yes.. just kissing..but in public place!

Sansker:Ok..let me call someone…then u will understand.

He took out the phone and called the commissioner who was a friend of dp.After talking for sometime he cut the call.

Swara:What did he say?
Sansker:He will call that inspector over there and tell him that it’s not any fu**ing crime to kiss wife!

Swara:Cool down patidev!They will be out soon!
Sansker:How can i be?I had to talk with the man of my father’s age about…about this kiss thing!How embarrassing is that!All because of ur sister!
Swara:Hawww!!Don’t dare to blame my sister!What did she do?(scrunching face)

Sansker:If she wouldn’t go to the airport,then this thing wouldn’t happen!
Swara:Listen…ur brother kissed her without her consent..so it’s ur brothers fault!
Sansker:Couldn’t she push him?
Swara:And why would she do that?
Sansker:Whatever u say..it’s ur sisters fault.
Swara:Whatever u say..it’s ur brothers fault(mimics him)
Sansker:No ur sisters fault.
Swara:No ur brothers!

Then they started to fight like kids over this matter.They came in sense hearing laksh’s voice.

Laksh:R u guys gonna fight or take us out?I need to pee!
Sansker:Screw u idiot!

After getting call from commissioner,inspector released raglak.They came out and stood near swasan.Ragini looked some lady police laughing at laksh.She looked at him and noticed for the first time that he was wearing pink shirt!
Ragini:Ewwww..why r u wearing pink?It’s too girly!
Laksh:U noticed just now?!(his face fell in disappointment)
Ragini:I would beat u if i noticed it earlier!
Laksh:Why?u like this colour!
Ragini:Yeah..i like pink..but not on man!Yuck!
Laksh groaned.
Laksh:Mad woman! i wore that to impress u!
Ragini:How dare u to call me mad woman?
Laksh:I told that i wore this creepy pink to impress u..and all u took from the sentence is that ‘mad woman’?Unbelievable!!!
Ragini:What!U want to say that my favourite colour is creepy?

Then they started to fight in the police station like mad people.Sansker tried to stop them but in vein.He looked to swara who wasn’t trying at all to stop them.He opened his mouth to say something but swara turned her face from him.He understood that she is mad because of the fighting.He had to solve their fighting if he wanted to stop his brother’s.

“Both the sisters r mad”he thought.

“Sorry”he said softly.

Swara still didn’t look at him.

“Okey..it’s my brother’s fault to kiss ur sister and it’s my fault to fight with u..look i am holding ears!”he said holding his ears.

Now swara looked at him and laughed seeing him holding ears.She took off his hands from ears and pulled his cheek.

Swara:How can i be angry with u when u r being so cute!awww!!
Sansker:I am not cute!!(with a pout)
Swara:Yes u r!
Sansker:Okey i am…as u say!
Swara:Aww..so cute!
She took a step to him to hug him.But he thought that she is gonna kiss him…so he took a step back!Swara was confused.

Sanskar:Not now…we r already in police station for one kiss…i don’t wanna face the court for God’s sake.

“I wasn’t gonna kiss!”swara said being embarrassed.

“Hey bhai..let’s take selfie.”laksh told from their back.

Sansker looked at them amused.
Sansker:Ur fighting over?
Ragini:After all he was just trying to impress me!So how can i fight for so long!
Laksh just shrugged.Swara hugged ragini.

Laksh:Come on bhai…selfie in police station…so cool na??
Swara:Ohh..c’mon…it will be a memory!

Then the four took a selfie in the police station just to keep a memory of their being jail.

Screen freezes on their happy faces.

The end!!!!!!!!

Awww…i just finished an ff.Feeling so emotional right now!A big thanks to alllll of u who supported me by commenting…i made so many friends and even family here…love u all…lots of kisses and hugs!Btw..how did u like my surprise,raglak kiss and jail??(lol)

Good news(or bad):I am gonna start a new ff on swasan…name is dawat-e-ishq (may be).I will be happy if u read that too.And i would love to see the same names in the comment section.

Again i am gonna say it!


Lots of kisses to u allll(i hope police won’t arrest me for giving kisses in public place…lol)

And yeah…i owe u an epilogue…wanna read that??Just wait for some time!Take care!



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    • Chaitali



      Thanks for commenting now….i am glad u liked it!Yeah i know it’s normal to kiss in the foreign countries!But it’s still little uncomfortable in India…and i saw in the movie “s*x and the city 2” that in soudi arab the lady was sent to jail for kissing in public…i just used the idea to add some fun…haha…sorry if it felt illogical!

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      I am really sorry that i can’t continue it…i really don’t wanna make it’s charm less…so i ended it till it was interesting!

      Love u so much…epilogue will be posted soon…and new ff intro tomorrow..

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    Ur Raglak was superb superb….am fall in love with them…u portrayed it very well…keep writing..write more Raglak..fictions….

    • Chaitali



      Thank u so much di!!!Feeling great seeing ur comment here!!
      I will post the intro of swasan ff soon…i will try my best to impress u all!
      And yeah…after swasan…i will try to write on raglak!

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    Love the kiss part jail part raglak part
    Ur ff is superb ur ending is super duper
    And i love rags so much

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    • Chaitali



      Hlww twinkle…u can call me sis of course…i am not a school student though…i am a college girl!

      Thank u for breaking the silence and commenting here…aww i have some spell in this ff which made u spellbound!!that’s a huge compliment…love u too!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.