Swaragini (love connection) Part 35

Hlw friends…how r u?Chaitali is back with a new part!

Part 35

Ragini blinked her eyes and opened it slowly.She found herself laying in the bed.She saw sumi’s worrying face.
Sumi:Ragini beta…r u okey?

Ragini couldn’t understand anything first.But then she remembered everything.The conversation of her mom and papa.Her being illegal child!She got up breathing heavily.

Shekhar:Princesss what r u doing?Come on..so jao..doctor is coming.
Swara:Do u need water ragini?
Urvashi:U r doing too much!She doesn’t need a doctor.
Sumi:Will u please go out didi.We want to have some family conversation.And we don’t need some outsiderr poke her nose in between.(calmly)

Urvashi was fuming in anger and went away angrily.

Then sumi looked at ragini who was listening to all this with an expressionless face.

“U take rest beta.Doctor is coming”sumi told carresing her face.

Swara:But what happened mom?She came here to give you a good news and how did she faint?

Sumi and shekhar exchanged glance worriedly.Ragini let out a sad smile seeing them.

Ragini:Why r u silent mom?Answer her.

Sumi:We will talk about it later princess.You need to take rest.
Ragini:I am no princess! i am no one.
Shekhar:Don’t say like this..u r our princess!We love u so much!
Ragini:I don’t want to hear all this now!i just want to know the truth!What maasi said was right or not?

Swara was confused.

Swara:Mom,papa what’s going on?

Sumi looked at shekhar and he nodded.
Sumi:Swara,ragini i want u two to sit here and listen to me calmly.But always remember that whatever i tell u,that will not change ur relationship.U were and will be swaragini.
Swara:Mom..will u tell what’s the matter?

Sumi:I am telling…i didn’t…gave birth to ragini.
Swara:What!What r u saying?
Ragini:Truth di…carry on mom…sorry mrs gaddodia.Actually it has become my habit…so won’t go easily.

Sumi was hurt.
Sumi:I didn’t gave u birth that doesn’t mean that i am not ur mother! i have raised u…don’t say like this for some unwanted truth!
Ragini:I just want to know the truth today..nothing else.

Sumi was hurt..but continued.

Sumi:Ur father loved someone before our marriage.Her name was janki bose.She was his classmate.After completing study,when he returned home,ur dada fixed our mmarriage.My father was a partner of ur dadaji…and a great businessman.Ur father agreed to marry me because of the pressure of ur dadaji.But after marriage he told me that he loves someone and can’t love me.I was hurt..but i agreed because he always gave me the rights of a wife.Then slowly our relation developed.After 2 years of our marriage,i was pregnant with swara.

Ragini:Then?What happened?

Sumi couldn’t tell anything as her throat was blocked so shekhar continued.

Shekhar:Then i had to go abroad for a business trip.There i met ur mom again.She was the same.She loved me the same.And i felt that my love for her didn’t change too.She didn’t know that i was married.So she told that we should marry this time as she didn’t want to lose me again.I had become so fool and blind that i forgot that i was married and going to be father.We married there.And started to live there with her.Here swara was born..i didn’t come to see even.All were worried in family.Only ma knew about her..from beginning.So she managed everyone saying that i was managing our business there.Almost one year passed,i didn’t came once home.So sumi took the address of our office from papa and came there with swara,without listening to all.She managed to know the address of my house from one of my employee and came there directly.Janki was pregnant then.She was shocked to know that i was married and had a daughter.She couldn’t bear it.She was already having some complications in pregnancy and this incident made it more complicated.So during delivery doctor asked us to choose between mother and child.U know what she chose?

“She chose me?”ragini asked with a teary eye.

Sumi:Yes,she chose u.I and shekhar were there in her last moment.She apologised to me and gave u to me!She told me to take care of u amd never tell u about ur real mother.She knew u couldn’t bear it.

Ragini:Did she see me when i was born?Did she touch me?Did she take me in her lap at least once before going?
Sumi:Yes beta..she took u in her lap.Ur name was given by her.

Ragini:How did she look?She saw me,but i never saw her!

Sumi wiped her tears and kept hand on her face.

Sumi:Do u want to see?
Ragini nodded like a child.

Sumi took out two photos from the old trunk and gave one to her.There was a woman looking most of like her.She had the most peaceful smile on her face,and ragini felt that from photo she was telling her to smile.She touches the photo and cries.

Then sumi gave another phot to her.It was in the hospital.The same lady holding a little baby in her hand.Her face was pale.But she was smiling same.
Shekhar:This is of the time when u were born.She wanted to create a memory of her and yours before she left.
Ragini hugged the photo and started to cry loudly.

“Maaa”she screamed.

Swara holded her,she was also crying.Sumi wanted to touch her,but shekhar forbade her.

Shekhar:Ragini…she wanted u to have two things and said us to give u if i ever came to know the truth.

Then he took a chain with a white pendant and a letter,then gave it to ragini.Ragini took both of them and looked at him with question in her eyes.

Shekhar:This is a letter she wrote before dying.And this is the locket she always wore.She wanted u to have it.Ragini opened the letter.The writing in there was her mother’s.She touched the letter and inhaled the smell of it.

Ragini:This my mother’s handwriting?
Sumi nodded.Then ragini started to read the letter.There was written…

“Dear ragini,if u r reading this letter that means u know the truth.Yes,me,the unfortunate lady is ur mother.God didn’t give me a chance to pamper u.He took me before that.Pls forgive me.I don’t even know how do u look like now?Do you look like me?And what is ur favourite colour?If it us pink then same pinch!Because my favourite colour was also pink”

Ragini smiled with tears and said,”same pinch ma”

“The locket i gave u was my lucky charm.I always wore that.Now it is urs.Whenever it is with u,feel that i am with u.I don’t know where people go after death,but i willl not go there.I will be with u always.Trust me.

Now listen,wipe the tears if u r crying.Because i hate tears.One more thing,i just gave birth to u..but ur real mother is sumi.Because i know she will love and protect u like her own child.Don’t hurt her.I love u princess.
-your mom”

Ragini kissed the letter,and wore the locket.She looked at sumi who was looking at her emotionally.She hugged her crying.Sumi patted her back.

Sumi:Pls forgive me beta…i never wanted u to know.U r my child.

Ragini:Yes…i am ur child mom..krishna bhagwan also had two mothers right?But u always told that he loved yashoda ma more.Like that i love u more.I will never hurt u.

Sumi smiled with tears.She let out a breath which she was holding for long time.Shekhar came and joined in the hug.Ragini forwards her hand to swara.She also joined.They had a family hug.All had tears in eyes,but smile in face.

Urvashi saw them from the door and was angry.
“I have to do something to this ragini”she thought.

After some time,all went from ragini’s room saying her to take rest.Swara hugged ragini before going.

Swara:If u need anything,just call me.

Ragini:Go and get ready.Sansker is coming to take u home,don’t worry about me.I am fine.

Swara blushed.
Swara:By the way,laksh is also coming with him.I know u r eager to meet with him.
Ragini:Di…nothing like that.You think about ur upcoming romance.

Swara went out blushing.Then ragini started to think about laksh.The feeling when he hugged her,when he winked and blew the flying kiss.A smile came on her lips forgetting all pains she just had.

Seeing her alone,urvashi came there.She had a paper in her hand.Ragini felt insecured seeing her.

Urvashi:What do u think?They love u?No..they pity u.Because u don’t have mother.Do u want to be their burden?
Ragini:No,i have mother..i am not burden to them.They love me.
Urvashi:No..that is ur illusion.U r the cause of their problem.If the society come to know that u r the child of ur father’s second marriage then what will they say?They will hate ur father.Do u want that?

Ragini nodded in no.

Urvashi:And think about laksh…how will he feel when he will know that u r not shekhar amd sumi gaddodia’s daughter?He will feel cheated.He doesn’t love u…he will hate u now.Do u want that?
Urvashi:I know he wanted to give u divorce.Shouldn’t u fulfil his wish?That will be the right thing.U should go away from their lives.Only then they could live happily.

She took out the paper from her hand and gave it to ragini.It was a divorce paper.

Urvashi:Sign it and release him from this fake relation..and go away from here.

She went out leaving ragini in deep thought.Ragini was thinking all of the words urvashi told.She felt it right.

“Maasi is saying right..i should go away…otherwise society will taunt them.”she thought.

She looked at the scholarship paper and the divorce paper.Them she signed the divorce paper.Urvashi looked her from outside and smirked.

Laksh was looking for a suitable shirt to wear.He took out all the shirts but feeling like all r boring.He had to impress ragini today.

He took a pink shirt in one hand and a blue one in other hand.

“What will u like chipkali?”he murmured.

“Don’t u know that my favourite colour is pink?”

Laksh looked up hearing this.He saw ragini standing there with a pouted lips.She was looking so cute in that expression.

Laksh:Pink?Okey…i will wear what u say!

He looked at the pink shirt.
Laksh:But it is a girly colour.I will look like a girl.Do u think i should wear this?
He looked up again to find answer but found no one there.He slapped his back of the head.

“Chipkali…u r making me mad.Now i can’t wait to meet and tell u that i love u.”he said.

He got ready in pink shirt.Sansker came to his room and was shocked to see him in pink.He was looking horrible.

Sansker:What have u worn?Pink??Ewww!!
Laksh:Don’t say like this..this is my chipkali’s favourite colour.
Sansker:Ur chipkali?
Laksh:Haan..bhai..i am in love..with that chipkali.Can u believe?
Sansker:I knew that from beginning.Now get ready soon..we have to go there…batana nehu hai usse?

Laksh nodded and went from there.He went to the cupboard.His eyes got stuck on the mask and the bracelet kept there.It was the same mask of the mystery girl who danced with him.

Laksh:Arre..what is this doing here till now!i thought that it was of swara..and thought that i loved her as she saved my life…but now i know that i love ragini…i should give it back to swara.

He took the bracelet and the mask.While taking them,a diary fell from there.He lifted it and saw that it was ragini’s diary.He felt curious to read it.

He opened the page.He was shocked to see the writing there.All their fighting written there.He was shocked to read the page of date of their freshers party.It was clearly written that she danced with him..wearing pink dress.

He had no doubt then that ragini was the girl who saved his life.He recalled how ragini couldn’t ans while he asked about the cut mark in her hand,he recalled how she was scared when he said that he knew who the mystery girl was,he remembered how he felt that he touched his cinderala during marriage..without even seeing her face.

Laksh:Ragini..cinderala…my cinderala!

He was overwhelmed.He ran to sansker’s room.

Laksh:Bhai…my cinderala was ragini…not swara.

Sansker stood there calmly.Finding no reaction from him he was confused.
Laksh:U knew it?
Laksh:Then why didn’t u tell me?
Sansker:Ragini made me promise.
Sansker:Yes…she didn’t want u to know.

Laksh:I have to go there right now…cime with me.

He dragged sansker by his hand and went to the car.

Sansker:What r u doing?All the family members will go.
Laksh:They will come later.We should go now.

He drive quickly and went to GM.He started to call ragini’s name loudly.Swara,sumi and shekhar came out.

“What happened?”swara asked sansker.
Sansker:He came to know that ragini is his cinderala.Now go and call her.

Swara nodded and went to ragini’s room.There was no one.She was coming back but stopped seeing the paper in the table.She opened the paper and was shocked.

When swara came back laksh went near her.

Laksh:Where is ragini?

Swara didn’t tell anything just gave him the papers.She started to cry then.Laksh took the papers and opend.One was his divorce paper with ragini’s sign on that.He was shocked seeing that.Other one was a letter.He read the letter loudly.

“Sorry mom papa and swara..i can’t be burden on all of u.It will be better if i go away from u.So i am going USA accepting the scholarship.Tell laksh that i did what he wanted.I have signed the divorce papers..he is free now.Don’t try to find me there.”

All were shocked hearing that.Sumi was about to fall,shekhar hold her.Swara started to cry hugging sansker.Sansker consoled her.

There was no one for laksh.He broke down on the floor with tears.One thing he knew that his chipkali,his cinderala,his ragini is going far from him.


Don’t kill me after reading the part,that’s all i can say.Tell whatever u want to say by ur comments.And what do u think?Will ragini go away forever?

Plzzz comment…let me know ur views about this part.

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