Swaragini (love connection) Part 34

If anyone likes to see the vamp getting slapped..then i will ask them to read this part 😉

Part 34

Sansker called kavita.She picked up after ringing thrice.
Kavita:kya baat hai!!you r calling me!Lagta hai at last mujhse pyaar ho hi gya!
Sansker:Stop talking bullshit! i always loved swara and will love her..(with irritation and anger)
Kavita:So tell me..why did u call?
Sansker:I can’t understand why r u doing this!What have i done to u??
Kavita:U really want to know?Then come to the the temple near ur house.U will get to know!And yeah..come with the divorce paper with swara’s sign in that.

She hangs up the phone.Sansker looked at laksh who was standing with him.Laksh nods at him.

Sansker came to the mandir.He looked around but didn’t find kavita.Someone tapped his shoulder from behind.He turned and found kavita.

Kavita:I must say..u r very punctual.Now give me the papers.
Sansker:First tell me the reason…why r u doing this?
Kavita:No..first give me the papers.
Sansker:I will give it after u tell the truth.
Kavita:Ok…listen sansker maheswari..u r the reason of my sisters death.

Sansker was shocked.

Sansker:What??I didn’t even know you before u came here as a student…how can i..
Kavita:Yeah..u didn’t know me..but u knew my sister.
Sansker:Who is ur sister?
Kavita:Kheyati…yaad hai??

Sansker thought for some time..then he remembered.
Sansker:Kheyati??She was my classmate!But she changed the college..i didn’t even know where she went after that!
Kavita:Yes..for u she was ur classmate..but for her u were her life!She loved u..but when she told it to u,you waved her away,saying that she was joking..but she was serious!
Kavita:Yes…when u rejected her..she committed suicide.Before dying..she wrote a letter saying that she can’t live without you!
Sansker:I didn’t even know about that!
Kavita:How will u know?You were too busy to notice her!
Sansker:So u did all that to take revenge?
Kavita:Yes..i did all that to make u suffer.I planned the accident of swara..i managed all the blood bank for denying to have O negative blood,i blackmailed u to sign in divorce paper!
Sansker was shocked.
Kavita:Do u know why did i tell u to come hdte?This is the place where my sister committed suicide.And this is the place where u will marry me..her sister.
She took the sindoor from the tample and holds it in front of sansker.

Sansker:And how could u think that i will marry u?

Kavita started to laugh like a mad person.

Kavita:Because if u don’t do that,u know what can i do…last time swara was saved..but this time she may die.And don’t forget about ur family members..i can hurt them too.
Sansker:Are u threatening me?
Kavita:Of course i am..i will make ur life hell…i will kill each and every member of ur family if u don’t listen to me! i will always be a torture in ur head being ur wife till death.Now if u want ur family safe then fill my maang with this sindoor.

This time it was sansker’s turn to laugh.Kavita was confused seeing him laughing.

Sansker:Now u r joking kavita…how can i marry you when i am already married?
Kavita:But….but u were divorced.
Sansker:Who said that?
Kavita:This papers..

She snatched the papers from his hand and opened it..it was blank paper.Now she was shocked.

Sansker:No no..look behind before u say anything.

She turned and before she could see or say anything,someone slapped her hard.She looked at the person holding her cheek.It was swara.

Swara:This is for blackmailing my husband.
Kavita opened her mouth to say something but again she got a slap.
Swara:This is for trying to separate me from my husband.But u know what…our love is stronger than ur cheap plans.

Swara took out the divorce paper and torn it into pieces.Kavita looked at the pieces of papers with shocked face.

Swara:Now u must be thinking that how did i know?You kept an eye on us..but u know what we r clever than u.

Then she remembered how sansker attached a letter with the divorce paper writing all the truth in that and asking for forgiveneness .She and ragini found that paper while signing the divorce paper.

Swara smirked at kavita.Kavita turned to sansker.

Kavita:I told u not to tell anyone..u made a great mistake by telling her..now u will suffer a lot.

She got another slap after saying this.This time it was sansker.

Sansker:This was for trying to kill swara….And mistake??I think u made a mistake by saying all the truth to me.I have recorded all this.Now police will decide who will suffer,after hearing this.

Swara came near kavita and took the sindoor from her.
Swara:Sindoor doesn’t look good in ur hand.But handcuffs will look perfect in ur hand.

Then she called ragini.Ragini and laksh came there with police.Ragini went near kavita and stood im front of her crossing hands against her chest.

Ragini:Really..i can’t believe,a girl like u can do this…however u have done such a great job..toh reward toh banta hai.

Saying this she slapped her hard.Kavita just stood their with shocked face.Then police came and made her wear handcuffs.

Ragini went near laksh and stood there with a proud smile on her face.Laksh raised his eyebrows in amusement and gave her a thumbs up.

Laksh:Are wah!Chipkali toh aj sherni ban gyi!
Ragini:Listen…i was always sherni..and don’t dare to call me chipkali!
Laksh:Ok sherni..!
Ragini:Waise..u should also slap her!Otherwise u will miss the opportunity.
Laksh:No no..i don’t raise hands on girls.
Ragini:Huh..bada aya sadhu baba!Tell me that u don’t have courage..coward!
Laksh was now angry.
Laksh:You are questioning on my bravery?
Ragini:Of course i am..i slapped her,di and sansker also did the same..so why can’t you do?
Laksh:Okey…watch this.

Laksh walked to kavita who was with handcuffs now.She looked on confused.
“I didn’t want to slap u..but for u i missed this fights and talks with ragini..so u r worthy of this”laksh thought.
Then he slapped her really hard.(ouch…bechari!)

This time she couldn’t even hold her cheek because of handcuffs.She just looked at him blankly.
Laksh:This is for making my brother suffer so much.

Then he walked back to ragini with a proud smile.Police took kavita away before getting any other slap.This time ragini showed laksh thumbs up.

“That was awesome!!”ragini exclaimed.

Then she started to laugh.Laksh looked at her with love.

“Hey..i missed you”he whispered.

“I missed u too”ragini said stopping laugh.


Then ragini realized what she said.
Ragini:No…i mean…i didn’t miss u at all…why would i miss u?
Laksh shakes his head and laughs.
Laksh:You will never admit it right?
Laksh:That u missed me like hell.
She looked away to avoid eye contact.Laksh smiled seeing this.

Sansker looked at swara emotionally.Swara also looked at him with tears in her eyes.Then she ran to him and hugged him.He too hugged her back.This time they weren’t letting each other go.

Swara:You r a stupid.(With a crying voice)
Swara:Couldn’t u tell me?what if i never read that paper?
Sansker:But how would u sign it without reading the paper? (innocently)
Swara slapped his chest still hugging.
Swara:I would never sign a divorce paper.I will kill u if u give me those divorce papers again.
Sansker:I don’t want to die in this young age!
Swara:Better for u.
Sansker:I love u.
Swara:I love u more.

Laksh looked at them happily.Then he also hugged ragini in excitement.Ragini was shocked.She had no idea what to do!Will she hug him back or will she push him?

She took the second one as a better option.She pushed him making an irritated face.
Ragini:What the hell r u doing?
Laksh:What?I was just hugging my wife..that’s not a crime!
Ragini rolled her eyes.
Laksh:Okey..wife na sahi..i can hug my friend..right?Look..i am very happy now..so don’t spoil my mood.

Saying this he again hugged her.This time she didn’t think to push him.In fact she wrapped her arms around him tightly.She inhaled his scent which was most assuring one.The smell of his body made her feel like she is the safest person in the world.

She closed her eyes with a stupid smile plastered on her face.God knows how much time she was like that!She opened her eyes feeling laksh’s chuckling face on her neck.She immediately pushed him and made a fake annoyed face.

Ragini:Uff..u suffocated me!

Laksh was still smiling looking at her.

Ragini:What?Why r u looking at me like that.I just allowed u because i didn’t want to spoil ur mood…nothing else!
Laksh:Did i say anything?U r blabbering without any reason..that means u were enjoying this and now afraid that i caught u!
Ragini:N-no..I felt irritated when..when u hugged me…don’t again do that okey?I am warning you!
Laksh:And what will u do if do that again?I think u will take my advantage like this time!
Ragini:I didn’t take any advantage!And yeah…i..i will file a case of s*xual harrashment against u, if u try to hug me ever…again!
Laksh:Doesn’t work for a husband who has all rights on u…u know the fact u just said…se*ual!

Laksh smirked and ragini felt embarrassed.She looked away to avoid eye contact with him.They looked at swasan who was till in each others embrace,enjoying the moment.They came in sense hearing laksh coughing.They pulled apart being embarrassed.

Laksh:You can romance at home too.Now we should reach home soon.Everyone is worried there.
Sansker looked at swara.
Sansker:Swara..u go to GM…i will come with my family there to take u home.I want to make ur return special.
Swara nodded with smile.

Ragini:I will come with u di..let’s go.

She took her near the car and made her sit in the car.She gave laksh an angry look before sitting in the car.Laksh winked and blows her a flying kiss.Her jaw dropped on the floor seeing that.But she controlled herself and sat on the car.

Sansker waved bye to swara.Swara also waved with a smile.

“See u soon chipkali”laksh shouted from back as the car started moving.

Ragini looked back and made faces to him.But then she looked in front and saw in the front mirror that sansker was holding his ear.She smiled seeing that.

“Pagal”she told.

The first person who took swaragini in his arm was shekhar.He came without making any delay after hearing the accident.

Sumi took them in arms and they both hugged her.
Sumi:I am so proud of my daughters.They didn’t lose hope even after so much difficulties.

Urvashi:Haan..i am proud of u swara beta…but what did ragini do?The problem started because of her.
Urvashi:How much u scold me,i will always say the truth.

Ragini felt bad hearing this.She ran to upstairs.Swara ran after her calling her name.Sumi made a disgusted face to urvashi.Shekhar also gave her an angry look.
Sumi:Come to our room didi…we have to talk about this…u can’t hurt ragini like this.

Ragini was sitting on the bed sadly thinking about urvashi’s words.Swara came there and kept het hamd on her shoulder.Ragini looked at her and gave her a sad smile.Swara took a seat beside her before talking.

Swara:Don’t feel bad about her words..she is a mad!
Ragini:I didn’t feel bad.I can’t just understand why she hates me so much?
Swara:Mad people can do anything…and may be she escaped from mental asylum and came here.

Ragini laughed hearing this.They looked at the door hearing a knock.A servant of the house came there with a letter in his hand.He gave it to ragini and went out.

Ragini:What is this now?

Swara:Open it.

Ragini opened it and saw a letter from her college saying that she got a scholarship in USA for her MBA.The both sisters jumped in excitement seeing this.
Swara:Wow..congratulations ragini…u got the scholarship!

Ragini:Yeah…OMG! is that for real?
But the next moment she felt sad.
Swara:What happened?
Ragini:I have to go away from all of u if i accept the scholarship.
Swara also felt sad.
Ragini:I will not go leaving u all! i will stay here and complete my MBA in this college,with u.

Swara:No ragini…u shouldn’t miss this opportunity.U should go…
Ragini:I said na…i will not go!

Swara hugged her and said,”i am so proud of u”
Ragini:I am going to tell this to mom and papa.Though i am not going,but they will be happy if they see that i got the scholarship.
Swara:Haan..go..and show that mad woman too.Her mouth will close after seeing this.

Ragini smiled and went to show her parents the letter.But she didn’t know what was waiting for her there.

Shekhar,sumi and urvashi were having an argument in their room.

Sumi:How can u say like this to ragini?
Urvashi:Why won’t i say?She deserves that.
Shekhar:And why do u think she deserves that?
Urvashi:Because she is not sumi’s daughter.
Sumi:She is my daughter.I may not give her birth,but i raised her from the day she was born.
Urvashi:But she is the illegal child.She is a mistake of ur husband.She doesn’t deserve love from anybody!
Shekhar:She is not illegal child! i married her mother with all rituals.
Urvashi:Marrying second time without the consent of first wife is also illegal.Whatever u say..ur second wife is illegal…ragini is illegal!

Sumi tried to say something but stopped hearing a sound of broken vase.They all looked behind and shocked to see ragini.She was shaking,trying to be stable on her foot holding the edge of the table.The vase on table fell on the floor due to her trembling hand making noise.

Her tears were flowing like rain,like they are never gonna stop.She couldn’t believe what she just heard!She was an illegal child!

She was about to fall due to her trembling body.Sumi ran to her to support her.But she stopped her raising a hand.

“Don’t touch me…i am an illegal child”she said in a broken voice,with teary eyes.

She couldn’t breath,her feet became week and she felt like the world is spinning around her.She couldn’t keep her eyes open.

She heard her mom calling her name and felt her firm hold on her shoulders before unconsciousness fully engulfed her.

Ohh the lady calling her name wasn’t her real mom for sure!

Precap:A divorce paper.

hlw,hi,namaste…how r u all?How did u find the part?How did u like when kavita was getting slapped?How many of u wished to give her a slap on ur own?Ohh..and how much u hate urvashi right now?Are u feeling bad for ragini?And what do u think about the divorce paper?Now who is gonna divorce whom?

Well let me know by ur comments.Keep reading and keep commenting.Love u and see u in comments!

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