Swaragini (love connection) part 33

Warning:I didn’t even read what i wrote..forgive for any mistake
Hi friends..here i am with nxt part…i must say that i am being regular..lol!!Hold on ur breath..here we go with some heavy things.

Part 33

Sansker thought for some time and made the decision which he thought was right.Swara’s life is more important to him now.He dialed kavita’s number.

Kavita:Tell mr. maheswari..what decision u made?
Sansker:I am ready for ur demand.Just arrange the blood.

Kavita:Hold on..how can i believe u??
Sansker:I am not a fraud like u..i keep my promise.
Kavita:You have to give signature in a blank page.I will send that page by the hand of the man who will donate blood..u will sign that and then he will donate blood to swara.
Sansker:Okey..send him quickly.

He cut the call.After some time a person came there with a peace of blank paper in hand.
Person:Hlw sir..i am ajay..kavita mam send me here.
Sansker looked at him and took the paper in his hand without saying anything.He signed it and gave it to him.
Sansker:Now go and do whatever u came to do.Tell the doctor that ur blood group is O negative.

Ajay grinned and went near doctor.

Ajay:Sir my blood group is O negative…i can donate blood.

Sumi went near him and folds her hands in front of him.
Sumi:Save my daughter plz.

Doctor:Come with me.

Doctor took him to ICU and matched his blood with swara.After some tests,swara was given blood.

Outside all prayed for her well being.Sansker was gathering words how he will face swara when she will get conscious.

Doctor came out of the ICU and everyone gathered around him.
Ragini:How is my di now?
Doctor:She is out of danger..but she hasn’t got conscious yet.We hope she wil be conscious within 12 hours.You can meet her then.

Sansker:Can i meet her now?
Doctor:One of u may stay with her tonight..but no other person should go ICU.
Sumi:I will stay with my daughter.
Ragini:No mom..i will stay with di
Urvashi:Why?U want to kill her in that condition..so that no one will doubt u?
Sumi:Didi..stop ur nonsense right now.
Ragini cried silently hearing this.Laksh stood near her and wrapped his arm in her shoulder side hugging her.She lifted her head and looked at him.He gave her the most assuring look.He tried to tell her through eyes that ‘i am with u’

Ap came forward and said to sumi,”If u give permission than sansker should stay here.See his condition..he has been a statue since the accident.

Sumi thought for a while and nodded her head positive.It qas decided that sansker will stay with swara for that night and others will go home.

Laksh hugged sansker and told him to take care of both swara and himself.Then everyone started to leave.Laksh took ragini’s hand and went to the car.

After their departure,sansker entered to the ICU.Swara was lying there with bandages all over her body.He took a seat near her bed and took her one hand in his and kissed it.

“Do u know how much i got scared when i saw u in that condition?I thought that it was my last day on earth.Forgive me if i took a wrong decision to save u.Nothing is more important than ur life,nothing is more important than u.I had to take that decision to save u.I know my swara will never misunderstood me.”sansker told holding her hand.

Then he got a call from kavita.
Sansker:What do u want now?
Kavita:Nothing my dear sir..i jusr called to remind u that don’t try to double cross me.If anyone knows about this deal of ours,then u know what am i able to do.But nxt time don’t expect swara alive.
Sansker:But i can’t understand this..why r u doing this?What wrong have i done to u?

In response kavita laughed like an insane.
Kavita:Look who is asking! I will make u remind ur all mistake..just not now.

She cut the call giving no opportunity to sansker to say anything.Sansker looks on.Somebody looks at them from the door.When sansker feels it he looked at the door and found no one there.The person was hiding behind the door.

Ragini was sitting in the bed and thinking about urvashi’s words.What did she mean by she was not swara’s sister.She was feeling restless.

Laksh kept a hand on her shoulder and she startled.

“Are u okey?”laksh asked her when she looked at him.
Ragini nodded simply.He took aa seat beside her.She noticed the concern on laksh’s face.She recalled how he stood for her to defend urvashi,how he holded her hand when she was in most devastated condition.She came out of thought hearing his voice.
Laksh:Don’t worry..swara will be fine.
Laksh:For what?
Ragini:For being there for me,when i needed a friend.
Laksh:I said we were friends..tum mano ya na mano..i fulfilled my duty as a friend.

Ragini smiled at his talk.
Laksh:U should always smile like this..u really look like a chipkali when u make a sad face.
Ragini frowned.Laksh just shrugged.
Ragini:Tum kabhi sudhrogi nehi?
Laksh:What?I was just saying truth!

He stood up and started to go.Ragini thought for some time and then called him.

Laksh looked at her and then sat again.
Laksh:Yeah..do u need anything?
Ragini:Umm..u can sleep on bed tonight..i will take the sofa.
Laksh looks at her like he was searching something on her face.Ragini looks on confused.
Laksh:Who r u??What have u done to my chipkali?
Laksh:The girl i knew used to fight with me,kept insulting me,made me eat salty halwa..but u r talking sweet,in spite of fighting for the bed..u r offering me to use it!!
Ragini laughed out loudly.
Ragini:Many things change with time right?
Ragini:Matlab..look. we were enemies at first,then we got married l,then we kept fighting..and now we r friends!
Laksh:What is the next phase??Being husband wife?Like real cople??
Laksh asked with a naughty smile.Ragini smacked his shoulder.
Ragini:I am being serious.I want that we will never break this friendship…no matter what happenss..no matter how we fight..we will be friends…always.
She forwards a hand.Laksh kept his hand on hers.
Laksh:You r really a drama queen…waise hum bhi yehi chahte hai..ye dosti hum kabhi nehi todenge.
Ragini rolled her eyes.
Laksh:Ok baba..how many times i have to say?promise…now u sleep.

He made her lay down and closed the lights after reaching to sofa.

Next morning all reached at the hospital.Swara had gained her consciousness.All were happy seeing her fine.But that happy moment didn’t last long.

Sansker:Mom dad…i want to say something.
Ap:Bolo beta
Sansker:I want to divorce swara.

That sentence came like a thunder to them.

Dp:Are u in senses?What r u saying?Do u know the meaning of divorce?
Sansker:I very well know what i am saying..i can’t live with the person whom i don’t love…i love someone else.
Swara was numb.She didn’t feel this much pain when the truck went over her.She felt like everything is shattered.

Swara:Whom do u love?
Sansker couldn’t meet her eyes.He talked looking down.
Sansker:I love kavita.
Ap:Sansker!! i will slap u if u say another word.
Sansker:This is…the truth mom.
Then he went near the door and a lady entered there.It was kavita.She had some papers in her hand.Sansker took the papers and went near swara.She gave the papers to swara.
Sansker:Here is the divorce paper..i have signed it..u too sign it.

Swara took the papers and stood up.She stumbled.Ragini supports her and helped her to stand.She went bear sansker and gave him a tight slap.Everyone present in the room was shocked.
Swara:U want divorce?Then ok..i will leave u to this new found love of urs…i don’t need u.

She started to cry.Sansker couldn’t see it.He felt like taking her in his embrace and telling that he only loves her..no one else.But his hands were bound.

Kavita:How dare u to slap him..sansker..u come with me..no need to stay here.
Swara:Haan take him with u..i am not being able to see his face anymore.

Kavita holds sansker’s hand and dragged him out of there.Swara cried out loudly.Sumi couldn’t take it,she sat on the bed with her hands on the forehead.

Ragini consoled swara but she was not in a state to listen anything.

It has been two days of that incident.Swara went to gaddodia house after that.Everyone started to hate sansker for his decision.He couldn’t tell anything to anyone because of the threat of kavita.Ragini went with swara.

At morning

Laksh stood in front of the mirror and was brushing his hair.

“No matters how much u try to look good,u will always look like a monkey”

Laksh was surprised to see ragini through the mirror.In spite of being angry he was happy.He was seeing her in the mirror that means she is standing on her back.He turned hopefully to see her.But there was no one.He again looked at the mirror.There is no one there again.He realized that it was his imagination.

He sat on the bed and started to tie his shoes.

“Get off the bed,today i will sleep on the bed”

He turned to his side hearing those lines and saw ragini.He tried to touch her face but ahe vanished.He looked the whole room.It was again his imagination.

“Why i am seeing her everywhere?What is happening?”he thought.

He remembered one of his friend saying that when someone falls in love,he sees that person everywhere,even after closing the eyes.

“Love!That can’t happen”he thought again.

He closed his eyes.He saw ragini’s face.All their memories came across his mind.their fights,their talks,at last their friendship.He opened the eyes in shock.

“I am in love!!Yes i am in love with that chipkali!!”he said to himself.

But the next moment his mood changed.After what happened with swara,will she able to believe him if he says that he loves her!

“I have to do something.I have to make bhai realise his mistake.He has to leave kavita.”he determined.

“I have to tel chipkali…no ragini that i love her! i can’t just wait!”he thought this while going to sanskar’s room.
He went to sansker’s room directly.He was about to shout on him but he stopped at the door seeing the view.Sansker was crying seeing at swara’s photo in her hand.

“Bhai”Laksh said softly placing a hand on his shoulder.

Sansker jerked at his touch and hid the photo immediately.He wiped the tears from his face.

Laksh took a seat near him and continued.

Laksh:Why r u doing this bhai?U love swara,then why r u doing this to her?
Sansker:I don’t know what u r talking about…i love kavita.
Laksh:U can lie to the whole world.But u can’t lie to ur brother.Tell me what made u do so?
Sansker gave up in this talk and hugged laksh.

“I can’t see her in pain Laksh..it’s killing me”sansker told in between cry.

Laksh consoled him and when he was im control the he asked him about the truth.Sansker told him all the matters.How kavita blackmailed him andnd threatened him.Laksh clenched his fist hearing this.

Laksh:Why didn’t u tell me this earlier?
Sansker:She threatened me that she can do harm to swara.
Laksh:But i am not getting one thing.why is doing all this?We have no enemity with her!
Sansker:That part is confusing for me too..she said that i made a mistake..but i am not getting this.
Laksh:What can it be?

They both sat there thinking about this..but nothing came out.At last laksh gave some suggestion to sansker.
Laksh:We have to teach that bi**h a lesion.
Sansker:So what do we do?

Laksh tells something to sansker that is muted.They both smiled after the plan was settled.

Swara was sitting in the room in darkness.In this two days..whenever she remembered the wordss told by sansker,she felt like dying.

“It would be better if i died in that accident”she thought.

Suddenly the lights are on,and ragini entered with a glass of milk.
Ragini:What is di?Why r u sitting im this darkness?

Swara:My life has become dark.What’s the use of light now?
Ragini sat near her and kept her hand on swara’s hand.
Ragini:You have to be strong di..life didn’t end here.But di..why am i feeling that sansker can’t do such a thing to u…i mean he loved u so much..nd now…i think something is nit right..and that kavita..i don’t like that girl!

Swara:Kya fark padta hai…jo hona tha ho gaya!Now nothing is left.
She took the divorce paper in hand.After coming home,she had no courage to open and sign this.When she took it,another piece of paper fell down from that.

“What is that?”ragini said while collecting that from ground.

Swara took the paper and opened it.The both sisters were shocked reading that.They both looked at each other.Swara was smiling with tears.

Swara:I told u ragini..he can never do this to me!
Ragini:I told that ok??Anyways..ab toh dekh liya na?
Swara:Haan..Dekh bhi liya aur soch bhi liya…now i will teach that kavita a lesson.

Then she told ragini something and after hearing that ragini laughed.
Ragini:Di..u r impossible!Now drink the milk…u will need power for what u r going to do!
Swara took the milk and drank it without making any fuss.She was more than happy now.Ragini felt happy seeing some light on her sisters face.

Then she thought about laksh.In this two days,she missed him like hell.She missed their silly fights.Whenever urvashi said anything to her,she missed his arm around him.She was now happy thinking that after all the matter solved,she will be able to see him!Another thought came in her mind,did he also miss her??She was not sure!

Precap:Swara slaps kavita…ragini knows about the truth that she is not sumi’s daughter.

So what do u think about the plans?What was written on that paper?Tell me in ur comments.

Some were asking for long parts…here it is.Well..i have two news for u guys..one bad and one good.U decide which is good and which is bad.

1.This ff is gonna end soon..i don’t wanna drag it much!May be within 2/3 parts it will end.

2.I will start a new ff.

So…have a good day..and don’t forget to share ur views.Bye.

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