Swaragini (love connection) part 30

Hi guys..i know i am a little late..so forgive me..i can’t believe i am in 30th part..thanks for the commentss and support!

Part 30

Swara and sansker were sitting on the garden.Swara was thinking about all the proposal thing.All seemed magical to her.Something which always happen in the movies.But she really couldn’t believe that her husband,her book worm husband did something cheesy for her.She was resting her head on his shoulder and everything was perfect.Until she remembered something.

She was going to propose sansker,and ragini wished to help her.Now when sansker has already proposed her than what will she do with that idea?

Oh no!The worst part is ragini doesn’t know that sansker proposed already.That means she will stick to the plan.

“We should stick to the plan.We will call them when everything is done”ragini declared placing her hands on her hip.

Laksh:What is left now??We have decorated the room and the book swara topd to buy is already wrapped in.

Laksh and ragini were in swasan room and they were decorating it with flowers and candles according to swara’s plan.

“The room is decorated. But the bed is looking like a widow.We should do something about that.”ragini said pointing towards the bed.

Laksh looked at the bed and shrugged.”Ohh..the bed?We will write ‘swara loves sansker’in that.Simple.”

Ragini:Arre idiot.Di will tell him that.Why will we write that on bed?That’s so common.We will shape a heart with rose patels.

laksh:Okey..as u say.

He turned to take the bag full of rose patels.While ragini sat on the bed for some work.Laksh took the bag and emptied it all on ragini who was on the bed,thinking that the bed was empty.Ragini stood up with irritation,and started removing the flowers from her body.

Ragini:What have u done?ek bhi kaam dekhke nehi kar sakte kya??Saare flowers mujhpe gira diya!Idiot kahika!

Laksh was so busy staring at her when she was removing flowers,that he didn’t even realized that she was telling something.He just looked at her mesmerised.

Tujhse hi to mili hai rahat
Tu hi to meri hai chahat
Tujhse hi to judi zindagi
Teri yaadein hain kuch adhoori
Saans aadhi hai kuch hai poori
Aankhon mein hai kaisi ye nami
Mera mann, kehne laga
Paas aake na tu door jaa
Chhoone de, honth tere
Zara saanson mein apni basa aa

Having no reaction from him ragini looked up at him and saw him watching her.She thought if anything wrong in her dress!She started to fix her dupatta.But when she looked at him again he was staring at her same.They had an eyelock.

Tujhe apna bana loon
Tujhe tujh se chura loon
Tujhe khud mein chhupa loon, Sahiba!
Ik mujh pe karam ho
Tu hi mera sanam ho
Teri mujh pe nazar ho, Sahiba!

Laksh was feeling like something new.He always fought with this girl.Why wasn’t he being able to remove his eyes from her today?What’s special in her?Is this feeling called love?

His chain of thoughts break when ragini waves a hand in front of him.He startled.

Ragini:Oye hello!!What r u seeing?We r here for some work haan?

Laksh:Wohi toh kar raha hu!

Laksh forwards a hand towards her head and ragini moved her head back being scared.What was he upto?

He drove his hand on her hair and took out a rose patel,while ragini kept looking at her breathing heavily.

Laksh:I was talking about this.
Ragini looked at his hand and relieved.

Laksh:Waise..u were looking cute with all the flowers over u.

Ragini:Flitting??Mujhpe kaam nehi karega ok??

Laksh in mind”That’s the only problem”

Ragini:Let’s complete the works.

Swara was thinking what might ragini do now?How will she tell her when sansker is around?She thought to msg her.She lifted her head from sansker’s shoulder to type msg.Sansker took her phone and kept it aside.

Sansker:What is this swara?How can u look to ur phone when ur so handsome husband is with u?

Swara chuckled.

Swara:Handsome?That’s why u couldn’t get any girl without me!
Sansker frowned.

Sansker:Who said i couldn’t find a girl?U know that how many girls was mad for me??I didn’t give them any chance samjhe??

Swara:Haan haan pata hai..lier.

Sansker:Are u challenging me?I will just make a call and all the college girls will run after me.Then u will not find any place to reach me in that crowd.

Swara kept her hand on his mouth stopping him.She was too scared at that thought.
Swara:Don’t ever dare to say that.U r mine, only mine.No one else can come near u.

She placed her head on his chest.Sansker wrapped his arm around her.She felt so protected there that leaving this hands wrapping her made her feel scared.They sat there in that position for sometime.

Sansker:Swara..i think we should go to room.

Swara panics “No”

Sansker was confused.
Swara:What happened swara?
Swara:Nothing..i mean..this place is so peaceful and romantic..i am not feeling to go.

swara in mind”If ragini is not done with her jib,then i will be embarrassed”
Suddenly her phone beeps with a msg.She checks it.It is from ragini.


She grabs sansker’s hand and said”let’s go to room”
Sansker:Arre..just now u said that u r feeling good here.
Swara:But now i feel to go to room…just come.

She dragged him inside.

Sansker was amused to see the decoration.

Sansker:Swara..w-when did u do that.

Swara smiled in reply.
“Who said i did that!”she said in mind.She was thanking ragini in thoughts for making such a beautiful decoration.

Suddenly they heard a knock at the door.Sansker opened it.He found no one there.But he found a book lying on the floor.It was “Romeo and Juliet”.He took the book and closed the door.He looked at swara confused and found her giggling.

Sansker:What is this?
Swara:Wo u like to read…but i thought to teach u something about love..so combining both of them i bought this.But now i think u already know the meaning of love.So give me this book.

She tried to catch it but sansker didn’t let her take it.

SanskerAb gift toh gift hai..i will keep it.

Swara:No give it.

Sansker:Aysa kya hai book mai?

While trying to take the book from each other a paper fall from the book.Sansker immediately took it and swara covered her face with hand seeing sansker reading it.

Sansker started to read it loudly.

“The first time when i saw u,u prevent me from falling.Seeing one glance of urs,i realized that u r the one for me.U r the one who will never let me fall.”

Sansker glanced at swara emotionally.

“Whenever u r close to me,my heart starts beating so fast that i fear it will come out of my chest.The thought of being u far,made the heart stop beating.I respect u,and respect all ur works.I just don’t like it when u r around kavita”

Sansker laughed at this.

“Do u know what all that means?That means that I LOVE YOU.Yes.The more u care for me the more i fall in love with u.”

Sansker finished reading this and came near swara.She was still covering her face with hand.He removes her hand.

Swara was murmuring with closed eyes”All Ragini’s fault.she told me to write.I have no fault.”

Sansker was confused.

Sansker:What?U didn’t write it?
Swara:I mean yes..o wrote it..but idea was of ragini.In fact all this decoration is also her plan.

Sansker was now disappointed.
“That means u didn’t mean what u wrote here?”he told with a pout.
Swara:Of course i mean it..but i thought u will make fun of it.

Sansker:Why?I actually liked it.

Swara now cursed herself for telling that it was all ragini’s plan.

Swara:Hey..r u upset that i took her help in that?

Sansker:No not at all..in fact i also took laksh’s help.The proposal was his idea only.
Swara:What!!Here i thought that u have become so romantic!

Sansker came close to her and hold her by waist.

Sansker:U can teach me how to be romantic!

Swara was breathing heavily as his hand moved upward.Now sansker’s one hand was placing on her waist and other hand grabbed her neck.He leaned to her and she closed her eyes.He kissed her forehead,then both cheeks.Swara
fisted his shirt as his lips came close to hers.

Both of them could hear each others heartbeat.Sansker kissed her soft lips holding her neck by one hand and his other hand found a way to the switch to turn off the lights.
(And then there was dark all over.So i have no idea what happened next 😉 )

Raglak room.

Ragini:I hope all goes fine..should i check once di?
Laksh:Arre pagli..let them be alone when it’s their suhagrat.Don’t disturb them okey?

Ragini:Arre i am tensed!It is di’s first time na?
Laksh:Toh mere bhai ne konsa suhagrat manai hai pehle?

Ragini scrunched her face.
Laksh:U r tensed like this as it is ur suhagrat..not ur sisters!

Ragini:Shut up!

Laksh smiled naughtily.And came towards her.She started to move backward until she hits the wall.She tried to go but laksh locked her placing both of his hands on the wall of each side of her.

Laksh:If u want then we can also..

Ragini:We can also?
Ragini:Make?(breathing heavily)
Laksh:Suhagrat??(Almost whispered)
Laksh:Decoration for other couples.


She was confused.Laksh moved far from her and started talking.

Laksh:All i wanted to say that we can make suhagrat decoration for other couple also..we r good at that right?

Ragini:What?I thought..
Laksh:U thought what?I will say we can also make our suhagrat?So funny thought!

He started laughing.Ragini felt irritated.

Ragini:No..i thought to kick in between ur legs for even thinking to say that.

She went to the sofa walking past to laksh.
He remembered last time when she kicked like that and felt horrified.

Laksh:Ouch!!That was not funny at all.

Phew!!Done with all romance.May be it is the most difficult thing in writing.I amm very bad at romance matter.So forgive me if u didn’t like that.

Please leave ur comments to let me know ur views about this part.And sorry for the late again.


  1. Neha

    Raglak seens plz..you made me crazy for raglak through your ff..so plz give more seens of them..plz plz plz

  2. Nitu1992


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    Yaar.. congrats for 30 parts . But still laksh doesn’t know abt ragini being his Cinderella… 🙁 want RagLak romance soon..

  3. Dafsi


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    It was a lovely chappy but want more raglak scenes even if its their fight its fine they look cute in your ff

  4. Fats

    Awww congratulations on your 30th part, all your episodes have been great. This update was also really cute. SwaSan were sweet and Lol at Swara’s letter. But a big AWW for RagLak. Laksh has totally fallen for Ragini like he can’t stop staring at her. And LOOOL at how Laksh said we can do suhag raat decor for other couples ??. That made me smile and laugh so much. Anyways can’t wait for the next update ? xx

    • Chaitali



      hii fats..thank u so much!!yeah laksh has already fallen for her..now only he will tell her.Haha..i also laughed when i wrote that decor part

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    Awesome bro. Kya ep hai??????
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    • Chaitali



      I am glad to know that my ff changed ur view about fanfics..thanks for the compliment ursila…I hope u will read till end

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