swaragini (love connection) Part 3


OMG!! i was just overwhelmed with ur comments.Thanks for ur support guys.Coming about pairs…first it will seem as a swalak and ragsan ff.But at the end it will be SWASAN AND RAGLAK only.Sorry swalak and ragsan fans if i hurt u 🙁
Pls don’t stop commenting or reading.U will see all the pairs bonding very well.It will be a treat for all swalak swasan raglak and ragsan fan.

part 3
Ragsan was talking
ragini:So you r my senior.
ragini:So will u rag me?
Sansker:No no not at all….if someone even tries to rag u..just take my name…they will do u NAMASTE.
He acted like folding hand to her.She starts laughing and says:Why??u are the don here.
sansker:Nope..i am…
“College topper”Laksh told from behind.
Ragini was just left open mouth.
Laksh:hey chipkali!Close ur mouth otherwise another chipkali will go into it.
Ragini quickly closed her mouth and says “keep ur monkey face away from me”
swara:Not again.
Laksh:Mujhe bhi koi shak nehi hai tumhare sath rehene ka per kya kare ab roj iss chipkali ko bear karna parega
Saying this he makes face.

ragini :matlab??
Swara:U and laks r in same department.
ragini:what!! i will quit this clg.I will do police complain.But i will never study in his department.
laksh:if u do so.u will do a fevour to me..huh
ragini:how mean!
swara:Ragini,believe me u will become friends after some days.
“NEVER!!!!!”ragini amd laksh shout together.
sansker:stop it laksh.Show ragini the classroom.
Laksh:why should i?
sansker:because u r in same cls.
ragini:i can go alone.
Saying this she went away.
Laksh also went to cls waving bye to swara.
Now swasan were alone.Swara was tensed as she didn’t know how to reach to the cls.Sansker notice this and asks “May i escort u to ur cls miss”with a dramatic voice.
Swara laughed at his behaviour and says”Of course my prince charming”then she realized what she said and became nervous
swara in mind:idiot what did u say.If he mids,Oh God!!swara control ur feelings
Sansker notice her nervousness and to light her mood he says”So someone thinks i am charming”
They both laugh together.Then sansker drops swara to her classroom.All the girls were jealous to see them together as sansker never paid any attention towards them.
As swara reached cls sansker waved bye and goes to his cls.
A girl comes near swara and asks:is he ur brother??
swara was hell shocked at the ques!!
swara: what the hell!! nope!!do i look like his sister??
girl:Then girlfriend?
girl:then what r u??
swara:his frnd.but why r u asking like this??
girl:Actually he never pays any heed to any girl.
Saying this the girl went away.Swara smiles standing there.”So i am special to him”swara in mind.

IN raglak cls
Some seniors came and tell about the freshers party.
Senior:Dear new comers,tomorrow there will be a freshers party for you guys.You have to maintain a dress code there.Girls have to wear long gown and boys have to wear formals.There will be some arrangements of games and dance.Hope u all will enjoy.
Then the seniors went away.
Laksh thinks “Dance!!what about dance with swara??”
Then he remember ragini threatening him on shaking hand with swara.Raginis word echoed in his mind”Don’t ever try to flirt with my sister”
He looks towards ragini who was listening to lectures attentively.He again thinks”she threatened me when i ask her sister to shake hands,if she starts beating me when i ask for dance”
he close his eyes and the only picture comes his mind is ragini beating him with a broom.He quickly opens his eyes shouting “NOOO!!!!”
All the cls turned to him confused.The teacher was looking at him angrily.”Sorry sir” laksh said.
Then he turned to ragini who was looking at him with a weird expression.As soon as their eyes met,ragini nods her head in an unbelievable manner and get back to listening lecture.
“Come on lucky,she is just a girl.And u r asking swara for dance only not proposing her.U can do it”He thinks
At swaras cls there also the announce of freshers party and dance.She was thinking about sansker and coming out of the cls.Suddenly she clashes with sansker and about to fall.But he catches her.Sansker was looking deep into her eyes.Swara was lost in him.Suddenly they realise their position and recompense themselves.
Sansker:So u have the habit of falling.
Swara:But u never let me fall.
Sansker again look in her eyes and they have a sweet eyelock.
Swara breaks the eyelock and says:ragini must be waiting for me.bye
She hurriedly went from there.Sansker stood still there.

At night in SM.Swaragini room
swara:ragini tomorrow is freshers party.What are u going to wear?
ragini:The pink gown which dad gifted me on birthday.
Swara:then i will wear the purple one.
ragini:di,don’t u find this laksh weird?
swara smiles and says:nope.may be u don’t like him that’s why u find him weird.
ragini:i just hate him.
swara:Why do u hate him so much?
ragini doesn’t find any answer for this ques and says:its night already.i am gonna sleep,as i dnt want any dark circle around my eyes.Gd night.
Swara:gd night.
And they sleep over.

Next evening at freshers party,Sansker and laksh came there.Laksh was wearing a blue blazer where Sansker was wearing black.Sansker was introducing laksh as his younger bro to his frnds.But Laksh’s eyes were continuously searching for swara.Sansker pulls him to the corner where all the masks were kept and the took two mask and wear them.
Laksh thinks”everybody is wearing mask.how can i identify swara?”
Just then two girls enter into the party.One was wearing pink gown another was in purple.They both had white masks in their face which was giving them a look like cinderala.(for ur information the pink one is ragini and purple one is swara)
Many boys were starring at them.They ignored it and went to a corner and started chating.
ragini:Why are they watching like this??am i looking weird?
swara:No u r looking beautiful. they just can’t take their eyes off u.
ragini:Even my angel is not looking any less.
they both laughed together.
Screen freezes on smiling face of swaragini.

precap:party continues….and some shocking events.

So guys how was the part??pls tell me through ur comments.Good or bad anything…just keep commenting.

Credit to: chaitali

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