Swaragini (love connection) part 29 (swasan confession)


Hi guys…how r u all??Chaitali is back after a long time…actually my exam was over two days before …and now i am free…i will give u regular updates from now on…happy now???Well i am too much happy as i have got A month’s holiday!
Well no more bak bak..let’s start with today’s part

Part 29

Sansker woke up in the morning and found swara brushing her wet hair in front of the mirror.When their eyes met through mirror,swara turned to his side.
Swara:Good morning(with a smile)
Sansker:Good morning.Today u r awake before me!
Swara:Hmm..time changes u know..
Sansker pushed himself from the bed and went to washroom grabing the towel.Swara also reached downstairs after being ready.
She met ragini at the dining table.

Ragini Smiled seeing her sister.She looked towards laksh and he showed her thumb.Ragini nodded and started talking while swara took a seat beside her.
Ragini:di…sansker kaha hai?
Swara:Getting ready…why?
Ragini:Ohho…i see…he has a student right?What is her name…yeah…kavita..her is going to teach her right?
Swara:No..he is going to college..he doesn’t even talk to kavita now!
Ragini:How do u know?
Swara:He promised me!
Ragini:And why will he keep his promise??
Swara:Because he is my husband.
Raginii:But u said u r just being friends..nd we often promise our friends many things just to calm down them!
Swara:But he loves me na…why will he make fake promise?
Ragini came near her ear and whispered
Ragini:Di…did he say i love u to u?
Ragini:That’s the problem!When i say straightly..u call me besharam!
Swara:I am telling again..jo bolna hai sidhe sidhe bol.
Ragini:Did u say i love u to him.
Ragini:Then how can u be sure that he loves u??

Ragini said this raising her eyebrow.Swara was confused.
Swara:We just feel it..it’s nothing to say..we can feel it in each other’s care.
Ragini:Care toh vo kavita ki bhi karta hai!
Swara:What do u mean?
Ragini:I mean..u should not be late in confess ur feelings..kya pata..if kavita propose him and he accepts?
Ragini:So don’t be late..just go and tell that how much u love him.
Swara:But how can i say it first?I am a girl!
Ragini:Arre duffer..u know na..how much book worm is he!So u have to tell him first.

Just then sansker came and sat beside laksh giving a smile to swara.Swara was in deep thought.

As soon as sansker returned from college laksh called him.
Laksh:Bhai…come na..i have something important to say
Sansker:Now i am tired..we will talk later
Laksh:What bhai…u started avoiding me since when u r married.
Sansker gave up to his dramebaaz brother and sat beside laksh in the sofa.
Sansker:Tell me what u want to say.
Laksh:U know what..ur childhood friend abhay…his wife divorced him.
Sansker:That was ur important talk?
Laksh:No..important is the reason behind the divorce.
Sansker:And what is that?
Laksh:His wife felt that he never loved her!
Sansker:May be he didn’t love her…that’s why
Laksh:No…the truth is he loved her from 10th class!But couldn’t tell her that.
Sansker:Kya!!Is that any joke..he never told it that’s why she divorced him?Couldn’t she feel it in his care?
Laksh:That’s the problem of girls…they don’t understand anything till u tell them clearly!I hope u told swara that u love her…otherwise she will also…u know..what i mean.
Sansker nodded like a puppet and went from there.Laksh smirked from his back.

Swara was talking over the phone with her clg friend mili
Swara:What?Why r u living with an idiot when he doesn’t even love u!
Mili:What else can i do?
Swara:Just divorce him!

Sansker entered at that moment and shocked to listen her.

Swara:The idiot who doesn’t even say i love u to his wife once really deserves divorce.

She turned while talking and saw sansker standing at the door.She cut the call seeing him.
Swara:Arre..when did u come?How was ur day?
Sansker:I am tired…let me rest.
He walked past to her and took place in bed.
Swara thought”He is avoiding me??Kahi kavita ne propose toh nehi kiya!!OMG!!Do something swara!”
Here sansker was thinking”The girl who can suggest her friend to divorce husband for not saying i love u..she can divorce me for sure..sansker beta..do something”

Laksh was walking to his room,suddenly someone grabbed his hand and took him aside.
“What the hell ragini!”he shouted first but stopped seeing the person in front of him.It was sansker.He was looking at laksh confusingly.
Laksh:Bhai aap?What were u doing?And why r u staring at me like thus?
Sansker:Ques toh mujhe karna chaiye!You r taking ragini’s name haan?Kahin tujhe bhi pyaar toh nehi ho gya?
Laksh:No…aysa kuch bhi nehi hai…u say..why did u got me here?
Sansker:Umm…i need ur help.
Laksh raised his eyebrow.

Here swara knocked at ragini’s door.
Swara:May i come in?
Ragini:Di..now u have to take permission for coming in?
Swara came in and took seat in the bed.Seeing her tensed ragini asked her.
Ragini:Di..what happened?r u allright?
Swara:Ragini..u said right in the morning…he didn’t say me i love u…if really kavita propose him?then what will happen to me?

Ragini was trying hard not to laugh.She controlled her laugh and made a serious face.
Ragini:Haan..what will happen to u?
Swara:Now what should i do?
Ragini:Propose him

Sanlak side
Laksh:How would i tell?It’s ur personal matter!
Sansker:I am asking ur suggestion and u r showing ur this colour!
Laksh:Arre..aap toh bura man gaye!How can i know this proposal matter?Did i propose anyone?
Sansker:But u had so many gfs
Laksh:None of them were serious ok??Ok leave it..i am thinking something.

Swaragini side

Ragini told something in her ear.

Sanlak side
Sansker:R u sure?Is it not too filmy?Agar time ki garbar ho gyi toh?
Laksh:Nothing will happen..trust me!
Sansker nodded and laksh patted his back.

Swara entered in her room and didn’t find sansker there.She sighed and went near the mirror to brush her hair.She found a chit in the dressing table.Therw was written…

“Do u know when my books get most angry to me?The time when u brush ur hair in front of the mirror..do u know why?Because i can’t take my eye off u and so i can’t look at my book!So stop taking my breath by showing ur long hair and come out”

Swara laughed at the words and said,”Book worm!”
Then she went out of the room.At the stairs she found another chit with a rose.There was written..

“Now ur eyes will become angry with me…because i praised ur hair..not ur eyes!Toh inka gussa bhi thanda kar lete hai!Don’t make them too big..i will drown in them.”

Swara blushed reading this.She proceeded searching for another chit which she found at the main door with another red rose.There was written..

“I like the way u r blushing now!Ur cheeks become red like this rose and i crave to pull them.Stop blushing like this and come to garden…otherwise i will go mad!”

Swara was now blushing very hard.
“I can’t imagine that a book worm like him can be so romantic!”she said while blushing.
She opened the door and ran to the garden.But she found it dark when she reached there.
Swara:Yaha toh kuch bhi nehi hai!

Suddenly a spotlight fell on her and she heard sansker’s voice.

Sansker:I always heard people saying,love is something gifted by God.They always kept talking about true love and all when i was busy in reading books.My friends memorised the lines by which they will propose their gfs,when i was memorising the long lectures of professors.My friends were choosing the colour of flower which they should gift their gfs,when i was busy observing how colour passes through a prism.But then suddenly someone came in my life who changed all things..Do u know who is she?”

Swara was eager to know..she looked for sansker in the dark..but she couldn’t find him..She was just hearing his voice.Suddenly another spotlight fell on one of the trees in garden.There was her picture hanging on the tree.She again heard his voice.

Sansker:I met her.Do u know what she told me when i tried to gift her?She said “gift me something which i can never return.”I was puzzled…what is that thing which she can’t return me!Then i thought of something to give her.Do u want to know what is that?

Swara nodded her head.Then another spotlight fell on other tree revealing a heart shaped showpiece.There was written “My heart”.Swara looked at that emotionally.Tears of happiness started to form in her eyes.She again heard sansker’s voice.

Sansker:So here it is…my heart.She won’t be able to return it right?What do u think?

Swara nodded in negative and whispered “But she has already given her heart. to u”

Sansker again said,”Hey…i forgot to say another thing to her…can u please convey my message to her?The message is I love her more than myself.I will continue loving her till i get retired…from the earth!”
Now another spotlight fell on another tree revealing a big poster written,”I Love You Swara”

swara was standing there amazed,stunned,surprised amd what not?She again heard his voice.

Sansker:With all this things,i want her to accept one more thing.

Then another spotlight flashed revealing sansker himself.Swara looked at him as he continued.

Sansker:That is me..the ultimate book worm…i promise i will give u more time than my books.And haan…i will never ever go to library teach kavita or any other girl.Now will u accept me?

Swara smiled with tears.She couldn’t stop herself now and ran to sansker.She engulfed him in a tight hug.She started weeping in his chest.

Tum ho
Tum ho paas mere
Saath mere ho
Tum yun
Jitna mehsoos karoon tumko
Utna hi paa bhi loon
Tum ho mere liye
Mere liye ho tum yun
Khud ko main haar gaya
Tum ko, tumko main jeeta hoon

Sansker also wrapped his arms around her.He kissed her hairs.

Kis tarah chheenega aa
Mujh se ye jahaan tumhe
Tum bhi ho main
Kya fiqar ab humein
Tum ho mere liye
Mere liye ho tum yun
Khud ko main haar gaya
Tum ko, Tumko main jeeta hoon

They both prayed that the time should stop there.

Phew!Done with that long part.Did i make u bore with so long part..hope i didn’t…pls share in ur comments if u liked sansker’s propsal or not?And yeah…the propose is not over yet..thers is more to come in next part.

Raglak fans..i know this part was all about swasan..sorry to u all…but just wait for some days..raglak’s turn will also come..and their confession will be something crazy like them…just keep reading.Love u all…


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