Swaragini (love connection) part 28 – Promo

I am very bad at giving promos…but bear me with this one.I am really too busy to write a chapter now.Exams r really eating my head.

So,wish me luck with the exams…and enjoy the small promo.

Swara was pacing on her room to and fro…she was thinking about all the things ragini told to her.

Really??Was she too late to confess her feelings to her husband?Was it her fault to wait for that idiot book worm to propose her?

Will he go to kavita if she offer him now?Kavita can do anything.She can propose a married man too!She couldn’t just get over the talk she just had with her sister.

“Why can’t girl propose boys?”

“Who told you that they can’t?”her inner voice replied.

“But what will he think?”

“He will just know how much his wife love him!”

“I don’t even know what he feels about me!He just consider me as a good friend.”

“Friendship is the first stage of love!”

“If he takes it wrong?”

“You should try”

She was done with the argument with her inner soul.So she thought to do what her heart says.It’s 21st century.What’s wrong in that if a girl propose a boy?Moreover when the boy is her husband?

“What’s up dude?After a long time!How is everything going?”sansker asked his old friend Abhay with whom he met at the shopping mall.

“Shopping to attend my ex wife’s wedding.”Abhay replied with a sad smile.

Sansker:Means?You guys got divorced?But you said u loved her since childhood.It was ur luck that ur parents chose her for u.
Abhay:Bad luck!
Sansker:What happened?She left u even after knowing that u loved her since childhood?
Abhay:That’s the only thing she didn’t know.We were good friend but never i had courage to tell her how much i loved her.

He sighed.Sansker was lost in deep thought.Abhay went away after saying him bye.He only nodded in response.

There was the same thing in his and swara’s case.He loved her but didn’t tell her yet.What if she does something like abhay’s wife did?I mean ex wife!Then swara will be also his “ex” wife.Probably he will be shopping like abhay to attend her wedding.

This thought made him flinch.Moreover he had till the talks in his head what laksh said him in this morning.He waved away the talks by laughing at laksh.But that advices seemed more meaningful after meeting with Abhay.

No!He should stop being a coward and tell swara how much he love her.After all she is his wife.She is not gonna divorce him for this..is she??


Rahul knelt down in front of ragini and gave her the rose he had on his hand.Laksh was astonished at his action.What was going on?He was standing far from them and seeing everything.

“I love u ragini..i know u too love me…so will u marry me after ur divorce with that idiot?”Rahul said as he had took out a ring from the velvet box in his hand.

“Idiot?U r an idiot to think that she loves u…i am her husband.”laksh whispered clenching his fist far from them.

They didn’t even know that he was present there too.Witnessing the romantic propsal of rahul.

Ragini took out the ring which was given by her in laws and threw it.Then she forwarded her hand to rahul.

“I was,am and always will be urs.I love u rahul.”she replied with a smile.

“No no no…u were,is and will be my wife!”laksh told nodding his head vigorously even after knowing that they are not hearing him.

Rahul stood up and hugged her.She too hug him back.Then they walked away with hand in hand.

“No…u can’t do this to me chipkali!I love u dammit! I love u ragini…just don’t leave me for this duffer!”He shouted with all his energy.But they were going far from him without hearing his.

“Come back ragini..i love u”he started to run along with saying that.

But it seemed that they were infinite far from him.He kept running behind them until he fell on the floor and hit his head to tje rough road.

He kept blabbering with closed eye”I love u ragini..i can’t live without u chipkali.I love u.”

That’s when someone started shaking him.Was it some random people on the road?But the voice heard familiar.

“Wake up jerk.Stop the irritating noise.It’s disturbing my sleep.”

He blinked his eyes for couple of minutes to see the person shaking him.It took him a long time to realise that it was ragini.So where is rahul?

He looked around him.It was not ths road.It was his own room.That’s when he realized that he was dreaming.While the running process he fell from the sofa and the hit he got in his head was real.

He quickly got up and laid back to sofa.He closed his eyes completely ignoring ragini.Ragini shook her head and went back to sleep in the bed.

Laksh was shocked to think that in his dream also he told that he loves that chipkali?Was it true?There was another tension stuck on his mind.Did she hear him blabbering in sleep?He is so dead then.But the most important ques is now..did he really love her??

Long promo right?Anyways..what do u think laksh and ragini told sansker and swara as they got so tensed?Who will end up proposing first u think?And what about laksh?Did he really started loving her?And did ragini hear him?Let me know what do u think in ur comments.Take care..i will meet u after 16th.

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