Swaragini (love connection) part 27


Sorry for late again…here is a real looong part…enjoy it and forgive for typing mistake.

Part 27

Sujata dragged swara to the dining table.Swara was looking at her and other ladies cluelessly.

Sujata:Come come…eat this…u will need energy to write in exam.
Ap also took ragini with her.She took a bite in her hand and took it near raginis mouth.

Ragini:Mom..my throat is block due to tension.I can’t eat now.

Ap:Ayse kyse…if u don’t eat then how will u have energy?

Sujata:Ha chori..we have made this food specially for u.
Swara:Thank u mom..but if i eat now…it will surely lead to vomiting.

Laksh and sansker was watching this drama standing there.
Laksh:Wah…looks like only this two have exams…main toh hall me guard dene ke liya ja raha hu??Nobody cares about me huh!

Pari:Come on devar ji…i am here to care about u…look i have made ur favourite dish.

Ap:Haan…we cared for u enough..now it’s time to care for our bahus.If we don’t look after their health then sumi ji will say that she sent her daughters to an useless house.

Sujata:Waise..did u talk to sumi ji?
Swara:Haan mom…She called early morning..me and ragini took blessing from mom and papa.

Uttara:Baas bhabi…enough of talks..now eat…if ur throat is blocked then drink this juice..i have made this specially fo u two.

Swara and ragini drank the juice somehow and then the four went to the college.

They went to the notice board to see the seat plan.Swara was in room no 401 and raglak were in 307.Sansker took swara to her hall amd raglak went together.

Ragini hurriedly came to the hall and start searching her rolll no on the bench.At last she found it and sat there.The next time ahe found laksh sitting beside her.

Ragini:Why r u sitting here?This is not ur roll number.
Laksh:So what?
Ragini:Let me see ur roll.
She took his admit card and checked.
Ragini:Urs is 1551,and in the bench it is 1548.yeah..ur seat is two bench behind this.
Laksh:Then who will sit here?
Ragini:Role 1548.Oh yeah…it is rahul’s roll number!
“Are u talking about me?”some voice asked from behind.

Ragini:Rahul!!Look we r seated together.Now we can see each others copy…what say?U will help me right?
Rahul:If course babes!
Laksh’s eye came out.
“Babes!!!!!”he exclaimed.
Ragini:Nothing serious..we used to call each other like this fir fun.
Rahul:Excuse me laksh…i can sit here if u get up and sit on ur own place.
Laksh gritted his teeth and stood up.He went to his sit without saying anything.From there he saw ragini and rahul talking lightly.They were discussing about how ques paper may be!But laksh didn’t hear clearly.
“Babes!How dare he call her like this rven for fun!And this chipkali…she couldn’t even eat due to tension..and now she is talking with him like she is relaxed.Whatever..mujhe kya!I am not jealous at all!”He thought and shrugged.But inside he knew it very well how jealous he was.

Swara took a deep breath seeing the number of the room before her.It was her exam hall.

Sansker kept his hand on her shoulder.
Sansker:Are u scared?
Sansker:Don’t forget…you r the wife of topper sansker maheswari.You can’t fail…in fact u will pass with a good mark.

Sansker:Realy.Now take this water bottle.Whenever you feel thirsty..drink it.

The peon came there ask sansker to go.
Peon:Sir…principal sir said that u can’t be hete as ur relatives are giving exams…so u must go.
Sansker nods and went away giving swara strength last time.

He waited outside till the exam was over.He was tensed if the exam goes well or not!At last his worries vanished seeing the happy faces of this three after exam.

Laksh comes near him and hugged him.
Laksh:May be this i will pass in one chance bhai!I am so happy.

Sansker gave a smile to him and walked to swara.
Sansker:Hey…how was ur exam?
Swara:Superb…after all i am one time topper’s and present lecturer’s wife!
Sansker:So toh hai.

They smiled and went home together.All started to ask how was the exam!They got relieved knowing that it was good.They ask them to rest in their room.

Ragini and laksh went upstairs.Swasan also headed to the stairs but sansker got a call.He went away to receive it.Before he went far swara heard him saying on the call,”Haan kavita..tell me how was the exam?”

Swara didn’t tell anything and went upstairs.

Sansker entered the room and saw that swara was involved in deep thought.His presence didn’t make any difference to her.

He waved his hand in front of her and she came back to reality.

Sansker:What were you thinking?
Swara:About Kavita.
Sansker:Swara…there is nothing to worry about…she is just a random student.
Kavita:Then why does she keep calling u always?Is it normal? ?
Sansker:It’s because she was trying hard to cope with new college and she needed my help…so stop worrying about silly matters.You r behaving like a typical wife.

Swara:What do u mean?I AM your wife.
Sansker:When did i say you r not?
Swara:Just now.
Sansker:I just meant to say that u were behaving weird.
Swara:What!!you mean i am weird??
Sansker:Why r u making out different meaning of my words??
Swara:So now u r accusing me??All of this because of that kavita..he snatched my best friend from me!!Now kavita is there for u..why would u like my behave anyways!!

She started to cry saying this.Sansker slapped himself mentally for making her cry.He tried to make he calm.He holds her shoulder.

Sansker:Swara calm down.Look..i am sorry.

Swara jerked his hand from her shoulder.

“Don’t touch me..go to kavita!”she says in between sobbing.

Sansker:Sorry baba…i will do what u say…just stop crying..
Swara turned her face.

Sansker:I said sorry na??Ab kaan pakar kar up down karu kya??

Swara turned her face to see him..there was guilt in his eyes.
Swara:Will you do exactly what i say?

Sansker nods his head in possitive.

Swara:Never go to that kavita ever.If she needs help then she will get it from other teachers…i don’t find her intention good.

Sansker:What..u r just thinking too much
Swara:You said u will do what i say.
Sansker:Okey…i won’t go to her…and will avoid her calls..happy now.

Swara nods her head happily.Sansker pulls her nose and said “Pagal!”
He then went ro washroom to get fresh.Swara took a breath of relief.

“Thanks God..he couldn’t catch my acting..otherwise he would never agree”she told in mind.

There fighting was overheard by ragini.She got worried.She was walking to her room thinking how to patch up between them.Suddenly she collides with laksh.

Laksh:Are u blind??Can’t you see people coming?
Ragini:If i am blind then u too are blind…couldn’t you see me?

Laksh:You will never accept ur fault right?
Ragini:Why would i accept if it was not my fault?
Laksh nods his head with an unbelievable expression and started to go.Something got in ragini’s mind and she called laksh back.
Laksh:What happened now?
Ragini:Come on..we have to talk.
Laksh:About what?
Ragini:Not here.

Laksh opened his mouth to say something but before that ragini started dragging him.He just followed her with open mouth.

“Will u tell me what is the matter?”laksh asked 4th time sitting on the bad.

Ragini just looked at him…opened her mouth to say something but dismissed it like previous times and continued her job walking around the room.

Laksh lost his patience already.

Laksh:Are u gonna say or else i am going.

Ragini turned to him and walked near him.She sat on knees in front of him on the floor.

She took a deep breath before starting.Laksh was confused to see her behaviour.

Ragini:Look..the matter is a bit complicated…but i can’t share this with anyone else…so i had no choice without taking ur help.


Ragini:I know we fight always..but even enemy will help in this situation…and u r my husband after all…won’t yo help me?

She said it with the most innocent face and sweet voice.

“Don’t tell me that u r pregnant!”laksh said with a horror face.

Ragini:What!How could u even think like that??Cheap mind.

Laksh:Then what is it?
Ragini:It’s about swara and sansker..i know they love each other…but they haven’t confessed it yet!We must do something to make them confess their feelings.

Ragini:Yeah..you will help me.

Laksh:And what made u think that i will help you?
Ragini narrowed her eyes.

Laksh:Okey..i will help.. but i have a condition.
Laksh:U have to stop irritating me and accept my friendship proposal.

Ragini agreed unwillingly.Laksh forwards his hands.

Laksh:So friends?
Ragini takes his hands uninterested.
Ragini:Hmm…friends..now tell me what’s the plan.
Laksh:I have a perfect idea.

He smirked and she looks on confused.

Same night swasan room

Sansker used to sleep in sofa till now as he said that he will give swara time to make herself comfortable.But the fact was unknown to him that she already gave her heart to him before marriage itself.Neither he could take a step ahead nor she could tell anything.

Sansker was placing the pillow on the sofa.Swara was looking at him sadly.
Swara:Will you sleep in sofa today too?
Sansker:Then where will i sleep?Do u want me to sleep outside the room

Swara:No..i mean the bed is big enough for us.

Sansker stopped his job and turned to her with a confused look.

Sansker:We agreed that we will sleep separately till u r not comfortable to take the relation to next level

Swara:I am comfortable (theb she bit her tongue realising what she said) i mean…u r not comfortable in that sofa…i saw u having difficulties in sleeping.

Sansker:That mrans u kept staring me while sleeping?
He smiled naughtily.She felt embarrassed.

Swara:No..not at all….sidhe sidhe bolo na..that u r afraid tahr u can’t control urself if u sleep beside me..that’s why u r avoiding.
Sansker:Who said that…i am not afraid at all..i can control myself.
Swara:Then dare to sleep in the bed.

Sansker:I have no problem…u just keep control on urself.

He said while lying on the bed beside her.She smiled awkwardly and he turns the light off…they sleep.

In raglak room

Laksh kept looking at ragini while she was arranging the bed.

Laksh:Hey…we both r friends now..so we can share bed.

Ragini:Even rahul is my best friend..should i share bed with him?

Laksh stood up hearing this.
Laksh:Chii..only u can say like this!

Ragini:What!I just pointed out the lame excuse of urs…look we r friends only to make our siblings close…so don’t try to take advantage of it and sleep on the sofa..today is my turn to use bed.

She lied on the bed facing back to him.A smile came on her face which was unseen by laksh.He turns off the lights and tried to sleep calming his anger.

Precap:It’s confession time.

So..how do u find today’s part?Do u think that sansker will be able to avoid kavita?Did u like raglak friendship?Tell me in ur comments.

Credit to: Chaitali

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