Swaragini (love connection) part 26

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Part 26

Sansker was teaching kavita in the library.They were sitting as close much to read the same book.

Kavita:Sir,this much studies!How can i finish them within 3 months…xams r really near.
Sansker:Don’t take tension..you will do good…u r so brilliant!you have learnt so much in one day…and moreover…i m here to help.
Kavita:Thank u sir..but us it possible for u to help me everyday like this?I mean i have a lot to cope up with
Sansker:I will try

He looked at the time and hurried.
Sansker:I have a cls to attend…so bye.
He went and kavita looked him from behind.A little smirk we can see in her face.

“U r right mr. sansker…i am soo brilliant!U have no idea about my brain” she told while playing with the pen.

“I can’t understand anything!How did people pass in this subject?”swara exclaimed throwing the books in table.She was really exhausted with studies.

“Just like i passed!”sansker said with a broad smile while coming to her.
He was enjoying her irritated face.Swara scrunched her face.
Swara:You r enjoying this right?
“No not at all”he said innocently.

Swara threw herself on the bed being frustrated.
Swara:I can’t pass the exams.God..why did u create exams?

Sansker pulled her up holding hand and made her sit on the bed.
Sansker:You will pass…i am there to help u..let me see where r u having problems?

He took the book on the table and opened it before her.
Swara:Kyun?Kavita ko help karna ho gaya ki mujhe help karne aye ho??Go and help ur beloved student.

She made face and turned to other side.Sansker smiled at her talks.
“Jealous?”He asked raising eyebrows.

“Not at all…why would i?And yaa..i don’t need ur help like her”swara said still turning on other side.
Sansker made her turn to his side.
Sansker:Really? ?
Sansker:Okey..then i am going to help kavita…she told me to be in library this evening as the class is off due to upcoming exams.I told no to be with u and help u.But now i think i should go!

He stood up but swara immediately grabbed his hand and made him sit again.

Swara:No need to go!Umm…u help me in this.

She told it showing a specific chapter in book.Sansker started his teaching.In between studying swara kept staring at him…but he was so devoted in teaching her that he didn’t even notice.Swara took a sigh thinking how book worm her husband is!Then she also gave attention to the studies.

It has been two months after the family reunion.Everybody was happy in the family except three people.Swsra,ragini and laksh.Only the people who gives exams understand what is the pain of it..there was only one month left for final exams.

The three were working hard for it.Though sansker helped swara a lot in her studies…she felt like he was helping kavita more than her.Oh yes..this kavita often asked sansker for helping her.He went to library just to help her in studies as a teacher.But what was kavita upto was not so clear till now.

Ragini and laksh often had a fight as they had to share a room for studies.If one studied loudly it created disturbance for other one which lead to quarrel.

Like one night

Ragini was reading loudly.It disturbed laksh who was trying to pay attention to his studies.He closed the books and walked to the table in which she was studying with an irritated face.Once it was his table and now this girl made it all her!Moreover she is reading so loudly like only she has exams in this room!

He went close to her and stamped his hand on the table.Ragini lifted her face with irritation.

Laksh:Get up and go out if u want to study loudly.
Ragini:What do u mean??
Laksh:I have to study too…ur voice is disturbing me.
Ragini:It’s ur problem..not mine…u can go out.

She again started her job reading out loudly.Laksh went back to his seat angrily and started to read louder than her.This time…it was ragini who got disturbed.She stood up and went near him.

Ragini:Oye hello…you can’t read so loud!
Laksh:I will…if u have any problem u can go out.

Ragini understood that he was doing this just to take revenge.

Ragini:Look..my exam is near..so i can’t waste my time quarreling with u…i have a lot to study.
Laksh:Exactly…even me too have the same exams…so why don’t we make a deal?
Ragini:What deal?
Laksh:We won’t read out loud when we both r studying.I won’t disturb ur study when u r studying quietly and u won’t disturb mine.What say?
Ragini:Okey…deal.I won’t read loud when u r studying.

Laksh:Good girl.

They both go back to studies.

At midnight

Laksh was sleeping peacefully on the bed.Today was his turn!Suddenly he woke up hearing some loud voice beside him.He woke up with a jerk.He turned to his right side to see ragini reading loudly and the light was on.

Laksh:Won’t u let me sleep now?What is this drama??
He said this rubbing his eyes.He was seriously disturbed by her doings.

Ragini:Don’t disturb me…can’t u see i am studying??
Laksh:At this midnight?
Ragini:Yes…at daylight some monkeys disturbs me.
Laksh:Oh God!do what u wish…but pls let me sleep yaar!!Read without making noise.We had a deal right?
Ragini:We had a deal that we won’t read loudly when other one is also studying…and now u weren’t studying ..so i didn’t break any deal!!Simple!

He lied down on the bed again amd covered his ear with pillow to get some sleep.But ragini…she continued to disturb his lovely sleep with her loud voice!How sad!!

The next one month also passed like this.Just 2 days left for exams.

Sansker was getting ready to go to library.Swara was looking at him sadly having a book in her hand.

Swara:Aaj bhi jana jaruri hai kya?
Sansker:Yes..as she is my student…in fact the day after tomorrow is her xam.
Swara:Even i have exam.You should help me na?
Sansker:I am.always here to help u…but she has no one there na?

Swara:Okk…then i am coming with u too…you will teach us both!
Sansker:No way…i know u can’t be attentive being out of ur room.You stay here and study.I will come back soon.

He went out.Swara looked his back.
“This kavita!!can’t she even learn a single thing by herself??”she told it angrily.

“Enough for now…my head is gonna burst!”laksh said while closing the book.

He took the towel and went to washroom for having a shower.Ragini looked at him weirdly.Really!!who takes bath in this time.In afternoon!

After taking shower laksh realized that he had forgotten to take clothes in the washroom.

Laksh:What to do now!I can’t go wearing towel in front of her!Should i ask for clothes to her?She will definitely taunt me!

He peeped his head opening the door slightly and whispered,”Laado”

Ragini got irritated hearing this name again.Moreover his whisper made her feel disgusted.She replied without turning to him.

Ragini:How many times i have to tell u not to call me by this name.(to herself-chipkali is even far better than this name)
Anf now what new drama is this??Why r u whispering?

Laksh:Can u give me the clothes?
Ragini:What?Do u think me a maid to work for u?
Laksh:Actually i have forgot to take it inside.So stop talking nonsense and give me that.
Ragini:U r asking for help..so speak politely.Then i will think about helping u.
Laksh:Will u give it or not?
Ragini:First say “please”
Laksh:That’s it!!If u don’t give..i have no problem..i am coming out like this…don’t blame me for this.

He came out wearing towel only covering his waist.Ragini immediately turned her face seeing him like this.

“R u mad!!get inside.I am giving u clothes”she told covering her eyes.

Laksh smiled victoriously and went inside again.
“Ab aya line pe”he told while taking clothes from ragini.

Swara closed her books and went near balcony.The thought about kavita and sansker was seriously disturbing her studies.What was in that girl which made her feel uncomfortable?She never felt so insecure seeing her husband with other girls.Then what is it now?

“Swara u r thinking much!There is nothing to worry!”she said to herself shaking her head.
“May be an icecream will help to get over this”

She thought to tell sansker to bring icecream while coming home.So she called him.She heard the phone ringing near her.She turned to the direction and found sansker’s phone on bed.

“He left the phone here!Now how can i tell him?Idea!I will go to library and give him the phone and while returning we will have icecream.”she told to herself taking the phone from the bed.

Sansker and kavita was in the library.Sansker looked at his watch and hurried.
Sansker:I should get going now…my wife must be worried as i forgot my phone at home.Best of luck kavita…give ur exam well.

He stood up to go…but stopped hearing kavita scream.

Kavita:Ahh..something has got into my eyes..i can’t open it!

Sansker sat down again.
Sansker:Let me see.
He angled his head to blow air in her eyes.But if someone saw them from behind,they would surely think they were kissing.

“What the hell is happening here?”some angry voice told from their back.

They quickly stood up and found swara there.
Kavita:Swara..there is nothing like this u r thinking…it was just my eyes..

Swara stopped her showing hands.
Swara:How do u know what i am thinking/?
Sansker:Swara it’s nothing.
Swara:I am not talking to u…kavita if something went into ur eyes then u could wash it…what was the need of it?
Kavita:I was not able to see anything…if u don’t believe then ask sir.
Swara:Believe?Listen…i believe my husband fully…so i have no reason to doubt..it’s others for whom i am tensed.If anyone saw u like the position i saw then they would have mistaken it…and sansker would be blamed.He is a teacher here…so he gas got some respect..and don’t forget he is ur sir too.

She turned to sansker and holds his hand.

Swara:Let’s go from here..it’s already late.
She dragged sansker from there.Sansker just stared at her.He was really happy inside to see her concern and trust to him.

Kavita looked the way they were gone.She took her bag and said,”So much trust??No problem…it wil just take more time to break…but it will break one day.

It was exam day of laksh ragini and swara.But it seemed like the ladies of the house had exams of cooking.They were preparing breakfast thinking like “more they will eat,more they can write in papers.”

They came down being ready.Sansker also came with them.

They were shocked to see the preparation and excitement in their face.Was it some cooking competition?If they wished just to taste each food…they will surely miss the exams.All the ladies were staring at them with “Come and eat my prepared dish” look in their face.

What was going on?

Sorry guys for being so late…i was just to lazy to write this part..i hope i didn’t bore u with this part….comment guys to let me know.

For some days..i will be late….but after 16 june..i will be regular.Have fun..keep reading..and don’t forget to comment…i will feel good to chat with u all and make new friends here.

Love you tons.

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    1. i am never busy for u lucky bro…so here is the summary…
      Sansker and swara met in a park while jogging..then that day they meet again when there car hit each other…ragini and laksh were driver of their respective car..so they got fight.Sansker is 2 year senior then the three..raglak were in same cls..in freshers party ragini dance with laksh and after the dance she saves him from the chandelier falling on him..but due to mask he misses to see her face..her bracelet was found by him..in which there was written swaragini..so laksh thought it must be swara as ragini alwz fights with him…So he starts to like swara..but swara liked sansker from the first day..as he used to help her in studies so spending time with him made her fall in love with her…Ap fixed swara’s wedding with laksh..and Ragini with sansker..at wedding day ragini finds swara’s diary and got to know the truth..swara attempt suicide but ragini saves her at end moment..amd swaps the bride…later swara also get married with sansker..raglak keep fighting always even after marriage and sansker developed feelings for swara..but they haven’t confessed yet..in that time kavita made entry..

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