Swaragini (love connection) part 25

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Part 25

Adarsh stood there still seeing Dp at the door.He was not believing his eyes.
“Who is it?”pari told from his behind and when she saw the scenario she also was shocked.Dp gave them an awkward smile.

Dp:Won’t u imvite me inside?

Adarsh nods and moved a little to make space for him to come inside.

When he came inside,sansker and uttara stood up seeing him where swara smiled.

Dp:Why did u stand?Sit here…i have important talk with u..

Uttara became angry and started to go but swara holds her hand and gestures her to sit down.She sat down unwillingly.

Dp:Look..i know u r all angry with me…i have done a great mistake to force upon my decision on u…but someone made me realise my mistake.
He looked to swara.

Dp:Now i realise ho wrong i was!Because of me u remain away from family.I separated a mother from her child.But after all i am your father.Can’t u forgive me?

Uttara:What do u want now?
Sansker keeps a hand on her shoulder to make her calm.
Dp:I just want u to come back home.I will never force my decision on u again.U can choose ur career at ur own wish.Just come back home…make my guilt less.
He folded his hand in front of them.
Adarsh had tears in his eyes.Pari keeps a hand on his shoulder and eyes him to go near him.Adarsh walks up to Dp and holds his folded hand.He released them and hugged him tightly.
Adarsh:I missed u all a lot dad.
He told it while hugging and crying.Dp carressed his hair by one hand and forwards his other hand to uttara who quickly ran to hug him.

When the brother sister released him from the hug,he goes near pari.
Dp:I am the culprit of u.May be we would have a little baby in our house,if i didn’t force adarsh to go far from u that time.

Pari’s eyes filled with tears hearing the baby’s name.
Pari:It was not ur fault papa..it’s the situation.We should forget the past and move on.
Dp:Come to ur home and make it happy like before.
Pari nods wiping her tears.Sansker smiled seeing happy family reunion.Swara holds her arm and rests her shoulder on his arm.He turned and smiled at her.
Swara:Everything is happening so good.All r happy
“But why i fear that something bad is gonnna happen?”she told herself.But she brushed off the thought seeing everyone happy.

They all come back to maheswari mansion.Ap and sujata were overwhelmed to see them.They did their aarti and welcomed them inside.
Swara and ragini had a jolly sisterly moment where sansker and laksh had a brothers reunion.

At evening Dp declared that he will keep a party in house tomorrow to celebrate the come back of his children.He asks the children to invite their friends.All of them gets happy.

At night
Swasan room

Swara was choosing dress what she will wear in the party.She
was confused about the colour.
Sansker:Wear the purple one..you look good in that colour.
Sansker:Yes…u were wearing this colour kurti when we first met.
Swara:U still remember?
Sansker:Yeah..we clashed with each other in park.
Swara smiled.
Swara:U have a sharp memory.
Sansker:That’s why i was topper in college.By the way..ur final xm is coming near…u should give attention to studies.After tomorrow’s party u will fully concentrate on ur studies okey?
Swara nods like an obedient girl.
Sansker:Thank by the way.
Swara:For what?
Sansker:I know the person bade papa was talking about was u…for u our family is together.
Swara:Ohh…it was my duty…dear husband.
Sansker:But how did u do that?
Swara:That is the magic of swara gaddodia..
Sansker rolled hus eyes…swara bit her tongue and corrected.
Swara:Oops..swara sansker maheswari.
They smiled at each other.

In raglak room

Laksh entered and shocked to see the condition of the room.There were dresses all over the bed,floor even at the dressing table.Ragni was standing in front of the mirror having one pink dress at her hand and om the other hand one blue gown.She was talking to herself,”Blue one or pink one?Uff..pink is my fav..but blue one is also cute!What should i wear?”

Laksh was looking at her with mouth hung open.Ragini looked at him through mirror.
“I know i am beautiful,no need to stare me like this.Mujhe nazar lag jayega”she told without looking at him.

Laksh:Oye hello…i am not looking at u…i am looking at the condition of the room.What have u done here?
Ragini:I am not able to choose dress.
Laksh:What’s there to choose?You won’t look good in any dress.
Ragini scrunched her face to him.
Ragini:What did u say?
Laksh:Truth!U rr ugly old lady.Nobody said u all this year?Well i am saying it now.
Ragini:U look like a monkey.How dare u call me ugly?
Laksh:Sorry..i can’t lie!

Ragini’s anger was out of control now..she started to throw all the dresses to his face.Laksh ran from there being scared.

Ragini:How dare he call me like this?Wait…now see how i teach u!
She took the phone and called rahul.
Ragini:Rahul,r u free tomorrow?
Ragini:There is a party in my house..u have to come.
Rahul:With pleasure.

Ragini cut the call and smirked.

At evening all get ready for the party.Ragini is still confused what colour would she wear.She was stuck between pink and blue.She was looking at mirror with two dress in her hand.

She found a note in the dressing table.There was written “If u r in a fix about colour then i will tell that my favourite colour is blue”

Ragini smiled and took the blue dress to change.

Swara and sansker come downstairs together.Swara was wearing a purple colour long gown with matching jwelaries.She left her hair open.Sansker was wearing a black suit.

Laksh also came joined them.All the guests started to come.Laksh was eagerly waiting for ragini to come.But another person came in front of him.His eye got widen seeing the person at the entrance.It was rahul.

“Who invited this duffer??”he said with full irritation.
“Me”ragini told from behind.

He turns and saw ragini in blue long dress.A corner smile came in his face.But that too vanished listening to her talk.
“After all he is my beat friend in college”she told to him while walking to rahul.

She went and hugged rahul.Laksh just felt like punching him.How dare he hug his wife!

Sumi and shekhar amd urvashi also came to join the party.Sumi came near swara and hugged her.
Sumi:How r u beta?
Swara:Fine mom
Sumi:U really did a great job uniting the family.I am proud of u.

Ragini came near her and hugged her.Sumi got busy with ragini.
Urvashi thought,”Now this sumi is also giving more importance to this girl”

In the whole party swara and sansker remain together.Ragini gave company to rahul completely ignoring laksh.Poor laksh…he was wondering here and there.Sometimes to ragini sometimes to swasan sometimes to the ladies…no one was giving him bhaw.Then he went near to the corner and started sipping juice making a gloomy face.

Ragini noticed him and thought to tease more.She excused rahul and came near laksh.

Ragini:How exciting party..hai na?
Laksh:Exciting my foot…damn boring.
Ragini:Why?I am enjoying so much.
Laksh:With that duffer?
Ragini:Don’t call him duffer.He is my best friend…u know he had a crush on me a long time ago…i am thinking that i will marry him after our divorce.

Laksh choked and split the juice on her dress listening to this.Ragini jerked from that place.She didn’t expect this kind of reaction from him.

Ragini:You monkey!What have u done?U spoilt my dress..ughh!
Laksh:Then what u expect me to do after giving such a great news?

Ragini went from there to change the dress.
Laksh:In which bad moment i took the name of divorce!Now this girl won’t leave me without giving divorce.And thia rahul…isko bhi abhi uski life me aana tha?

He also went from there.Their full conversation was overheard by urvashi.She came out and said,”Divorce!!”.A devilish smirk played on her lips.

The next day,

Swara woke up at around 7 am and to her great surprise she saw a fresh sansker ready all in front of the mirror.He said good morning to her through the mirror.

Swara was wondering why he was ready so early?He had class at 9 am.
Swara:Why r u ready so early?
Sansker:Wo that new girl kavita asked me to help her with some chapters.She is new here..so having some difficulty to cope with..xm is also near.So i asked her to come to library today early..it’s my duty to help her as a teacher.

Swara :Wait i am also coming…wait till i get ready.

Swara stood hurriedly to get ready.But sansker stopped her

Sansker:You need not come early…u come when ur class starts.Moreover i will be late if i wait for u.

He gave a smile to her and left.Swara was confused as well as worried.

Precap:Exam time

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