Swaragini (love connection) part 24

Part 24
Swara woke up due to sun rays falling on her face.Sun just started to rise up then.She then realized that they were in tarrace.She recalled the last night and smiled.
“U think for me so much!I have to do something for u.I know u r not happy also being away from ur family.Don’t worry i will make everything allright.”She thought in mind.

She called him and shaked him to wake up.
Swara:Get up sansker..it’s morning already.We have to go to room.
Sansker opened his eyes to see her and closed it again.
He said with closed eyes,”Let me sleep.What’s the need to go to room?it’s better here!”
He went asleep again.Swara started shaking him vigorously.Sansker got up being irritated.
Sansker:What is this swara?It’s only 6 am and u r waking me up!
Swara:You can sleep in room…let’s go.What will Bhabi think if she see us here?
Sansker:What will she think?
“She will think What u don’t think”she murmured.

Sansker:U said something?
Swara:No..now come on.Bhabi will tease us if she see us here.
Sansker:Why?We were just gazing stars.It’s not a crime.
Swara:You book worm…u can only think that way..bhabi will think the other way.
Sansker:What way?
Swara shake her head and gave him a disappointed look.
Swara:You won’t understand buddhu..now come.
Sansker made a puppy face.Swara dragged him to the room.

Sansker dose off on the bad after entering room.Swara smiled at him and went to washroom to get fresh.She came out wearing a blue salwar suit.She started to dry her hair standing in front of the mirror.Water from her wet hair dropped on sansker and he woke up.He sat on the bed looking at her.
Sansker:Look..u woke me up again!
Swara:I am so sorry…i didn’t notice..sorry!
Sansker:Arre baas bass..no need to say sorry so many times!It’s okey!
Swara had some naughty idea in her head then.

Swara:Is it okey?
Sansker:Yeah!U didn’t do it intentionally!
Swara:What if i do it intentionally now?Will it be okey?

She came near him and brushed her hair against his face and ran to the opposite corner of the room.Sansker first got shocked and then started to chase her.
Sansker:U didn’t do it right!(while running behind her)
Swara stick her tongue and kept running all around the room.
Sansker caught her and said,”gotcha!”
But due to imbalance they fall on the floor.Swara fell on the top of sansker.They looked at each other with love filled in eyes.Sansker removed hair from swara’s face and tucked them behind the ear.Swara just looked at him spellbound.Suddenly pari called them from hall,”swara sansker breakfast is ready come fast!”
They come in sense!Sansker said,”Swara,u r heavy!”
Swara gave him an irritated look and murmured,”May be he is the first husband who is saying his wife heavy after being so close!”
Sansker:Did u tell something?
She got up from him.Sansker also got up.Swara threw her hair on his face again and ran to the door.From the door she said,”That was for calling me heavy!”
Then she ran downstairs.Sansker smiled at her childish behaviour and then went to washroom.

Ragini came out of the washroom and saw laksh still sleeping on the sofa.Last night they came home late so it was obvious that he will sleep like this.She went near him and started shaking him.
Ragini:Get up..we have to go to college!
Laksh :U go..i have to sleep.
Saying this he changed the side.Ragini shaked her head and said,”he will not listen like this!”
She took the pillow from him.His head fell down but he continued sleeping.Ragini again started shaking him.
Ragini:Get up quickly..i have to.meet swara.
Laksh:Then u go na..why r u after my sleep?
Ragini:No..u have to come..u can’t miss classes now..the xm is near.
Laksh didn’t pay any heed to her.
Ragini:So u won’t listen directly?Look i will count 1 to 3 before that u better get up…otherwise i will pour water on u.
She took a glass of water in her hand.
And….she threw the water on his face!He got up with a jerk.
Laksh:What the hell!U can never see my piece!
Ragini shrugged.Laksh stamped his foot and went to washroom.

At adarsh’s house

Pari was serving breakfast to all.
Adarsh:Today is ur first day at job..Do ur work sincerely.
Sansker:Ok bhai.
Pari:And give ur attention to all students.Not particularly to one.
She pointed to swara.Swara chuckled where sansker felt embarrassed.

“I am getting late.Swara come fast”he told while going out.
Pari smiled at his behaviour.

Swara:I am going bhabi.
Pari:Hmm…look after ur husband.Otherwise his students will snatch him….u know na…girls go flat for young lecturers!

Swara:Don’t worry bhabi…the girls don’t have any chance with him!
She also went with sansker.

Adarsh also went for his job.Uttara went with him as he will drop her college.Pari remain home alone.

Laksh and ragini came to college.Laksh came out but ragini wasn’t being able to open the door.
Ragini:Help me to open the door!It’s stuck!
Laksh:Open it on ur own.
Ragini got angry as well as irritated with his answer.She opened the door with so much difficulty.She came out and slammed the door with her all energy and that made a great noise.Laksh ran to the car quickly.

“Slowly..it’s my favourite car.” laksh said while touching the car door.

“Take care of it on ur own”ragini told with an attitude and walked away.

Laksh stood there with mouth hung open!

After going some distance ragini found swara.She ran to her and engulfed her with a bone crushing hug.Swara carressed her hair.Sansker looked at them smiling.

After some time ragini broke the hug and turned her face.
Ragini:I don’t want to talk to u…u went without telling me anything!U r very bad.
Swara:Aww..meri princess mujhse naraj hai?I am sorry baba…i had to go.
Ragini:U didn’t even call me.
Swara:Your phone was switched off.And moreover u didn’t even call me.
Ragini:So what?U could call at landline.

Swara:Couldn’t u call my number?

Then they started fighting over this matter.They were saying each other that “u should call me first”

Sansker laughed at their silly fights.

“These women r crazy.She was craving to meet with swara last night and now she is fighting with her!”laksh told from behind sansker and came stand with him.

Sansker gave him a side hug and said,”They r not fighting.It’s their way to express love”

Laksh:That means she loves u if she fights with u.?
Sansker:Of course.

Laksh was confused.

At swara’s class
Principal came and introduced sansker as their new teacher.All the girls were flat for him since he was a senior…and now after seeing him as their teacher they were just overjoyed.

“He is damn cute” “Look at his smile” “He looks like ranbir kapoor” “Why don’t he pay heed to girls?” “Even if he would,he would never look at u” “He would look only at me”
These were the conversation going on the girls.Swara heard all of them and just smiled at them as she knew that sansker never looks to a girl.The only girl he noticed was her.

Sansker was taking lecture and swara was looking at him without listening to his lecture.Suddenly some girl talked from door.

Girl:Sorry sir…i am late.May i come in?
Sansker:R u new here?
Girl:Yes sir…today is my first day.

Swara angled her head to see the girl’s face.

Sansker:Come in…try to be regular from next day..miss??
Girl:Kavita sen.
Sansker:Kavita…come sit.
Kavita walked to the bench.When she was passing by sansker she slipped and sansker holds her by shoulder.
Kavita:Sorry sir.
Sansker:It’s okey…be careful.

Kavita nods and came sat beside swara.Swara looks at her weirdly.

Ragini was entering her class and a boy comes in front of her all of a sudden.
Ragini:Rahul!U came college after so long!What happened to u?
Rahul:I had gone in a trip to Australia with my parents.How r u?
Rahul:I thought to surprise u coming after long..but i am surprised…this new look!I must say u r looking good at this anarkali look!
Ragini blushed a little.Suddenly laksh came there and holds ragini by waist.

Laksh:We are getting late for class…toh agar aap ki baat khatam hua toh chale?
Rahul:Who is he?
Laksh:Her husband.

Rahul:Oh..ok bye ragini

He forwarded his hand to shake with ragini.But laksh grabbed it and shoke hand with him.Rahul looks at him confusedly.

Laksh:Bye rahul…nice to meet u.

He took ragini from there holding by waist.After coming to class she released herself and stands in front of him crossing arms.
Ragini:What was that?
Laksh:What?He was flirting with u!
Laksh:No…not at all.
Ragini:Look we r husband wife only for 6 months..so don’t try to act as a real husband!
She turned and smiled at his back..and left from there.Laksh looked at her back confused.

After class swaragini say bye to each other and raglak left by their car.Swasan were looking for a taxi.
Swara:U go home..i have some work.
Sansker:What work?I will go with u.
Swara:No need…u go and get fresh…i will come by then.
Sansker:Ok..take care and come fast.

Sansker left in a taxi.Swara also left for somewhere taking a taxi.

She got out from taxi and paid the driver.She looked at the building “Maheswari group of companies”and entered inside.

She asked at the reciption about dp maheswari.She told about the room.Swara walked to that room,stopped seeing a room door written “Durga prasad maheswari” on it.She took a deep breath and entered into the room.

Dp was surprised to see her.
Dp:You r here?
Swara:Bade papa..i had to ask u something.
Swara:If someone asks u to sell ur this business to him and offers to give u another business more bigger than this…will u accept that?
Dp:Never..i have built this with my own hand with my dream…i will never let it go..not at any cost.
Swara:So there is no wrong in doing something to make ur dream come true?
Dp:No..if we dream something big..we must try hard to achieve that.
Swara:Sansker also did the same…it was his dream to be a teacher..even adarsh bhai also dreamt to be an independent engineer.So what wrong did they do?

Dp remain silent.

Swara:If u think that they r wrong to live their dream then punish them keeping them away from u..away from ur love.

She then walked away silently.Dp was in deep thought.

Sumi was trying swara’s number for 3 days.But she was not picking up.So she called at landline.She came to know everything from Ap over phone.She cuts the call being tensed.

Urvashi looked her in tension and asked what happened.
Sumi:Sansker left with swara from that house..now i understand why she was not picking up my call.
Urvashi:Why they left?
Sumi:Sanskar had an argument with Dp.
Urvashi:I told u…that ragini will do something wrong in swara’s life..now see..
Sumi:What is her fault in that?
Urvashi:She must have done some tricks that Dp got angry with sansker and he asked them to leave.
Sumi:And why would she do that?
Urvashi:To rule the house alone.
Sumi:You r insane.

Sumi went from there disgusted.

Urvashi:So u will not do anything…now i have to do something.

At adarsh’s House..all were sitting at hall and having some light talks.Suddenly the door bell rings.
Adarsh:I will see.

He went to open the door and shocked to see the person standing there.It was Dp.

Precap:Swara comes back to her in laws with all.

So how was the part?Tell me in ur comments..and one more thing…next uodate will be really late…sorry in advance for that.Stay happy till then!

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