Swaragini (love connection) part 23


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Part 23
Swara was looking at sansker confusingly…who were the people? Why were thet being shocked seeing sansker? She had no idea.

The only male person there came near sansker and touched his face emotionally.Sansker also had tears in his eyes.
Sansker:Adarsh Bhai..
The both brothers then hugged each other tightly.Swara then understood the whope thing l.They were in adarsh’s house.The lady who was in sharee and seemed married was pari bhabi and the girl of her age was uttara.A peaceful smile came in her face seeing the both brothers hugging.

They broke the hug.
Sansker:See bhai..i have come to u forever.
Adarsh was confused.

Sansker qas looking down.Adarsh understood the matter.But this time he didn’t get angry.He was calm.

Adarsh:That means u also left the house?What about ma and chachi?What about chacha?
Sansker:He told me to leave his house or listen to him and join business.But u know from childhood i wanted to be a teacher.Now when i got the chance to be a lecturer that too in my own college,how can i ignore it and join his business?U tell me bhai.
Adarsh was about to say something but pari came in between.
Pari:How long will u keep asking ques?He came to our house first time..and u r welcoming him like this!
Adarsh was going to protest but pari didn’t let him say and she said
pari:Come on sansker..don’t listen to ur brother…u come with me.

Then her eyes got stuck on swara.She rolled eye to sansker anf asked,”Don’t tell me that u eloped with her.And came to hide here.I will get heart attack then”

Sansker got blushed as well as embarrassed.While swara controlled her laugh.

Sansker:No no bhabi…nothing like that.We married in family’s consent and in their presence.
Pari:Ohho…ye baat hai..u didn’t elope..u directly married!Wo bhi mujhse bina bataye!Very bad!
Sansker:Bhabi…aap bhi na!
Pari:So now tell me…what’s ur wife’s name.
Sansker:Swara…Swara sansker maheswari.
Swara went near pari and tried to touch her feet but she hold her and hugged her.

Pari:I am ur sister in law…mother in law nehi!No need to touch my feet.

Swara smiled and went near adarsh to touch her feet.He also held her by shoulder and said,”U can think me as ur own brother.And one more thing..if this book worm doesn’t give u time then,come to me..i will teach him.!”
Swara smiled while sansker scratches back of his head.

Uttara:Wah…happy family…but everybody forgot me!U are so bad people!

Sansker:Uttara…my little sis.
Uttara:What!Who r u??I don’t know u…i am talking ti my bhabis.

She turned her face from him.So sansker goes near her and turns her to him and saw tears in her eyes.She quickly hugged him.
Sansker:Why r u crying?R u not happy that we r here?
Uttara:No…i aam angry on uu.U didn’t come to meet me once in this ine year!Do u know how much i missed u and laksh bhai?Now u r asking if i am happy or not!
Sansker:Aww my cutie!Don’t cry…(then he whispered) i will also cry then…and ur bhabi will think me coward.
Uttara laughed at his talk.
Uttara :Come na swara bhabi…wait from now i will call u di..u r like my elder sister..hai na?
Swara nods in yes..but she gets sad thinking about ragini…who knows how is she doing without her!

Here ragini was standing in the balcony and thinking about swara.They always remain together…but today they were far from each other due to family issue.

Laksh entered the room and didn’t find her there.
Laksh:Ab iss pagal ladki kaha chali gayi!
Then he noticed her standing in the balcony and shedding tears.

He goes near her and placed a hanky before her.She saw the hanky on his hand and then looked at his face.

Laksh:Yeah..me..ye mera bhi ghar hai!
Ragini:Oh..you didn’t come to give me hanky?
Laksh:Of course i came to give u that!Actually the fact is…if u shed tears like this,then there will be flood in our house…and i am afraid of floods.So i came to give u that.

Ragini took the hanky and slapped his hand!
Laksh:Ouch!I helped u and this is the reward!
Ragini:Yes!Because u r very bad.

She smiled with teary eyes.Laksh looked at her with a smile in his face.

Laksh in mind,”This girl is not so bad…just a little bit crazy.”

His thought was disturbed with ragini’s talks.

Ragini:I have to do something.I have to bring swara back here.
Laksh:Why?They will be better if they live far from that monster.
Ragini:Sometimes think like him laksh.Is it his fault if he wants his sons to look his business?
Laksh:No..but he always try to impose his dicision on others.He doesn’t like if we do something on our wish.If i get a job like bhai,then i will also go far from him.

Saying this he went away.Ragini looks on.

All of there talks were overheard by Dp.He was sad knowing how his children think about him.

Sansker swara pari uttara and adarsh were having dinner together.
Adarsh:U didn’t do right leaving house sansker.U should make papa understand about our wishes and make him realise his mistake.
Sansker:What could i do?When i didn’t listen to him he just told me to leave house.He didn’t give me a chance to explain.And i couldn’t control my anger.
Adarsh:I also did it in anger.Whatever happened that was not only papa’s fault.I understood that after a long time.U know what i miss everyone so badly here!How is ma?Did she cry when i left?Does she miss me?
Sansker:She misses u everyday.She always thinks about u.U know what laksh is married also.Ur kiddo brother is married!
Adarsh:What!When?What happened to his all girlfriends??Did he marry all of them?

They all started to laugh loudly hearing this.
Sansker:No bhai,in fact he didn’t marry any of his girlfriends.He married a girl with whom he always keeps fighting.

Pari:No worry.Fighting is first step of love.By the way who is the girl?
Swara:Ragini,my younger sister.
Uttara:Wow swara di,u r so lucky,u two sisters got married in same house!
Swara:What is the use..we r far from each other now.

At night,
Ragini was sitting on the bed sadly and thinking about swara,their sisterly moments.Laksh came there and seeing her she easily understood that she was sad.

Laksh:Hey,get off the bed.Today is my turn to sleep on the bed.

Ragini got off the bed without saying anything and started to go to the sofa.Laksh holds her hand from back.Ragini turns to him with a confused face.
Ragini:What happened now?I am going na!
Laksh:I was just teasing u…today is ur turn..and u don’t even remember!
Ragini:My turn!Then why did u cheat!Cheater cock kahika!
She again went near bed.But laksh again holds her hand.
Ragini:What now?
Laksh:Come on fight with me…i held ur hand so many times,tried sleep on the bed by cheating!
Ragini:U can’t digest my good behaviour right?
Laksh:I can’t digest ur sad face.Ur angry face is far better than this.
Ragini was astonished to hear his answer.This boy even cares for her.Then she sat on the bed and opened up her all sorrow to him.After all he is the one here after swara to share her all talks.After all he is her husband!Laksh also sat beside her.
Ragini:U know what,we were rich,but we two sisters always shared a room.Mom dad always told us to use different rooms as we may need some privacy!But we didn’t want to separate.I am one year yonger than swara,but i insisted that i will also go with her.Even she started to cry that she will not go to school without me.So my parents had to admit me one year earlier with di.I always started my special days by seeing her angelic face.she was my angel.Now see..we can’t even see each other the whole day.

Laksh:U love her so much na?
Ragini:More than mom dad.I can’t even spend a day without her!

Laksh then stood up and grabbed her hand to stand up.
Ragini:Ab kya hai…look i am not in a mood to fight now.
Laksh:Let’s make ur mood…come on we are going to have a night walk.
Ragini:At this hour!U r mad.
Laksh:Come…don’t be boring pld lady.
Ragini:I am not old lady…i am coming…but if we get caught by bade papa,then i will blame u totally.
Laksh:I don’t care..now let’s go.

They went out hiding from everyone.

On the other side swara was arranging bed and thinking about ragini.She didn’t even talk with her whole day.Sansker noticed her and keep a hand on her shoulder.Swara turned to him.

Sansker:Are u missing ragini?
Swara:Hmm..i didn’t even miss mom dad that much.
Sansker:You can talk to her..over phone.
Swara:Switched off..i tried many times.

Sansker:It’s my fault.For me u are suffering.
Swara kept her hand on his mouth and stopped him.
Swara:It’s not ur fault at all.It’s the circumstance.
Sansker:U can meet her in college tomorrow!
Sansker:Come with me
Sansker:Come u will see.

He grabbed her hand and dragged her to somewhere making her confused.

Laksh and ragini were walking im the street.It was calm as nobody was there.Suddenly ragini saw an icecream parlour.The man was closing the shop.Seeing that ragini started to shout.
Ragini:I want icecream.
She started to run..having no choice laksh also ran behind her.They reached there before closing the shop.
Ragini:Bhaiya ek icecream dena..
Man:Sorry mam..i am closing the shop.
Laksh:Look we ran here before closing.So give it or we will do something else.
Man:Look bhai..i have some time schedule.I can’t sell icecream now…shop is closed.

Laksh and Ragini looked at each other and signals something.The man was looking at them weirdly.Laksh then holds the man tightly and ragini quickly took two icecream from the freeze and started running.
Man started shouting”Thief thief….catch…..”
But before he could complete laksh entered a piece of cloth to his mouth shutting his mouth.Not only that,he made him blindfolded and turned him to the opposite direction and gave him a kick on his back.Then he also ran to the direction ragni went.And shouted “Sorry!!!”to the icecream shop keeper.The man took the cloth out of his mouth and release the blindfold from his eyes.But he found no one there.They were already gone.

Sansker dragged swara to the tarrace.
Swara:What will we do here?
Sansker:See the stars.
Swara:I am not in a mood.I am going.

She started to go but sansker holds her hand.
Sansker:Look i know u r upset.But trust me..u will feel better if u listen to me.
At last swara agreed and they lay down on the tarrace to see the stars.
“That cut one is you”Sansker said pointing to a star in the sky.
“That one is ragini.”Swara said pointing another star.
Sansker:Then where is me?
He pouted.Swara smiled at his behaviour and pulled his cheek.
Swara:That one…the nearest one of mine.

Sansker:So i am the nearest one of you?Nearer than ragini?
Swara:You r my husband.

She came nearer to him and and placed her head on his chest.Sansker carressed her hair.
Swara:Me and ragini also used to see stars like this in childhood.I am missing her.
Sansker:Even though i am present here!?Don’t u feel my existence?
Swara slapped his arm.
Sansker:Ouch!!That hurts.
Sansker:It was my duty wiffy.
They chatted for some time and after that when swara felt better they both slept there like that.

Laksh and ragini came far from the icecream shop and burst into laughing.
Ragini:U behaved like a hero there.
Laksh:I know i am a hero!
Ragini:Huh…tum kabhi sudharne nehi wale ho!

She gave him one icecream.And started to eat another one.While eating icecream fell from ragini’s hand.
Laksh:U can’t even eat properly!Take mine.
Ragini:No it’s okey…u eat.
Laksh:U won’t share?
Ragni:Nope..u eat urs..mine fell down.

Laksh also threw his icecream.
Ragini:What have u done!
Laksh:My icecream also fell down.
Ragini:U threw it!
Laksh:So what!we r equal equal now!No icecream!

Ragini:Oww..u threw that for me!
Laksh:Nope..i just didn’t feel to have anymore!
Ragini:Chal jhuta!

She smiled and laksh looked at her continuously.
Laksh:U look good when u smile!
Ragini:U r praising me?What time is it?I have to keep record.
Laksh:Umm…i had something to ask..can’t we be friend?
Ragni:Wait…r u trying to flirt with me??
Laksh:May be…flirting is good for health!
Ragini:But i can’t digest it!So don’t try to flirt with me!And yeah i have to think 100 times before making friend a monkey friend.
Laksh:You!!!I made u smile and u…chipkali.

Ragini pointed a finger to him and said”Oye..don’t call me chipkali”
Laksh also pointed a finger to her and said”Don’t call me monkey ”
Then they both looked at each others hand and then started laughing.
Ragini:We can never be friends.
Laksh:I also think so.

Precap:Swara goes to maheswari office and Dp comes to adarsh’s house.

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