Swaragini (love connection) part 22

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Part 22
Dp walked near sansker who was looking at his eyes straight.
Dp:What did u say?Don’t u know what happened to ur little sister and big brother?They had to leave the house…do u want the same?
Swara was looking at him confused.
Sansker:I just want to join the job.That’s it.
Dp:You have to break ur relation with us…u have to leave the house.
All were stunned.Sujata grabs Ap’s hand with fear.

Sansker:I am ready for that.
Dp was taken aback.He didn’t expect this kind of reply from him.
Dp:You have to leave tomorrow.
Sansker:I am not waiting for tomorrow…i am leaving today.
He grabbed swara’s had and went to the room for packing.Sujata fell down there crying.Ap consoles her.

Sansker was packing his clothes.His hands were trembling.Suddenly he felt a soft touch on his hand.He turned to see swara.
Swara:Are u sure about ur decision?
Sansker:Yes…i can’t be puppet of his hand anymore!
Swara entangled her fingers with his and looked deep into his eyes.
Swara:I am always with u in ur every decision.
Sansker hugged her crying.
Sansker:I don’t know where we will go…i can’t afford this kind of lavish house with my salary…may be i can’t give u all the comfort u have here..so u can go back to ur parents…if u want.
Swara broke the hug and looked at him angrily.
Swara:What did u say…say it again.
Sansker:I mean..u don’t have the habit of living a life like we r gonna live now…u will have difficulties…so…
Swara:Don’t ever dare to say that again.Life is never difficult with u.
Sansker hugged her again and said,”U r my greatest support now swara.”
Swara:May i ask something?
Sansker:Hmm(without breaking the hug)

Swara:What was bade papa saying there?About ur big brother and sister?
Sansker:That’s a long story.
Swara:I would like to hear.
Sansker:Actually what is happening with me same happened with adarsh bhaiya.He wanted to to be a independent engineer.But after he passed engineering,papa forced him to join office.He refused.But in papa’s insistance he joined.

Swara:Where is he now?
Sansker:He joined office because bhabi was pregnant then.He was doing his duty against his wish.One day papa asked him to go mumbai to handle a deal.Bhabi’s delivery was near the.So bhai didn’t want to go.But bade papa again forced him.Bhabi also asked him to go,as the whole family is there to look after her.So bhai went.
Sansker:At night Bhabi was going downstairs to drink water.She felt delivery pain and fell from stairs due to imbalance.
Swara covered her mouth with her hand due to shock.

Sansker:We took her to the hospital immediately.We were able to save her.But we couldn’t save the baby.When bhai came back,he blamed bade papa for this as he sent him out forcefully.He left the house with bhabi.

Swara:And ur sister?
Sansker:Uttara wanted to study science.But papa wanted her to take study in management.This was happening in the same time of that accident.She was angry with bade papa.So she also found him responsible for this accident.So she left with bhai.

Swara:But we can’t held him responsible for all of that at alll.

Sansker:It seemed so..anyway we have to leave now.Are u ready?

Swara nodded and started to leave.But she stopped at the door.
Sansker:What happened?
Swara:I am just worried about ragini.

They came downstairs where everybody was sitting with a pale face.Sujata ran to them and grabbed sansker’s arm.

Sujata:Don’t go.
Sansker released his arms and said,”i have to”
He kissed he forhead and walked past her leaving her crying.

At that time,raglak entered the house.They were shocked to see the sight.
Laksh:What happened bhai?Where r u two going?
Sansker:Take care of mom.I have to go.
Ragini was looking at swara confused.Swara came hugged her ad said,”Take care pf urself”

They both went out and left in a taxi.They didn’t even take the car.

“What happened here.Will anybody tell me?”laksh shouted.

Ap asked him to calm down and told him everything.He started to clap after hearing.
Laksh:Wah!U r great dad…sorrry mr durga prasad maheswari.You r kicking out ur each and every child out of this house.

Ap:Stop it laksh.Is this a way to talk with ur dad?

Laksh:Then what should i tell.First adarsh bhai and uttara.And now sansker bhai.The day will come when u will live in this house alone.Nobody will live with a monster.

Saying this he ran upstairs.Ragini followed him calling his name.

Dp break down hearing such talk from his own child.
Ap:Don’t mind ji..he is a child only.

Sujata:What wrong did he tell jiji?What will i do when my both child left?I am also going.Then u can live in peace.

Saying this she left the hall crying.Ap followed her calling her name.Rp also went from there giving a disappointed look to his brother.Dp sat there alone.

Laksh was sitting on the bed angrily.Ragini came and sat beside him.
Ragini:Don’t worry,everything will be okey.
Laksh:Nothing will be okey.All r suffering because of that monster.
Ragini:He is ur father!
Laksh:That is the most unfortunate thing in my life.

Ragini:Hey…i thought i am the most unfortunate thing in ur life.
Laksh:So u are.
Ragini:What u called me unfortunate?I hate u.
Laksh:I hate u too.
Ragini started to beat him with her soft hands.Laksh tried to protest.As aa result they fall on the bed beside each other.They started to laugh after falling.
Ragini:For what?
Laksh :For making my mood light.
Ragini:U look good when u fight.But u look like a real monkey when u r serious.And i can’t share my room with a monkey.So…
Laksh:Drama queen!
Ragini tried to get up from bed but failed due to injury in hand.She screamed in pain .Laksh quickly held his hand and made her sit.

Laksh:Are u okey?
Ragini:Yes..it’s just i can’t move my hand
without pain.
Laksh:Wait,i am applying bum on it.
Ragini nods and laksh started to apply the bum.After sometime he notices a cut mark in her hand.It was a deep one.
Laksh:How did u get that mark?I never saw it in college.
Ragini:When did u even see me?U just kept fighting with me.
Laksh:No i noticed…it was not in ur hand when qe met first time.I looked at ur hand when u talked with me pointing finger.So now tell me how and when did u get that mark?
She started stammering.
Laksh:Tell me clearly.
Ragini:While running behind swara,my hand went through a nail on the wall and it got cut.(she was lying)
She took her hand back and suddenly left from there.
Laksh:She is lying for sure.But what may be the reason behind lying over a cut mark in hand?

Swasan got off the taxi in front of a white house.It was not as big as theirs but it wasn’t small too.Swara looked at sansker confused.He assured her with a smile and entered the house holding her hand.

A lady may be 2 years older than her met them at drawing room.She stood still looking at sansker.The plate on her hand fell on the floor making a great noise and she whispered,”Sansker!!”

“What happened pari?”A man ran to her followed by a girl of swara’s age.
They were also looking at them shocked.

Screen freezes at their shocked face.

I have a great news for u guys…i am gonna end this ff within a few parts.I had many plans regarding te story.But i felt like i am making u bored and torturing u with this ff.So i am gonna end it soon.Share ur view with about the news through ur comment(If u wish to comment only then)

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