Swaragini (love connection) part 21


Part 21
Next morning sansker gets a call.He received the call and ends after talking with a broad smile.Swara comes out of washroom and saw him smiling.
Swara:Somebody is looking happy today.May i know the reason?
Sansker:Yes..of course..principal sir called me.I am selected as a lecturer in our college.And the most exciting part is i am selected for the subject u r in!
Swara:Wow!Congrats..i am so happy.
She hugs him..he hugs her back.But suddenly sansker’s face got tensed thinking something.Swara notice this.
Swara:Hey..what happened?
Sansker:I am worried if bade papa will allow me to do this job!He always wanted me to join his business.
Swara holds hus hand and said,”Of course…he will support u..
Sansker:U don’t know anything…there was a storm in the house regarding this reason.I don’t know how papa will react when i will tell him about this!
He looks on.

In raglak room they r arguing over who will go washroom first.
Laksh:Me..u will take long time.I have to go college.
Ragini:Toh mujhe kya ghar me beth ke khana pakana hai?I have to attend college in time.An yes..u take time more.Just like yesterday.
Laksh:Whatever..i am going first and it’s final.
Saying this he started to go but ragini holds his hand.
Ragini:Did u forget about last night?By the way,how is ur pain?If it’s allright then should i give u another dose?
Laksh twisted her hand behind her back hitting her back into his chest,ragini hises in pain.Then he removes her hair and whispers into her ear,”Ladki hai isliye chod diya..but i will not spare u all the time..samjhi?
Ragini:Release my hand..it’s..uhh..hurting.
Laksh releases het hand and pushes her.
Laksh:Don’t try to be powerful in front of me..after all u r a girl!
Ragini was holding her wrist and looking at his eyes.Her eyes were red as she was trying to stop her tears to flow down.
Ragini:It was a mistake to marry a jerk like u..no girl can tolarate u..
Laksh:Then who told u to marry?
Ragini:I did this to save my sister…because she loves ur brother.Nothing else.
Laksh:Now she got married with her love..so why didn’t u get out of my life?We can’t live like this!We need divorce.
Ragini was numb hearing this.
He immediately got shocked after saying this…as he was gonna say something else…but it got out of his mouth by mistake.But now he can’t reverse it…his ego was stopping him to say “i didn’t mean it”

Ragini:Yes we need divorce.We will consult a lawyer tomorrow.
Laksh:Why tomorrow?Why not today?
Laksh told it to hear a no from her,but to his surprise she said yes.
Ragini:That would be better…i toi want to get out of ur life as soon as possible..because i hate u.
She ran to the washroom and banged the door.
“I hate u too”laksh shouted from back.
Then he took a vase and threw it on the floor in anger.
“I hate u too…u heard that?”he shouted again on the closed door.
Ragini was hearing this from inside the washroom.She leaned against the door and slowly fell down.Tears were flowing down her eyes.How could he say that?Yes they fights always..but they needs each other.She thought he also enjoys the fight as her.She knew that fighting is the first step of love.All her thoughts were shattered.

Here laksh was crying falling on the floor.Yes he always fights with her,but the real thing is he always enjoyed it.He said the divorce thing by mistake but what waa the need of her saying yes?Couldn’t she quarrel with him saying that she will always stick with him like a chipkali!Why didn’t she oppose that time when he wanted her to oppose strongly?He didn’t believe when someone said that fight is first stage of love.But he started to believe it nowadays.
All his thoughts got disturbed when he heard ragini coming out of washroom.He quickly wiped his tears and stood up.
She was silently going out of the room.But she stopped at the door and without turning face she said,”We will go to lawyer while returning from college.But don’t tell anyone about our divorce plan.They will be shattered.It’s just a request.”
She went out saying this.Laksh stood there dumb.Dis she just request something without fighting?

When laksh came downstairs getting ready,he saw everyone sitted for breakfast.He saw ragini chatting with swara with a smiling face.She is smiling making him angry!How dare she?He went and sat beside sansker,opposite to ragini.Ragini just saw at him once and then get back to her chatting.He looked to the side of sansker.He was quite a bit nervous.What was the reason?
He kept his hand on his brothers and asked him”What’s the matter bhai?Why r u seemed worried?Everything allright?”
Sansker took a sigh and nods his head negative.This worried laksh too.
They did their breakfast and started to leave for their work.Swaragini and laksh had to go college.Dp and Rp had to go office.Dp asked sansker to join them too.
Dp:So..as u have completed ur study,now u can join us.Why don’t u join today?
Sansker:Wo bade papa…
Dp:Ok ok..i give u time to think.U can join us from tomorrow.
He went out with Rp.Sansker didn’t know how to tell him about the job of lecturer.Swara holds his hand and nods her head like everything will be allright.
Sujata anc ap asked Sansker to drop them to college.
Sujata:Go today..u will not find this opportunity to spend time with wife from tomorrow as u have to join office.

Swara blushed.They leave.Sansker was driving the car.Laksh was sitting beside him.Swaragini were sitting in back.Sansker was driving in an absent mind.So he didn’t see the truck coming from the opposite site.Laksh saw it at end moment and shouted, “Bhaii!!”
Sansker saw it and made an immediate break.They were able to avoid the accident but ragini injured her hand by hitting against the window.
Laksh immediately moved to her and asks with concern,” r u okey??Kaha pe laga?Hospital chologe?Uff show me ur hand idiot”
He told it all in one breath.Swasan were looking at him shocked.Ragini just nodes her head and said,”I am fine.U need not to worry.”
Laksh:Bhai,apka dhyan kaha hai?I am noticing from morning that u r tensed.What happened?
Sansker:I was just thinking about something.Sorry.
Laksh:Okey…let me drive.Ragini will u be able to attend classes?
Ragini:Yes.It’s allright.
Swara:R u sure?
They then went to college.All their friends congratulated them for marriage.They attend the classes.While returning home laksh said that he will take ragini to hospital.He asked Swasan to go home and tell mom dad.Swasan nods and left.

After reaching home they saw the whole family in hall.Dp was sitting in sofa,and it seemed like he was angry.When they entered Dp gave him a death glare.Sansker realized the whole matter when he saw a paper on Dp’s hand.It was his appointment letter.So he didn’t need to tell anything on his own.He has known it by this paper already.
Dp:What is this?I told u to join office and u applied for lecturer post?
Sansker:Bade papa..i wanted to tell u about it.
He took a deep breath and continued looking down,”I want to join this job.I want to build a career on my own.I want to teach students which i have learnt.I always devoted myself in my studies,i want to spend my rest life in studies,in teaching,in learning.”
Swara holds his hand for support.He was still looking down.There was a silence in the hall as everything goes silent before storm.

“What!!!Why??” Ragini and laksh exclaimed iat the same time.
They were sitting in a lawyers office now,talking about their divorce.But the great news is that the lawyer just informed them that they can’t take divorce before 6 monts as it is illegal.
Laksh:Please do something sir.I can’t stay with this mad woman for 6 months.
Ragini:Oye hello..mujhe bhi koi shauk nehi hai tumhare sath rehne ka.Sir,we want mutual divorce.Can’t u consider in that case?
Lawyer:Sorry..u must stay in this married life at least for 6 months.Then u can file a divorce.
They came out of the office.6 months!!
Ragini in mind,”At least i found 6 months with u.Life can turn 360 degree in 6 months.But i can’t say u my feelings cause i know u don’t love me”
Laksh in mind,”6 months are enough to forget this divorce matter.I just hope ye dobara divorce ka naam na le.Just keep fight with me always.How can i tell that i love to fight with u or may be i love u”

But they both look at each other and say loudly,”Ughh i hate u”

All the family member’s eye was on sansker.He didn’t spoke a word against his bade papa.But now it was limit.This was about his passion,his career,his study.He wouldn’t accept his order without trying once.
Dp:U r going to office tomorrow and it is final.
Saying this he stood up to go.Sansker didn’t find any word to protest.Dp was going and he was standing there still.Suddenly he looked towards his hand which was entangled with swara.He looked at her.She nods her head like “not this time”.There was something in her eyes which gave him all courage at once.He got the words to say.
“Not this time bade papa.Not me”sansker said from dp’s back.
Swara was happy to see him speak.
Dp turned back with an unbelievable expression.
Dp:what did u say?
Sansker:I will join as a lecturer.I will not join the office.
Dp was not believing his ears.The boy who never said a word against him is now being a rebel!Doesn’t he know what happened to the very elder son of this house when he had been a rebel?Doesn’t he know about his own little sister?What happened to her when she went against his wish!May be it’s the time to remind him!

Well this part went boring i know…many were asking for raglak scene..so this part is a treat (or may be shock for them).Sorry swasan fans if i disappointed u by their less scene.I just wanted to show their support for each other.So comment did u like this part or not!

Credit to: Chaitali

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