Swaragini (love connection) part 20

It will be a long part.Have patience to tead it.
Part 20

Ragini was looking at swara who was biting nails looking all the stuffs in kitchen.When swara’s eyes fell on ragini she saw her staring at her with nervousness.
Swara:Why r u staring at me?
Ragini:Because you may have the solution.
Swara:How??I am also not expart in cooking.
Ragini:Just like u solved the sharee problem.
Swara:You tube?
Ragini nods her head enthusiastically.

In the dining table,all were waiting for breakfast.
Dp:We r getting late for office.Where is breakfast?
Ap:Wait ji..ur daughter in laws are making breakfast today.
Sujata in mind:Only God knows what r they doing in kitchen.If they make the kitchen’s condition like the room.
She remembers the condition of swara’s room and made a horror face.

Screen shifts to the kitchen which was a mess.
“look at the daal” “it’s thick” “Pour some water” “Oh shit!This dough is so sticky!”
“Pass the spoon ragini” “I am busy with daal” “Oh no!milk is spoilt!How to make kheer?” “Yuck!The daal is bitter and the chutney is so sour” “Nothing can happen now!”
They both sat over the tool exhausted.
Swara:It was a bad idea to cook seeing on youtube.
Ragini:It was your idea.
Swara:You told me to do this.
Ragini:Ok..we both r at fault.Now what to do?There is no time to make again..moreover we don’t know how to make.
Swara:Let me call sansker..he will make out any idea like before.
She immediately bit her tongue for saying the word before.Now her sister won’t leave her without teasing.
“Before!!That means he helped u in wearing sharee??!”ragini told narrowing her eyes.
Swara:Umm..yeah..you tube idea was his…nothing else.
Ragini:Ohho..nothing else??How can i believe?You were alone in that room.
She winked at her which made swara blush thinking the moment with sansker.
Ragini:Look.. someone is blushing…that means something something.
Swara:Stop it ragini..nothing happened.
Ragini:Hey..did u tell him that u love him?
Swara:No..i don’t know his feelings about me..he married me to save me from being taunted…but i am not sure what he feels about me.
Ragini:You should tell him…i think he loves u too.
Swara:No..what if i loose my friend?Yes he is my husband..but let it be friendship for some days..it is the sweetest relation.
Ragini:Ok…as u wish..but don’t be late in expressing ur emotions.
Swara:Forget about me..we r friends at least..but u were fighting with laksh last night!What about that?
Ragini:Now who can be quiet in his strange behaviour?
She shrugged.
Swara:She is not that bad!U can be friend..at least now.
Ragini:Leave all that…call sansker.

Sansker received a call while waiting for breakfast at table.He received the call.He says “ok” and stood up.”I should have understood that before”he whispered. Sujata asked him where is he going.He says that he has to go outside for fresh air as he was not getting air inside the room.Sujata wondered what happened to him suddenly.
Before going outside sansker whispers something in laksh’s ear.
“Oh God”it was the word which came out of his mouth after listening to sansker.
After sansker was gone,Dp and Rp asked suhata to check whether breakfast is ready or not!Sujata was about to go,but laksh stopped her.
Laksh:Arre chachi,where r u going?they will come with breakfast soon.Don’t worry!
Dp:But we r getting late.
Laksh:Kya papa!Today is ur daughter in laws first day and u r only thinking about ur office!
Hearing him all decided to wait.

In kitchen
Swara was trying to make paratha with that sticky dough.It got stuck in her hand.
Swara:Yuck!!Ragini help me.
Ragini was trying to do something with the spoilt milk.She replied from there.
Ragini:What happened now?
Swara:This sticky thing spoilt my hand..ugh i hate cooking.
Ragini:What we r doing is not called cooking.
Suddenly both of them smelt something burning.
Swara:From where this smell is coming?
Ragini:May be from outside.The neighbours are may be cooking first time like us..see they have burnt food!
They laughed imagining their neighbours situation.But after sometime they realized that the smell is coming from inside the kitchen itself.They looked at each other with wide eyes. “Daal!!” they both uttered in shock.
They both run towards the stove and see that the daal is already burnt.Swara tried to take it out of the stove by bare hands,as a result her hands got burnt.She screamed in pain.
Ragini:What have u done? It was burnt already.Now u have burnt ur hand too!
Swara:It’s okey..it’s said that to achieve something bigger u have to sacrifice something.
She told it so dramatically that they both started laughing.
They both glanced around the kitchen and sighed.It was a total mess.Flour were spred all over the floor giving it a white look.Daal was already burnt.Milk was spoilt.
Ragini:Di,May be we should start again.
Swara:Me too think so.
Ragini:Wait!U called sansker right?Why he didn’t come with help?
Swara:Really!!What is this duffer doing now!

Sansker is seen buying food from a restaurant.

“Don’t cry princess,ur husband will surely love u someday”Swara told to ragini who was shedding tears while cutting onions.
“To hell with that monkey!Now somebody take this onions from me.These r paining my eyes”ragini told with irritation.
Just then they heard some whistle which was coming frm window.Ragini became happy.
Ragini:Look,God has sent another angel for me to help us.
Swara:Wait ragini,chor bhi ho sakta hai.
They went near window and found sansker there holding some packets of food.
Swara:Where were u all this time?
Sansker:I went to buy foods..see
He told it showing packets in his hand.
Swara:Don’t lie..making food takes time,not buying food.
Sansker:Will u argue with me or take this food?Everybody is waiting for breakfast.
Swara takes the foods.
Swara:U go..we can do the other works alone.They are waiting for u too..may be.

“I helped her and in stead of thanking she is arguing with me!Bhala aadmi ka toh jamana hi nehi raha!”Sansker murmured and went from there.
Swara heard that and smiled but didn’t say anything.They decorated the foods in the bowls and went to the dining.Sansker also came sit in his position at that time.Sujata asks him if he was feeling well now,he nods yes.Laksh asks him about work through eyes,sansker signals him that job us done.
Swaragini served food to all.All praise their cooking skill.Swara smiled looking at sansker.

At night
raglak room
Ragini was arranging bed,laksh enters that time.
Laksh:So sweet of u laado..u r arranging bed for me!
Ragini gave him an irritating look.
Ragini:Not for u..for me.U forgot about the deal?
Laksh:No..but i will start first.Because it’s my room.
Ragini stood infront of him crossing her arms against her chest.
Ragini:Don’t mess with me again..u know what the result will be.
Laksh moves to her a little.
Laksh:What will u do haan?Tell me.
Ragini:I know karate..I will show u.
Laksh burst into laugh.
Laksh:Karate and u!!Sharee pehenna khana banana toh aata nehi!And u r saying u know karate!
Ragini:Look…don’t mock me..what if i don’t know cooking?I am an expart in karate.May be should show u.
She showed him a punch!
Laksh again moves to her.Now ragini starts to move back.
“Don’t try to take advantage.I am a black belt i am telling u.”she said in between moving backwards
Laksh smirked and moves further.Now ragini’s back touched the wall.She had no other place to move.Laksh keeps his one hand on the wall and by other hand he tucked her hair behind her ears.Then he moved her finger from her forhead to nose and then lips.Ragini closed her eyes.Laksh smiled seeing her in this state.He then touched her closed eyes.Ragini started breathing heavily.Laksh whispered in her ears,”With wife,it doesn’t call taking advantage.it’s called romance,wiffy.”

He moved away from her without her knowledge as she was still closing the eyes.After sometime she opened her eyes and saw him standing far from her crossing his arms.Seeing her opening eyes he spoke
Laksh:Don’t dream so much chipkali.If u r the last girl in the world i wouldn’t take advantage of u!
Ragini:U can’t even.Because i am black belt.
Laksh:Wo toh dikh raha hai.Should i remind u again?
Saying this he again moved to her.But this time ragini did not give him any chance.She gave him a kick at his main point(lol).
He screamed in pain and fell on the floor holding that place.
Ragini bent down to him and whispered in his ear,”Did u get ur answer?Don’t try to make me remind you THIS again”
Saying this she went to the bed and slept.Laksh was boiling in anger and obviously in pain.

At swasan room
Swara was having difficulty to arrange the bed as she had burnt her hands.Sansker notices this and came near her.
Sansker:What happened to ur hand?Let me see.
He took her hand in his and shocked to see burnt.
Swara:It’s nothing.
Sansker:You aren’t even being able to touch the bedsheet with this hands and u r saying it nothing!
He took an ointment.He made her sit in the bed and starts applying ointment.Swara was touched to see his care for her.She was having tears in her eyes.Sansker looked at her in between applying ointment and found her staring at him with tears in her eyes.He wiped her tears and asked her softly,”Is it paining much”
Swara nods her head in negative.
“So why r u crying?”Sansker asked confused.
Swara:I am just felling blessed to have a caring husband like u.Every girl wants a friend in her husband but i found my best friend as my husband.
Sansker:Really?Then tell me one thing.
swara :hmm?
Sansker:Don’t u trust ur husband?
Swara:More than myself.
Sansker:Then why did u try to cook again when i told that i am doing something.Look u have hurt urself so badly.
Swara looked down.
Swara:Sorry,i won’t do it again.
Sansker pulls her check and smiled at her childish face.
Sansker:That’s like my good girl!Now smile.
Swara smile broadly.

End of the part.

So how u liked the kitchen drama?Tell me through ur comments.Silent readers too comment and let me know ur opinions.

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