swaragini (love connection) Part 2


hey guys,i am disappointed as i m not getting any comments.i am writing 2nd part now.If i don’t get any comment then i will not write 3rd part 🙁

scene starts with ragini driving the car.She was driving in a high speed.Swara was just sitting next to her and telling her to drive slowly.But she wasn’t paying any heed.
Suddenly she saw a black sports car coming from the opposite direction and she applied a sudden break.But the two car hit one another.
Ragini immediately comes out of the car and shouts loudly
ragini:Who the hell hit my car??just come out and i will show u!!
A handsome guy wearing a blue t- shirt and black jeans came out.He removed his sunglass and the guy is laksh.
laksh:if u want to show me something then show ur driving license.U were driving carelessly.Moreover u were from wrong side.
ragini:Who r u to ask driving license from me??traffic police?
Laksh pointed his index finger to ragini and says”hey miss mind ur tongue”
ragini put his finger aside with her index finger and said”don’t ever dare to point a finger to ragini gaddodia mr…traffic police”
laksh:hey don’t call me traffic police again.I m laksh maheswari huh!
ragini:whatever!!just say sorry and get lost
laksh :what!!!u will say sorry not me
ragini :no,YOU!!
And then both starts quarreling.Seeing them like this swara comes out and comes in between
swara:hey guys stop!!nobody has to say sorry.I am saying sorry.Now come ragini.We r getting late.
Laksh was mesmerised to see swara.
Laksh:Sorry accepted beautiful!
Then he forwards his hand to shake with her.”I am laksh.U can call me lucky”
Swara was confused in his behaviour.But she also forwards her hand,but before she could shake hands,ragini holds her hand and says to laksh”Don’t even try to flirt with my di”
laksh :Why??U r feeling jealous??

Sansker was just sitting in the car till this time.But now he got out and says” enough lucky”
Listening to his voice swara turns and they both shocked to see each other”You!!”
raglak were confused. “You both know each other?”ragini asked
“yes we met today morning “sansker replied
Suddenly Swara looked to the time and said” oh shit ragini!we r soo late!
ragini:how will we go? the car is broken.
Laksh comes to swara and asked “Any problem?May we help?
ragini:the problem is you!!
laksh :Can’t you shut ur mouth??
ragini:can’t u hide ur face??
Suddenly sansker came to ragini “hey,u can come with us.Just say where should we drop u?”he says
ragini:i can’t go with this monkey
Laksh:Hey chipkali!
swara:Come on ragini.We need this ride.
swaragini sat in the back seat.And laksh in the driving seat,sansker beside him.
Swara:Xaviars college!
Sanlak look at each other and says “We were going there too”
Laksh starts the car.Whole the journey raglak looked each other through mirror angrily.Where swara was looking at sansker lovingly.Sansker was looking at ragini
Sansker in mind”she is such a cute while angry”Suddenly he notice swara starring at her.he smiles at her and she smiles back.
They reach at college.

Swaragini thanks Sansker.Laksh comes to swara and said”oye,driver was me.so u should thank me”
Swara:thanks and sorry for my sisters behaviour
Laksh:Sorry accepted miss beautiful
They both laughed.Seeing them ragini felt angry and went away.Sansker notice this and went to talk to her
Ragsan conversation
Sansker :hey ragini wait
sansker :i am sorry on behalf of my brother
ragini:He should say it naa?why r u saying this?
sansker :actually he is like this always.Don’t be sad at his behaviour
ragini :ok.i am forgiving him only because of you.
Sansker:thanks God!So friends ??
ragini:ok friends!(in mind:he is unlike her brother,so cute and handsome!and his brother…just useless)
They smile and shake hands
On the Swalak side,Laksh forwarded his hands and ask “this tym ur sister is not here to take away ur hand.So friends? ”
Swara smiled at his talk and shakes hands.
screen freezes at smiling face of swalak and ragsan

precap:some quarreling….some flitting…and freshers party

So guys…this is the 2nd part…now ur comment will decide whether i will post 3rd part or not…and yes i will reveal pairs in 3rd part…so guys keep commenting…good or bad anything

Credit to: chaitali

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