Swaragini (love connection) part 19

Hi guys..chaitali is here with new part…hope u like it too.
Part 19
Swara and sansker both were sitting on bed nervously.Swara was continuously eating nails.This activity irritated sansker.
Sansker:Stop it swara..it’s irritating.
Sansker:Eating nails..it’s unhygeinic too.
Swara:I do this when i am tensed..tell me something which will relieve my tension.I will stop doing this.
Sansker:Now how can i help in wearing sharee?it’s girls matter.U should learn it before getting married na..
Swara:Now u r taunting me?
Swara fakes crying.Now it was like emotional blackmail for sansker.How could he see her cry?
Sansker:Ok ok relax…we will figure something out.
Suddenly something got into his mind and he jumped in joy.
Sansker:Idea!Now u see how ur husband helps u.
He winks at her.Swara looks on confused.

Ap went to raglak room with sharee for ragini.She knocked the door.But nobody opened the door.
Inside the room there is seen ragini and laksh sleeping on the floor in opposite ends of the room.Then it goes to a flashback.
Laksh:But where will we sleep today?
Ragini :Ummm…let’s clean the floor.
Laksh:U did this…now u clean it.
Ragini:Look..u did this too…so help me to clean it or remain like this.
Laksh stood up and stamped his foot.
Laksh:Ughh..i hate u laado.
Ragini:I hate u too monkey.
Laksh:Don’t call me monkey.(pointing index finger to ragini)
Ragini:Don’t call me laado(moving laksh’s finger through her finger)
They waves their hands in front of each other and went in opposite direction.They mopped the floor till midnight.And then slept on two opposite ends of the room facing their back to each other.
Flashback ends.

As Ap was knocking at the door continuously,they both woke up.Ragini went to open the door.She found Ap there with a sharee in her hand.
Ap:What took u so much time to open the door?
Ap:Leave it..take this sharee..come fast to kitchen wearing this..u have to cook.
Ragini nods her head.Ap went away.
Ragini looked at laksh and sighed.
She was going to washroom to fresh up.But seeing her going that direction laksh ran quickly and entered washroom first.He sticks his tongue before locking the door!Ragini scrunched her nose holding her waist.She had no other option but waiting.

Swasan room
“Will this work?”swara asked as she moved her head nearer to sansker to see the clear view on phone.
They were watching how to wear sharee video on youtube.
“Definitely will work”Sansker exclaimed stamping his hand on bed.
As their heads moved nearer to see the video properly,they hit each other’s head and “Ouch!!”
They both saw each other holding head and laughed.
Sansker:See..this is so easy.U just have to fold it and pin it.Now let’s start.
Swara:Will i change in front of u??
Sansker:So what?i am ur husband.And moreover i can help u.
Swara narrowed her eyes and gave her a i-will-kill-u look.
Sansker does hands up and said”ok baba..i am going outside”
He went outside and waited there untill swara shouted for help,”Sansker,help me!”

He smiled victoriously and enter the room.He saw swara standing wearing half sharee and holding other half in her hand.He laughed seeing her in that condition.
Swara:Stop laughing and help me wearing this.
He then goes near her and helps in wearing other half of the sharee.While doing this,whenever his hands touched bare parts of swara’s body,she shivered.After so much effort the sharee got fixed.
“U look perfect now”Sansker topd her making his finger round.
Swara:Now shall we go?
Sansker nods.They smile and went downstairs together.

Raglak room
Ragini was continuously knocking the door of washroom.But it seemed like laksh has entered there for lifetime.Inside the washroom laksh was controlling laughter imagining her situation.After a long time he opened the door.
Laksh:Kya hai?Now u won’t give me peace in the washroom too?
Ragini gave him a disgusted look and went to washroom quickly.She had to get ready fast.Laksh went outside the room.
After sometime,ragini peeped from washroom opening the door slightly.She took a sigh of relief seeing nobody there and came outside.She was wearing a blows aand skirt.Sharee was in hher hands.She saw the door closed.But she least knew that it was not locked from inside.
She was trying to wear sharee but in vain.
“Uff..how can any woman wear sharee??Now what will i do?I never tried this in my life!”she told under her breath.
Just then laksh entered the room.He was shocked to see ragini in that position (wearing only blows and skirt).Ragini was equally shocked to see him.They both starts to shout and laksh immediately turns his face.Remaining in that position he asked
Laksh:Don’t u have shame?U are changing without locking the door!
Ragini:U r shameless.Don’t u have manners to knock the door before entering??
Laksh:This is my room!Why would i knock?Whatever..i just came to take u..mom is calling u.
Saying this he started to go.He looked back before leaving and saw ragini covering herself with that sharee in an unusual manner.He understood that she was wearing this first time and don’t know how to wear.He went away without saying anything.

Laksh came downstairs and saw sujata Ap and swara standing together.Ap asks him about ragini.
“She is coming “he replied.
He goes near swara and whispered in her ears “Swara,ur sister needs ur help.She is being unable to wear sharee.Will u go upstairs please?”
Swara nods and said ap”I will go and check ragini.”
Ap nods and she goes to upstairs.Swara knocked the door.
Ragini:Who is it?
Swara :Ragini open the door.
Hearing her voice ragini quickly opened the door.She was astonished to see swara in sharee.
Ragini:Di,when did u learn wearing sharee?
swara :Today morning.
Ragini:But how?
Swara:From youtube.Now stop talking and let me help u.
Ragini nods and swara helps her wearing sharee.Then they both come downstairs.Laksh thanks swara through eyes.Ragini notices this.
Ragini:What was that?
Swara :He thanked me for helping u.
Swara:He is the one who told me to help u wearing sharee.Otherwise i wouldn’t go upstairs.
Ragini thinks,”He hates me,then why would he help me?”

Ap and sujata shows all the things in kitchen and ask them to make breakfast for the family.Then they went away.Swaragini stood there dumb because both of them didn’t know how to cook.What will happen now??

Precap:World war 3 in kitchen.

I tried to give equal importance to both couples.Forgive me if i failed.Now tell me in ur comments about ur opinions.Comment fast guys.Criticism is also welcomed.

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  1. the episode was very nice and the precap is interesting.

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    1. Sorry for that…i always try to balance…but sometimes it become really difficult

  7. The episode was so funny and romantic. U once again nailed it chaitali

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