Swaragini (love connection) part 18


Hello everyone..Thanks for commenting on last part..And sorry for not replying..But i read ur comments.Ok let’s start with the new part.

Part 18
Shekhar comes near Dp and and folds his hands.
Shekhar:Saying sorry will not change anything but i am really ashamed for what my daughters did.
Dp holds his hands and said”it’s neither ur fault nor ur daughters..it’s the situation what made all this happen.Don’t feel ashamed for this.”

Shekhar felt blessed to find this kind of in laws for his daughters.How many fathers are able to find a family which will give all the Happineess to his daughters?But he felt like he found one.All his tension for his daughters fade away.

Sujata and Ap came near the couples and astonished to see raglak fighting.
“See jiji..first she got married to him saying that she likes him and now she is fighting with him!”sujata whispered to Ap.
“Look at swara,she is looking at sansker like there is nobody here except him!”Ap whispered to her.

They go near the couples and coughed.Seeing the all the four composed themselves.
Ap:Look ragini,i don’t appreciate what u have done.But if u say that u love my son,then i can give u one more chance.I will accept u as my daughter in law.
Ragini just nods her head looking down.Laksh wondered why she was behaving like a typical bahu!Ugh!This girl is impossible.

Swara was biting her nails in tension now.Her sister had got acceptance.Now what will happen to her.Will her mother in law accept u as sansker’s wife?She looked at sujata with fear,hope,nervousness and what not!

“Why r u staring me like this?I will not eat u!All i want to say that keep my son happy”sujata told her which vanished all the tension in her.Happiness took place there.
When sujata and Ap was gone,the both sister hugged each other.
“Now we will live together even after marriage”Ragini exclaimed in joy.
“After all we are swaragini.Nobody can separate us”swara told with pride.

Now it was the most painful moment.Bidai!Swaragini hugged sumi one last tym.
“Always keep ur in laws happy.”She blessed them.
She cups ragini’s face and said”I didn’t give u time to explain and slapped u without listening to u.Forgive me beta!”
“U r my mom..U have right to do that.”Ragini told her.
Maheswari family greeted gaddodias and left with the brides.

Sujata and Ap did their grihprabesh.Swaragini entered the house leaving their footsteps on floor.

Swara was waiting in her room for sansker.After some time he came.Her heart started racing when he locked the door.He came near her and stands beside the bed.She felt like heart will come out of her chest.She had difficulty in breathing.
“I am sorry,it didn’t happen as ur dream,as every girl dreams.”sansker told after taking a long breath.
Finding no answer he continued “U take ur time to accept the relation.We will be friends like before we were.I will sleep in that couch.U sleep here”
Swara stood up like having electric shock and said “No,no u sleep in bed.I will take the couch.After all it’s ur room.”
Sansker:Swara..from now its ur room too.And i will sleep in sofa.No arguments.
Saying this he took a pillow but swara grabbed it.
Swara:I said i will sleep in sofa.
Sansker:No i will.
Swara:No me.
They stars pulling the pillow to their side untill it tears.The cotton spread all over them.They look dumbly at each other for some times and then burst into laughter.
Cotton stuck in the hair of swara.Sansker saw it.Sansker raised his hand to remove it.Swara looked at his eyes and are lost.Sansker moved to her.They were so close to each other that they could feel each others breath.Swara closed her eyes.Their lips were just an inch apart.Just then they heard some sound like someone was quarreling.They came in reality and moved away from each other.Both were feeling awkward.
They wonder who might be quarreling at this hour?They tried to hear clearly and then realized and they both say it same time. “Laksh and ragini!?”
Swara:They r just impossible!Can’t they stay friendly at least now!
Sansker:I will go check over lucky.
Saying this he tried to go but swara holds his hand.
Swara:Let them solve.It’s their first night.It will be a bad manner to disturb the.
“But due to them my first night spoilt”Sansker murmured.
Swara:U said something?
Sansker:No..umm..i was just saying u sleep in bed,i take the sofa.
Swara smiled and said”This time i won’t argue.Cause i don’t want to waste another pillow”
They both smiled to each other.

On the other hand
Laksh entered into the room and saw ragini placing pillow on the sofa.
Laksh:U became so intelligent!U understood ur position.
Ragini gave him a deathly glare and said,”I am not arranging it for me..u will sleep here.I can’t share bed with a monkey.
Laksh:What!Look..this is my room!i will sleep wherever i want.U have any problem u can sleep in sofa.
Saying this he laid on the bed.Ragini came near him angrily.
Ragini:Look..sidhe sidhe maan jao..warna..

Laksh:Warna kya?You said in front of everyone u love me…now come on.. be a an ideal wife and follow my order.
Ragini:Look,i married u just to save my sister.Nothing else.
Laksh sat on the bed and raised his eyebrow.
Laksh:Really??Then why did u say that?
Ragini:Wo..wo…haan..otherwise all would think her guilty.Now get up..mujhe sona hai.
Laksh:Then go to sofa.
Saying this he laid on the bed facing back to her.She went to washroom and bring a bucket full of water and poured it all on him and on the bed.He jerked and stood up immediately.
Laksh:What have u done mad woman!
Ragini:I told u…mujhse panga maat lena..now see..nobody can sleep in bed.
Saying this she went to sofa.But before she could sit there,laksh poured water on her and on sofa.
Ragni:What the hell??
Laksh mimicked her voice”I told u..now nobody can sleep on sofa too!”
Then both starts watering each other angrily untill they both get tired.They both sat on the floor being exhausted.Both were wet.
Laksh:Look,what have u done!Now none of us can’t sleep.
Ragini:U too are same at fault..Whatever..let’s make a rule.I will sleep one day on bef and u will sleep other day.
Laksh:But where will we sleep today?
They saw around the room…it was all wet and messy.They sighed placing their palm on head.

Next morning
Sansker woke up first as he had the habit of getting up early.He saw swara sleeping on the bed like a kid.He smiled and went to washroom to get fresh.

Sujata came swasan room to give swara sharee.She knocked the door.Swara got up and opened the door.She saw sujata with sharee in her hand.She gave it to her.
Sujata:Wear this and come downstairs.Today is ur first rasoi.You and ur sister have to cook for everybody.
Swara took the sharee and nods her head nervously.
“Where is sansker?”sujata asked looking behind swara.But she was shocked to see cotton all over there.Her eyes got bigger and moth hung open.
“What have u done all night?Where is my son?”she whispered with an unbelievable tone.
Swara felt embarrassed and didn’t know what to say.
“Wo..he is in washroom..may be”She murmured.
Sujata narrowed her eyes and asks”may be??”
Sansker came out of washroom then.
Sansker:What happened mom?
Sujata:I came to give ur wife sharee.But what happened to ur room?
Sansker and swara looks at each other nervously.Sujata notices this and thought something else.
Sujata:Ok ok..u needn’t tell me..now get ready ad come fast.
Saying this she went out of the room without giving them any chance of explanation.
Swara looked at the door and then at the sharee.She again starts biting her nails in tension.Sansker noticess this.
Sansker:Are u hungry?
Sansker:You are eating ur nails in hunger.
Swara:I am tensed.
Swara:Because i don’t know how to wear sharee.
Sansker:What!!U never wear in ur life?
Swara noda her head in negative.
Sansker hits his head with palm in frustration and swara continued to do her job biting nails like she didn’t eat anything for 3 days.

Precap:Let’s see what happen on swaragini’s first day at sasural.

Credit to: Chaitali

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